Ocak 28, 2021

Co-worker’s Man Ch. 25

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After having me service her through six orgasms, Mistress Claudia asked me if I was ready for more. ME…..?????…I couldn’t believe that SHE was ready for more!

“Yes Mistress,” I replied obediently as my tongue came out and ran around my lips and chin. I wanted to make sure I had gotten every drop of my cum from her luscious tits. I looked down at the impressive mounds glistening with my cooling saliva. Her “power bra” was pushing them up and out, and to me, it was a lot sexier that she left them encased in her bra than having them totally exposed.

“That’s good you’re ready for more. I expect a lot of oral attention from a slave. You’ve had a sample. Do you think you can handle the attention I need” she asked as she took one long fingernail and drew the sharp edge slowly around my lips.

“Oh yes Mistress!” I replied excitedly. Although my jaw was sore and my tongue felt swollen from overuse, I only wished to continue to serve her.

“Good. Now get back between my legs.” Still wearing her beautiful bra, pull-up stockings and high heels, she drew her legs up and apart. With my deflating cock hanging between my legs, I crawled between her creamy alabaster thighs and started to lower my head towards her vagina.

“Not just yet boy. Oh dear, you are eager to please, aren’t you?” she said with a playful smile on her face. “I want to hear more of your story, so I need your mouth free for awhile. I want you to use your fingers and hands on me for awhile. Just take your time, I’m in no hurry right now. Now, what happened after you and Frank left my store?”

I sat on my heels between her long legs and reached out and slid my fingertips along the slick surface of her pussy. I picked up where I had left off and told her about Frank using the dildo on me she had given us. I went on to tell her about Frank patiently taking my virginity. As I was talking, I used both hands and kept sliding various fingers and combinations of fingers into her moist slot. I would sometimes have one or two fingers in her while I used the other hand to tweak and rub around the area of her clitoris.

I kept up my manipulations as I told her about the leisurely fuck he’d given me after the first one and even mentioned the phone call from Lori. I told her about me sucking off Frank as we waited for Evan and him blowing his load all over my pizza. I started telling her about my time in the basement with Evan when she stopped me.

“So Evan’s cock is really 12″ long,” she said as she panted under my invading digits.

“Yes Mistress, it is. It’s not as thick as Frank’s but it did reach places deeper within me.” I told her about Evan needing to get his first load off fast and then me riding him thru his second load as he sat back in the chair.

“Oh fuck. That is really turning me on. Now lick your fingers clean and then get your mouth back on that pussy.” I withdrew my hands from her sopping cunt and brought them up to my mouth. She watched intently as I slid each finger into my ovaled lips and sucked off all of her succulent juices. She was already panting with need as I lowered my face and ran my tongue from the bottom to the top of her steaming trench.

“Oh, that’s it boy. Get that tongue in there and eat me out.” I slid my tongue between the soft folds of flesh and swirled it against her hot inner walls. I felt her hands on my head again as she pulled me hard against her. She guided my head all around her drooling labia and engorged clit. I kept my lips and tongue busy as I heard her gasping above me.

“Oh yeah. That’s the spot,” she said as I latched onto her clit. “Maybe next time you should bring Evan and that big cock of his with you.” The idea of serving Mistress Claudia and Evan together spurred me on and she must have felt my enthusiasm as I dove in and devoured her throbbing pussy.

“Oh fuck! You like that idea, eh boy? C’mon now……I’m close….yeah…just like that…..yeah….oh…..oh……..oooohhhhh.” Another climax had her twitching and bucking up into my willing mouth. I pressed my tongue down again and again on her swollen clitoris as she convulsed beneath me. She finally eased her grip on my head and I took a loving swipe lower to gather up her recent discharge and sat back on my heels. Those beautiful breasts were heaving inside her bra as she lay back with her eyes closed as she let the pleasant wave of her receding orgasm wash over her.

“Oh that was good. Now, massage my legs but keep going with your story,” she said as took one pointy-toed shoe and raised her leg over my shoulder. I wrapped both hands around her muscular calf and started massaging the muscles beneath her silky nylons. I picked up where the story left off and after riding Evan in the basement, the three of us showered together and they both fed me their piss. I then went into detail explaining how they simultaneously fucked me and fed me their cocks.

