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My sister in law was staying at our house, she was working as a nurse, on night shift, and slept most of the day. One afternoon, when I was feeling horny, I thought I would have a few hours to myself, as she would sleep all afternoon, my wife was at work, and kids at school. I am secretly bi-curious, and love to browse the gay or tranny groups looking at those big juicy dicks, and imaging what it would be like to suck on them and have mine sucked by a man. I was soon hard and horny, so as I was expecting to be in private for at least another hour, I stripped off and started rubbing my swollen dick, while I browsed those long hard dick pics.

I was moaning softly, as I was really turned on, and close to cumming, when all of a sudden I heard a female voice say “What the fuck are you doing there?” and was blinded by a camera flash as my sister in law Courtney stood there in her nightie, camera in hand, and puzzled look on her face! I reached across to turn off the monitor, and tried to cover my bulging dick, but she said “It’s a bit late for that, I’ve been watching you for nearly 10 minutes, wanking off to dicks”.

My heart pounded, as I said “You’re not going to tell Jessica are you? Please don’t, she would kick me out in an instant”.

She replied “I don’t need to tell her anything, I have a great picture of you naked and wanking off to a dick picture! What’s this picture worth to you?”

I groaned, realizing that she held all the cards right now, and I was in really hot water. I replied “OK, what do you want, name it, anything you desire, as long as you give me that picture”.

She said “Let’s go upstairs and we can discuss your options in the bedroom”, as her eyes were firmly fixed on my still hard erection.

“You’re not going to make me cheat on my wife are you?” I said, rather sheepishly.

“You already did, I have a picture of you to prove it” she laughed.

“But that’s not cheating, I was only fooling around, it’s only my imagination.”

“Too bad, my sister considers that cheating, so if it’s good enough for her then it’s good enough for me too”. I didn’t understand what she meant, or what she wanted me to do.

We entered her room, and she said to lie down on the bed. She took out some stockings, and tied my hands to the corners of the wooden posts, and then my feet to the other corner posts. She laughed, “Silly men, always perving on the wrong things”.

“What are you going to do to me?” I was scared that she could still tell my wife about my activities.

“I want you to lick my cunt, my ass, my tits, and then MAYBE I will let you go after that”.

She lifted her nightie over her head, revealing her perfect, firm, soft breasts, the nipples were standing up so hard, she must have been turned on by the power of her dominance over my tied body, maybe from my swollen knob, I just wished she would hurry up and get it over with.

“Do you like my boobs, slave?”


She slapped me and said “You must reply YES MISTRESS”.

OMG I thought, casino şirketleri this is a wild one! I had better play along, at least until I could get the photo off the camera! I replied “Yes, mistress”, and she leaned forward, and rubbed her nipples in my face, and over my chest. My cock was dribbling with anticipation, I couldn’t control that, as she had an awesome body, much younger than my wife.

I could see a wet patch in the front of her panties also, and wondered what her pussy looked like!

“Lick my tits, slave” she yelled, as she presented her nipples to my tongue.

I licked and sucked on those firm breasts, and she moaned slightly and leaned back, savoring the moment. I was close to cumming, but I was able to hold back the feeling, but I think she sensed this. She laughed again, and stood up, removing her panties. She was hairless, smooth, her pussy lips were parted slightly, and I could see they were so wet, a trickle ran down her leg.

She crawled over me and straddled herself over my chest. I could smell her pussy, it was so wet and juicy and it trickled out and dripped on my chest. She could see my eyes staring at her juicy hole.

“You want to lick my cunt, slave?” she jokingly said.

I had no choice but to play along with her game, and said “Yes, mistress”.

“Too bad, I want you to lick my ass first!” as she turned her body around, and put her big soft ass in my face. “Lick my hole, slave” she demanded.

“No way, I don’t want to lick your ass”.

She grabbed my balls, and squeezed hard, bringing a tear to my eye from the pain, then she repeated her request “Lick my ass, slave, or I’ll rip your balls off”.

If I could have moved my hands, I would have thrown her off the bed. So to prevent more pain in my most sensitive area, I licked her ass as best as I could, I was close to her pussy lips, but she kept them just out of reach.

Meanwhile, she run her fingers up and down my shaft, and pulled at my pubic hairs, I was busting to cum, and with her ass and pussy odor in my face, I could no longer hold back. She grabbed my cock and rubbed it up and down.

“Do you like my ass slave?”

I replied a bit muffled that I did. She squeezed my shaft, placing her mouth close to my cock, I could feel her breath on the head, oh how I wished she would lick it and give me some relief. Suddenly She lifted her body up on her knees, and positioned her pussy over my mouth.

“Lick my pussy slave, make me cum over your face!”

Oh boy did I want that so bad. Her pussy lips we parted and very wet, she was desperate for a fuck as much as me, but she wanted oral first I guess. I ran my tongue over her pussy lips, and flicked her clit, she shuddered and moaned, as I licked and sucked and gently bit her pussy lips, she was young and sweet, and so wet and turned on.

As she got closer to orgasm, she suddenly licked my swollen knob, up and down the shaft, then placing the head in her mouth and sliding up and down, and then suddenly she came on my casino firmaları face, shaking and shuddering and moaning loudly, and I too could no longer hold back, and came in her mouth. She was like a wild cat, sucking and licking my cum, while moaning and biting my spewing cock.

