Mart 23, 2021


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My eighteenth birthday fell on a Wednesday. Turning eighteen did not give me many new rights where I lived, but just a short border hop away and I could finally sit down at a bar and get a drink. As seemed to be custom my friends had planned to celebrate my birthday with a night out. Unfortunately they could only manage a gathering on the weekend, leaving me three extra days before I could finally feel like an adult. The idea of waiting for these extra days was unbearable, so I decided I’d pay a visit to the nearby casino across the border for a warm up.

I squeezed my ample teen body into a dress I had left over from a previous formal event. A hot pink strapless number. It generously displayed my chest, forcing my breasts upward, the low cut giving anyone with wandering eye’s a full on view of my youthful cleavage. The dress hugged tightly to my hips, enhancing the contours of my ass. The dress had sold itself when I saw in the mirror how round and perfect it made my butt look. The dress terminated just a few inches down my thighs. The short skirt put my long, slender legs on full display.

I was a short girl only just breaching the five foot mark, so I completed the look with a pair of black high heeled shoes. They featured a tremendous spike and gave me a full three precious inches. I have always taken very good care of my body, just pushing the scale into triple digits during my teen years.

My beauty did not stop at my neck. My beautiful head of blonde hair added to my rocking body. I had bright blue eyes that drew any man’s attention.

I gave myself a final check in the mirror, making sure I had applied my make-up effectively, my outfit featured no incorrect wrinkles. I deemed everything to be in order, so I called a taxi to drive me into adulthood.

Making my way through the casino doors, I sat down at a blackjack table. Being that I wasn’t a seasoned gambler I pushed forward only the minimum bet, a $5 chip. The dealer slid two cards in front of me. The one that was face up was a king. He reached over to flip the other, an ace. Not knowing the rules of the game I did not react.

“The young lady has 21 and we have a winner.” The dealer said.

Yay I won. I could get a free drink with my new $5!

“Does the lady wish to play again?” The dealer asked.

Why not? Two drinks are better than one, I had won so quickly the first time. This game was easy!

I pushed another $5 chip forward. Even after giving the deck a good shuffle the dealer managed to give me the same cards.

“Another winner!” He said. “Let’s see if we can make it three in a row?”

The way I saw it now I had nothing to lose. Even if he beat me, I could still go to the bar with the first $5. I put another chip down on the table. My new cards only reached twenty, however the dealer had a lower score. I had yet to fully understand the game, but I knew bigger was better!

“She wins again!” The dealer announced.

I clapped and squealed. I had to scrap and claw to earn a dollar at my job, and now I just made $15 in mere moments, this was exciting to me!

I didn’t even give the dealer a chance to ask as I pushed fourth another chip I won again! I kept betting and I kept winning. I was getting really into the game and started placing larger and larger bets. I’d lose every few hands, but towards the end of the night I was up huge!

I got up from the table and found a station where I could cash in my earnings.

“You’re leaving already?” I heard the dealer ask.

I turned around, “Thank you, I had a lot of fun playing, but it is getting pretty late now.”

“The night is young darling, so many more winning hands to be dealt.” He said.

“One more couldn’t hurt I guess.” I moved to retake my seat.

I received two aces, how was I supposed to win with such a low hand. “Hit me.” I had learned some of the game’s lingo during the night.

The dealer spun out another low card, “hit me.” Another low card. “Again.” This time a queen lay before me.

“Player busts, house wins.” He said.

I was disappointed, kaynarca escort I didn’t want to go out on a losing note, so I asked for another play. I promptly lost again causing me to ask for another. I lost that one to. Before I knew it I had almost lost all the winnings I had gained earlier.

“Another game?” The dealer asked.

“I’m all out of cash.” I frowned. “I really should go now.”

“I can extend you a bit of credit if you want to play more?” The dealer offered.

I didn’t like the idea of being in debt, but loved the ability to keep playing. The flip of a winning hand gave me such a rush, I just wanted to feel this one more time.

“$20?” I asked.

“That’s a little low, normally our minimum for credit is more than double that, but I like you so $20 it is!” The dealer said as he tossed me a couple chips.

I threw one back in his direction. I managed to win the first two hands, this gave me the confidence to double my bet. My smile turned upside down, as I lost the next hand. Back to square one. I realized a few more victories, but lost the majority of the hands that followed. To cover these losses I had to take out much more credit than I could have ever dreamed of paying back and now I had little to show for it.

“I have to stop.” I said, “I’ve lost too much. I have to think about how I can pay this back.”

