Haziran 8, 2020

College Girls Stole My Car!!!

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College Girls Stole My Car!!!
It was 1973 and I had just got out of the Army. My best friend suggested I attend Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois, to relax and have some fun for a few years. NIU had a reputation as a party school and it sure lived up to that reputation. Every weekend was spent going from one college party after another getting drunk on cheap beer and Boones Farm wine. I won’t even mention how much weed these guys smoked every weekend. My particular vice was drinking whiskey like a real man and that kind of became my trademark. I got the nickname “Redeye” because in the old western movies of the time they called whiskey “Redeye”. However, being drunk did not endure you to the ladies that much. They were more into the “peace, love, dope” culture of that time.

I was at NIU for about a month when my mom called and said I had a cousin Sarah who was also attending NIU at the same time. She said, her younger brother (my uncle) wanted to have someone at NIU to kind of watch out for this naïve 18 year old daughter. So out of a sense of obligation I called Sarah and she invited me to a Sorority House party. I invited my friend Steve to come along. This was a huge mistake. Steve was a big guy, 6’ 2” and he had long blond hair that went half way down his back. The thing is Steve was one of the nicest guys you ever met. Girl’s flocked to him; he got laid more than anyone I ever met.

One time I opened a closet door at a party and there was this cute little blond on her knees with Steve’s cock in her mouth. As a joke I said “hey Steve hand me my coat” which he did. This young honey didn’t even notice I was there and she just kept sucking his cock. As for myself, I was an older Vietnam vet and most of the women at NIU were too young or immature for me.

Steve and I got to the party and I politely introduced him to my cousin Sarah. Now Steve and I stood out like sore thumbs. All these guys were skinny rich k**s who were part of the fraternity/sorority crowd on campus. Well within half an hour some young hot blond sorority girl took Steve upstairs and she was probably getting the fuck of her young life. Sarah came up to me and commented that the “frat boys” didn’t like this because usually the upstairs girl’s rooms were “off limits”. But I knew Steve and one of his favorite things to do was meet a girl and not beat around the bush. He probably had talked to this girl for half an hour and then as usual he would just come right out and say “let’s go up upstairs and fuck” and I’m sure this girl eagerly complied. I apologized and said I would tell Steve about the rule.

Well my cousin was really a nice k**, but she was a freshman enjoying the sorority life. She introduced me to everyone at the party. I could tell that all the guys at party got the message. Fuck with my cousin and you’ll be getting a visit from me. So I was fulfilling my Mom’s request to “watch out” for my cousin. Nevertheless, being older I was soon surrounded by four really cute co-ed’s, much to the dismay of the frat boys. One of them Carol, and was a really cute brunette who was obviously a little older than the others. When I heard her Irish accent, I jokingly exclaimed “I’m in love” I’m a sucker for Irish girls! She just smiled and introduced herself as Carol. She said indeed she was from Limerick, Ireland. I could tell we were instantly attracted to each other; but again there’s no way I was going to hit on her.

Nevertheless, I started talking to Carol and she told me she was a Home Economics major and I busted out laughing. She said, Ok, smart ass, I want to be a professional chef. And this summer I worked in the kitchen at the Hilton Hotel in Oakbrook. This was one of the most posh hotels in Chicago. I thought, you dumb ass you güvenilir bahis siteleri just insulted her. But I knew about sarcastic Irish humor. I made a motion like I was taking my dick out of my pants and took my foot and stomped on my non-existent dick. Carol said “you got that right”. Before the night was over I had her number and a commitment for a date. I knew there was an Irish Pub in the next town over. So we went to the Shamrock Pub in nearby Dixon, Illinois, and had a sandwich and a few drinks. Of course after three drinks Carol was hammered, but I just drove her home and we made out in my car. Being Irish I knew she was probably a strict Catholic so sex was not on the agenda. Still we had a great time that night.

Well the next Friday, I was a typical college bar with my friends and they talked “Redeye” into having a shot contest with some football player. Well, to this day I just have this natural tolerance for Whiskey, I mean a real tolerance, like over ten shot’s in a row tolerance!!! I had taken eight or nine shots and put this guy under the table. The trouble was now I was stone cold drunk and had to drive home. I got in my car and I could barely keep it on the road. But God must have been on my side that night. Here in the dead of winter was my Sarah, Carol and her friends standing on the street corner freezing their asses off. I hit the brakes and I was so drunk I yelled out to Sarah”Thank God, I’m so drunk I can’t even see the road, drive me home, you can have my car and drop it off tomorrow”. Well they all piled in and Carol and I got in the back seat.

