Şubat 12, 2021

Cathleen the Cougar

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I hope the real Cathleen finds this story – you truly were an inspiration and my pants were tight the entire way back.

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My name is Bob. I know, I sound bland already and that has actually helped me a number of times and has been great fodder for me to further my career.

After getting another contract signed on the spot, I decided to take the afternoon off and head to the closest golf course I could find where I was traveling. The course didn’t allow singles to play alone, so I checked in and waited on the putting green for another single to appear. My golf game was different than my sales game, and needed a lot of work.

“Usually body motion is good, but hold still and just use your shoulders for that type of chip.” A husky but happy female voice called from across the green.

I glanced up, mid-50’s redhead in a white tennis tank and mid-thigh tennis/golf score said. Her gorgeous smile radiated under her wicker hat. I tried it again and was much more successful.

“Good at taking instruction, huh?” She gleaned and teased. “What’s a young man like you doing out of work so early in the day.”

“Just a little victory lap,” I explained “a little reward – I like to treat myself if I have a success before getting back to work.” I shifted the conversation back to her, asking if she was going to play today.

“Partner cancelled, awaiting another single to show up.”

“Well, if you don’t have anyone on call – I’m playing casino şirketleri and in the same scenario.”

We were 11 holes in. She was good, a scratch golfer. Her name was Cathleen – full lips, hips and tits as they say, and very athletic legs. Her tank showed her freckled arms and heavy chest. She was probably 15 to 20 years my senior but I was very attracted to her and very distracted by her. She gave me pointers here and there.

I was getting ready at the tee-box and she had just smashed one straight down the pike. I lined up and addressed the ball, she was watching and told me to stop. She came up behind me and placed her hands on my hips.

“You’re not rotating these,” she said then touched my shoulders, “these have been doing all the work, and you generate a lot of speed but, these” she said grabbing my hips more authoritatively, “have untapped potential in your swing.”

She pulled my right up back and pushed my left forward as I practiced my back-swing, putting me into a position she preferred. She stepped back and I took a few swings, integrating her mini-lesson into my swing. I addressed the ball and, not only did it go where I wanted it to, but the ball drove down the fairway another 30 yards.

We rode in the same cart, chit-chatting and me developing an insane crush on her. Each time she lined up, I gawked, when she’d pull her ball out of the hole, I could swear her ass swaggered at me on more than one occasion. On her swing, her skirt/skort would raise and sway and on more than one occasion she casino firmaları say me lusting after her thighs and thick ass. One could tell that Cathleen had led a full life, but she still had a lot of energy and vigor. Her kids had grown and went away and she was recently single, a widow, now of two years. She beat me by 7 strokes. We came in and unloaded our clubs to our cars and returned the carts.

I was about to walk away and back to the hotel but stopped.

“Are you in a rush? Would you like a drink at the 19th hole?”

She blushed a little, sensing this was more than just a friendly invite from me. She ordered a classic ‘old fashioned’ – and I followed suit. We chatted and sipped our drinks.

“Usually the victor gets something in any match,” I said to her, trying to be a little suave.

She bit her lower lip and smiled, her lips red and her freckles making her smile beam even brighter.

“Well, Bob, I don’t think it was a fair fight – I think what I like is to see my students succeed – maybe I can teach you a few things, save you a few… strokes.” She winked. I gulped.

We went back to my hotel. A nice Marriott, nothing over the top, but it had a few upgrades and a nice big bed. Before the door closed, she was finally on me. My cock has been confined in my pants and our lust had been pushing their boundaries the entire afternoon – clearly ready to explode. She was a caged tiger herself. We were making out and grasping each other, trying to get a feel of where to lead it next. But I didn’t want güvenilir casino her to think I was a novice here like I was at golf. So as I made my way down her neck, I pulled down her shorts under her skirt. She was laying back now, her elbows propped up as I started kissing her ankles and massaging her calves and slowly working my way up to her creamy, muscular thighs.

She was trimmed, her hair red, blonde and a few whites. She was delicious. I brought her to what sounded like three orgasms with my tongue before she pushed my head down – not away. Maybe she wasn’t a pent-up widow… she was guiding my face toward her sweet little rosebud. And then, without hesitation, I ate that, too. She purred and cooed as I devoured her tight asshole and I fingered her clit.

When she had enough I lay back and she climbed on me, slowly teasing my cockhead at her entrance. Her hips and tits felt so good beneath my fingers and palms and, expecting more teasing, she surprised me by taking my full 7″ shaft all at once. You could hear my balls and her fine ass slap together hard and it took ever ounce of my strength not to cum on the spot.

“You lasted the big stroke, Bob, I’m impressed.” She hissed and rode me harder. Her nails digging into my chest, her teeth going into my neck and ear. I tweaked her nipples as she rode me and then moved my thumb to her clit and she came again. My shaved balls felt like they were going to explode.

“Give me that cum, explode in me,” she whispered and maybe begged.

I rode her harder, grabbing her ass and shoving a free finger in her tight little bunghole. She came, I came, my fresh white hot spunk flooding her insides. She collapsed on me, stroking my hair. Kissed my cheek – “it’s all in the hips, Bob, just like I said on the course.”

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