“Sorry, I hope you still enjoyed playing, here have this ticket.” The dealer said offering me minor consolation.

The dealer gave me a coupon to get a free drink, so I left the table to find the nearest bar. I ordered up a cocktail and sat sipping my drink. I owed a good weeks pay by now. Obviously my Daddy could afford this, but I couldn’t get him to come find me at a casino. Picking up his angel in a place like this would crush his soul. I had to think of a way I could pay this debt myself. I located a member of the casino staff who looked to be in charge, finishing my drink I started to traverse the floor in his direction.

“Excuse me sir.” I said to get the man’s attention. “I had a bit of a losing streak earlier, and I was hoping you might be able to help me out.”

“How bad of a losing streak?” The man asked.

“Just a couple hundred.” I said, trying to play off how large the debt was compared to what I could earn.

“Hmm, that is a little more serious than I can just make disappear, you will have to work something out with my boss to fix this.” He said, he turned his head to speak into his walkie-talkie.

The conversation seemed to go fairly well.

“He is free now, just up those stairs is his office.” He pointed.

I thanked the man for his help and took off in the direction of his finger. Reaching the top of the stairs I could see a large wooden door. A golden placard read the title “head of management”. This must be the place. I tapped on the door three times with my fist. After my third knock I heard a voice tell me to come in.

I opened the door to see a heavy-set middle aged man puffing a cigar while he sat behind a desk.

“You must be the girl who owes us the money? Come have a seat well we figure out how to make that go away.” His voice was very deep and raspy.

I walked forward and took a seat in the large chair opposite the man’s desk.

“Now you lost a couple hundred at the tables?” The man puffed at his cigar.

“Yes sir, $200.” I responded.

“And you can’t think of anyway to get that cash tonight?” He went on.

“No sir. I racked my brain to think of a way I could, but nothing, that’s why I’m here.”

“I’d imagine it is a very troubling situation for such a young girl. I remember when I was your age, I’d have to wash 200 plates to earn half that!” He reminisced.

He stood up and ran his stubby fingers through my hair. I could now see the fat man was barely taller than I, his massive gut looked like it was about to burst out of suit. Inspecting his old catcher’s mitt of a face I could tell this wasn’t his first cigar! As he moved close to me I recoiled as much as the chair would kaynarca genç escort allow. The man carried a powerful aroma of tobacco and booze.

“Don’t worry that pretty little head.” He said as he weaved his hands through the blonde strands. “I’ll make sure your debt is cleared before you leave tonight.”

By now I thought I was starting to understand what was about to happen. The thought of giving myself to this old man horrified me. I imagined under his suit, his body was even more disgusting than the few parts of him that were exposed.

“Let’s get you a drink while we work out the details.” He said.

I did not see any other options than doing what this man wanted, and if I was going through with this I needed to get myself nice and drunk. The man set out a glass for me, filling it with whiskey. I gulped down the contents of the tumbler, cringing as I slammed it back down on his desk. I was more used to mixed drinks, the taste of a whiskey straight up was a little too intense for me. After just a few refills I was starting to feel nice and tipsy.

“For a little girl, you sure can drink.” The man said.

Continuing to run his fingers through my hair, his hand snaked down to stop just above my right breast. Without thought, my body pulled away from his unwanted touch.

“You’d better be a bit friendlier if you want to work off that debt.” He snarled.

My mind had to trick my body into wanting this. I did not want word of my affection for cards to linger past this night. However gross I found this man to be, I had to make him happy to make sure my secret was safe.

His hand reached back for my chest, I allowed his fingers to land on my right tit.

“That’s more like it.” He groaned as he squeezed.

His other hand moved to join but stopped short of its friend. I felt the four fingers of the second hand curl around my top. Once they established a grip, they pulled downwards unleashing my rack. I did not bother wearing any underwear that night. A little slutty some would say, but really I was just lazy. Not to mention I had been blessed with a perky set of C cups that did not really need to be stuffed into a bra.

Now holding a bare tit in each hand, “you have a great set of knockers.” The man told me.

The words made me blush a little, then I remembered their source. I closed my eyes trying to forget who’s hands were massaging my chest. The drinks helped with my memory loss, and his hands actually managed to give me some pleasure.

I felt his grasp on my left breast loosen as his hand moved away. I soon felt the bottom end of my dress lifting up. A hand followed after the fabric hiding my pussy was removed.

“Such a tight little snatch.” He said. “I haven’t felt one like this in a long time.”

