Nisan 9, 2021

Casefile: My Boss is a Pervert

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Dispatch Log, October 27, 2019

Dispatch received a call at 9:35 PM. A transcript of the call is attached below.

Dispatch: 911, what’s your emergency?

Caller: I need help! Send someone! Hurry!

Dispatch: What is the emergency?

Caller: I want to report a rape in progress.

Dispatch: Are you the victim of a rape?

Caller: No. My wife is being raped. Right now. Send someone. Please. Hurry!

Dispatch: Hold on, Sir. What’s your location?

Caller: I’m at 11715 Flagler Street—the Priceless Financial Building. First floor.

Dispatch: Do you know the victim’s identity?

Caller: The victim is my wife—Kristy Domenico. She’s being raped by her boss, Alan Bass. He’s sodomizing her in the conference room of their office. I can see them through the glass in the foyer, but I can’t get past the security mechanisms. The door is biometrically locked.

Dispatch: Is the assailant armed? Can you see a weapon?

Caller: No! I mean, I don’t know. His pants are on the floor and he’s got my wife bent over the table. It looks like he’s pulling her hair and holding her down. Hurry! Please!

Dispatcher: Sir, stay where you are. I am sending an officer over there now. Officer Owen Trant is on his way. He should be there in 10-15 minutes.

Caller: Thank you.

* * *

Officer’s report:

On October 27, 2019, this unit received a dispatch at 9:40 PM directing me to proceed to 11715 West Flagler Street to investigate a rape in progress. This unit pulled into a well-lit and mostly empty parking lot. A white adult male was standing outside the building waving his arms to gain my attention.

I drove up to the white male and asked him to identify himself. He stated that his name was Cruz Domenico. I asked him to tell me what he observed.

Mr. Domenico stated that his wife works for Bass Investments, LLC, in the 11715 West Flagler building. She usually works Monday through Friday, but on rare occasions she also goes in on weekends.

Mr. Domenico is a Dolphin season ticket holder and he was attending the game this afternoon when he received a text from his wife advising that she he had to go into the office for a few hours and would be home in time for dinner. Mr. Domenico arrived home from the game a little after 8:00 PM, but his wife was not there. He called her but she did not answer her phone. He texted her, but she did not respond. He showed me his call log itemizing 23 calls and over 40 texts between 8:05 PM and 9:22 PM.

At 9:00 PM he decided to drive to the office to check up on Mrs. Domenico. When he arrived at the building he did not see her car, but he explained to me that the building has underground parking for employees and only the visitor’s parking is above ground. From past experience he knew the security code to enter the building lobby, but a biometric scan is required to pass beyond the lobby. Mr. Domenico led me to a glass door in the lobby that provided a view to a glass conference room.

Mr. Domenico stated that he observed his wife in the conference room fully nude and bent over the conference room desk. Her employer, Mr. Alan Bass, was standing behind her and repeatedly thrusting into her. Mr. Domenico believes that he observed Mr. Bass performing anal intercourse on Mrs. Domenico.

Mr. Domenico showed me a video he had taken on his cell phone which corroborated his statement that Mr. Bass and Mrs. Domenico were engaged in intercourse in the conference room. The angle of the video and the distance from the participants make a determination of whether they were engaged in anal or vaginal intercourse difficult. The only sound on the video was Mr. Domenico’s ragged breathing. It did not appear that Mrs. Domenico was resisting. Mr. Domenico’s cell phone has been logged into the evidence room.

Mr. Domenico stated that when the suspect finished assaulting the alleged victim, the two dressed and left through the employee’s underground garage. Neither of them saw him, and they do not know about the video he made.

Mr. Domenico gave me Mrs. Domenico’s cell phone number. I tried to call her but she did not pick up. Her voicemail box was full.

I sent her text message identifying myself and asking her to call me at her earliest convenience. I also gave her the case number. She did not reply.

