Ocak 25, 2021

Chocolate Decadence

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This is odd for a first posting, I realize. It’s a continuation of a story started by my s/o at the time. I wrote this part in reply. I’d never post her part without her permission.


We both slept soundly after your taking of me, wrapped in each other’s arms… your head curled into my chest. I could barely move after erupting as I did for you, so you had just climbed up next to me, pleased by the effect you had on me.

The following morning, I woke to you looking up at me. I smiled wearily, and you stroked my side soothingly. We talked nothings for a bit. At some point, I looked down at you and your eyes locked with mine.

“What is it?” I murmured.

You blushed and looked down for a moment… tracing little circles on my tummy with your fingertip. “I wouldn’t mind taking my turn being submissive to you.”

I surged lightly. “Oh?”

You just looked up and smiled softly, a distinctive twinkle in your eyes.


After spending the day together, we came back to our room. You took a quick shower while I ordered some dinner for delivery. We ate; then I took a shower. When I was finished, I peeked out of the bathroom door. You were standing by the mirror on the far side of the room in a T-shirt and undies, brushing your hair. You hadn’t seen me.

I smiled slightly and slipped into an oversized T-shirt and quietly walked up behind you, slipping my arms around you and my hands under your shirt. I started rubbing your tummy in slow circles, breathing heavily near your ear. The brush clattered to the floor.

I nipped very gently at your ear. You placed your hands over mine as I continued to slowly circle your tummy, stirring the desire inside both of us.

Slowly, very slowly… my right hand slid lower, gliding firmly over your upper thigh. I could feel your breath quickening as my hand reached between your legs, my fingers curling up into your center through the thin fabric of the undies. You were soaked.

I pressed harder, but did not move my fingers. “All for me, love?” I whispered hotly in your ear. You swallowed hard and nodded with a whimper.

You tried to move your hips so your center would move around my fingers, but my other arm stilled you quickly as my fingers pressed even harder against your center. “No no, love. Let me be in charge,” I whispered, a pleading edge to my voice.

I held you tight as I pulled my fingers quickly from between your legs. I lifted them to my mouth and sucked on them briefly, making sure you knew exactly what I was doing. “Mmmmm… very nice,” I murmured. Then I let you go and went over to the bed.

You turned to me as I sat on the edge of the bed. “Come here,” I whispered. You walked over and went to sit on the bed next to me. I stopped you by grabbing your arm. “No, love. Here.” I pointed to the floor right in front of me. You moved to stand before me.

“Kneel.” My tone was loving but firm, and you only paused a moment before dropping to your knees.

I touched your cheek gently, and you looked up at me. I reached down and from the bottom pulled your shirt up. You raised your arms, expecting me to pull it completely off of you. Holding your shirt halfway up with one hand, I gently took your arms with the other and pulled them down. You looked at me quizzically, and I merely smiled. I lifted your shirt over your head and forward, so your arms were still in the sleeves.

“Move closer.” You did so. I lifted my legs over your arms, so your arms went on either side of me on the bed and the shirt went under my bottom. Your hands were effectively trapped in your shirt on either side of me on the bed. My knees were at your shoulders.

“Now, love…no touching, no blowing, no trying to taste. Understood?” You whimpered at my firm words. I dropped my voice down lower and whispered again, “Understood?”

You squirmed a bit and nodded.

I touched your cheek again. “You see, love,” I spoke in an instructive tone, “feeling your wetness has gotten me too excited. I must relieve myself now.”

“But…” you whimpered softly

“But nothing, love. I don’t want to come too quickly… our dessert is at stake. Please be quiet until I tell you.”

Seeing compliance in your eyes, I leaned back on the bed. I spread my legs, revealing my bare wet center to you. You moaned very softly seeing my excitement so close, but out of reach.

“Quiet, love.”

