Mart 24, 2021

Cheerleader Test

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I sat outside Mr. Upton’s office, my textbooks resting across my exposed knees as my cheerleader skirt rose up my thighs. I was both excited and nervous about my final test to be eligible for the cheerleading squad. Mr. Upton had told me to be here sharply at 3 and I was actually 15 minutes early.

And that’s why I was there to see Beth leave his office, her books clenched tightly to her chest, her face red and eyes puffy. God, I thought to myself, if Beth with her perfect face and gorgeous body couldn’t make the team, then how was I?!

“Ah Shannon,” Mr. Upton was at the door to his office, “you’re early.”

“Sure, I didn’t want to be late for my test.”

He smiled but it seemed more in response to his thoughts than to mine.

“Great! I like it when the girls show enthusiasm!” He ushered me into the office and sat me down in a chair. Instead of going behind his desk, Mr. Upton sat up on the edge of the desk in front of me. He asked me questions about my studies and whether I felt they would suffer from the time and energy that was required to be a “great” cheerleader, to be one of his best girls. What a strange phrase but I was eager to show I was willing and able.

“What are you studying?” He reached down and plucked my books off my lap, his fingers brushing my legs. I felt my face blush upon contact for I had a crush on Mr. Upton with his boyish looks and blonde hair. I looked up and saw him staring into my face and I blushed more. We chatted a bit more and when Mr. Upton shifted on the desk, his leg came in contact with mine and stayed there.

It was getting awfully hot in here, my pulse increasing from my childish fantasies about the only male teacher in the school, other than Mr. Comeau who taught history but he was due to retire next year so he didn’t count.

Mr. Upton dropped my books on his desk. “Well Shannon, everything looks good in black and white. There’s only one more test. Please come with me.”

He slid off the desk and took my hand to help me up. I hope he didn’t notice how sweaty they were. We went into a further back office in which there were file cabinets ataşehir escort and a small cot.

“Lay down there please.”

“Why?” I asked, sitting on the edge of the cot.

“Just some routine measurements for responsiveness and dexterity. A cheerleader has to perform some pretty demanding work and I need to know that you won’t be at risk”

He sat himself down on a rolling stool and scampered over to me. He placed his hands on either side of my head and gently bent my neck left and right, forward and backwards. His strong hands fell on my shoulders and he asked me to rotate them. Goosebumps formed as his hands slid down my bare arms, testing for muscle tone I suppose. I tried not to think of those hands, tried to keep the flush from my cheeks.

“You have beautiful skin, Shannon. A very pretty face, lips that must be the envy of many of your girlfriends.”

I looked at his face, surprised at his frankness but he was inspecting my joints and did not make eye contact. He pushed his stool back and asked my to raise a leg. He took the ankle and placed it on his knee, his hands now testing ankle, shin, knee and surprisingly my thigh. “Excellent muscle tone Shannon, beautiful shape.”

He tested the other leg. I was painfully aware that with my leg stretched out like that and my short uniform on, there was a chance he could see my white cotton panties. “There’s only two more tests Shannon. Please lie back on the cot.”

I tried to lie back without having the skirt ride up any more than it was already but I also didn’t want to be tugging it down in front of him in case I was suggesting something inappropriate. Guess I shouldn’t have worried about it.

Mr. Upton’s hands gently fell across my breasts.

“What?! What are you doing?”

“Relax Shannon, I am testing your breasts. Our cheerleaders have to have the best breasts, firm and as full as possible. A funny thought ran through my head – how could Beth have failed this test, she has the best breasts I’ve ever seen, or rather, want to see. Guess my day dreaming was a good sign to Mr. Upton because avcılar escort he lifted my top over my breasts. ‘Ah, this makes my exam easier.” As he spied my front clasping bra. His fingers expertly undid the clasp and the white bra cups sprang to each side.

Did I just moan when his hands slid across my naked tits? My brain was fuzzy, my thoughts not my own. I was aware as if from a distance that my nipples were rising and pushing against his fingers. He pinched them between finger and thumb, making them rise to a hardness that was almost painful. “Do you mind Shannon, I have to suck them a little to get the best form, we don’t want the fans to be disappointed?”

“” I mumbled.

His lips slid over the left nipple first and I felt his wet tongue slid all around the small mountain. He sucked it gently, his fingers squeezing the breast slightly. Now I know I moaned this time. “Did I hurt you Shannon?”


He switched to the right and gave the same intoxicating treatment to that one. “Now my dear, there is only one other test.” He stopped speaking as he slid lower down on the cot and reached to either side of my hips. His fingers curled into the elastic waistband and he gently slid my panties down my legs. “Please lift your knees up and to the side.” I complied.

“Very nice Shannon, full pouting wings, just the right amount of hair cover. You’ll have to shape this a bit better, may I suggest that you actually shave, the more I see, the more convince I am that this is a beautiful pussy”

His fingers caressed me down there, sliding the lips, no, wings he called them, apart. He teased them and rolled them, pulling the hood off my small clit, an area that I barely explored. I jerked as he touched it. “Yes, smooth, shaven would be perfect. I think there are some girls on the team that could show you how.”

My fingers curled into the cot sheet when I felt him slide a finger into me. He didn’t have to go far before he met resistance. A second finger joined the first and he pushed a little bit harder. I whimpered. “My dear girl, you’re a virgin!?”


“That’s avrupa yakası escort such a rare thing these days. It’s going to make being a cheerleader very difficult. The best cheerleaders will be able to do things that you will find impossible to perform while still a virgin. That won’t do at all.” His fingers slid out from me, leaving me with a surprising feeling of emptiness. I sat up on my elbows. “Please Mr. Upton, please don’t fail me, I really want to be a cheerleader, I’ve dreamed of it for ages, I’ve really hard, exercised, and drilled the best I could….please.”

He looked into my tear filled eyes and sighed. “Well Shannon, your test was really going well, the best yet until I found this little obstacle.”

“Do I…do I really have to lose it?”

“To make this team, yes. To be the best, definitely.”

I sat up now and covered my face with my hands, tears spilling down my face.

“There, there Shannon, it’s not such a big thing.” Mr. Upton was stroking my long hair.

“It’s not that, it’s just, well, I don’t even have a boyfriend.”

“Is that all? My dear beautiful girl, you could have any buy from the other schools. Why, I could even help you. Would you like that? Would you like me to help you so that you don’t have to get a reputation with the boys?”

“Would you?”

“Well, it’s not exactly sanctioned by the school but if you promised to keep it a secret, I might be able to help.”

“Right now?”

He chuckled softly, “No, you deserve something better. Beth passed her test here but she wasn’t a virgin. No, I think you deserve something special. Can you come here tomorrow after school?”

“Yes but what about my test? Do I make the team?”

“Shannon, if you keep our appointment, I can guarantee a spot on the team. After that, it would be up to you how far you advance, how much effort your willing to put forth.”

“Thank you, thank you.” I squealed, throwing my arms around his neck and hugging him. I kissed his ear, his jaw and as we slid apart, I kissed his lips quickly. “Sorry.” I whispered.

“Don’t be Shannon, something tells me we are two of a kind. Now, why don’t you get yourself arranged, I have another candidate arriving in just a few minutes.”

And as I passed her in the waiting room, I wasn’t cringing like Beth had been, I was absolutely beaming. And very much looking forward to tomorrow.

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