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casey 2

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After dinner, I showered and headed to bed. I took some spit and rubbed my now very sore little asshole. I spent the next three days fending off Tommy, and researching anal sex and fisting and all sorts of sex stuff. I asked my best friend Jenna to take me to the sex store in the next town over from ours. Shes 18 and helped as a softball coach for our town league. We became real good friends, and i trust her more than anyone. She said yes and i told her I wanted to experiment with sex before i give myself to a boy. She was way cool and so off we went. I bought myself a bunch of lube and a dildo. I asked Jenna about anal sex and she had never let a boy near her ass she said. I knew in my mind there were 3 boys I wanted as far up my ass as I get them. I asked her about the pill, and she said I could just go to the clinic, and I could get them for free. So I did. Now in a month or so I could finally let a boy cum in my pussy.

I seriously dont have a clue as to what has come over me. but I have sex on my mind all the time. All I wanted a few days ago was to just see Tommys dick. Now I crave it.
Just to give you details, Tommy is my twin brother. Hes 13 like me. My other two brothers are from my dads first wife, who he caught cheating so ive been told. They divorced and he married my mom. But my mother was killed in a car crash when Tommy and I were 2. So I never really knew her. Shane my oldest stepbrother is 19. He is kinda goofy, but big. like a football linebacker. He had a girlfriend, but they broke up about a year ago.
Ricky is 17 and is still a virgin Im sure. hes very quiet and shy. Hes tall and thin like my dad.
So I get home and quickly run to my room and lock my door. Only Tommy is home, as my two other brothers were due back from the shore today. My dad worked late on thursdays, so he wouldnt be home till 9pm.
I pulled my lube out and rubbed it in softly to my asshole. I just loved having my asshole touched. I thought it was so gross 4 days ago, and now im an addict. I just start getting myself worked into a good lather, when Tommy knocks at my door. Go away Tommy! I hollar.
Please let me in Casey. He begs.
I mill around in my mind a bit and come up with a plan.
Ok, but you have to do whatever I ask if you want to come into my room.
Ok, I will. I promise.
So I wipe my asshole clean and put my lube under my pillow. I put my dildo in my closet and unlock the door.
What do you want Tommy?
I want to know whats up? Youve ignored me for 3 days.
Well my body was very sore after eveything we did. I needed a break. Sorry, I should of just told you.
Do you ever want to have sex again?
Well I could really use a favor! Its sexual if you interested.
Hell yeah, What?
I want you to lick my asshole.
Cmon, Im not licking your asshole. Thats gross!!
I just showered, and its clean.
I lay back on the edge of my bed. I pulled my skirt up and pulled my knees to my chest, You lick my asshole, and I will suck your cock, I announce.
On his knees he goes and starts licking away at my tight little asshole.
Oh yeah Tommy, That feels so wonderful. I had him lick me for about ten minutes and then asked him to move up to my pussy.
Tommy reached out and just ran the tip of his tongue from my asshole to my clit. It sent a shiver right through me.
Oh God Yeah!! I yelped. Make me cum Tommy please. Make me cum and you can cum in my mouth. He licked me from ass to clit over and over. I was in heaven. In my gut, I could feel that wonderful sensation coming on. Please Dont stop Tommy, I begged him. Oh yeah thats it, lick my clit faster. Faster, I beg him.
Suddenly I grab his head and tense up. Oh shit baby, I cry and I explode in a wonderful wash of pleasure. My whole body is tensed up like a piece of steel, as I cum on his tongue. Tommy laps at my nectar that he brought forth.
That was great Tommy. Now you sit down, and let me taste you.
Tommy pulled his pants down and out sprang his gorgeous cock. I was dying to taste him. His skin, his balls and especially his cum.