I reached down to my center, my finger going straight to my clit. I began rubbing slow, light circles over it, knowing you were watching. Your hands moved a bit, and I reached with my other hand to grab one of yours tightly. I continued fingering my clit, feeling casino oyna myself getting closer and closer… feeling your hands squirming more at my sides. Within minutes, I felt myself going over the edge, pulsing my hips and panting as my climax came within inches of your watchful eyes and hungry mouth.

I lay on the bed for a few moments, catching my breath. Then I sat up and looked at you, still panting just a bit.

“Would you like a taste, my love?”

You nodded eagerly.

“Look in my eyes… and open your mouth,” I whispered. You hesitated slightly, your eyes still on my center…but then you looked up at me and your lips parted. I held my fingers up to your lips, and you eagerly took them into your mouth, sucking my juices from them. I pulled them out quickly.

“If you behave yourself, you may have more later, love.” I shifted my legs so your hands were free. “Now, lie on the bed… on your back. And take everything off.”


I stood at the foot of the bed, devouring your naked body with my eyes. I was stirring something in a cup and smiling softly as you pulsed your hips slightly, watching me, wondering what was to come. I lifted the spoon and let the chocolate flow from the spoon into the cup, allowing you to see. You surged and moaned softly.

“Remember now, love…your dessert is coming.”

You nodded, your hips pulsing harder as you squirmed on the bed.

“Legs together.” You slid your feet so your legs were together. I climbed onto the bed, straddling your legs near your knees.

I stirred a bit more, my gaze traveling your body… starting at your eyes… then drifting to your lips…your jaw…your beautiful neck…down…to your shoulders…along that sumptuous collarbone… down…to your right breast… my tongue coming out to lick my lips languidly as I saw how erect your nipple was… then over to your right… my tongue flicking the air… causing your hips to squirm. I smiled up at you, and you swallowed hard. My eyes went to your tummy, then to the top of your slit, which was barely visible between your closed legs.

“Arms up.” You lifted your arms above your head.

“Close your eyes,” I whispered. “I will tell you when to open.” You blinked a few times, then closed your eyes. I waited, stirring, watching your face… your lips were parted and you were panting in anticipation.

I held the spoon above the soft spot at the base of your neck and let the chocolate drop onto your skin. You flinched and held your breath as I let the sauce trail left…then right… along your collarbone… leaving a warm trail where you knew my tongue would be shortly. I reloaded the spoon and dropped another trail… down between your breasts… all the way to your bellybutton, which I circled. As the chocolate dripped onto your tummy, you sucked in a bit.

I used the chocolate to draw a circle around the edge of your left breast… and slowly drew a spiral from the edge in to your nipple, making sure not to touch the nipple itself, but circle as close as possible. I did the same on your right breast. You were breathing quickly now, your chest heaving a bit as the warm sauce trails settled on your skin. I dropped several tiny drops in various places on your tummy. A twisted spiral in each of those areas where leg meets torso finished my work… for now.

I set the cup aside and observed my work. After a few moments, I whispered, “You may open your eyes if you wish, love.”

Your eyes fluttered open to see me smiling predatorily down at your succulent body. You looked down to see the trails everywhere on your skin.

After your eyes met with mine again, I whispered firmly, “Time for my dessert. Eyes closed.” You swallowed hard and closed your eyes.

I leaned forward, supporting myself on my arms… hovering over you, my knees still pinning yours together. I thoughtfully contemplated your face…your lips parted, your eyes straining to open to see where I was. I blew softly on your lips and felt you shiver as you arched up slightly, trying to touch yours to mine… but I pulled back. I watched your lips for a moment longer, relishing the panting breath coming from them, and then I dove.

Starting on your right shoulder, I sealed my lips on your skin over the chocolate trail. My tongue swirled firmly on your skin and I suckled, pulling the sauce into my mouth. Your hips arched beautifully as your breath became erratic, filled with the tiniest of moans as my mouth moved along the trail, closer to the soft spot below your neck.