He parted the lips in search of my clit. He managed to press his thumb to my button with little effort. My cleanly shaven pussy allowed him very easy access. He probed two free fingers into my slit as he continued to rub my clit.

I held my eyes closed, imagining a muscled young stud had his hands all over me instead of this chubby old man. My fantasies allowed me to let out a few quiet moans. Along with the moans my body was beginning to loosen up to the man even more. I began to gently buck my hips onto his hand. I was getting quite wet.

My closed eyes opened when I heard his voice, “how bout we see what that little mouth can do?”

He started to undo his pants. The thoughts of what this man had hidden away ran through my mind. I figured his length would match his tiny stature. It seemed ever bit of him was short and stubby, I figured his cock would have been the same.

After rummaging his hand around under his pants it returned gripping something I did not imagine I’d see. Surprisingly the man was quite well hung. His tip ended about ten inches from his belly, his thick shaft had the slightest upturn. I did correctly predict some of its features though. Despite its surprising size, the cock did share the properties of the old man. His pubic kaynarca olgun escort region did not look as though it had ever seen a pair of clippers. Gnarly grey hairs sprouted out climbing up his shaft. His dick reeked of his body odour, I shuddered when I thought how he might taste.

“Pour me another glass?” I asked.

He obliged grabbing the bottle sitting beside him, tilting its continents into my cup. I took the whiskey in one mouthful. I allowed it to bathe in between my cheeks for a little longer than usual before I swallowed. The feeling was awful, but I imagined my tongue would thank me later for at least stunning my taste buds first.

Almost directly after downing the whiskey I took the old man’s big pecker into my mouth. I forced my lips to slide over the length of his shaft. I could tell from the man’s moans he was enjoying being sucked about a million times more than I was enjoying doing the sucking. I just kept reminding myself why I was doing this.

When I was able to ignore the taste, I kind of enjoyed myself. The idea that I was able to blow this huge cock well enough to make it’s owner moan in pleasure really turned me on.

“Get that sweet ass up here.” He hollered down to me.

My tongue was relieved to hear these words, my mouth was quick to spit him out. I stood up to his eye level. I stepped to the side of his body, bending my torso forward as I lay my front across his desk. I did not want to be looked in the eyes while this old man got his jollies.

“You like it from behind? Fucking hot!” He said.

Clearly he was not about to argue with my positioning.

During his oral experience my dress had managed to re-descend to its original position. I felt the lower portion of my dress lift up as he pushed it onto my back. I could feel him rubbing against me as he continued to ready himself for penetration. I felt his stubby little fingers clamp onto my ass cheeks as his hands forced their spread. Then I felt the huge cock plunge inside of me. He did not even try to warm me up with gentle strokes, pumping with extreme force right away. His pace forced my eyes to shut and my grip to tighten on the edge of his desk. I guess my body’s involuntary squeezing was not limited to its upper region.

“Fuck! Do that again!” He moaned.

I did not know what I had done, but apparently he was going to make sure I did.

“It felt so good when you squeezed your pussy on my cock like that.” He let me in on what he had been moaning on about earlier.

I wanted to decline, voicing to him that I was more than tight enough for him already. I reconsidered though, the sooner I made him cum, the sooner this would be over. So I clenched myself down on him again.

“Yaaaa just like that baby.” He moaned in response, “keep doing that.”

He continued to pound away. His force knocked the whiskey bottle to the floor, but I guess he didn’t care. He had put the cap back on it, so it did not spill. I had pretty much drained it anyways. I made sure to periodically clenched on him.

The inability to see the man behind me had a nice double effect. Not only did the intended inability to see his face guard my mind from witnessing damaging images, it actually allowed me to enjoy this a little. The only thing I knew for sure was I was being railed by a fat ten inches. After allowing myself to enjoy his thrusts my body began to tremble.

“Oh my god! That big dick is going to make me cum!” I screamed.

He pounded away, helping me to a huge orgasm.

“That tight pussy is about to do the same!” He moaned after allowing me to catch my breath.

I felt him pull out and heard him begin to stroke.

“On your knees!” He demanded.

At this point I had almost completely forgotten how unattractive he was. My mind still blurry from the big orgasm I just had. I spun off the desk to await the man’s load. He continued to stroke the big dick rubbing over my face.

“Get ready.” He moaned.

I closed my eyes and tilted my face upwards. I could hear him let out a moan, he sounded like one of those natives from those nature shows before going in to battle. I felt his load splashing against my face and then heard him sigh. I reached up to get the cum out of my eyes before opening them.

“I was just going to give you a warning, but that was certainly worth $200!” He said smiling down at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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