Şubat 5, 2021

Casual Kink – Jennifer Ch. 05

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“You’ll just have to swallow it?”

“No way…fuck you! I’m not doing that!” I say looking up at Sam as I continue to stroke him in slow rhythmic motion. My thumb nudging underneath his head every time my wrist slides up causing him to twitch in excitement. I also make sure to caress his balls every time I slide my wrist towards the base of his pretty cock. There’s no other way to describe it. Clean, no hair, pale white base and a pinkish head. Not too big not small either about 7 inches I reckon; perhaps a bit thin; definitely way smaller than daddy’s but I don’t like to compare; each one is special I think. That’s how daddy’s taught me to think.

Sam’s getting close to eruption. I love it when men start sweating as they’re being milked. And when they utter ‘fuckkk’ under their breath, it does something to me. No touch orgasms. Daddy’s trained me to cum multiple times without ever touching myself while I’m blowing him. It’s a feeling I long for all the time. It’s never enough. Even though I’m not blowing Sam, I’m doing all I can to avoid touching myself as I give him perhaps the best handjob of his life. Definitely better than the rub and tug places he frequents to.

We are in one of the unfinished offices on the 14th floor. I think it belongs to the guy at the very top our the firm. The thick expensive carpet is great for my knees. The whole floor is empty. We should have ideally entered a cabin with no carpet. Now we cannot risk Sam’s cum flying out and spoiling it. Did I mention it’s expensive? There’ll surely be an investigation. Sammy boy was in such a hurry to get me up here during lunch hour that we didn’t bother bringing my purse. That means no kleenex and I sure as hell was not going to let him cum in my mouth. Not without daddy’s permission. I can let him cum on my body as per daddy’s orders but not in my mouth. However, with nothing it wipe it we have a bit of a dilemma.

“You can cum in my panties” I finally say looking deep in his eyes. I’m surprised that didn’t make him shoot his load across the room.

“No! I need to wear those remember? …and click pictures!” He manages to say as he reaches for my tits. I let him have a feel. I almost forgot that the whole point of coming here was to take pics of our sissy boy wearing my panties. We can’t ruin those. He’s gonna wear ’em all day. I guess not everyone’s into that the way I am.

“Suggest something Jen! Please! I’m close!” He pleads as I increase the speed. Fast faster piston. My blouse is open all the way as he fondles my tits over my bra. My bra. That’s it! As he’s about to cum I move my chest close to the action.

“Ugh casino şirketleri oh fuck! Jenny! Fuck! I’m gonna…fucking slut…here I cum!”

I position his cock to point at my breast as I pull the cup of my bra forming a nice pocket. Load after load gets deposited inside the cup all over my breast forming a pool in which my nipple swims. Finally he stops spurting and I have to wipe the last few drops on my bra. Gosh! It feels like I’m carrying a hot water bag in my bra. He’s done. Limp. Finally. I look up at him and smile as I manage to stand up. I’m still holding his limp little cock in my hand. He grabs my hair and brings my head close to kiss my lips. I turn to look sideways so he manages to plant a kiss on my cheek.

“You’re welcome!” I say as I see him regain some consciousness.

“Sorry I ruined your bra!” He can be so cute sometimes.

“Since we don’t have many secrets anymore I guess I can tell you that I’m into it. I like to wear cum.” Before he could ask more details I continue “Anyway since we have got rid of the problem of your erection, I guess we should get to what we came here for. Don’t you think?”

We clicked a lot of pics of him posing in my panties. No shirt. No shoes or socks. Just my panties. I must admit ‘Samantha’ looked gorgeous in them. So much so that I told ‘her’ to keep them. As a gift from me. We even managed to click a few candid shots. We became much more comfortable touching each other all over as our little session went on. I got a private pic for myself and daddy where my lips are touching his bulge. He asked me if I wanted to play with my pussy and that he’d love to watch me. Maybe some other time I said as I cannot touch myself without permission. I let him feel my shaven pussy lips once more but stopped him as he tried to enter inside. I told him to maintain boundaries while also letting him know he can touch my body anywhere he wants except my pussy.

And NO kissing (Daddy’s rules)

“Will you be my girlfriend Jenny?”

“Yes Samantha I’ll be your BFF.”


“Yo gon’ be his girlfriend alright! Shit! I got some people I know who gon’ pay good dough for a sissy. You gotta teach that white sissy boy how to be a woman. Feminize that bitch and then I’ll pimp her out. Ain’t that right whore?” Daddy says as he donkey punches the back of my head so I stay down sniffing the aroma of his sweaty pubes tickling my nose.

