Ocak 28, 2021

Closer Than Family Ch. 02

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Frank and I were close, and we’d often use each other to relieve stress. So since this whole trip was a highly stressful situation, it wasn’t a surprise that we were making out in bed. It was right before the scheduled lunch but we had time.

“Take your clothes off,” he ordered as he took off his. I did, and we rolled around naked in the bed, feeling each other’s bodies and erections. The younger Frank was leaner and more muscled than his father, but they were almost equal in height. They were also almost equal in sexiness now that I thought about it.

I mentally slapped myself for thinking about father while I was fuckin son, and pushed him far away from my mind. Our early morning sexual encounter would be our secret to the death. It was going to remain as our only sexual encounter too. I didn’t want to spend the trip fucking the father son duo behind each other’s backs.

I positioned him underneath me and moved down his body to his nipple. Knowing it was his weak spot, I ran over it with my tongue, and pinched it between my teeth and tongue, earning a moan of pleasure from him. My crotch was on top of his and I moved so that I was jerking him off with my cock.

I enjoyed his moans of pleasure, but I stopped and lowered myself down his body until his cock was right above my face. I licked the shaft and got a dissatisfied grunt from him. Equally dissatisfied, I took down his whole cock. I jerked myself off while I swallowed his cock.

“I’m not gonna last much longer bro,” he whined.

“Good,” I said, “it’s almost lunch time.”

I went back to working on him and didn’t stop as his grunts got louder, indicating his impending orgasm. As he got closer, I switched our positions so that his cock was on top of my mouth as he unleashed his cum into me. He could barely hold on, and his body collapsed so that my face was buried under him with his cock still shooting in my mouth. He finally got the strength to get up when he was done.

“Oh my God, that was crazy,” he said, completely bewildered.

“My turn,” he said as he moved off the bed and pulled my legs so they dangled over the edge. He put my cock into his mouth, and sucked hard and fast, trying to get me to cum as fast as possible. Occasionally he would use his hand to jerk me off.

“Fuck, slow down please,” I said.

“No way,” he refused as he continued the assault. The orgasm was as hard and fast as his blowjob, and he took it all in his mouth.

“Fuck,” I said when he was done. He was damn good at sucking cock and the proud smile on his face told me he knew it.

We got redressed and sat back on the bed.

“Your dad’s a fucking weirdo,” I said after we’d caught our breaths. It was true, so much that it wasn’t so weird that I was bringing it up.

“Does he still demand health reports?” I asked. Sr had made it law of the land for his family to send him annual health reports. I only wondered about his. Frank nodded.

“Does he send his?”

Frank nodded again.

“He says just to show that we all trust each other,” he said with sarcasm in his voice. I laughed with him.

Frank had been willing to talk about this topic a long time ago. I hadn’t been, so I’d pretty much ignored his rant. I wasn’t planning on making a habit of fucking Sr, but I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t cause him a heart attack last night.

Frank seemed to still be willing to talk about it today, and he scrolled through his phone to find the right documents.

“Fucking bullshit,” he complained, “When I’m head of this family I won’t never harass people I care about like that.”

I only took note that he thought he was going to head the family one day. Did he really prefer a setting where one only person’s opinion matters. I hadn’t thought so before he said it.

“Sometimes I’m just about ready to leave this wretched family.”

I laughed at his rage.

“But then the money,” I said.

He repeated my statement while lightly slapping his own forehead.

“Remember when Francesca got an STD,” he laughed, “dad freaked the fuck out, that’s why it’s completely possible that some of those are completely fake.”

One of Frank’s sisters had gotten warts some time ago and Frank Senior had freaked out and announced it to the whole family. She recovered casino şirketleri from the disease but I’m sure she never recovered from the embarrassment he put her through just by his meltdown. That’s probably why she was one of the two kids who hadn’t come on the trip, the other being Ronald, the oldest and the mother’s favorite.

I went through the long list of names for the most important documents, Frank Senior’s.

“I miss Ronny,” I said casually as I looked intently through all his tests. They were extremely detailed, and he was in perfect health. Too perfect. But, phew. Crisis averted.

“You only miss him cause you wanted to fuck him,” he said. I acted shocked, but it was somewhat true. We were also friends. I only shrugged.

“Or because you know he wanted to fuck you?” he added, unsure.

“It’s not my fault he’s hot,” I said.

Ronny was tall and stocky. He was full of positive energy unlike most of his family and that made him stick out like a sore thumb most of the time. We were friends, but I think he avoided me sometimes because I was closer to Frank, who was closer to his father, so I never did get to mess around with or actually get to him that well. We really did care for each other though and did sometimes call each other to catch up.

Did they really have to choose sides?

I casually went through the other documents, and everyone was in suspiciously good health.

