Ocak 27, 2021

Catching up with Shane

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I was lounging around, flicking aimlessly through the channels on TV trying to find something even half worth watching. With disgust, I turned it off – no entertainment there tonight. I sat for a while, deciding on my options. Considering it was about 9.00 p.m on a Friday night I felt like I should make some kind of effort.

The trouble was, I just wasn’t in the mood to make a big party night of it. I was in the mood for something a little more intimate. I didn’t feel like trawling all across the city.

I decided to check out my favorite chat site and see who was online and in no time at all I was scrolling through the list of guys in my local area. Before I’d had hardly any chance to even see what was what I got a personal message from a guy called Shane whom I’d met up with a few times previously, and who incidentally was totally hot. “What’s up Jaymie? You free tonight?” (Jaymie is me by the way.)

This was too easy!! I wasted no time replying. “Free? I’m dying for you to cum over and see me right now!”

His reply was to the point. “See you in 30 minutes.”

Acknowledging him, I signed off to quickly jump in the shower. As I rinsed and soaped myself under the warm spray of water I thought of Shane. Around 40 years old (I’d never actually asked his exact age) he was about 6’2″ tall. Lean and athletic with a sexy patch of chest hair. Short black hair framing rugged, masculine good looks and the most beautiful, piercing set of blue eyes you’ve ever seen. And his cock – oh, my, god!!

About 8″ cut, thick, ropey with veins and topped off with a bulging mushroom head ? the mere sight of it, soft or hard, made me drool. Thinking of his heavy balls only added to my desire.

Suddenly I came to my senses and realized that I was forgetting the time. Turning off the water I got out of the shower and toweled myself dry. I’m about 5’7″ tall, very slim – graceful, Shane calls me. I have very soft features, blonde hair/blue eyes, and my cock is about 6″ long, (cut) and rather thin. I never have to shave my face and I have very little body hair – although I do have a rather bushy patch of pubes which I have to keep trimmed regularly.

Walking from the bathroom to my bedroom I opened up my “special” underwear draw and put on the black lacy frilly bikini-style panties that Shane liked me to wear. From the same draw I retrieved some lube and placed it on the night-stand next to my bed.

I had barely finished closing the draw when the doorbell rang. SHANE! Heart beating with anticipation and wearing only my slinky black panties, I almost raced to the door. Opening it, I pulled him inside and shut it behind him in the same motion.

“Hi” I said breathlessly, feeling myself melt under that cute grin and in the depths of those blue eyes. Without a word he pulled me to him, our lips meeting in a slow, soft, stirring kiss. He pulled me even closer, one hand caressing my hair while the other ran it’s way down my spine casino şirketleri to gently grip and squeeze my ass. With a soft moan around Shane’s now probing tongue, I melted into him, practically wrapping myself around his hard body. After a minute of this building passion Shane broke off the kiss, nuzzling his way to my earlobe which he proceeded to suck. I let out another moan ? this boy knows how to hit all the right buttons! He kept this up for a little while, sending shivers down my spine.

Finally he whispered “Why we don’t we go to your room?” and without further ado I grabbed him by the hand and practically dragged him behind me. A huge grin spread across his face when he saw the lube on the night-stand. “So you want it like that do you?” he asked me. “What do you mean baby?” I asked innocently as I undid the buttons on his shirt, ripping it off him before concentrating on his jeans, undoing them and pulling them down.

He answered me with a fiery kiss, our tongues dancing together as I dropped his jeans (which he struggled to kick off) as our lust for each other grew even more desperate. Pushing down his boxers I felt his rock hard cock spring free and I wasted no time wrapping my grip around that exquisite shaft of his, stroking it gently. We had reached a feverish level – both his hands had gripped my ass and we were grinding together as my hand explored the texture and heat of his erect penis.

Once again we broke apart our kiss, breathless, panting, bodies locked together, my hand around his cock, Shane looking directly into my eyes. “How do you want it honey?” he asked, oh so intense. I knew exactly what he wanted to hear.

“First of all – that is, if it’s okay with you – I want to wrap my lips around your nice fat hard cock and give it a good sucking.”

Shane responded with another 3 minute kiss, again consuming us in the lust for the desire of one another. I was ready to explode right then and there but Shane likes to play the game a bit. “And then what do you want, you hot little slut?” he asked, drawing it out, tormenting me.

“Oh Shane, please stop teasing me! You know what I want baby, you know I want you to fuck me. Nice, long and hard, I just want to feel you pounding into me!”

Shane pushes me away and I see the intensity of his desire written across his face. He’s turned serious. I love it when he takes command. “Get down on your knees slut, and keep you hands by your side” he orders. Quickly I comply. He grabs his cock by the base and brings it to me, rubbing that purple, bulging mushroom head all over my face, leaving behind streaks of pre-cum, my mouth open, trying to get it inside where I want it, but he insists on teasing me, never quite letting it close enough to my lips. I know to keep my hands by my side as I’ve been told ? Shane likes to take charge ? I just have to let him play with me until he’s ready to feed me that cock of his. Finally he tells me “NOW you can suck it, casino firmaları baby.” To my immediate relief he puts his shaft onto my waiting tongue, sliding it through my lips. I take as much of it down my throat as I can – most of it – before sliding it back out of my mouth until only the knob remains, which I proceeded to lick and suck like a lollypop, lathering it with my tongue, luxuriating in the fell of it in my mouth. Shane had gripped me by the hair and was gently but firmly thrusting his hips, slowly thrusting his cock back and forth in my mouth, talking dirty to me.