I switched my attention to her other leg and she listened intently as I told her of Evan riding my face with my tongue buried deep casino şirketleri in his asshole as he jerked off into the wine glass. She heard about the late night riding of Frank’s huge cock and then me going to sleep with his cock in my mouth again.

I worked my way up to massaging her smooth supple thighs as I continued to tell her about waking up early and pleasuring myself with Frank’s hard erection until he woke up and filled my mouth with another creamy load. My massaging hands had risen onto the smooth creamy skin between her stocking tops and her pussy as I told her about using the enema kit early in the morning and then Frank joining me in the shower and lifting me onto his rampant cock and taking me against the shower wall.

“Holy shit! He did that? Fuck………I need that mouth again,” she hissed as she reached forward and pulled my face against her pink swollen pussy-lips. She was leaking a steady stream of her womanly nectar as I settled in to eat her again. As before, she directed my mouth where she wanted it, when she wanted it. She had a tight grip on my hair as she pressed my face hard against her slick labia. My lips nibbled gently against her glistening pink flesh as my tongue darted here and there as I responded to her “oooos” and “aaaahhhs”. My story must have been really getting to her as it took only a few minutes before I felt her go rigid and a wave of discharge gushed forth from her sodden trench to fill my mouth. I kept my tongue swabbing away at her erogenous zones as her orgasm had her thrashing beneath me.

Listening to my own story and servicing Mistress Claudia at the same time had my own cock coming back to full erection and I could feel it throb as I savored the taste of her flowing nectar on my tongue. She finally stopped her gyrating and held my head still against her sensitive pussy. She allowed me to lick softly against her full pink lips as she regained her breath.

“Wait here,” she said as she pushed my mouth away from her and swung her legs over. She slid out of the bed and I watched those long ivory columns as she walked towards the walk-in closet and en-suite wing. She flicked on a light switch as she entered the hallway and then she disappeared from my view. I sat back against the pillows and rested as I had the feeling Mistress Claudia wasn’t done with me yet.

I kept thinking about how excited I had gotten when she had referred to herself as “Mama”. My thoughts went back to my own mother and found I was thinking of her as a sexual being and not just my mother. She had always ruled with an iron fist, as they say. Being an only child, I guess I was the only outlet she had for that part of her personality. Not that I ever complained or anything, that was the way of life that I knew. She was a tall woman and as I mentioned, always took good care of herself. I thought about her trim body and the form-fitting clothes she regularly wore. It was dawning on me that my mother was a very attractive mature woman! I looked down and saw that the erect state of my cock agreed with me!

I was adrift in my thoughts when I heard Mistress Claudia flick off a light switch from the washroom area. I looked up as she strode back into the bedroom. Holy fuck! She looked abso-fucking-lutely incredible! A black satin corset hugged her body like a second skin! Her large breasts were almost spilling over the cups of the bra portion and her cleavage ran long and deep. The waist was drawn in tight and accentuated her already prominent hourglass figure. She had taken off her stockings and replaced them with thigh-high leather boots with 4″ stiletto heels. Her arms were encased in black opera length gloves that went almost to her shoulders. She had fluffed her hair so it looked wild and sexy. She had put on a fresh coat of bright red lipstick and I could see it gleaming on her full sensual lips. The most amazing thing though was what I saw when I looked at her midsection. She wore a harness contraption of some form that had an enormous black cock projecting from it! I gulped as I kept my eyes glued to that erect rubber cock as she sexily walked towards me on those sky-high heels.

“Hearing you talk about Frank fucking you up against the shower wall got me thinking. It’s time to do some fucking of my own. Get down here on your knees.” I climbed off the bed and dropped to my knees before her. I looked up as she stood directly in front of me, her hard rubber cock looming over my face.

“This one is only about 8″ long and since you seem to have no trouble taking Frank’s big cock, I don’t think this one should be a problem. Do you slave?” she asked as she wrapped her gloved hand around the base of the cock and drew the dry hard surface over my face.

“No Mistress.”

“That’s good. Now open up,” she said as she brought the broad head to push against my lips. I opened my mouth and she slid the firm artificial cock between my lips. I quickly bathed the dry surface with saliva as my mouth became accustomed to the size. It had a big wide mushroom casino firmaları head and being 8″ long, it reminded my very much of the cock of Dutch, Mr. Wolfe’s friend who I had sucked off at noon. Wow, that seemed like ages ago but had just been earlier today.