Just before I got there, I stopped abruptly and pulled back, looking back up at your face. You whimpered softly and squirmed beneath me. I looked back at the trail I slot oyna just ate. A new trail of reddish bites had replaced the chocolate. I trailed my fingertips along the sensitive skin for a moment, then dove for your other shoulder.

Again, I sealed my lips on you and sucked the chocolate off your skin with a firm tongue.

When I reached the center spot, I unsealed my lips and just let my tongue trail around, tasting the sauce gently…lazily…right at the base of your neck. I could feel your panting just on the other side of my tongue, and I teased in rhythm with it.

After thorough licking that spot clean, I started on the trail down the middle of your torso, sucking the chocolate off with heated, open-mouthed kisses, my tongue swirling firmly each time. When I reached your bellybutton, I slowly, so slowly, let my tongue circle it, flicking firmly, around and around. You pulsed your hips against me, and I used my hands to hold you to the bed near your waist.

Next came the spots on your tummy… one at a time… suckling… swirling… leaving red marks where each spot of chocolate had been. Then I veered up to your left breast, starting with the widest circle… slowly, so slowly…carefully… eating the chocolate from your delicious skin…I started to follow the spiral inward… sucking…flicking my tongue firmly…then abruptly stopped and dove to the outer circle on your right breast, lavishing it with the same attention… spiraling inward… sucking the sauce off you.

I continued… switching breasts after one complete trip around…licking the chocolate… firmly tasting your skin even after the chocolate was gone from the spot. When I neared your nipples, I was very careful not to touch them, but I sucked every speck of chocolate from you. You were pulsing with need, aching to have your nipples in my mouth… but I would not have them… yet.

I rose and hovered above you for a moment again, checking for any places I had missed. Then I quickly slid downward and dove into the twirls where leg meets torso. I sealed on you and swirled my tongue so firmly it made you cry out very softly. I followed the trail downward, until I was suckling just above your slit. You were writhing slightly, your upper body arching repeatedly, aching to spread your legs for me… but I held them firmly closed.

Then I took the other twirl… starting at the top… again, sucking along the twirl with a firm tongue and hungry mouth. As I neared the top of your slit again, your moans because slightly louder and you arched your hips against me.

Once I had completely removed all the chocolate from your skin, I pulled back, still straddling your knees. I took the cup from the table next to the bed and stirred it a bit with the spoon. With it fully loaded, I took the spoon and touched it directly to your right nipple, flicking the spoon’s edge over it repeatedly as the chocolate spilled out upon it.

“Yesss….” you moaned in response.

“Quiet,” I said firmly, reaching to pinch your other nipple hard. You whimpered softly and bit your lip.

I released your nipple, then covered it in chocolate as I had the first. Then I rose, lifting myself up and freeing your legs.

“Spread for me.” You eagerly parted your legs and I could smell your heat. I surged hard, seeing your legs open for me.

I lowered myself, my legs between yours now, holding you open. I stayed just above your center, supporting myself on my elbows as I looked up at your face from between your breasts. You tried to arch your hips upward so your center would touch me and be stimulated, but the rest of my body above you did not allow it.

“Patience, love,” I whispered. Then I suddenly and firmly took your right nipple into my mouth and sucked hard on it, pulled the chocolate off and flicking my tongue quickly and firmly all around. Soft, barely audible whimpers escaped your lips as you tried to be silent, your hips pulsing hard and rhythmically upward, straining to feel something against your screaming clit. With each whimper, I sucked harder, almost painfully suckling on your nub. When I believed all the chocolate was gone, I pulled back and spiraled around the area gently with my tongue. Then I repeated the same thing on the other side, taking the sauce off your left nipple with the same hunger.

After gently caressing the reddened nub with my tongue, I pulled back and hovered over you. I leaned down just enough so our nipples were touching each other’s as I rocked back and forth very slightly.

I sat up, kneeling between your legs. After a pause in which you had no idea what was to come, I leaned back down over you, my breast hovering over your lips.

“Open canlı casino siteleri your mouth.”

