Nisan 9, 2021

Cheyenne’s Revenge Ch. 03

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Chapter Three (Settling Accounts)

I had told her to be careful and to expect him sometime in the afternoon. Joe wasn’t stupid so much as he didn’t understand the situation. He had been in control and now he wasn’t. In too many cases when a person felt their control slipping away, they lashed out in an effort to redeem their position. Unfortunately, Joe had few options. He didn’t know who I was, or what I did and he didn’t have easy access to that information. Rationally, he should have stepped back and figured out what he was up against. He wasn’t thinking rationally. That is why I planted those files on her computer and told Sierra that he’d done it. That is why I had Sierra fuck him up the ass.

“He’s here,” Cheyenne said fearfully. I heard the phone change hands.

“I’m going to fuck your girlfriend and I’m then I’m going to fuck you,” he snarled. “Hurry down before I fill all three holes.” He hung up before I could say anything, not that I had any intention of doing so. He wanted to rant. I let him. He imagined that he expected me to come running down all crazy like. He would have done that, so why wouldn’t I? Mainly because I didn’t plan on getting my ass kicked. I made my way to a different spot.

The phone rang several times before she answered. She was panting heavily.

“Put him on,” I said calmly before she could rasp out an answer. She made rhythmic grunts. I imagined he had her bent over the desk and was taking her from behind. The panting receded and he came on the line.

“Listen up asshole,” he began.

“You have a nice car,” I sighed. “The longer you make me wait, the higher that repair bill is going to be. I thought I would let you know.”

“I am going to enjoy kicking your ass,” he snarled.

“Whoops, there goes a tire,” I lied. I had no intention of doing his car any harm. Wrecking someone’s car at the end of business would likely draw unwelcome attention. I wanted to end this quickly and quietly.

“You’re dead,” he snapped.

“Put her on. Your heated windshield is going to cost you a week’s pay if you don’t.” I heard a slap and Cheyenne cry out. She began softly sobbing. I heard some rustling.

“Y-yes,” she whimpered. “Go home,” I said lovingly. “I’ll be there directly. Two pieces of business left to handle.”

“No,” she cried softly,” he’s not alone.”

“I know. Four guys. I’m ready for them. Now go home and get yourself clean and comfortable. Have a little faith that you deserve better than to be handed around like a slab of meat. Bye now.” I had a little planning to do. I figured out how many ways they could come at me. I chose my spot and waited. Like clockwork they poured out of the building. I matched each one to the very sketchy descriptions Cheyenne had provided. Their advantage was in numbers. Mine was in profession and initiative, which I didn’t intend to lose.

I wasn’t at the car, so Joe yelled at them to go looking for me. I counted to fifteen and began making my move. They had scattered around the parking area to find me, negating their only advantage. I moved quickly and deliberately at the closest man. I wasn’t running so he didn’t know what to make of me, since he didn’t know my face and didn’t want to run around punching random strangers.

“Joe, is this the …” he called out. I walked up, pulled my stun gun out of my pocket and rammed it into bahis firmaları his chest. The volts coursed through his systems and he danced and twitched. Man One was down. I moved past him toward Joe. He had a buddy backing him up.

“Son of a bitch,” he thundered running right at me. I figured I had twenty seconds before the two farthest men could arrive. Joe swung high. I blocked and drove my fist into his gut. The stun gun acted like a sap, giving the hit greater impact. Joe buckled. I stepped up and drove me knee into his nose, breaking it and splashing blood everywhere. I pushed Joe to the side. As he fell, I stepped down hard on the side of his knee, snapping it, and causing Joe to scream out in agony. That would require months and months of rehabilitation if he planned to walk without a limp. Buddy Two, the back-up, lost his grip on reality. He saw all the blood, heard the screams, and forgot where he was. Two body blows and an uppercut and I sent him crashing into Joe’s car. Joe would have to pay for buffing that dent out.