“C’mon boy, let me see how you suck,” she said as she put her hands on my head and started sawing her cock in and out of my mouth. It felt good and comfortable to have something big and thick filling my mouth. Her cock quickly warmed within my mouth and I ran my watering tongue all over the lifelike surface as my stretched lips slid back and forth over the top half of it. After a few minutes she stopped and held my head still. She moved slightly forward until the broad end of her cock was pressed against the entrance to my throat.

“Okay slave, let me feel that throat of yours.” I instinctively tilted my head to the right angle as she flexed her hips and pushed the crown of her cock into my throat. She pulled firmly on my head as she watched the remaining inches of her cock disappear into my mouth. She didn’t stop until my stretched lips were pressed up against the leather harness at the base of her cock.

“Oh, you are a good boy,” she said as she paused with her cock buried in my throat. “Let’s just work that throat for a minute or two, shall we?” She said as she withdrew her black cock until it was almost totally clear of my mouth and then powered it back into my yearning throat all the way to the hilt. She was sawing it back and forth all the way in and almost all the way out as my lips kept bumping against her leather-clad groin. After a few minutes of assaulting my throat, she released her grip on my hair and pulled her cock all the way out of my mouth. A web of saliva connected us momentarily and then snapped off to hang from the end of her strap-on.

“Open that drawer there,” she said as she pointed to one of the drawers in her night table. I opened the drawer and saw that it had a number of jars and tubes in it. “If you don’t want to get your ass torn, you better pick something,” she said nodding towards the various types of lubricants stored there. I spotted a jar, “Vaseline-Baby Fresh Scent”, amongst the others and instantly grabbed it. It brought a smile to my face thinking about Frank and his lubricant of choice.

“C’mon boy, put some on my cock.” I scooped out some of the lube and spread it along the full length of her cock, applying an extra gob around the broad mushroom head. “You’d better put some on your asshole too,” she instructed. I knew she was right and reached between my legs and smeared a generous gob around my hole and even pushed a little inside.

“Get up and hang onto that chair like I was a few minutes ago,” she said pointing to the straight-back chair facing her dressing table. I stood up and took a few steps over and grabbed the back of the chair. “Bend over,” she instructed. I took a firm hold of the chair and moved my legs back and apart as I leaned over. Looking into the mirror over the dressing table I could see the sultry form of Mistress Claudia as she moved behind me. With her structured corset, thigh-high boots and shoulder length gloves, she looked like a woman of power. Somebody you wouldn’t want to fuck with. Her stiletto heels put her well over six feet and I felt dwarfed as she loomed over me and put her gloved hands on my hips.

“Is this what you want, baby?” she asked as she snuggled the broad head of her cock up against my puckered hole. “Is this what you want Mama to give her little boy?” she teased as she flexed the end of her cock against my slippery pink pucker.

“Yes Mama. I mean yes Mistress Claudia.”

“Oh….so we do have a little Mama’s Boy, eh Jon? Well, Mama’s gonna give her little boy just what he wants.” She flexed her hips harder and the broad end of her cock slid into my stretching hole.

“Oooohhhhh….,” I moaned as the initial pain of her wide cockhead entering me shot thru me. I felt my expanding ring slip over the bulge of the artificial corona and lock the glans within me. Fortunately she held still and I quickly became accustomed to the size. I had had bigger recently and it only took me a short time to feel comfortable with its girth.

“Here we go,” she said as she started to slide it into me. Her gloved hands kept a firm grip on my hips as she pushed forward. I felt her cock stretch the tight lining of my ass as she fed inch after rubber inch into me.

“Aaaaahhhhh,” I moaned as she kept moving forward until I felt the cool leather of the harness press against my ass. She held still with the full 8″ of her cock buried inside me.

“You took that pretty easy, boy. But I guess after being with Frank and Evan, this should feel like a little toothpick to you,” she said as she kind of swiveled her hips which caused her cock to stir around in the lining of my guts. She kept stirring her cock around in circles as she started to withdraw it. She withdrew it totally from my ass and then as my pucker started to close, she güvenilir casino thrust it back into my gaping hole.