She quickly got up, and looked at my face, covered in her juices, then swiveled around, and straddled herself over my cum covered cock, sliding down on my whole eight inches. She lifted herself up and down, sliding her cunt up and down my slippery shaft, moaning and screaming with pleasure.

I cried “Get off me, you’re cheating on your sister!”

“I don’t care, I want your big hard cock in my cunt, it feels so good and I haven’t had sex with my husband since I came here 6 months ago!”

I could feel her cervix bumping against the knob on my cock, and this made her moan even more as she came again, as she rode up and down my cock, until she finally fell down, laying on my chest with her soft, warm body.

“Can I have my picture now please?”

“You can have a copy, I’m going to keep the original, just in case I need something from you later”.

My heart sank, but at least I had her word that she wouldn’t tell my wife what we had done, as my wife would have kicked us both out!

“Can you untie me now please?”

“No, I am going to take some more pictures first, just to make sure you do as you are told”.

Oh no, I thought to myself, what have I got myself into?

It had been quiet for a few days, Jessica’s sister had not mentioned anything, or done anything out of the ordinary, but occasionally show would wink at me when I walked past her going to the shower in her bath robe.

One morning, Jessica went to the bathroom, and got in the shower, getting ready to go to work. I was lying in bed half awake, when suddenly the bedroom door opened, and in walked Courtney.

“What are you doing?”


“Where is Jessica?”

I thought that was obvious, and replied “In the shower, she’ll be out soon, so you better leave now”.

“Bull!” she said, “She always takes half an hour in the shower, I grew up with her, I know!”

“So what do you want then?” I quizzed.

“I want to watch you wank off for me, or I’ll show Jessica that picture of you at the computer!”

Her eyes suddenly spotted a pink object on Jessica’s bedside table, and lit up is surprise “What’s that for?” she said, pointing at the pink dick object on the bedside table.

I tried to make excuses and said “It’s a decoration, you can keep lollies in it!”

She laughed, and said “OK, it’s a lolly, I want to see you suck it and then stick it in your ass and cum for me!”

I scoffed at the idea, “No way, what do you think I am, gay or something?”

She glared at me. “Maybe we can ask Jessica when I show her this picture” and produced the camera from her robe’s pocket. She walked across to the bed, and snapped a picture of the toy, and then sneaked to the bathroom door, opening güvenilir casino it ever so slightly, and peeping inside. Jessica was washing her hair, and Courtney took a few quick pics, then quietly closed the door.

“She’s just started washing her hair, that will take another 20 minutes” she chuckled. “Now suck your pink lollipop, or I’ll post these pics on the internet, and Jessica will blame you for that”.

I groaned again, and reluctantly grabbed the pink toy.

“Hang on” she said, pulling the covers off the bed, “I want to see your dick too, hold the lollipop near your dick so I can take a photo”. As the covers peeled back, my semi-hard dick flopped on my stomach. She gasped, and said “Nice, you were expecting me, weren’t you?” to

“Of course not”.

She slapped my leg. “Behave yourself and do what I tell you, OR ELSE”.

I lay the pink dick next to mine, and she took a photo. “So that’s what my sister uses when you are night shift, no wonder she prefers the real thing, it’s much bigger!” she laughed. “Now lick it, slave, and then put it in your mouth”.

I did as she requested, and she snapped a few more photos.

“Push it all the way in, slave.”

I reluctantly did. I was getting aroused being commanded to do such erotic things, and my dick was hard, and pre-cum was dribbling out.

“Hold it against your dick, show me which one is bigger, slave”.

It was obvious that she was also getting aroused being the commanded in this situation, but I had no way of getting the pics away from her camera, indeed if she had already posted them on the internet where Jessica’s friends could see them.

“Show me your man pussy, slave, open your asshole hole and stick that lollipop in deep”.

She was starting to breath heavier with excitement, and dropped her robe on the floor. She was dressed only in a skimpy G-string, and a very wet patch at the front showed she was very turned on.

“Slide that lollipop in and out of your ass, slave” she whispered, as she continued snapping pics, but her other hand was rubbing the front of her panties

I heard the shower water stop running, and Courtney continued “Hurry up and wank off for me, before my sister catches you”

I grabbed my straining dick and started to rub my hand up and down my rock hard shaft. I was so turned on with a hard dildo in my ass, I could feel that I was about to cum. “I’m cumming” I whispered .

She moved closer to the side of the bed, to get a closer view and continued taking pictures. She knelt beside the bed, and pulled down her G-string, showing her red, juicy pussy lips spread wide with her hand, rubbing and poking in and out of her juicy slit. “Show me how you cum, slave”.

The scent of her juicy pussy took me over the edge, and I ejaculated, cum shooting up to my chest and stomach, she too was rubbing faster and faster with one hand, and trying to take pictures with the other, as the last of my cum dribbled out over my hand. She came quickly from the sight of my juices spurting out, and with juices running down her leg, she quickly pulled up her G-string, got up and grabbed her robe, quickly putting it on, and left the bedroom, leaving me to very quickly clean up the mess, before Jessica came out to get dressed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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