I wrapped my hands around it and just felt it. I looked at the bulb of the head and just envisioned it plowing into my guts and cumming in me. I grabbed it low and squeezed and ran my hand up. Out of his pee hole came a flow of clear liquid. casino şirketleri Whats that I asked? Thats pre cum he told me. i never heard of that, but I reached my tongue out and just touched it. It was almost sweet. I hungrily engulfed the head of his cock and savored every drop of his precum. I worked my head up and down. Nice and slow. i tried sucking, but Tommy said he felt my teeth. Sorry I said, but this is my first blowjob. He gently grabbed the sides of my head, as I worked my mouth up and down his shaft. I pulled back a little and just sucked on his knob. I reached for his shaft and stroked it as I lifted his cock to his belly and sucked his sack into my mouth. His balls tasted salty and sexy. I loved this. I loved his cock and I couldnt wait to taste his cum.
I want you you cum in my mouth baby! i said.
Oh God yes Casey. Just keep suckin, Im gonna cum.
I put his cock back were it belonged, In my mouth riding on my tongue. I worked my head faster and faster. He started to breath faster, and I knew my first mouthfull of cum was about to happen. Tommy tensed up and squeezed my head hard, Oh Fuck he screamed as it happened. Pulse after pulse of hot cum shot onto my tongue. It tasted salty and musky. I swallowed and swallowed, and he kept pumping his cum into my mouth. He finally breathed deep and begged me to stop. Oh God STOP!! STOP!!. Casey baby, its so sensitive. I pulled my head off his cock and squeezed the last of his cum to the tip and licked it off. You taste so sweet Tommy, I told him. I will suck you anytime you want. Well I will eat your ass anytime you want to, that was awesome he said.
Unknown to Tommy or I our brothers were now back home. We sat quiet and still as we heard them downstairs.
Do you think they heard us? Tommy asked
Shit I dont know.
If they did we are fucked.
See I told you this was wrong Casey.
Oh yeah, wasnt so wrong while you were filling my belly with you cum though huh?? I replied.
Listen, lets just let on like normal and nothing happened.

I didnt get a glance or anything from Shane or Ricky. So I dont think they know. This weekend coming up was a boyscout weekend for Tommy and my dad.
After almost getting caught, Tommy and I agreed to not have any sex at all between us. I blocked it all out of my head and just looked fowrd to my dildo.
Dad and Tommy left early Sat morning and left me with Shane and Ricky. Shane got up first and I went down and had a bowl of cereal with him. he asked me what i was up to today. I said I thought I might go to the mall with Jenna. I knew Shane liked Jenna a lot.
Thats cool, he said.
Make sure your home by 6pm for dinner ok?
Sure, I said. I finished my cereal as Rick came down. I saw him look at Shane oddly and they went out back.
I made my way back to my room, and noticed my dildo was on my pillow. What the hell I thought. Rick must of been in my room. Hey Rick, were you in my Damn Room? I yelled.
I heard him coming up the stairs.
No why? he asked.
Because some of my stuff is out of place thats why!! I huffed
What stuff?
Nevermind, just forget it.
No, tell me? Whats out of place?
Forget it Rick. Never mind
Thankfully he left with a wicked smile. Dammit, did I leave that out or what? I was toying with it last night, But I thought I had it under the covers.
Well, fuckit, I say to myself and I head to the shower.
As Im drying off, I swear I hear moaning as if from a radio or something, but then it stops.
I wrap a towel around my hair, and one around my body. As I make my way down the hall I notice my bedroom door open. As I get closer I see in my room and here is Shane sitting on my bed. Um… I would like to get dressed so I can go to the mall PLEASE!! I demand
And?? Shane askes
Well would you mind getting out of my room and staying the FUCK OUT!! I yell
No need to get nasty Casey. Besides, I think you should put the mall off till later. And forget about getting dressed just yet, he says
What the hell are you talking about… Just then Ricky who has snuck up behind me, pulls my towel off. Now Im totally naked save for the towel around my hair.
What the fuck Rick, you asshole! Give me my towel back.
No Casey, You dont need a towel for the next few hours I believe.
Isnt that right Rick? Shane casino firmaları asks.