I rounded on the last two buddies. One was pissed; the other looked like he was about to lose his lunch. Buddy Three was my first concern, so I came at him. I did a quick deviation to stun Buddy One again. I didn’t want him getting up. That got Three even angrier. Sometimes I wonder what people think when they are charging into a fight. He was using his anger and his height, but he solely miscalculated the distance. He hauled back to clock me, but I was inside his reach, ramming my stun gun into his neck before he could react. That is why they tell boxers to keep their guard up, so this won’t happen to you. Three went down like a puppet with his strings cut.

Buddy Four had his sense about him, but he was terrified. He saw me coming and he turned to run. I couldn’t have that. I flew at him, driving us both into another car. He kept scrambling, but I drove a knee into his gut and dropped a hammer blow to the base of his skull. That was all it took for Buddy Four. I reached down and took his wallet. I walked over to Three. He was the guy with the massive dick. I stomped on his crotch three times hard, then hauled off and soccer-kicked my steel-toed boot into his nuts. He wouldn’t be fucking for some time and I heartily believed he would never father children. I then took his wallet from his crying form.

I got to Buddy One and he looked up at me.

“Are you going to cause me trouble?” I inquired sedately. His eyes grew wide and he shook his head. “Good, now I’m going to take your wallet so that I can keep your license and proof of employment so that you will never mess with Cheyenne ever again. I would appreciate it if you never mentioned her, or what happened two nights ago to anyone ever again. Can you do that for me?” He nodded vigorously. “Now please tell that to your other friends. I will take care of Joe. Lay here for two minutes then you can take care of your buddies. Thank you.” The guy stared at me like he was crazy. As I walked away, he put his head back on the asphalt and moaned.

I walked past Joe, took the wallet from number Two and sat back down to sort through their wallets. I found my information and piled the wallets up on the hood of Joe’s car. Now I went to Joe. I pulled him up, his face contorted with pain. He cried out and looked at me without comprehension.

“Joe, I’m taking you home. kaçak iddaa Lean on me and we can make it there quickly. Do something stupid and I will drop you wherever we are. Can I take you home now?” He didn’t seem to understand my words, so I started him moving without his permission. His good leg scrambled to keep up.

“You cost me my job, asshole,” he managed to grind out through the tears.

“I don’t blackmail people, Joe. Would you have preferred I make a case for you raping Cheyenne? She was coerced into going to your place.”

“Bitch loved it.”

“I know. She’s a bitch. You fucked her. Your problem was you couldn’t keep it at that. You had to make a point and then it became my problem. As you may have guessed by now, I do this for a living.”

“Fuck you,” he muttered.

“Okay. I understand your anger. It is a hazard of the job.”

“You tricked them into thinking I was a sexual deviant,” he said through ground teeth. “You ruined my career.”

“Joe, I don’t blackmail people. I told you what I wanted. All I wanted was the tape, video recording, and her clothes. As I recall, you laughed at me. I then took steps to see to it that you could never hurt Cheyenne ever again. I suggest you get out of this complex as soon as possible, and find a way to make a new life. You’re young.”

“Fuck you,” he seethed.


“I think our conversation is going nowhere. Anyway, we are at your home.” I knocked on the door. Before I could knock again, Sierra opened it up. She gasped and took a half step back. Joe’s face was a mess and his clothes were torn up.

“Help me get him in,” I asked her. Sierra nodded and took Joe by his other arm. We dragged him to the closer sofa. I saw they had arranged the room back to the way it was when I first saw it. I couldn’t blame them. It had to have bad memories for Joe. We sat him down and he cried out. He grabbed his knee and kept moaning. I took a few steps back while Sierra tried to comfort him. He shoved her away, cursing and in pain. I hid my smile behind a passive mask.

Sierra moved away from him and over to me. I led her back toward the door.

“What happened?” she whispered.

