Şubat 13, 2021

Change of Life Ch. 17

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I want to thank everyone who has given me their support and well wishes for this story and others.

I also want to thank those of you who write me and tell what the characters in the STORY should or shouldn’t do. For all of you, Please, it’s just s story folks it ain’t true people. It’s for your enjoyment, don’t get pissed off at me, the story or the characters in the story Don’t get mad. And for that one guy who keeps telling me the story is to long, here’s an idea, stop reading it. And if you don’t like this type of story don’t read 15 chapters and then tell me you don’t like it. If you didn’t like it, you would have stopped reading it after the first 1 or 2 chapters. But thanks to everyone who took the time to give me your input. needyou

Here’s the ending – finally!

I held Mandy’s head and pumped my cock in and out of her mouth letting her take me closer and closer to orgasm. She kept looking up and grunting as the head of my cock hit the back of her mouth and ten started to go down her throat. I knew if she sucked the fat purple cock head down her throat passage, as tight as that was, I would explode and cum in seconds. I pulled her off my cock and pulled her up to me. I said I want to eat your pussy as you suck me. She smiled and moved her lower body around in a 69 position so she could put her pussy directly on my face. As she took in my cock I began to lick her slit and shove my tongue into her hole. She moaned and popped my cock out of her mouth and told me, “Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuck Bud! That feels so good baby! Oh yea! Eat my pussy eat me and make me scream!”

She was going nuts sucking my dick as she wiggled her pussy all over my face. As she arched her back she shoved her cunt hard into my face and I buried my tongue as deep as I could get it into her dripping wet cunt hole. She squeezed my cock and sucked like she was trying to get my balls to come out the hole in the end of my dick. I groaned loudly and I began to cum! She moaned with each shot of cum that pumped up into her mouth. Mandy pumped my shaft with her making a blur of it as she continued to suck. She took all she could suck out of my dick and then just kept on sucking me as I continued to eat her pussy. I said, “Let’s roll over.”

She began to move but before we could switch places I saw a shadow come into the room and then another and another. Before Mandy could look up, three sets of hands grabbed her wrapped a dark black scarf around her head and tied her hands together. The three men pulled her off of me and slammed her backwards on to the bed. She tried to struggle and yell but one of the men put a ball gag in her mouth and another tied her hands to the top of the oak headboard.

A voice said, “Get your ass off the bed mister or you’ll get it too. I of course moved immediately as each of Mandy’s legs were held by a man while the other tied them to the bottom of the oak bed. She struggled and struggled but they had her bound and gagged within 15 seconds, maybe less. She was spread eagle on the bed with her mouth gagged and her head covered with a dark black scarf! She was history!

Them as quick as he could the leader, who was my friend Larry, moved up between her spread opened thighs and lifted her ass up off the bed. Another man placed two pillows under it. Then Larry dropped his jeans and pulled out his cock. Pumping it a few times he became hard enough and shoved it into her with one thrust. She lifted higher and moaned as she tied to scream but the sound was so muffled that it came out more like a whimper.

He slammed his cock into her over and over again until he arched his back and unloaded a large amount of cum into her pussy. She was panting and moaning as he came but she was secured well and was almost helpless. When he had finished they rolled her over and spread her ass cheeks. The next guy went on the bed and moved over her body. The two men held her ass cheeks opened and the man slammed his big dick into Mandy’s ass. When he was fully inside her they rolled both of them over and the third guy entered her pussy! The fucked her hard and they fucked her fast until they both emptied their nuts into her. First the guy came in her ass tell everyone how tight and good it was. Then the other one shot his load into already cum filled pussy grunting and groaning as he shot a large load too. When they finished the leader said, “You’re next mister hurry up if you want to cum in her pussy too. I was rock hard from watching these guys take Mandy hard. I climbed up on to her body and said, “I’m sorry Mandy they’re making me do this!”

As she tried to scream again I inserted my cock into a cum filled stretched cunt casino şirketleri and I fucked her hard until I came shoot another load into her pussy this time.

The entire time Mandy didn’t have an orgasm as far I could tell or see. With four loads of cum in her they untied her from the bed but kept her hands bounded together. Naked except for the scarf, they took her out of the house and placed her in the back of the van. It was done, step one was done and it went off without a hitch. As the three men drove out of my street and development they followed me to where my wife was staying for the night with her new lover Lee.

They parked the car on the lot and one man stayed with Mandy while the three of us went to Lee’s apartment. Checking the name on the mailbox we found his number and rang the bell. It was now getting much later, so Larry pressed the bell again and again.

A man’s voice came on after 5 rings and said, “Yea! What! Who is it?”

Larry said, “Police Mister Anderson is there a Mrs. Jones there with you tonight?”

There was silence for a minute and then a female voice came on and said, “This is Mrs. Jones!” She sounded very scared.

Larry said, “We need to come up Mrs. Jones it’s about your husband.”

She said, “My husband! OH GOD! WHAT”S WRONG!”

Larry said, “Sorry not over the speaker lady, need to come up and talk with the both of you. You see there has been an accident, a bad one” and that’s all Larry said.