Now I was really drunk so my judgement went out the window. Carol and I started making out in the back seat of the car as my cousin drove me home. Before you knew we were French kissing and Carol was so excited she was letting my hands go anywhere they wanted too over her young body. I guess she wasn’t a strict Catholic, because soon her coat was off and her blouse was unbuttoned. She had unsnapped her bra and I was gently sucking on her cherry red nipples. Then my hand went down her jeans and under her panties as I began massaging her pussy. Two fingers found their way inside her pussy and my thumb found Carol’s clitoris. Carol was literally writhing in pleasure as we made out in the back seat of my car. Good thing we got to my house or I would have been in real trouble. Sarah dropped me off and I staggered through the snow drifts to my front door. I could hear my cousin Sarah yelling at Carol “I can’t believe you let him do that to you, are you crazy”!!! I overheard Carol say, “but I really like him, he acts like a real man, not some idiot college guy”.

Giving the girls my car led to one of the most memorable weekends of my college life. I woke up Saturday around noon with a huge hangover. I called the sorority house to get my car back. The girl on the line said Sarah and Carol weren’t there but they should be back in an hour or so. I called back at 2:00 that afternoon and got the same answer. I called again at five and again at ten, no one had seen them or my car. I thought to myself did someone steal my fucking car. I’ll find out tomorrow.

Sunday came and I called again at 9:00 in the morning and the same answer. I had Steve drive me over to the sorority house and low and behold my car was nowhere to be found. Two of their friends said they hadn’t Sarah or Carol since Friday night. Well by 6 P.M. I was getting ready to call the police when the phone rang. It was Carol, she said ah, Jim we got your car, I’ll drop it off in half an hour and then she hung up. I thought to myself, what the fuck!!!
Thirty, minutes later there is a knock on the door and there was Carol in the hallway holding a plate of brownies, my car keys and güvenilir bahis a gift box. Carol said, Jim I’m sorry we used your car for the whole weekend. We figured you would be so hungover on Saturday you wouldn’t be going anywhere. Then we went to my friend’s house in Chicago. We stayed late and the sorority house has an eleven o’clock curfew and by then it was too late to make curfew. So Sunday we had breakfast and went shopping. So here are your keys and a plate of brownies. Don’t be mad at me, what we did was really stupid. Now I have a pretty good sense of humor. I smiled and told Carol “these brownies better be pretty damn good, since you stole my car for three days”!!! Soon my cute little car thief and I were eating brownies at my kitchen table. Then Carol said “do you remember Friday night when we drove you home”? I said “I sure do, how could I forget that”. Carol smiled and said “I’ve got something special for you in this box, where is your bedroom?”

Now this is the early 1970’s Victoria Secret’s lingerie was just coming into vogue. Carol called me from the bedroom “Ok, Jim come on in, I bought this especially for you”. There was Carol lying sideways on the bed in a green silk short nightgown, green panties and a pair of dark green nylons. She was absolutely gorgeous and had a perfect body. Carol said, I heard you were really into Irish women? I replied “hell yes, especially when they are lying in my bed in an outfit like that”. Carol laughed and said “well here is a nice Irish girl for you to make love to”. I thought to myself, man I’ve died and gone to heaven.

I shed my clothes in seconds and soon we were lying in bed locked in a passionate kiss. We were like two passionate teenagers, which we were. For the first time I felt her naked body next to mine. The smell of her perfume filled the room and left me almost intoxicated with passion. I whispered in Carol’s ear, just lay back and relax I’ll get you in the right mood. Carol lay on the bed as I softly kissed her on her face, neck and her fine conical breasts. We exchanged on long French kiss as I held her close. Soon I was sucking on her small nipples. Carol began moaning softly as the feelings of sexual arousal began to flow through her young body. She didn’t know that those world famous whores in Bangkok and Vietnam had taught me to be a very skilled lover.