“Ooooooohhh,” I gasped as she thrust it all the way into me. The leather slapped against my ass as she drove it home. She started a back and forth see-saw motion as I held tight to the back of the chair. The broad head of her cock was racing over my prostate as she powered it in and out of me. I felt my hard cock slapping up against my stomach with each vicious stroke. I kept moaning as she thrust it again and again all the way in to the hilt.

“Okay slave, let’s see what you can do with that ass,” she said as she stopped moving and kept her cock deep inside me as her hips pressed up against my ass-cheeks. I took a deep breath and started a rotating motion at the same time I moved back and forth. It was kind of like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time but I had mastered the technique already.

“Oh, you are good,” she said looking down at my swirling ass sliding along her thick black cock. “No wonder those guys pumped so many loads into you.” I kept moving my ass every which way as I kept myself impaled on her strap-on. I slowed the swirling and then started long deep strokes where I would slide myself almost all the way off and then thrust myself back hard so I slammed the full length all the way back into me.

“Holy fuck!” she exclaimed. “Hold still for a second.” I stopped moving with the cock thrust all the way into me and I felt her doing something behind me. I looked in the mirror and saw her gloved hands doing something near her waist. After a few moments I saw her move to the side and start attaching straps around my waist and thighs.

“There, that should keep that inside you for awhile,” she said as she finished her work and moved up near my head. “Get down on your knees,” she said as took the chair out of my hands and spun it around. As I carefully lowered myself to my knees with the strap-on embedded within me, I watched as she settled her tall body into the upright chair with her rear end close to the front edge of the chair. The corset hugged the top part of her body beautifully but left everything from the waist down exposed.

“Come and get it,” she said as she let her boot-covered legs drift apart. I looked directly into her hot moist box as I felt my tongue slide out to run around my lips. “Right here,” she said as she took one long gloved finger and ran it down her stomach until the tip rested just above her engorged clit. With my ass filled with the artificial cock, I inched forward until my face was inches from her beckoning finger. I breathed deep and filled my senses with her womanly aroma.

“Mmmmmmmm,” I purred out loud as I could almost taste her heavenly scent on my tongue. I dove forward and plastered my face against her sopping vagina and ravenously lapped up her juices. I felt her gloved hands run thru my hair as I voraciously attacked her steaming trench with my lips and tongue.

“Oh fuck yeah. That’s so good,” she said as she pulled my eager mouth all around her dripping labia. For about ten minutes I kept plunging my tongue in and out of her as she moaned and groaned. She finally pulled my face higher until I captured her hard clit between my teeth. She hissed as I delicately scraped them across it and then bathed it firmly with the flat of my tongue. I alternated sucking on it and lapping at it as she squirmed and let out a series of low guttural growls.

“Ooooooohhh…..that’s it…….oooooohhh……fuck…….yeah…..oooooohhh,” she was almost babbling with pleasure at this point as I felt her start to twitch under my busy mouth.

“Right there…..ooohhh….oohh……oooooooohhhhhh,” she pulled my mouth tightly against her throbbing clitoris as her orgasm started to course thru her. She was twisting in the chair and bucking up against me as waves of ecstasy radiated from within her. I kept my tongue swirling against her clit as she rode out a shattering climax. She was panting and heaving as her pleasure seemed to overwhelm her. She plastered my chin with her oozing juices as she just kept cumming and cumming. I felt her finally ease her grip on my hair with her gloved hands as her orgasm started to wane.

“Oh fuck. That was so good, boy,” she said as she held my head still. “Now keep that cock in your ass but get up on your back on the bed.”

I gingerly crawled over to the bed and with the rubber cock filling my ass, carefully lifted myself onto the bed and laid on my back. I had to lay with my knees up and my legs slightly apart. My cock remained rock hard and pointing up towards my face. When I was in position, I looked over as she uncoiled her tremendous height from the chair and sexily walked over to the bed. She looked so incredibly sexy in the outfit she was wearing and with her tousled hair sensually framing her gorgeous face.

“You’ve been such a good little boy tonight, slave, that I think you deserve a reward.” Wearing her corset, boots and gloves, I watched as she crawled onto the bed and swung one leg over me until she was straddling my midsection. With her glove-encased arms on either side of my shoulders, she slid herself backwards until I felt the slick juices of her pussy slide over the surface of my erect cock.

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