Şubat 9, 2021

College Misery Ch. 01

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Ever since words got out that James has some femboy porn hidden in his laptop it has been a nightmare for the 19 year old poor boy standing 5’8″ and weighs merely 122lbs. His classmates have totally lost all respect for him. He was admired before for his friendly attire and kind hearted nature but now he is admired for his feminine body. He lives in a boy’s hostel far from his home due to some family issues which worsened the matter because now he can’t even run to home for safety. But the silly boy has no idea that his tormentors won’t restrict themselves to taunting only.

He was thinking how his life could have been now if he remembered to delete those fetish porn videos from his laptop as he was pissing slowly in the men’s room urinal. He was brought back to reality by the sound of boot-steps approaching slowly towards him with a taunting voice, “Oh my. Why is this lovely lady spending time in this stinky room? This should be the headline in today’s paper, ‘College Princess at men’s room’.” It was Phillip, a basketball star of the college. He stood to the stall next to James’s making the poor boy nervous.

Phillip being one of the tallest boys in his class standing at 6’7″ and weighing nearly 175lbs didn’t even need to peek in order to see James’s was pissing slowly. “And why are you pissing so slow your majesty?” he gibed, “Could it be that you like to spend time down here? Waiting for a nice young prince to claim her maybe?” James ignored him hoping Phillip was kidding but to his misfortune Phillip ruffled his hair and insisted, “Answer me, will you? Or things might not turn out to be so pretty for you.” James could hear Phillip was knuckling.

Though James was sure that Phillip won’t hurt him still a boy being pushed all the time can’t take any more risk. He zipped his dick inside and started to head for the basin to wash his hand off, “leave me alone kindly. Please, okay Phil?” To which the boy felt Phillip grabbing his hand and twisting it behind his back. He tried to resist but James simply had no chance of succeeding against gigantic Phillip. Within seconds James found himself pushed inside a bathroom stall and on his knees while Phillip towering over him grinning of ear to ear.

Poor James muttered on his knees, “Please Phil. Let me go. I have to be present at the mathematics class today. I am already lagging behind.”

“Don’t casino şirketleri lie to me. You don’t NEED to be present at the class today. You WANT to be present so that you can escape from my hands. However the first lecture is still 20 minutes away so that gives us plenty of time to play.”

“And exactly what do you have in mi….”

James didn’t need to finish his sentence to get the answer he was seeking after he saw Phillip pulled his dick out of his pants and waving it in front of him. Phillip grabbed James’s hair locks and pulled his head to bring it just an inch away from his flaccid dick so that if the cock throbs it will brush against the sissy boy’s lips. “I do hope you realize what I want right now. After all pretty girls like you do have a general idea of what a man might need from them. So get to work.” Phillip, in order to motivate the boy slapped his large dick, which was hardening, across his face.

The kneeling boy looked into the mocking smirk on the face of his tormentor, “Please I am not what you guys think. I am not a homosexual. Please let me go Phillip. I don’t want to suck your cock.”

“Okay, did you or did you not keep gay porn videos in your computer? Just tell me yes or no.”

“Yes I did. But….”

“Shut up cunt! Did you keep any straight porn videos in your computer? Just tell me yes or no bitch. Don’t try to reason with me.”

“No I didn’t” came a meek reply from the boy who was gradually breaking down.

“Yes you kept only gay porn. Now, did you or did you not keep captioned pictures whose content was humiliation of a sissy boy and similar?”

“Yes…. I did.”

“Okay, so now tell me” he paused for a long time before adding, “from all these evident in hand to what logical conclusion one can come to?”

James stammered in between his words, “that I am a homosexual boy.”

“Good, you are smart you know. And tell me what else?”

“And that I am a sissy boy” replied the boy whose eyes were all misty and tear drops rolled down his cheeks like no tomorrow.

“Yes. So now it seems both of us agree on the point that you are a sissy. Now tell me this, what does a sissy do? What is the obligation of a sissy?”

“A sissy boy must serve a real man without any complaints” poor James answered straight out of femboy story and internet stuffs.

“Good casino firmaları boy. So for fuck’s sake are you waiting for then? Get to work!”