You did so, and I lowered my nipple, which I had covered in sauce, into your hungry mouth. You moaned softly and gratefully as you finally got to taste the sauce that was satisfying me. When you reached my bare nub, I pulled back, panting softly.

“Very good, love. You have earned another taste.”

I shifted and lowered my other chocolate covered nipple, and your eager tongue leapt out to meet it. You swirled your tongue all around, relishing the flavor, relishing my pulsing body over you. Again, when you reached my bare nub, I pulled back. I sat back, again kneeling between your open legs.

I pressed my palms against your inner thighs, opening you wider, and baring your center completely. I took two fingers and went straight for your opening, slipping around it, teasing you… you caught a moan just before it escaped by biting your lip again.

I continued letting my fingers explore your entrance, careful not to touch your clit and not to penetrate. With my other hand, I poured warm sauce into your center… over your throbbing clit and over my exploring fingers. You arched hard as the warmth hit your center, and I quickly dropped down and slid my arms under your upper legs, my face now mere inches from your heat.

“Do not come until I give you permission… understood?”

You whimpered softly, “yes.”

And with that, I dove for your center, devouring it… sucking the chocolate out… my tongue so firmly searching every corner, every crevasse… rubbing over your clit hard… down around your opening, pushing into you with my tongue and pulsing slightly, then coming out and circling your entire center again, sucking on your clit and flicking my tongue all over.

You pulsed so hard against my mouth, straining for more and more… aching for release…

And then I pulled back jerkily and quickly slid two fingers up inside you, catching you off-guard and earning me a loud moan that you were unable to stifle.

I pulled out fast and pinched your inner thighs right next to your center hard.

“Behave.” I said firmly.

You winced slightly.

Slowly I release your skin and my fingers went back to your entrance… three this time… pulsing into you slowly… a bit farther each time… until finally I thrust Hard up into you, twisting my fingers and stirring slightly… watching your face intently as you tried to keep quiet…

I pulled out fully, then thrust in again… a long, full stroke that took your breath away. Out… back in… out… back in… each time thrusting a bit quicker, a bit harder… burying my fingers deep inside you. You were writhing hard now, your head thrashing on the pillow in rhythm with my thrusts. You were getting tighter by the second.

I pulled out fully. “Now, my love…” I thrust hard up into you…”When you come…” I pulled out and plunged back in…”I want you to scream for me…” out and back in, harder…”when I allow.” Your muscles were already rippling slightly, and I knew you were hanging on the edge. “When I touch your tummy, love… you may come.”

I lowered myself and blew on your clit as my fingers continued to plunge into you with deep, fast strokes. Then… I thrust Hard… Deep… Very Deep… and held my fingers in you… swirling slightly… twisting… and my tongue fell on your clit, licking quickly and lightly.

I pulsed deep inside you as I teased your clit with my swirling tongue. Short soft moans escaped your lips, and I knew you were more than ready to explode. Still I waited, my fingers deep inside, bending slightly to touch that magic spot just as my other hand fell lightly onto your tummy.

You exploded almost immediately, your muscles gripping my fingers hard as you screamed and writhed, the bed rocking with the force of your climax.


After you had finally subsided a bit, I pulled my fingers out slowly, gently, and sat up. I licked my fingers clean, relishing the taste of you.

“God…” you murmured. “That…god.”

I smiled softly. “Oh, you aren’t done yet, love.” Your eyes peeked open. “Close them,” I whispered.

There was a pause as I repositioned myself carefully.

“You may open them, love.”

When you opened your eyes, all you could see was my chocolate covered center hovering above you. My knees were on either side of your head, and I was holding on to the headboard.

“Your dessert, love. Eat.”

You gripped my legs quickly and pulled me down to your eager mouth, taking me orally like only you can, cleaning me of every speck of chocolate and not stopping… savoring my juices as they flowed freely for you. I writhed above you, steadying myself with the headboard… until finally, with the constant swirl of your tongue heavy on my clit, I climaxed with such force that the headboard hit the wall several times.

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