There was a discussion between the two people in the apartment and finally the buzzer rang and the front door opened’ We covered our heads with hoods and the three of us walked up the three steps and rapped on the door. The door opened immediately half way. It was immediately pushed opened the rest of the way and Larry and the other man entered with guns. One was pointed at the Lee’s head the other was pointed at the Shirl. She started to yell but Larry placed his hand over her mouth and said, “If you yell or make a sound you’re both dead lady.”

She didn’t move and Larry covered her head with another hood. This one had no eye openings. He then moved to the man and quickly blindfolded and tied him securely with his hands behind his back. I stepped into the room and closed the door. Lee was pushed up against the wall and his feet spread. He was searched and secured tighter with an extra plastic binding. He had only a pair of boxer underwear on and nothing else. He must have been nude when he answered the speaker.

Shirl was standing there in a long dress blue shirt which ended just below her pussy and ass and it was undone all the way except for the last two buttons. All the other buttons were missing they seem to have been ripped off. She held the shirt closed at the top and I knew the shirt belonged to the man. I saw their clothes laying all over the floor like they were stripping each other as the walked into his place. I didn’t say anything and she had no idea it was I under the hood. She must have just put the shirt on when we came to the door. Most likely she had been completely nude too before that. They gagged Shirl just like they did Mandy. When that was done, Larry said, “Put her ass on the bed.”

All of that took maybe 3 or 4 minutes. These guys really knew how to operate. The other man pulled Lee over and made him sit with his hands behind his back facing the front of the bed. Then Larry pulled Shirl over and pushed her on the bed. Her feet went up and everyone could see her naked body under the shirt. She was cum dripping out of both her holes. She must have just finished being fucked. Larry saw this and quickly moved to the doorway of the other bedroom. He saw a tall man standing there with a phone in his and saying, “Yes, hurry!”

Larry motioned for him to put the phone down with his gun. He did and a voice was saying “What’s the address, sir, I need the address, sir!’

Larry waved the gun and the man walked out of the room into the big bedroom where everyone else was in. It was Jerome he was with the two of them and most likely had fucked Shirl in one hole while Lee did her other one. I hung my head when I realized this.

Larry made sure the phone was off so it couldn’t be traced. He said, “That was close! This asshole was calling the cops. 911 most likely. But he never had time to give the address. But we should hurry just in case.”

Larry looked at Bud and then his soon to be wife, ex-wife and said, “I guess you were sandwiched tonight baby you got cum running out both holes. How did it feel? Hoped you liked it.”

She was shaking her head no but Larry said, “Well then why do you have cum running out both casino firmaları holes! Jesus lady, you’re married I can se the rings! She looked at the rings and started crying. I was wondering what the fuck Shirley you turned into? Larry said, “Well baby, you can thank your friend Mandy when we get to the van for setting you up with two big time pimps. They have been blackmailing sweet little housewives like you for years now making hundreds every week off of their dumb ass. But first the break them in real good. Mandy is a part of their group. She actually pick them as friends and then gets them involved with girl on girl sex first Then she hooks them up with these two guys and soon they become whores for them. Looks like you’re well on your way lady! Oh yes, Mandy is with us. Wouldn’t want your best friend and sex teacher to miss this party baby!”

He pulled her by the hair and they walked everyone out of the van with guns in their ribs. I walked behind them with tears in my eyes again. The men put Lee and Jerome and Shirl into the back of the van and off they drove. They followed me to the parking lot across the street from the police station. I went in and made the report about guys breaking into my house and raping Mandy before they told her. I told the cops they told me not to move for an hour or they would come back and kill me. That’s why I took so long to report it. Larry told me exactly what to say and report. He told me to just tell them what happened and to use, “I have no idea why’, for everything else they ask. I was to tell the truth about fucking her and what was going on with her and my wife. About an hour later I came out got into my car and drove away. The van pulled out behind me and we all headed south.

When we got to the state line they switched vans and got into a much larger one that held 10 people, it had Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on the side. Again they followed me until I stopped at a rest stop just inside the California State line and left the rental car. I had been wearing gloves just like the other men and I still wiped everything down with Windex and paper towels. I took everything with me and got into the van. I had rented it two days ago and put my car in the shop. The rest area was 30 miles south from my home and I reported the car stolen earlier tonight.

Then we were off again heading southwest this time. The drive lasted about 2 hours while Larry’s men fucked both women as much as they could during the ride. One man always watched Lee and Jerome while the men screwed the Mandy and Shirl. At the end of the ride, both women were filled to overflow with cum. I didn’t fuck either of them this time.

