Şubat 6, 2021

Caught Sniffing Pt. 07

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The following day I woke to the sound of heavy rain on the window. As I came to my senses I could hear the twins chatting in their room. Not that I could hear what they were saying but they sounded happy and excited about something.

Going for a pee I forgot to slip the lock on the door and was interrupted when the door flew open, “Oh sorry Tom, I didn’t know you were in here,” said one of the twins.

Expecting her to leave I was surprised when I realised she was still there, “I’ve never seen a boy peeing before, sorry I should go,” looking round I could see it was Amy and she was staring at my cock.

“Watch if you want,” I laughed, “it doesn’t bother me.”

To my surprise she came closer and stood by my side looking down as I finished emptying my bladder, “Your cock still looks big even without an erection,” she said.

As I shook the last drops from my penis Amy surprised me again by running her finger across my knob, “I wonder what it tastes like,” she said and sucked her finger between her lips.

“Mmm interesting taste. Your turn to watch me now,” she said pushing me aside, taking down her black panties she sat down.

“No don’t put it away,” she said, seeing me about to slip my cock back into my PJ’s.

Hearing a hissing sound I looked down to see her pee streaming down into the pan. She again wiped her finger across my knob and sucked it into her mouth. My cock twitched from her touch.

She finished peeing but instead of reaching for the paper to dry herself she ran her fingers between her legs, “Here taste mine,” she said raising her fingers towards my mouth.

Tasting her fingers I could smell the pungent aroma of her pussy heightened by her fresh piss.

“AMY,” Emily’s call startled us.

“COMING,” answered Amy pulling her panties up as she stood, “see you later Tom.” She gave my cock a squeeze as she passed me to leave…

A little later I discovered what the girls had been so excited about when I heard them earlier, “Tom! Can I come in?” followed a knock on my bedroom door.

“Yeah sure,” I said.

Emily stepped in closing the door quietly behind her, “I thought I should tell you we’re off to see Helen tonight, she’s invited us down for a couple of days.” she said.

“Oh OK, say hello from me when you see her,” I said wishing I could see her as well.

“Yeah I will. I was wondering, do you still have her dirty knickers she left?” she asked.

“Yeah I’ve got them here,” I said reaching under my pillow.

“Ooooh good, let me have a sniff, I want a reminder of how she smells, can’t wait to see her again,” she said holding her hand out.

A sudden thought made me keep them from her, “How much do you want them?” I teased.

“Oooh please,” she said reaching for them.

“What’s in it for me?” I asked keeping them out of her reach.

“Oh you sod,” casino şirketleri she said smiling, “alright, if I do something for you will you let me have them?”

“Depends what you do,” I said and raised Helen’s panties to my nose, “Mmmm they still smell good.”

“Oh fuck, I need them so bad,” she said and began pulling her t-shirt up.

I admired her sexy little body as she stood a few feet from me with her hands on her hips wearing only a pair of red panties.

“So what do you want me to do?” she asked with a naughty little grin.

“I want to watch you fingering yourself,” I told her.

Her grin turned into a smile, “OK but you’ve got to wank as well!” she said.

Emily pulled her panties off, “I want those,” I said pointing to her knickers she was about to drop on the floor.

“Are you sure, they could be a bit smelly,” she said and then laughed, “what am I saying, that’s what you like isn’t it you dirty bugger.”

Throwing her panties towards me she laid down on the floor, bending her legs and opening them wide with her feet flat on the carpet she exposed her sweet pussy.

I quickly stripped off my clothes and sat on the side of the bed with my cock standing to attention as I looked down on Emily’s naked body. She began playing with her pussy with one hand while the other squeezed and kneaded her firm little tits.

I picked up Helens panties and had a sniff, “Mmmmm they do smell so good,” I said teasing Emily.

“Oh you fucker, I want to smell them so bad,” she said slipping a finger into herself.

The sight of Emily finger fucking her pussy together with the dirty odour of Helen’s panties had my cock as hard as ever. I wanked slowly and could see Emily enjoying the view as I was.

“Here,” I said throwing Helen’s panties towards her, “I think you’d better have these now.”

“Oh yes, I need them so bad,” she said catching them and quickly placing them on her face.

“Oh my God!” she said as she smelled Helen’s scent.

I picked up Emily’s panties and began sniffing around the material. Finding the spot I was searching for I wanked faster. The rich dirty aroma soon had me on the verge of coming.

“Oh Fuck you smell so good, I’m gonna come,” I said.

“Oh God me too,” Emily cried.

We made eye contact just at the moment we both climaxed…

As I laid back on my bed enjoying the aftermath I felt the bed move as Emily laid down beside me.

“I think I’ve left a wet patch on the carpet,” she said with a giggle, “mind you you’ve made a worse mess.”

I felt her hand on my cock and then saw her lick her fingers, “Mmmm I do love the taste of your spunk,” she said.

I ran my fingers between her legs making her jump at the unexpected touch and tasted her juices, “I love the taste of your cum as well,” I said licking my fingers.