We were seated conspicuously close to each other, and we had to separate as Sr opened the door, telling us it was lunch time. I had told myself that the door was locked.

He gave me a look but I looked away, not wanting to attract any attention to what was going on between us. Better yet, what had gone on between us.

I had my formal pants on, but I wasn’t ready for the whole suit, so I just wore a tee shirt. Frank whistled at me, a whistle of trouble. He didn’t say anything though, so we went ahead to the upper deck for lunch. Everyone immediately turned their heads towards me. I wasn’t a part of their weird family so I don’t know what they were so surprised.

We took our usual seats next to each other and dug in without looking up. Eventually the plates started clinking as everyone started eating, perhaps finally noticing how weird they were being. I looked up for a second, and everyone’s eyes turned to me.

“Oh my God, can we all just focus on something else please?”

I was getting annoyed with all the attention. I was the only one at the table who was almost done with their food.

“You don’t have to wear a suit to enjoy good food you know,” I complained under my breath. Now all the eyes were really on me, no longer stolen glances. I took my fork and shoved the last bit of food in my mouth.

“Hmm, delicious,” I said closing my eyes and making a show.

“I’m done, where’s my prize for first place?” I asked. Sr’s close friend, who was seated right next to him, suddenly broke out laughing. I hadn’t come to be a performer but that’s what they were making me out to be. I pushed the empty plate away and laid back.

“Frank,” I called him. He looked at me through a mouthful and a smile, he was the one person I knew would enjoy how uncomfortable I was. Both Franks’ eyes had shot up when I called out, but I disregarded the unimportant one, Sr.

“Remember that one time in college…”

He nodded with amusement as I recalled a random funny story from a few years ago. It was his trigger, because it really was one story we reminded each other of just for giggles.

The sound of laughter was starting to increase but I didn’t look to see where it was coming from.

At this point many people at the table were laughing or tying to hide that they were, probably except for the few uptight ones who I never stood a chance with.

Everything after that felt usual, or at least as close to usual as the strange family could afford. They went fishing later, and Sr fed everyone fish, then dinner. I went to sleep early again and woke up at around the same time as I did the last night.

I felt like Judas for doing it but I left the room and went back to my new sex area with Frank senior. The lights were already off this time, but since it was a dining area, I easily found myself a bottle of wine from one of the tables casino firmaları and poured a glass.

Part of me was a bit relieved to see that Sr wasn’t here as I walked to the balcony and bent over to rest my forearms on it. The cool air felt like a cool mint to my burning face, and it allowed me to finally relax as I drank the alcohol.

I finished and set it aside, and I’d almost forgotten where I was when I felt hands wrapping around me from the back and someone’s bare body on mine.

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” he whispered in my ear while he pulled me by the shoulder so that I was upright. I leaned into him as he laid kisses on my neck. He was wearing nothing but a robe, while I had only boxers on, and I could feel his hard-on grinding on my lower back.

I enjoyed the feeling of his beard tickling my neck as his tongue brought me pleasure. I was already hard as a rock, but I had been since he put his hands on me.

I turned around to put my lips on his.

Kissing him, and enjoying it, I knew I’d come to the balcony for one reason only and there wasn’t any use pretending.

“Don’t worry about it, we’ll figure out a nice punishment for you,” I told him. He gave a small hoarse laugh of approval before he shoved his tongue back into my mouth.

I shouldn’t have been making a habit of kissing Sr but fuck it felt good. He was a good kisser, and his kisses could almost make me lose control. The hunger are aggression in his kisses was intoxicating.

I didn’t waste any time kissing down his body as I made my way to his cock, which I immediately put into my mouth. It was hot and so hard and powerful, the exact type of weapon one could expect from such a man, the taste of his precum intensifying the pleasure. I hadn’t had enough fun with it the last night so it was my primary goal.

I let my cock out through the fly and jerked off as he tried to push my head further down his cock, as if I could go further. His whispered moans were sexy as hell. I continued to jerk him off as I took in as much of his length as I could, then I moved to the balls, taking them both and playing on them with my tongue.

The look on his face was one of complete ecstasy, made even sexier because a part of him was still trying to maintain the serious Frank Sr persona. I sucked on his balls and pulled them with my tongue and watched him break. He wasn’t ready to cum but I knew he was almost there.

Detaching myself from him, I watched and admired his balls and his cock, looking like it was about to burst. He was panting, impatient for orgasm

“Let me eat your ass,” I said. He was in too much pleasure to say no, and I shifted so he could place his hands on the balcony as he bended over. I repositioned myself to kneel behind him and went into his ass with my tongue. He was still trying to be quiet but his heavy breathing and moans were beginning to make a bit of noise.

