Haziran 12, 2020

Catching up with Daddy

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Catching up with Daddy
This follows on from all of my other stories (meeting Jimmy) and experiences…

Over the next few days both me and Nina texted our Daddy telling him what we had been up to with Jimmy that weekend without him as we both felt bad for letting another man use us.

Daddy was understandably annoyed with both of us; however he was happy we had both told him as it showed we both thought of him as our owner.

He said he was disappointed in us both but wasn’t surprised as he had seen how easily Nina had given herself to both him and the taxi driver; and he knew how much of a slut she was turning into.

He already knew he had changed me into a cock loving sissy who can’t say no to a big cock.

He told us both that he needed to see us very soon as hearing about another man using his two sluts had gotten him extremely horny.

Daddy rang Nina and told her we needed to get a babysitter for the Saturday night as him and a friend would be spending the night.

He told Nina she had to dress like a slut, her big boobs on show, Daddy laughed as he told Nina that he expected me to dress up as Stephanie for the night. Daddy wanted me fully dressed for him and his friend, full makeup, black wig, and fully shaved, including my legs.

Nina quickly agreed to his demands and said she would help me with everything so that I don’t look like a drag queen.
On Friday night after we had put the k**s to bed Nina told me to get in the bath, once in she helped me shave my legs, my cock, my balls and my ass, once out of the bath I then shave my face, making me hairless for Daddy.

The next morning we take the k**s to their grandparents, canlı bahis şirketleri we then text Daddy and tell him the k**s have left and that we are starting to get ready for him.

Me and Nina try on loads of clothes before deciding what we are wearing for our night with Daddy, we put on our sexy underwear (both wearing tiny thongs) and bras (mine filled with chicken fillets) and hang the clothes up ready to put on later.

Nina does my nails for me, and starts doing her makeup when my nails are drying.

Once my nails are dry Nina helps me to start putting my makeup on, even helps me do my eyelashes and lipstick.
Once my makeups all done I put on my wig with Nina’s help, making sure it is secure and won’t come off.

I then go and get the dress we picked out, I put it on, making sure it is on right, I then stand in front of our full length mirror.

The dress is really short, my legs look really good in it, I’m surprised at how girly I look, Nina has done a great job, Daddy will be happy.

Nina walks in the room and sees me fully dressed, she quickly says I look better in the dress than she does, say’s my ass looks great, because of my feminine figure I fill the dress out nicely.

She says I look really pretty and that even my friends wouldn’t recognise, even laughs saying they might even hit on you.

She gets me a pair of her heels and tells me to put them on, tells me to get used to them for Daddy arriving.

I put them on and go downstairs, leaving Nina to finish getting ready; I pour myself a glass of red wine, to try and get rid of the nerves.

I am onto my second glass of wine when I hear a knock canlı casino siteleri at the door, I go to answer the door, I see Daddy staring back at me, he says Nina has done a great job you look so sexy Stephanie, he walks in and closes the door behind him, he puts his hand on my ass and says my ass looks so good in the dress, I say thank you Daddy.

Just then Nina comes down the stairs; she is wearing a very tight fitting long black dress, the dress struggling to contain her huge breasts.

Daddy makes us stand next to each other, so he can compare us, he compliments us both saying we have scrubbed up well.

Both me and Nina look at Daddy and ask him were his friend is, he says don’t worry girls they will be here soon enough.

Daddy puts his hands all over Nina’s breasts; Daddy telling her how much he has missed her and her big saggy breasts.

I can’t help but watch and stare as Daddy gropes my girlfriend as if I wasn’t even there, he then forces his tongue into my girlfriends mouth, seeing how much she has obviously missed him, seeing them cuddling into to each other, their hands all over each other. I can see Nina’s hand slowly working her way down to Daddies fat cock. She grabs it through his pants, commenting on how much she has missed it.

Nina grabs the zip on Daddies pants, pulling it all the way down, before putting her hand inside and reaching for his big cock and pulling it out, once out she continues to stroke it whilst they keep kissing, completely forgetting about me.
I walk over to both of them; I start to play with Daddies big balls as Nina continues to strokes his cock, I kiss Daddy on kaçak casino the neck, whispering in his ear that I’ve missed him too.

Daddy pushed me to the floor, looked at Nina and said feed your sissy boyfriend my fat cock; we can’t let him forget his place. Nina looks at Daddy then looks at me before placing his fat cock in front of my mouth.

Nina looks at me and says ‘what you waiting for you useless sissy suck on Daddies fat cock, we all know you want to as it is all you are good for, you and your small cock could never please me or any women and it never will’.

Daddy looks at me and says you heard your fat girlfriend suck my fat cock Stephanie.

I take his cock in my mouth, savouring the taste, enjoying my lips wrapped around his fat cock, ignoring the fact my girlfriend is watching as I lovingly suck another man’s cock in front of her.

Daddy laughs saying isn’t that cute Stephanie has missed my cock, he looks at me and asks if I have missed it, I nod as I continue to suck his cock.

Daddy looks at Nina, kisses her and says how does it feel to know your own boyfriend would rather suck my cock than lick your fat pussy. Stephanie loves my cock more than he loves you; I nod my head as he says it.

Nina kisses you back and says I don’t care what my sissy boyfriend wants as I want your cock too, I need a real man now stop letting sissy suck your cock and take me upstairs and fuck me Daddy.

You hear that sissy Daddy says; your girlfriend isn’t interested in your small cock anymore, your girlfriend belongs to me now, as do you, I’m taking her upstairs to give her what you can’t, you can wait down here until my friends arrive.

Daddy grabs Nina’s hand and leads her up the upstairs, as they are walking away I notice his hand on her fat ass, Daddy looks at me whilst walking away and says get yourself a drink Stephanie, my friends will be along for you shortly.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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