The ride finished in the Park and Ride lot of freight train round house. There must have been 1,000 freight cars, and maybe 100 engines parked there. As the men climbed out, Larry got real close to each woman’s ear. And then he took their arm and injected each with a drug to make then sleep. Before they passed out, he said, “I want you to listen real good and remember what I have to say. If you make the slightest sound before this train pulls out, I’ll come back here and kill you both in this car. They’ll find your bodies some time in Mexico from the smell of them decaying in the heat of the Mexican sun. Then I’ll go home and kill your children! Yes, that’s right your children first then your mother and father. Then I’ll cut the throat of your fucking dog if you have one. If you talk to the cops, I’ll also kill all your friends and even people who just know you. Understand? You’re a bunch of fucking whores who cheated on your loving husbands and as far as I’m concern you should die a slow death. But I have my orders and they say not to kill you unless you don’t do what I tell you. So if you want to die make me mad! Go ahead Mandy you’re the boss make me made and I fucking blow your cunt off. Do you fucking understand everything I have told you?”

They were both were crying hard but shook their heads yes. He put the gun between the legs of each woman and said, and this is where I’ll shoot you first. So when the Mexicans do find you you’ll be no good to them at all even as drugged out whores. Hell they may just leave you in this fucking car forever. It will be your grave.”

He then told the men to put the women in the back of the freight car he had arranged for them. They tie then to the back of the car and no one could se them unless they were actually inside the car. He led the way and showed them exactly where to tie the two women up putting one at one end and one on the other end of the car. They were far away from each other and couldn’t even try to help the güvenilir casino other one. The gags stayed in their mouths but he loosened them a little so eventually hey would be able to get them off. He said, “If you cry to much your nose will close up and you’ll die of suffocation with these gags in your mouth just stay quiet and you’ll be OK.”

They all did what Larry instructed. They all knew this car was heading out the next day but only Larry knew to where. He smiled at the two men who had been with Shirl and told them, “The women are all yours guys but be quick because after you fuck them you’ll be tied up with them.”

He stood there and we all watched Lee and especially Jerome begin to beg. Finally Larry said, “OK! OK! Jesus shut the fuck up! Fucking sissies! OK, you can keep your mouths shut and leave with us.”

The two men decide to join forces with the rest of us, me, Larry and the two other men Larry had hired. We left the women alone it the freight car. Shirl had only a long sleeve dress shirt on and nothing else, not even panties or shoes. Mandy had nothing on but the blindfold.

We walked back to the van, Larry using a piece of carpet to wipe out any and all foot prints. We got back into the van and waited and drove to a side road. It was early morning now maybe 4:45AM. We didn’t have to wait long, at 5:07AM the freight car with the two women in it moved for the first time. It bumped and moved bumped and moved as more and more cars were added to the train.

Finally it stopped bumping and slowly moved forward out of the yard. Larry started the van and pulled away. He drove and turned on the road next to the train tracks. At first the train was behind us moving slowly. Then it was next to us as it built up speed. Finally we watched it pull ahead of us and went over the bridge that separates the USA and Mexican border. As the van pulled into the parking lot where we counted the cars and there were 46 attached to the train. We pulled out and drove to the lot I had my car parked.

Larry told the two pimps the same thing he told the women. If they even as much as mentioned to anyone they knew these two women or any of us he would come back and kill both of them, and ship their asses to Mexico too! Since we all had hoods on the two couldn’t identify us. But they agreed they wouldn’t say anything and I was sure they were serious about it. Larry could be real nasty when he anted to be. Larry said he didn’t believe then and acted like he wanted to kill then both and drop their bodies off the coast of California, maybe 100 miles out to sea in a big cooler. But they begged him and begged him and we told him no one had been killed yet. So he finally agreed to let them go after hitting them both twice in the face with the gun. They were both beaten pretty good. He then told them to get out of the business of turning housewives into whores. They agreed to never do it again. No one believed that one but we all knew they were scared to death. What an actor Larry had become. Then I wondered if he really was acting? Even I wasn’t sure.

We dropped both men off at Lee’s place and exchange the van wiping it down and leaving it exactly where it was. We pulled off the EPA emblem from the side of the van and returned it to the proper parking place. I paid Larry and he paid the two men. We both thanked the two of them and told them we owed them both!

Larry and I rode back to my place and waited. We had breakfast and the next day and around 10AM the police came to my house asking if my wife had come home yet. I acted sad and really upset and told them, “No’, and that thank god my best friend from college and the Navy was here to help me and see me past all this. I told the cops Shirl had a couple of affairs just lately but we had been trying to work things out. I said, “In fact we had sex last night before she left me officer! God where could she had gone?”

The cops told me they would contact me and let me know what they found out. They also told me that my neighbor, Paul Thompson, had called them reporting his wife missing this morning too. He told them Shirl and her were best friends. I said, “Oh my God! Maybe they were together! I know they were having affairs with each other and with some guys from the mall. Oh God officer do you think they ran off together.”

Larry touched my arm and I knew to cool it. I thanked them and they left. We turned on the TV and watched the Sunday playoff game and I got us two beers. Larry told me he would hang around a couple of days to help me. You know he’s my best friend but I don’t sleep with him.

Now, there just might be a reunion with Shirl and Mandy if I get enough requests for one. Thanks to all of you who have told me how much you enjoyed this long, long story and were hoping for a good ending where the man stood up and punished his wife for her infidelity! Hope you liked this ending!

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