Yep no towel needed at all, Rick replies.
You two are really freakin me out, so before I tell dad, Please leave my room.
Ok, if thats how you want it. Guess i will text dad what you were doing yesterday afternoon on your knees., Shane blurts out.
My heart dropped. Im as scarred as Ive ever been in my whole life. Oh God, they know I cry out to myself in my mind. Oh God please NO!! I start to tremble as Shane pulls out his phone. He presses a few buttons and I swallow hard.

” I want you to cum in my mouth baby” ” Oh God yes Casey” I hear come from Shanes phone.
I sink into total despair. My life is over I feel.
Oh my God Shane, you cant send that to dad please! Im begging you.
So I take it you dont need your towel back as I first said.
No I guess I dont. But look guys, it was a mistake. Tommy and I will never do that again. Please forgive me and forget it.. Please.
Ya know Casey, you are really fucking hot, you know that.
Please guys, dont.
Dont what? Let you blow us like you did Tommy?
It was a mistake, I told you.
Shane kept easing towards me until he backed me right into Rick.
Oh God no Shane. Please dont do anything, Please Im begging you.
You are gonna beg for sure, I promise you that.
Shane grabbed me and threw me to my bed. Rick quickly moved over and grabbed my arms. Shane instantly had his mouth on my right tit, as Rick mouthed the left one. I struggled weakly, but I knew it of no use.
Oh God PLEASE STOP, I begged.
Shane worked his hand over my belly and my nipples were now sending prep signals to my pusyy.
Slowly he worked his hand down to my now engorged pussy and sunk a finger deep inside me. It felt so good. In and out he worked his finger, then another. It felt wondeful.
Please dont I begged again, as Rick stood up and undid his pants. His cock was about the same as Tommy, but at least twice as thick.
Ricky moved up to me and offered his cock to me for my oral enjoyment. I wanted to suck him yes, but I promised myself I had to stop.
Please Ricky, Im your sister.
So Tommy is your brother, now suck my dick, or dad gets a text. Fuck I scream in my head. What else can I do but as they demand. I cant ever have my dad hear me begging to swallow my brothers cum.
I open my mouth and rick slides his cock to the back of my throat. I suck on him for just a minute when Shane tells him to pull out.
Thank God, he came to his senses. Im trying to get up when Shane spins me on the bed. He pushes me up so my head is hanging down off the bed.
Try that Rick, he says.
Rick moves over my head and lines his cock up with my mouth. All I can see is the wall and his balls and ass. Open your mouth Casey I hear Shane tell me.
I open my mouth and Rick slides all the way into my throat. I gag terribly and pound my fists at him trying to get him to pull out. He pumps his cock into my throat 3 or 4 times and then pulls out. I gasp for breath and start to complain, when he slides right back into me. Again Im gagging, and I hear Shane say,
Relax Casey. Just relax and breath slow through your nose.
It takes me a bit but I finally am able to not choke so hard. My eyes are watering and my nose is running, when Rick grabs my head and rams his cock deep into my throat. i feel the head swell and then erupt. Shot after shot of hot cum is sent right into my belly.
All this time, Shane is eating my pussy like an expert. Just as Rick began pulling out I tensed up and came hard. I pull my head and cry out at the wonderful sensation pulsing through me.
Rick puts his semi hard cock back in my mouth and tells me to suck it. In a few minutes hes hard again.
Rick pulls out and picks me up and tells me to stand aside. as I do, he lies down on the bed with his wonderful looking cock sticking straight up. Shane helps me onto the bed and Rick grabs me.
Cmon baby, sit down on my cock. You cant cum in me Rick, I might get pregnant, I tell him.