Before James could mutter another round of his pathetic plea Phillip slapped his face harder than he had ever been slapped before. “I am fucking tired of listening to your bullshit. Get your sexy lips to work or I will force you to do it” Phillip grinned, “though it’s not that I am not forcing you now but believe me that would be rougher. Now you don’t want to add a couple of bruises on your cute ‘Barbie-doll’ face now do you?” Noticing the tear drops rolling down the cheeks of the poor boy Phillip stroked the boy’s hair gently, “It’s okay. Don’t cry if you listened to me on the first place I wouldn’t have to slap you so hard then. Now get to work then.”

Without any word the scared sissy boy put his full lips around the shaft of the long dick and began to slide his mouth up and down slowly. The tears rolling down his cheek slowly dripping on the floor from his chin this whole scene made Phillip even hornier than before. He gave out a short approving moan placing his hands behind the boy’s head assisting him to push his mouth down all the way to the cock-base. Exactly at the same time they both froze to hear a voice coming from the stall door, “Holy Shit. Since when does James suck people off in the toilet?”

Phillip turned his head to see the look on the new guy, Mark’s face, it was epic. Phillip wasn’t able to decipher the look, was it pure disbelief or was it excitement. Feeling James has stopped Phillip let out a small grunt grabbing onto the boy’s head to slide it up and down along the cock, “I didn’t tell you stop. Did I cunt boy?” To which James only shook his head. Phillip smiled to Mark, “Since today I think! Sorry pal if you expect a blowjob now because James the whore is now busy giving me a cute head. After all first lecture is due only 10 minutes so we have to hurry up.”

If Mark didn’t enter the bathroom with an expectation of receiving an oral he sure began to expect it now. But Phillip was also right the lecture is only about 10 minutes away so there simply wasn’t enough time to use James’s mouth after Phillip was done with it so he decided to settle for something less. He joked, “James why put your lovely hand on the dirty floor when you can place it around my cock? Admit it güvenilir casino you would love to feel my dick inside your grasp hoping it would steal your virginity if you still have it.” After pausing for a while Mark insisted, “Don’t be shy James. Give me a quick handjob and I might be merciful enough not to kick your tiny balls.”

To comfort the already frightened boy, Phillip stopped sliding James’s head along his cock for a second to give him a couple of gentle slaps on his cheek. “You heard the man. Give him a handjob. Don’t worry it won’t ruin the beauty of your manicured nails” Phillip gibed much to Mark’s delight.

The frightened boy slowly raised his left hand to get a proper grip of Mark’s eager and hard dick while getting face-fucked by Phillip. The sissy knew how to please a man with his hand only as he worked up his pace gradually speeding up and down his shaft and at the same time working his tongue all over Phillip’s dick. Both of his tormentors began to moan out from pleasure in no time. Though James wasn’t touching himself thinking the others might not like it but he couldn’t deny the pleasure he felt in between his legs just by serving these two big dicks at this point he won over his self-doubt that he might not be a sissy just a curious boy.

After a couple of minutes Phillip pushed the sissy’s head all the way down and with a loud grunt pumped his hot salty semen into the mouth of the boy. Just a few seconds later as James increased his speed of stroking the dick in his hand Mark squirted all over his face with an equally loud moan.

Phillip being completely satisfied for now pulled himself off James and head for the basin to wash his hands. When he was done he turned out to see, James was cleaning Mark’s dick with his tongue while wiping his mouth clean with a toilet paper as Mark was assaulting the boy verbally, “Yes that’s right whore. Wipe it clean but don’t dare to even think of washing your face. A sissy must have face smell like a true man’s semen. And please don’t deny that you enjoyed it because I can see the small circular wet spot on your crotch after all a panty is not made with the assumption that a horny dog who will leak precum all day long will wear it.”

As the three of them headed out to attend the lectures for the day Phillip slapped the poor boy’s ass hard and Mark joked, “Walked in a sissy walked out a whore” and the two tormentors simply burst out laughing. James, walking in between the two dominant men, blushed deep from the humiliating comment but he surely felt the throbbing of his little dick as they ridiculed him once again.

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