* * *

Officer’s follow-up report:

On Monday, October 28, 2019, the undersigned telephoned Mrs. Domenico seven times throughout the day. Mrs. Domenico did not pick up any of my calls. Her voicemail box remained full.

* * *

Officer’s follow-up report:

On Tuesday, October 29, 2019, the undersigned telephoned Mrs. Domenico four times throughout the day. Mrs. Domenico did not pick up any of my calls. Her voicemail box remained full.

* * *

Officer’s follow-up report:

On Wednesday, October 30, 2019, the undersigned returned to 11715 West Flagler Street. The receptionist paged Mrs. Domenico. I took a seat in the lobby, but after fifteen minutes Mrs. Domenico did not appear. I asked bahis firmaları the receptionist to page her again. The receptionist advised that Mrs. Domenico was gone for the day. I gave her my card with the case number and asked her to please pass it along to Mrs. Domenico.

I then asked to speak with Mr. Bass. The receptionist advised that Mr. Bass was in London and would be gone for two weeks. I asked her when he had left, and she replied on Monday morning. She asked if I would like to make an appointment to see Mr. Bass upon his return. I told her no.

* * *

Officer’s follow-up report.

On Thursday, October 31, 2019, I telephoned Mrs. Domenico twice before noon. She did not pick up my calls and her voicemail box was still full.

Recommend to close the case due to refusal of alleged victim to cooperate.

* * *

Monday, November 4, 2019.

Investigation is closed.

* * *

Office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Nevada Daniels, Junior Investigator.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019. Note to file: This morning I found a large sealed envelope on my desk. I opened the envelope and found this Miami-Dade County Police investigation file with a post-it attached that said: READ THIS!

I opened the file and found notes of a police investigation into an alleged rape involving an employer and an employee. It is not unusual for a criminal referral to follow an EEOC investigation, but it is highly unusual for a closed criminal investigation to provide the basis for an EEOC investigation. I recognized the handwriting on the post-it as that of my supervisor, the division chief. I decided to quietly look into the matter.

* * *

Wednesday, November 20, 2019.

I telephoned Bass Investments, LLC, and asked to speak with Mrs. Domenico. I was advised by the receptionist that Mrs. Domenico was no longer employed by the firm, and that she had no information regarding her subsequent employment. I asked for the H.R. director, and was transferred to Mrs. Julia Harris.

Mrs. Harris did not pick up my call, and I decided against leaving a voice message. Instead, I went to see her in person.

I arrived at the 117115 building and found a six-story office building with a surface parking lot for guests and an underground parking garage for employees. Bass Investments, LLC, occupied the entire building.

I was buzzed in at the front door. I stepped into a waiting area with a glass-enclosed receptionist desk. Behind the desk sat an attractive, thin, conservatively dressed young woman who appeared to be in her mid-twenties, and who identified herself as Violet. I told Violet that I was there to see Mrs. Harris. Violet told me to take and seat and picked up her telephone.

Minutes later, a glass door opened and I was greeted by a short, chubby, well-dressed African-American woman who identified herself as Julia Harris. Mrs. Harris led me down a long hallway to an elevator bank. The elevator doors opened, and we rode the car to the fifth floor.

Mrs. Harris directed me to her office and asked me how she could be of help.

I told her that I was there as a result of a referral from the Miami-Dade Police Department regarding an allegation of sexual misconduct filed against the company president, Mr. Alan Bass. Mrs. Harris told me that was ridiculous, and asked who had filed the allegation. I told her that information was being kept confidential, for the moment, and asked her if she would mind answering some questions for me.

Mrs. Harris fidgeted in her chair, looked down, but then agreed to answer my questions.

I asked Mrs. Harris to describe her background. She told me that she was a graduate of Florida International University, where she majored in international relations. She worked for SunTrust Bank in customer relations for two years, and then moved to Stearns Weaver. She then went to Wells Fargo for a year and a half, and then to American Airlines. In 2012 she became the H.R. director at Bass Investments.