“Ummpphh uumphhh yeffsss umfff daffy!” I manage to say as best I could with daddy’s cock deep inside my throat. I don’t think it can go any deeper. It’s at a point of no return. This is what I live for. This feeling. casino firmaları It’s ecstasy. It’s the only high I need. I’m slowly drifting away. In the cosmos. Nothing around us matter. Only me and daddy. The only one who can to set me free by holding me down with one hand while the other holds my nostrils shut. I’m here willingly even as my throat is about to give up and my survival reflex is seconds away from kicking in. It hurts. I’m hanging between life and death. He seems to be in no mood to loosen his grip. To let me breathe. To let me live.

Suddenly he pull my up by my hair and I come up like someone who was drowning and has managed to find some air. Strings of saliva keep my mouth attached to the object of my affection. I have my eyes shut. I’m still drifting away. I try to open my eyes to keep in touch with the world around me but before I can he pushes me back down with force. There’s no resistance from my mouth or my throat as I reach the position I was in 5 seconds ago. He holds me there. He always holds me there. I like being held there. There’s no place I’d rather be than here.

“Tell yo’ weak ass husband you gotta go away this weekend. I have arranged for you to be a party hostess for a group. It’s in one of those cabins deep inside the country…by the lake.” He pulls me up again and spreads the strings of spittle on my face.

“Ok daddy. Are you gonna come as well daddy?” I ask as I lick his shaft near the balls before giving his balls a tongue lashing.

“I’m not sure slut! I’m not sure I can make it this weekend. I gotta go see Larissa.” A pang of jealousy hits me as I know what that meant. She’s way hotter than I am. Daddy loves her. They were married once.

“When do I get to see you again daddy?”

“Thursday night you spend at my pad. We need to shoot some smut. The fans wanna see you cry for real.”

I needed no further encouragement. I devoured his cock once again and sucked with hunger and passion. I wanted his seed. He turned on his phone cam and pointed it at my face bobbing up and down on his huge cock.

“It needs more lubrication.” He’s holding me by the hair at all times. He pulls me up and brings my face up. I look at him and know what he wants. I open my mouth as he spits inside. A big glob of spit. He holds me there. He’s not done yet. I swallow it. I always swallow it. My mouth opens again for more. Spit. Another big glob but this time he moves my face back to align it over the head of his cock. I slowly let his spit dribble down on the swollen head. Once it’s all out I move down and lick it all back up and proceed to dribble it down once more. He güvenilir casino loves this. He pushes my mouth on his cock all the way down. While he holds me there he stands up from the chair. I know this move. He’s standing lodged deep inside me as I’m on my knees. I hold my hands together behind me resting them on the butt. Spit trickling down from the side of my lips onto my chin my chest all the way to my panties.

My office attire, the blouse and skirt is neatly folded and kept on one of the racks. My lingerie stays. He’s getting into position from where he can start to fuck my face. And then it begins. Thrust after hard thrust. His cock coming almost all the way out of my mouth and then rammed back in straight inside my throat. I have no role to play. I may as well be a blowup doll with an ‘O’ shaped mouth. He continues to thrust. Continues to drive it deeper. The balls make a unique slapping sound as they bang my chin on every thrust. My nose crashes into the wall of pubes every time. He’s close now. I can hear faint grunts. We are still in the office. He can’t grunt too loudly but I know he wants to. I wish he could. I love the animalistic sounds. There are a few more punches on the back of my head making me whole body wither in sweet agony. I can feel myself becoming dumb. He’s knocking the sense out of my head as he continues to use my mouth as a hole.

“Get the mug bitch. Get it now if you want it.” I do want it. I want it more than anything. I swing my right hand around the floor trying to locate my empty coffee mug. It’s placed there for a reason. I feel it and grab it quickly to bring it up next to my face. The thrusting is at full speed now. My throat is being pounded at the rate of 5 thrusts per second. Suddenly he stops and grabs the mug from my hand and he pushes me back and off his cock. He puts him cock inside the mug and grunts. He manages to unload a good chunk all in the mug. I move in once again to clean up all his remaining spunk.

“I’ll meet you at Jackie’s after work on Thursday. Don’t forget to get your credit card.” He orders as I’m getting dressed. It’s been a longish coffee break but my team’s used to it by now. They know I like to take a walk alone along the pier behind the office building around this time. Especially when the sun’s out. Even though it’s not out today and it’s been overcast all week. They don’t know I haven’t even been to the pier once.


“Hey girlfriend!” Sam/Samantha greets me as I’m back at my cubicle. “How was your walk today luv? Ummm the coffee…it smells fucking good.”

“The weather’s perfect for coffee. Wanna taste?” I ask even though I know ‘she’ doesn’t like coffee. For some reason today I want ‘her’ to taste it. Daddy’s tasked me to make a good sissy whore out of ‘her’. And what better way to get her hooked to her would-be pimp than to taste his special flavored coffee?

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