Şubat 10, 2021

Clara the Babysitter Ch. 03

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“So why did you start doing it blindfolded?” Ken asked again.

“We talked on Skype some about it. I didn’t want to admit that I liked doing what I was doing, but I knew he didn’t want to stop. I knew he had been with other girls, and figured he’d leave me if I didn’t do anything.”

“So I told him I was nervous. I wanted to make him happy, but felt guilty being so close.”

“He asked if I felt like a bad girl. Kind of I told him. Since we were over Skype, he was working on his laptop. He did a quick search, and showed me something. It was a girl, blindfolded. She was dressed, but her mouth was slightly open.”

“He asked me if maybe a blindfold would keep me from feeling so dirty. We could still play, but I wouldn’t feel guilty. If I wanted, he offered, he could ‘make’ me do it. Removing all guilt. I was hesitant, but agreed. “

At the boyfriend’s house:

The next time I came over, he had a silk sash which he quickly placed over my eyes. I didn’t even get to kiss him hello as I walked in the door. He took me by my hand, and walked over to the sofa. I stood in front of him waiting.

He started kissing me, and feeling my breasts over my shirt. He’d never done that before. The started to tingle, and my pussy started getting wet. It normally didn’t happen so early, but I felt both naughty and innocent.

I started to move my hands, but he stopped me. “I’m in charge, when you say stop, it ends…” he said, so I just let him continue.

Soon I heard him undoing his pants. Everything came in more vivid now that I couldn’t see. I could hear him breathing harder. As he pushed me to my knees I could feel his cock against my face. I grabbed it with my hands and guided it to my mouth.

I noticed how it felt more than previous times. It was hard, but spongy. It was warm. I savored the taste and texture. I’m sure I swallowed it deeper than before as I went up and down on it repeatedly. I of course couldn’t tell, as I couldn’t see.

“That’s it, take that dick deep,” he told me. Maybe I was going down further. I felt him stiffen as he got ready to shoot his load. I knew what to expect, and swallowed it all.

I went to remove the blindfold, but he stopped me. I guess he wasn’t done yet. I heard casino şirketleri him fumbling with the remote as he sat on the sofa.

He turned on the TV, some porn from what I could tell. I could hear slurping sounds. I guess he was watching people get blowjobs on TV.

He sat down on the sofa, and had me lay down. He started talking to me” ‘Don’t know if your innocence can handle watching people suck and fuck. But you sure did look good doing it. Went almost all the way down my dick. Looked sexy as hell.”

I’m not sure, but I’d bet I was blushing totally red. My pussy was so wet my panties were getting soaked as he talked dirty to me. Hearing the people on the TV fucking I’m sure was helping as well.

“Could you imagine people watching you like I’m watching them right now?” he continued. “You’d be so hot doing it I bet – especially with that blindfold on.”

He pulled me closer to him on the sofa, and started to rub my breast again. I had my head in his lap, and could feel his dick against my face. This time he stuck his hand down my shirt and under my bra. He got tired of it soon, and undid my bra so he could get better access. As he felt me up I could feel him starting to get hard.

So I just turned my head and started sucking him as he tweaked my nipples. I swallowed another load, my second for the day. I’d never done more than one, so I figured that I was getting good at it if he wanted more from me.

We decided to stop for lunch. He took my blindfold off, and I saw the TV. There was a girl handcuffed sucking off a guy. Several other guys around her too, all with hard dicks.

He came behind me and started talking about how sexy she looked. He was kissing my neck and feeling my breast. He told me I looked just as sexy sucking him off. I wasn’t sure what he wanted, so I made sure we left soon for lunch.

While we were out he asked why I pulled away. “You’ve got a lot more experience than I do. I know you’ve had other girls suck you and fuck you. How do I know that I’m doing it right, or your cock is really for me?”

“Are you saying you want more experience?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer that. What was he expecting. What do girls normally do. “I know you gone out with girls casino firmaları with more experience than I’ve got.”