I asked her to describe the working conditions within the office. Mrs. Harris said that the firm is a good place to work. The employees are generally happy. They are paid slightly above the industry standard, benefits are generous, and the business is thriving, so their positions are secure.

I asked Mrs. Harris to provide more details regarding the culture. Mrs. Harris stated that the employees work hard, but they get along well with each other. The employees are responsible, supportive, and driven. Since most of the upper and middle management works on a commission basis, the atmosphere can be intense, at times—especially toward the end of each quarter.

Mrs. Harris did not seem to be getting my point, so I asked her point blank: Are sexual relations between employees a problem? Between employees and supervisory personnel? Between Mr. Bass and employees?

Mrs. Harris’s face turned bright red. She took a deep breath, and then answered in a slow, even cadence. No. Sexual relations between supervisors and employees are not tolerated. kaçak iddaa Mr. Bass does not have the time or the inclination to pursue sexual relations with employees. We do not forbid relationships between employees, but we do not encourage them either. So long as they do not create a problem, we do not interfere. And so far, they have not been a problem.

I thanked Mrs. Harris for her time and told her I would see myself out. As I headed toward the elevator, I stopped to hand my business card to everyone who would take one from me.

* * *

Wednesday, December 4, 2019.

Voice message transcript:

Hello, my name is Cal Ellis. I work at Bass Investments, LLC. I understand that you are investigating improper sexual activity in the workplace…at Bass Investments. I can’t talk now, but I have some information you should hear. My cell phone number is 305-256-9999. Call me after 7:00 this evening to set up an appointment when we can talk. Thank you.

I returned Mr. Ellis’s call later that evening. Mr. Ellis would not discuss his information over the telephone, but instead insisted upon coming in to speak to me in person. We made an appointment for 5:30 the following afternoon.

* * *

Thursday, December 5, 2019.

Transcript of office interview with Cal Ellis:

Ms. Daniels: Good morning Mr. Ellis. Thank you for coming in.

Mr. Ellis: Thank you. Will this take long? I was on my way home, and your office is in the opposite direction of my home.

Ms. Daniels: I am sorry to inconvenience you. I will try to move this along quickly. First of all, can you tell me your name and background?

Mr. Ellis: My Name is Cal…Calvin Ellis. I am an account manager at Bass Investments. I work in the mergers and acquisitions department. I have been with the firm since 2007. Before that I worked with Lehman Brothers.

Ms. Daniels: Were you there when that firm went under?

Mr. Ellis: No. I left a year earlier. I was fortunate.

Ms. Daniels: Lucky for you. Sorry to interrupt you. Proceed.

Mr. Ellis: I joined Lehman Brothers in 1996. Prior to that I was with a small shop that was bought out by Goldman Sachs. I was let go in the merger. That’s how I ended up at Lehman Brothers.

Ms. Daniels: And before that?

Mr. Ellis: College. I graduated from Purdue University in 1989 with a degree in finance.

Ms. Daniels: Thank you Mr. Ellis. Now, what can you tell me about improper sexual conduct at Bass Investments?

Mr. Ellis: Not a lot. I don’t socialize much with the staff, except for my own secretary, of course. I mostly work with my door closed. But I did observe one disturbing incident you should know about.

Ms. Daniels: Go on.

Mr. Ellis: Well, every year Mr. Bass hosts a Fourth of July party at his home. Pool, barbeque, open bar, fireworks—it’s quite a production. The entire firm is invited. Turnout is huge. Nearly everyone from the firm is there, with their families.

Anyway, this past Fourth of July, I was there with my wife. The fireworks were scheduled for 10:00, so around 9:00 I went in search of another glass of wine for my wife and a beer for myself. I decided that was a good time to use the bathroom. I entered the house, but both downstairs bathrooms were in use. I waited for about 5 minutes, but then the situation started to become more urgent, if you know what I mean. I waited another minute, and then I couldn’t wait any more. So, I went upstairs.