I continued kissing her as my head traveled down her stomach towards her pussy. I reached her pubic mound and blew warm air into her brown bush as my hand softly massaged her pubic bone. Then I spread her legs wider as I began to softly kiss and lightly suck the area around her pussy. Carol exclaimed, Jim “nobody has ever eaten my pussy”. I said calm down, you’ll really enjoy it. It’s a great prelude to having sex. Then I used my tongue to part her outer labial lips so I could begin to eat Carol’s fine pussy. I began to gently lick and suck it as it became swollen as my tongue worked it’s way around her lovely vagina. Soon Carol began moaning softly as the wonderful feelings she was having swept over her. Soon she was in ecstasy as her hips began squirming underneath me. I found Carol’s clitoris and began to gently lick and softly suck on her sensitive nub. Carol moaned “Jim, Jim, that’s feels wonderful, don’t stop. And I didn’t stop as my tongue danced around her clitoris. Then I could tell from the way Carol’s body was reacting to these new sensations that were building up inside her. The pleasure she was experiencing intensified when I gently sucked Carol’s clitoris into my mouth as my tongue gently flicked over it. Carol just lay back on the bed as my tongue pleasured her. Carol just laid there on my bed moaning loudly and thrusting her hips upward to meet my mouth. I could sense bahis siteleri Carol was going to have an orgasm very soon. Then it hit, she screamed as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her body, this was her first real orgasm she had ever had in her life. I continued eating her beautiful pussy for several more minutes as she writhed in ecstasy in my bed. Then I could tell the pleasure she was feeling was starting to overwhelm her. I stopped and we both fell back on the bed totally satiated from this experience. Carol just laid there and asked me “what just happened”. I said “honey you just had your first orgasm”.

A few minutes went by and I took a condom out of the nightstand and asked Carol “do you want to make love”? Carol said yes, make love to me. Carol got on her back and soon my powerful body was resting on top of her slim frame. She looked up and saw my cock for the first time and exclaimed “my god there is no way I can take a cock that big in my pussy, it’s fucking huge”.

I reassured her it would be OK and I would be very careful. I put the condom on and grabbed my cock and moved the head of my large organ up and down her vagina. Carol was sopping wet by this time as I pushed my giant cockhead into her moist vaginal opening. I slowly inserted my penis inside me. Carol moaned and I knew that at this point she didn’t care how big it was, she just wanted that cock inside her and now she was willing to oblige me.

The sensations Carol’s tight pussy gave my cock were incredible as I entered her I knew I was stretching her open. But from Carol’s reactions I knew pleasure far outweighed any discomfort associated with my large organ expanding her young vaginal walls. I gave her about half of it and slowly moved my cock in and out of her. I was a very considerate love especially with someone as young as Carol. I whispered in her ear “do you want all of it?” she said yes, but be gentle, you’re huge. I did as requested and I slowly fucked Carol in nice even strokes, sometimes I withdrew just half of my cock other times I withdrew almost all of it and then thrust it all the way back inside her. I was enjoying Carol’s body so much I wanted it to last forever as wave after wave of pleasure overtook my body. Fucking this beautiful co-ed was one of the best things that had happened to me in a long-time.

Then it happened, my whole body tensed up, every muscle got stiff and a pleasurable feeling emerged from my cock was incredible. This feeling surged through my whole body as I thrust my cock inside her so I could get all of my cock inside her. Then I fucked Carol like a man should fuck a woman. I just pounded Carol’s pussy over and over again rapidly moving in in an out of me as fast as he could. Carol lay underneath me moaning and saying Jim don’t stop, god this is wonderful I love you. Then the surge from my loins took over every nerve in my whole body exploded. I let out a loud moan as I drove my cock all the way inside her and just stood still for a few seconds. I felt my sperm rise from my balls up through my cock and through my cockhead. The feelings I was having from Carol’s tight pussy made this orgasm one of the most intense if not the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. Carol just kept saying Jim, Jim I love you, don’t stop”. I obliged her and continued to fuck her with my powerful body as wave after wave of pleasure passed through me. I felt my cock grown hard again as I kept slowly fucking this lovely co-ed. A minute Carols tight pussy led me have a second orgasm. I shouted, God Carol I’m cumming again, you’re incredible.

Then I fell back on the bed all sweaty and exhausted. We both went and took a shower and held each other close. Then I glanced at the clock and I said Carol doesn’t your sorority have an 11:00 curfew, it’s 10:30. Carol panicked and hurriedly grabbed her clothes leaving her green nightgown and panties on the floor.

I laughed and said, how ironic, “here honey, I’m exhausted, take my car, but damn it, I want it back by nine tomorrow morning!!!

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