“I’d be willing to help get you more experience.”

“What do you mean… besides just sucking on your dick more. Clearly you like me doing that.”

“You can’t say you don’t like it. I don’t hardly have to ask now. And I love that you always drink my cum.”

As we left to grab a quick bite to eat, I wasn’t sure what he was hinting at. But by the time lunch had ended, I knew. He wanted me to experience sucking some different cocks than his. He said he’d set it up, so he’d be with me, and I could stay blindfolded, so it wouldn’t be awkward. It’d hide some of me, and I wouldn’t know who unless I wanted too.

It took all lunch, but I had agreed to it. We went and saw a movie, and before I knew it, I was stroking him in the empty theater. Before long, he told me to get ready for another load, and moved me toward his lap. I drank his third load that day – I was getting good.

We headed back to his house. We should have a few hours before anyone comes home he said. As soon as we got there, I noticed he went right back to the couch. The video was never stopped, so it just paused on the screen. He started it back up, and he went straight to making out with me again.

I kept watching the girl, on her knees, handcuffed out of the corner of my eye. She seemed to like it, and the guys all clearly liked her. My boyfriend noticed I was watching.

About that time she got up, and was bent over a table. He legs were spread, and I guy started fucking her from behind. “I can’t do that” I said. I actually thought I might be able to, but I just wasn’t wanting to admit it.

I could hear her cumming on the TV, when he started to blindfold me again. “You don’t have to watch this. I’ve got something else for you to do.”

I heard his phone go off, but soon he tossed it on the couch. I heard him unzip his fly, and soon I could feel a cock hitting my face. I opened my mouth and reached for it, sucking him in.

Normally he didn’t talk to me, but he started this time. “You look hot. I bet you’d look hotter if you had some more experience wouldn’t you. You want to suck some extra cock sweetie?”

He’d güvenilir casino never called me sweetie before, or anything endearing. I started to say something, but I couldn’t because my mouth was full. He pulled back a couple of steps “What was that?”

“Sure bring them on” I said. Just playing with him of course, but then how would I know.

Up stepped the cock. I grabbed it and started going down. It seemed different, but I didn’t think anything of it. I felt it stiffen even more in my mouth. I was able to get more of it in, and soon I was deep throating it.

He seemed more forceful as well, pushing it in and out, instead of letting me control the pace, but I couldn’t see and didn’t worry.

I feel it stiffen, I know what’s going to happen. But as I prepare to swallow my fourth load, he pulled out and came over my face. On my knees I couldn’t really go anywhere, but I recoiled a bit, and was hit with a second blast.

I opened my mouth, and moved toward it, getting most of the third and fourth blast in my mouth. It was so much more cum than previous. I drank about what I normally did, but I had even more than that on my face.

“Dude, ” I heard my boyfriend say. I told you she’d swallow it all.

“Sorry man.” I thought I recognized the voice, but I wasn’t sure. “But your slut looks hot covered with my spunk.”

It was then I realized why the cock seemed different. It was. I’d just blown one of his friends, and I didn’t know which one.

I started to object, when my boyfriend just talked over me. “You did good with your second cock baby. He, have some more of mine.” Next thing I know, he’s pushed his cock past my lips, and I’m sucking him off again.

Soon he was coming, and he decided to add a couple of shots to my face. “You look so sexy like that he said. Lick your lips baby. Clean what you can.”

His friend must have left, because he helped me up, and took off my blindfold.

I went to the bathroom to clean up. I saw the two loads across my face. I looked like a slut, and while I wouldn’t tell anyone then, I liked it.

I washed my face, and went home. Hornier than I had ever been, I rubbed my pussy till I came twice before anyone else got home.

That night he sent me a couple of texts wanting to meet up again the next day. I couldn’t then, but we scheduled some time for later in the week.

That night I rubbed myself to another orgasm before I fell asleep.

What was becoming of me?

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