“Yeah, that’s it you hot little slut, go on, suck it. Suck my hard cock, yeah, you’re the best cocksucker I know baby, you love it don’t you?” I’m not sure who was more turned on but all I knew was that when Shane talked to me like that it let something loose in me – something absolutely wild and wanton. I attacked his cock with even more vigor, worshipping his beautiful piece with my mouth and tongue.

I could have gone on like that for ever but Shane had other ideas, removing himself from my mouth to a moan of protest from me. Not that I had any cause to complain as he pulled my head to his balls, his intent obvious. I licked my way all around his tight scrotum before taking each ball successively into my mouth while Shane held me by the head, occasionally directing me. We kept this up for a little while but finally he’d had enough – no more teasing, no more foreplay. He pulled his balls from my mouth and lifted me to my feet, pulling me to him as our lips met while he practically tore my panties off me, turning me around and pushing me onto the bed. “Hands and knees slut, stick that cute little ass of yours up in the air for me.” I eagerly complied, arching my back and practically purring with anticipation. I wasn’t to be disappointed ? I felt one of Shane’s hands spreading my ass cheeks apart while the other applied a large blob of lube to my puckered hole. To start with he gently rubbed all around me, relaxing me, making me ache. Finally he slipped a finger inside me, only a little bit at first but then further and harder, working up a tempo until he was finger-fucking me good and proper, making me clench my ass muscles. By now I was moaning in ecstasy, moving my hips in unison with his thrusting hand, begging him to fuck me. “Oh, Shane, c’mon baby, PLEASE won’t you fuck me? I want your cock, baby, I want it in me now.” I felt him withdraw his finger, a brief pause and then I felt another blob of lube on my ass, followed by the feel of his cock rubbing up and down my crack.

“Mmm, I don’t know Jaymie, I’m not sure you want it bad enough.” Shane likes to make me beg, and right now I’m perfectly happy to oblige him if it means I get what I want. “Shane, please don’t tease me anymore, you know how much I want that big thing inside me, please just do it to me, won’t you baby? Oh, Shane – baby – please won’t you fuck me nice and hard just like a dirty slut deserves?” güvenilir casino

“Well, well, well, maybe I was wrong. Maybe you do want my cock in you after all. Are you ready?”

“Oh please Shane, stop playing with me and fuck me!”

Not responding verbally, instead I felt his hands spreading my ass wide and finally he places the end of his cock at the opening of my hole. Not willing to be teased further, I take the opportunity to impale myself upon his shaft, the slickness of the lube ensuring I can slide myself down his length with little resistance and exquisite pleasure until I feel his balls against me. Finally!! I had him in me, up to the hilt. Gently he pulled out, slowly back in, repeating, gradually pushing harder and more insistent. “Oh Shane, oh fuck baby, you feel wonderful in me” I moaned to him, working my hips with his movements, working myself with his thrusts that were building in intensity. In and out, harder and faster and deeper. In and out, shivers of delight radiating through me. Shane was almost growling with lust as he had his way with my ass, pounding into me, occasionally muttering something like “You like that, don’t you slut, oh yeah, I know you like it, slut.” He didn’t need me to answer him to know he was right. But suddenly, he pulled his cock from me and pushed me to the bed. “Roll over” he commanded. quick as I could I complied, eager to get him back inside me.

Lying on my back I grabbed my knees and pulled them up to my chest, opening myself wide for him, an invitation Shane was quick to take up. Leaning over me, his cock thrust back into my ass at the same time as our tongues met. I wrapped my legs around him and grabbed him by the hips, pulling him deeper against me, probing our tongues together while he proceeded to fuck me into the ground. My cock, trapped between our bodies and rubbing pleasurably against him was beginning to twitch, heralding my fast approaching orgasm. But not before Shane, who – thrusting furiously into me, began moaning in ernest. “Oh fuck Jaymie, are you ready honey? I”m gonna cum, oooh fuck yeah babe, here it cums, just for you.”

I kissed him passionately as I felt him tense, shooting spurt after spurt of hot load deep inside my ass, the sensation enough to send me off too, my hot cum spraying onto both of our stomachs as he pumped himself into me. After what felt to be timeless, breathing heavily Shane plopped his softening penis from my ass, a slick trail of his fluid following. He used his fingers to scoop up some my cum from our stomachs which he then fed me, making me lick his fingers and body clean before kissing me again, my ass leaking the whole time. I was luxiuriating in the afterglow; I felt headless, disembodied. I felt perfectly sublime. I kissed Shane back. “Thank you Shane. I think that was one of the best ever” I whispered to him sincerely.

He kissed me again. “Jaymie, that was so hot. You were something else.” I could only sigh and smile in self-satisfaction as I snuggled close to Shane, pulling the covers over us, feeling so warm and content as he wrapped his arms around me. “And just think,” I responded “the night’s still young. You’re not in rush are you?”


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