“A little quiet there,” I mocked. He tried his best to keep his volume down as I ran my tongue over his entrance. He had a feint smell of a masculine body wash, and it made me hot. I felt his warmth on my tongue as it entered him. His quickened breathing told me he was about to cum. I reached around him with my hand and at the slightest contact, his cock began convulsing as it sprayed his hot seed all over the floor and on my thighs and cock.

The moment became to hot for me as well, and I reached orgasm with my tongue in his ass and my cock in my hand, adding to the mess he had made on the floor. At that point, noise was a concept that was too complicated to be fully regarded.

After a while of just staying still in that position, him bending over the balcony and me kneeling with my face in his ass, just trying to catch our breaths, I was ready to continue. I was sure he could feel my slowed down breath blowing on his ass, and he knew I was ready for more.

Using both my hands, I separated his ass cheeks and went back in with my tongue. The sudden change made him moan out loud.

This time my tongue was slower and somewhat more sensual and I took my time with him, making him arch his back. I squeezed his hardening cock and out the slit came the last drops of his first orgasm. I wanted to fuck him, but since I was punishing him, I was going to make him earn it, even though güvenilir casino I wasn’t totally sure that he wanted it.

Standing up behind him, I pulled his body close to mine, reversing our earlier position, and started kissing his neck. Our height difference wasn’t that much so I could actually reach his neck, or maybe his legs had turned into jelly and couldn’t stand upright. I caressed his chest and pinched his nipples, and my lips moved up his neck, and to his lips. His neck was twisted sideways, and I turned his body around so that he was facing me, and pushed him by his shoulders to his knees.

Eventually he was going to see it but right then he hadn’t noticed yet that he’d given up all control of the situation to me. I looked at him like that, on his knees, eyes and mouth begging for my cock, it was hot. I was probably the devil for enjoying it so much, but the power in my head justified it, or at least, made it impossible to resist.

Teasing, I slowly pushed my leaking cock towards his ready mouth, then pulled back, and did it again and again, making him open and close his mouth in a way that almost made me laugh, until he was fed up and jumped to my cock with his mouth open.

I very much liked the cock slut version of him better, but I didn’t dwell on that thought as his mouth worked its magic on me. He definitely had been holding back last time. Taking the whole length in one go, he bobbed up and down on it like a machine with both hands keeping a firm grip on my ass until I couldn’t take it any longer.

“Please slow down,” I begged. He didn’t, and I had to yank my dick away from his mouth, making a pop sound, to make him leave the trance. He looked up at me with his big brown eyes and his hand lightly stroking his hard cock. Fuck, he was sexy as hell in this view.

“You’re gonna make me cum before I’ve fucked you,” I complained. He showed a bit of resistance, like he hadn’t anticipated getting fucked. I pulled him in and kissed him, then his handed me a small bottle of lube. I guess he had.

“Naughty boy,” I said, earning a mischievous smile from him. He dropped his robe, which I hadn’t even noticed he was still wearing, and went back to his position bending over the railing. I stood behind him and poured the lube over his ass. I pulled him to me and fingered him as I made out with him, completely taming him.

With his hole completely lubed up, I positioned my cock at his entrance and teased him, rubbing it up and down and dry humping him. I didn’t say anything as I waited for him to beg, but he only moaned and bucked his ass in impatience.

I pushed only the head in, then pulled his ear to my lips.

“Say, “I’m ready for your cock daddy”,” I instructed him. It would’ve been a bad idea for myself, hearing him say something like that would’ve made me cum right there.

“Uhhnn, daddy,” he said. He pushed his ass onto my cock before I could even register what was going on, filling himself up and moaning as I did. After the initial shock of the moment had passed, he started moving back and forth, fucking himself on my cock. I was completely helpless, holding on to him as he fucked himself, begging my cock to make it last a little longer. I hugged him from the back.

“Please stop I’m going to cum,” I pleaded. He eventually stopped when I thought the orgasm was inevitable, pulling me away from the edge. I rested in his warmth for a while, occasionally flexing inside him to keep him in the moment. When I was ready, I started fucking him without warning, cause a surprised gasp to leave his lips.

The thrusts were long and hard, quiet but powerful. The inevitable climax was really inevitable this time, and I held on to him for dear life as I came inside him. It wasn’t stopping, and I moved my hand lower to grab his cock, making him join me in the heat of orgasm.

His ass muscles contracting on my cock only intensified what I thought was the end of my orgasm. I stayed like that for a while after the orgasm had passed, and we finally started moving after we had both regained our composure. He turned around and kissed me, and I put my hands on his ass, smearing my cum that was dripping from it.

Now that was a great fuck,” he said picking up his robe.


He walked me to my room, and we made out one last time before walking away. I entered the room and plopped down on the bed.

Frank came from behind me and spooned me and I fell asleep in his arms. At least he wasn’t wanting to fuck this time, I didn’t know if I had it in me.

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