Mart 25, 2021

Climax on Adin Summit

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Once upon a time, not so long ago my old reliable Volkswagen van dutifully chugged away the miles while my girlfriend and I babbled endlessly and took delight in the passing scenery as dusk settled over the mountain landscape. It was always an adventure when we set out on the road for one of our frequent sojourns. Judy and I would make the 400 mile drive to our friend’s home a couple times a year as a weekend getaway or to visit as we began a much longer road trip. Our friends lived in the far northeast corner of California, where the last of the majestic Sierra Nevada mountain range meets the high desert plateau of Nevada and the Great Basin. The drive was always beautiful in its forever changing and geologically rugged landscapes, whatever the season.

For over 5 hours, we had been driving. The sun had set leaving only the brilliant stars, like diamonds thrown on black velvet overhead and all around. Our headlights stabbed out to barely light the narrow corridor of the highway and not much else. We were traveling highway 299 east of Adin. A quaint little town, Adin was typical of the population in this part of the country. The town folk roll up the sidewalks after dark and pack them away until dawn. You were lucky to find a gas station or cafe open after 9 P.M. in this small rural paradise. It was just past midnight now and there was little traffic bahis firmaları in this rural area when Judy reached over and began playfully rubbing the bulge in my pants. Traveling always made us horny and either she or I would sooner or later start up something sexual with other. Maybe it was the vibrations from the road or the boredom of the dark that got us going. This was a game we played whenever we went any distance. Sometimes I would play with her breasts or even finger her as we drove along. She would wear a skirt or dress with no panties so I would have access to her charms whenever I wanted. She would hike her skirt up around her hips so that she could tease me and play with herself. She knew I liked to watch her. Other times she would make a bed for herself out of blankets between the bucket style seats and lay so I could easily stroke her clit and finger her, often to orgasm.

This time it was for me! My pants had become quite uncomfortable and so I lifted myself off the seat as she struggled, pulling one leg down and then the other. I was completely exposed and my cock stood at military attention. Her warm hand fondled the length of my shaft as we drove on in silence each of us consumed in our own fantasy. Soon her head would be in my lap, tantalizing me as I forced myself to concentrate on the road ahead and not the scene below. kaçak iddaa She knew just what to do to play my aching hard on to the fullest, taking me nearly to orgasm, then backing off just enough to let me recover before starting again. It was a diversion we had played many times before. Over an hour drive lay ahead so she took her time teasing me and I loved it. The occasional vehicle would pass by and it was titillating to know they had no idea what was happening as they rushed by, trapped in their own world of steel and glass.

We soon began the long, slow climb over Adin Pass, occasionally stopping the action so that I could shift gears up or down as needed. Judy was paying no attention to the traffic, that was my job. It was challenging dividing my concentration between the sensations she aroused and the broken yellow line racing by. Her cadence increased, faster and faster, until I was hopelessly caught by my skyrocketing passion. All I wanted at that moment was to orgasm. Like breaching the event horizon of a black hole my climax was inevitable, filling me with uncontrollable sexual tension. I stiffened, pressing my feet hard against the floorboard lifting my ass off the seat to afford her better access. Judy knew just what I liked, sucking on the head and pulling the skin back and forth along the rigid shaft with her hand.

“I’m going kaçak bahis to come, baby! It’s right there, I can’t stop it.”

I thought she would let up and stop but she continued her assault as the first orgasmic wave filled my senses. She wouldn’t stop and I couldn’t stop.

“Oh…god…mmm…oh fuck that feels so good…”

She was in perfect timing with my pulsing ejaculations and her sucking mouth. My mind spun out of control and I was convinced I would pass out from the intensity. It felt as though the entire van was shaking and bucking as wave after wave coursed through my shuddering body.

“What a mind-blowing orgasm!” I thought.

As my thoughts returned to the road and I opened my eyes I was shocked to realize what the shaking and bucking was. We were still on the road but barely. The engine was lugging down in fourth gear trying to climb the steep incline that was Adin summit! We were only doing about 10 miles an hour, the engine coughing and straining against the pull of the hill. I quickly shifted down and pulled into a wide area off the road to get myself together. I had totally forgotten that I was driving during my earth-shaking climax.

I looked at Judy, smiling broadly, and said between jagged breaths, “Don’t you realize we could have been killed? I could have run us off the road! Oh my god, that was so hot!” She just smiled and made me promise to return the favor when we got to our friend’s house.

We took a few minutes to walk around the van and reclaim our sanity, then drove on. This was proving to be a great weekend!

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