“This morning, his entire department got an edited version of our sexual adventures.” Sierra blushed all the way down to her wonderful breasts. She also twitched her legs slightly indicating excitement between those succulent thighs. “From what I gather, he had a short discussion and had his employment terminated. After that, he spent the rest of his day convincing his friends that something had to be done. He came home, went up to the office and raped Cheyenne. He talked to me on the phone while he bent her over the desk and sodomized her. I lured him out to the parking lot, beat up to varying degrees his friends, and beat up Joe in the manner you’ve just seen.”

“What are you going to do now?” she whispered. I stepped in her and kissed her deeply. With one hand I squeezed her breast while the other one pulled her up by her ample ass, into my steely erection. I got the moan I was looking for. I let our tongues wrestle for over a minute. Her hands were beginning to pull my shirt out and undue my belt.

“No,” I told her, breaking our lip lock. “I can’t do this with you. I want you, but you are with Joe, and that’s too much baggage for Cheyenne and I to deal with. She misses you, but kaçak bahis understands you’ve made your choice to be with him.” I kiss her again. “I miss you too.” She strokes my cock inside my jeans. “You can tell I do.” I stepped back, putting distance between us.

“Goodbye,” I whisper to you. “By the way, I’m Taylor Eden, and it has been my exquisite pleasure to have spent any time with you.” I turn, open the door and walk away. I have done as much as I can. The rest lies in the hands of Joe and Sierra and what kind of people they are.

It is the following night, and I get home around eight. I’m careful, if somewhat anxious to spend some time with, and in, Cheyenne. The conversation stops when I come into the room. I spot Cheyenne and Sierra sitting on the sofa, talking to one another. I quickly scan the room for any signs of others. Nothing. Now I look over the two women. Cheyenne is still dressed from work, as, I imagine, is Sierra. There are also two pieces of luggage and I don’t mean overnight bags either. Cheyenne stands up and gives me a ‘wants something’ smile. I’m not totally ruled by my dick. Sierra looks like she’s had a good cry and is worried about something.

“Hey, Lover, how was work today?”

“Not much I can talk about,” I respond cautiously, “but a contract was fulfilled. I guess that means we can put a king-sized bed in your room too.”

“You two don’t sleep in the same room,” Sierra gawked.

“We do,” Cheyenne laughs, “but he insists that I have a room to myself if I ever feel like it. He’s nuts that way.” Sierra regards me again with new speculations. “Be careful about him. He likes to wake me up in the morning with something special that feels oh so good.” Cheyenne licks her lips at me.

“Okay, I was being buttered up. “What’s the deal?”

“Taylor,” Cheyenne looked at me coyly, “Sierra needs a place to stay for the night. Can she stay with us?” I looked the two women over. Things were close to where I want them.

“Sierra, you can stay as long as you like, as long as Cheyenne doesn’t mind.”

“I don’t mind,” Cheyenne hurried to say. She glanced to Sierra. The two shared a look.

“She can sleep with me,” I smiled smugly. Cheyenne squawked, but her smile remained. She has quickly learned my sense of humor.

“I’m not giving up my space in the bed,” she teased.

“Well, I’m not going to make Sierra sleep alone in the guest room.”

“You could sleep there,” Cheyenne playfully suggested. I looked hurt. Sierra looked back and forth between me and Cheyenne.

“How about you stay with us?” Sierra offered cautiously.

“I can live with that,” nodded Cheyenne. I sighed heartily.

“If I must,” I groaned. Cheyenne purred seductively.

“I’ll make it up to you.”

“So will I,” added Sierra standing up. I let my eyes grow a whole size wider.

“Let’s all remember we have to get up and go to work in the morning,” I tease them.

“You think you can last that long?” Cheyenne eyed me with smoldering desire. I had begun to think that woman wanted sex every day, twice a day, plus the occasional office quickie on the side. Now I had Sierra too and the total of my interest was in the removal of her from Joe’s life, to finish crushing him and to insure he would leave the area. She seemed to make Cheyenne happy, and I said I would take care of that happiness. I was the third wheel and they did not know it yet, or maybe they did and simply did not think I’d accept that. I’m a simple guy. They will learn. It they are unhappy, that is a problem. I make problems go away.

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