Dont worry about that just ride my cock. I squat down and feel his pole at my pussy. He grabs my hips and pulls me onto his big ass cock. Oh Yeah this dick is way bigger than Tommys. I finally stuff the dick into my tight little pussy and start to ride. I put my hands flat güvenilir casino on his chest and worked my hips up and down. I was moaning loudly as his thick cock stretched my pussy walls and the head poked at my cervix. Shane moved up to my side and dropped his pants. I was in awe. His cock was much longer than I thought possible. It was as long as my forearm. I wasnt sure where he wanted to stick that, but it wouldnt be in me. I continued to ride Rick for all i was worth, when Shane asked me to suck his cock. I did so as best I could. He reached under the pillow and got a bottle of lube. I sucked faster, hoping to make him cum. Bouncing up and down on Rick had me near my next orgasm and it was gonna be big.
Shane pulled his cock from my mouth and rubbed the lube all over it.
He got up on the bed behind me. Rick grabbed me and pulled me down tight to his chest. I was stretched nearly to my limit when I felt Shanes massive cock press up against my tight little asshole.
NO SHANE!! Your way too big!!
Please do……. UUUHHHH.. God Shane, Nooooo…… Its….. Toooo Uhhhhhhhh, was all I could muster as Shane invaded the deepest depths of my bowels with his cock. He kept pushing further and further. He was half way in when he bottomed out. He kept pushing on my guts and I felt tremendous pressure and the feeling as if I had to pee. Please stop Shane, I cried. Your hurting me inside. It wont go any farther. Please stop pounding at my guts. I started to cry it hurt so much. Just then Rick grabbed me and pulled me down hard to him. My ass was now pointed up and shane shoved hard and I felt his cock pop foward into my guts. He just kept pushing until i felt his balls rest up against my pussy. I put my hand to my tummy and I could feel his cock move way up in my rectum. Slowly he worked his whole cock up inside my asshole. I felt it pop iside me again as if it went around a corner inside me. Rick kept me still as Shane began to pull out of me and then back in again. I could feel his cock up in my belly it was so long. Soon Shane got moving in and out and Rick let me go. He held my hips and began to fuck me in earnest. Soon I had two cocks plowing deep into me. Here I was getting fucked as deep as possible by my two brothers and all my body could do was surrender. In and out they fucked me. Rick reached up and pulled my asscheeks apart as far as he could wich gave Shane another 2 inches or so to shove even deeper into my ass. All the fucking they were doing to me was leading to a massive orgasm, that had me tense and bitting my lip. Closer and closer I got as my brothers drilled my pussy and my asshole as deep as they could. I was stretched to my limit, when my body convulsed, and I had the most mind bending orgasm I could ever imagine. I had fluid shoot out of my pussy and around Ricks cock. It was so intense that I sent Rick over the edge and he came deep way up inside my cervix. I felt it hit my insides. Soon after Shane tensed up and pumped my bowels full of his cum. We all came down slowly and rested in a heap on my bed. Shane pulled out of my tiny ass and it felt as though my insides were going to come out too. I heard his limp cock pop free from my tight hole. just then I felt his cum run out of my ass, down my pussy and down Ricks cock. Rick picked me up and his cum poured out of me also. We just laid there totally spent.
Holy shit Casey, You so fuckin hot, Shane said. Rick just lay there silent.
So listen, forget about Tommy understand. Said Shane. You will only be wth Rick and I. If we find you with him, we will make you both pay. Ok Shane, I replied. But I wish you would please leave me alone. We are gonna get in trouble.
No we wont, you just do as your told, or everyone you know will find out how you told your brother you wanted his cum.
Yeah, said Rick finally breaking his silence. You do whatever and who ever we say.
Wha.. what do you mean WHO ever?
Well we have friends that would pay good money to tap into you.
Are you two for real?? I asked. Your gonna sell your sisters ass?
Hell yes sis. Lets make some money. You got the body, people we know have the cash.
Just do as your told, and everthing will be fine… understood?? Shane demanded.
Ok ok I said. They grabbed their clothes and left. My body was so sore, I didnt think I could survive this again. I had to come up with a way to get out of this. And Tommy is gonna be crushed when I tell him what has happened and he cant fuck me anymore.

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