She casino firmaları suddenly jumped up and pulled on her t-shirt, “You’re still a dirty pervert though, ” she said giggling as she left my room.

. . .

I didn’t see any more of the girls although I could hear them obviously getting themselves ready for their trip to Helen’s. It was early evening when I heard Rosemary shout from downstairs.

“Hurry up girls or you’ll miss your train,” she called.

“OK, coming,” one of the twins called back.

A couple of minutes later I heard them stomping down the stairs and a minute after that the front door slammed shut. It was thirty or forty minutes later when I heard Rosemary return after dropping the girls at the station.

I hadn’t seen or spoken to Rosemary since she’d got in from work and when I heard her running a bath, I began to wonder if I would see her tonight. Perhaps she was tired and needed an early night.

Half an hour later I heard the bathroom door open and a moment later Rosemary opened my bedroom door.

“Ooooh let me get under the duvet, I feel cold,” she said.

She was totally naked as she rushed to my bed, “Best get those clothes off Tom and let me snuggle up to you,” she said climbing under the cover.

I was soon naked and slipped under the duvet next to her.

“Turn round,” she said.

Laying with my back to her she pressed herself up against me.

“Mmmm that’s better,” she said wriggling around to get comfortable.

Her hand caressed my thigh and soon found it’s way around to my cock.

“Oh yes there he is,” she said running her fingers over my stiffening shaft, “lets get him nice and hard.”

The fragrance of her freshly bathed body, the feel of her soft breasts poking into my back and the motion of her fingers soon had me fully hard.

“Just the feel of your lovely big cock is making me wet,” she said wrapping her hand around my shaft and wanking me slowly.

Rolling over to lay on her back she spotted a pair of knickers sticking out from under the pillow, “Oh, whose are these!” she said studying Helen’s panties.

“Oh, yeah, ah, well they’re the girls friend Helen’s actually,” I said feeling caught out.

“Oh you dirty boy, does she know you’ve got them?” she asked.

“Er, well yes, she let me keep them,” I replied.

“Oh really, so does that mean you fucked her!” she said.

“Well, we played around a bit,” I admitted wondering what her response would be.

“So she left you her dirty knickers,” she said, “I guess you’ve had a good sniff of them, and wanked yourself off.”

Rosemary held Helen’s panties up to find the right place and lowered them to her nose, “Mmmm yes, they do smell good don’t they,” she said then took another sniff.

“So I hope you’re gonna play around with me,” she said.

I smiled güvenilir casino and started running my hands over her body. She parted her legs to allow my fingers to stroke her wet pussy.

“Mmmm that’s nice, suck on my nipples,” she said.

Licking and sucking on her tits I continued playing with her pussy with my fingers slipping a finger in her wet hole.

“God these smell so good, such a turn on. Lick my pussy Tom, make me cum,” she said taking another sniff of Helen’s dirty panties.

The mention of Helen made me wonder what the twins would be doing with her tonight. A picture formed in my head of them all naked licking and fingering each other.

Turning my attention back to Rosemary I crouched between her legs and kissed her inner thighs and worked my way up to her pussy. She was so wet. Slipping a finger back into her cunt I concentrated on her stiff swollen clit, licking and sucking.

“Oh Fuck yes Tom, I’m gonna come very soon, Helen’s aroma on these panties is so fucking sexy,” she said breathing heavily.

She began bucking her hips making it difficult to keep my mouth on her clit.

“OH YES OH YES Oh Fuck YES,” she cried out as she orgasmed.

I kept sucking on her clit until her body relaxed and then laid beside her to let her recover…

“Wow that was good. There’s something about that girls odour, it’s just such a turn on,” she said when she’d recovered enough to speak.

“Yeah I know what you mean. Mind you I think the same about you,” I said and had to check myself as I was just about to say her daughters think the same about Helen.

“And I love the taste of your lovely cock, in fact I think I need to have a taste now,” she said and was soon licking my shaft.

Pulling down hard at the base she licked all over my swollen knob, “Oh so much tasty pre cum, I love it,” she said licking it all up.

“Go on Tom have a sniff on these,” she said passing me Helen’s panties.

Sniffing in Helen’s dirty odours while Rosemary licked and sucked soon had me close.

“I want you to fill my mouth with your spunk,” she said taking my knob in her mouth and sucking hard.

I was soon thrusting my hips as though I was fucking her mouth. Holding my knob firmly between her lips and flicking her tongue over it was too much.

My spunk was soon pumping into her eager mouth, “Oh Oh Oh…OH,” I cried out not worrying that we’d be heard now we had the house to ourselves.

“Mmmmm,” is all Rosemary could say as she tried not to lose any of the cum as she lifted her mouth from my cock.

“Mmmmm,” she said again swirling the spunk around her mouth with her tongue and then swallowing.

“That was what I needed,” she said and sat beside me to relax…

We had another session that evening after a break to recover from the first. Rosemary sat on me while we both enjoyed Helen’s panties once more.

Although she was tempted to stay with me for the night as we were alone, she thought she’d better return to her own bed to get some sleep as she had work the next day. That was the thought, it just didn’t quite work out that way…

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