Now, I knew that the second floor is not open to party guests. But I have been to the home several times in the past; I have known Alan for over 10 years; and I really had to go. Bad. So I went upstairs.

I poked my head into two rooms before I found a bathroom. I closed the door, dropped my shorts, and peed. I didn’t realize how long I had been holding it, but the stream seemed endless. I finished, pulled up my shorts, flushed the toilet, washed my hands, and turned off the light.

Just as I reached for the door handle, I heard voices in the hallway. I identified one of the voices as Mr. Bass, but I did not recognize the female voice that was accompanying him. I heard a door close, and at that moment I realized the bathroom I was in had two doors—the I one I entered through that opened into the hallway, and a second that opened into the guest bedroom. That guest bedroom was where the two people were.

I froze. My heart was pounding in my chest. I stood motionless in the darkness, holding my breath and praying for a way out of the bathroom without being discovered.

I heard mumbled voices, and then Alan said, “go ahead, suck it.”

At that point, I couldn’t help myself. I peeked through the door and saw Alan standing in the center of the room with his swim trunks pulled down to his ankles. His cock was erect and sticking straight out. A short, chunky young woman with medium length brown hair was kneeling in front him. Her face was inches from Alan’s cock, and her left hand was wrapped around the shaft. Her bikini top was on the floor and her enormous breasts were kaçak bahis hanging halfway down her belly.

Ms. Daniels: Who was the woman? Kristy Domenico?

Mr. Ellis: No. Why did you think I was talking about Kristy Domenico?

Ms. Daniels: My mistake. Don’t worry about it. Who was the woman?

Mr. Ellis: I didn’t recognize her at first. But when she turned around I knew who she was. It was Gisela Salazar.

Ms. Daniels: Who is Gisela Salazar? Which department is she in?

Mr. Ellis: She was a summer intern. She graduated from college in early May and worked with us through the end of July. She left to go to grad school in New York.

Ms. Daniels: Did you know her well?

Mr. Ellis: No, not at all. I met her on her first day of work when she was taken on a tour through the office. I never spoke to her again. She was on a different floor, and like I said, I do not socialize much with the staff–especially not single women in their early twenties.

Ms. Daniels: Fair enough. Continue please.

Mr. Ellis: Where was I? Oh yeah, Gisela was kneeling on the floor with Alan’s cock in her face. She licked the underside of Alan’s cock, swirled her tongue around the head, then swallowed the entire shaft. She bobbed her head back and forth for several minutes …

Ms. Daniels: So, she performed oral sex on him?

Mr. Ellis: Did she ever! I got hard watching. For a man my age, that was something.

Ms. Daniels: Did Mr. Bass climax?

Mr. Ellis: No.

Ms. Daniels: What happened next?

Mr. Ellis: Alan picked up a remote control and turned on some music.

Ms. Daniels: What kind of music?

Mr. Ellis: I don’t recall.

Ms. Daniels: Was it romantic music?

Mr. Ellis: I really do not remember what kind of music it was. It wasn’t romantic music, if that’s what you are asking. He wasn’t trying to seduce her at that point. I mean, mission accomplished if you know what I’m saying. Rather, I believe he was just trying to mask the noises that were to follow.

Ms. Daniels: I see. Continue.

Mr. Ellis: Well, Alan pulled Gisela to her feet, and then bent her over the bed. He pushed her bikini bottom to the floor, put his hands on her hips, and entered her from behind.

Ms. Daniels: Did she resist him?

Mr. Ellis: Not that I could see.

Ms. Daniels: Did she protest?

Mr. Ellis: I didn’t hear her say no. With the music playing, I couldn’t hear any of their conversation.

Ms. Daniels: OK. Continue, please.

Mr. Ellis: Well, Alan fucked her. He fucked her from behind for several minutes. Then he flipped her over onto her back, put her feet on his shoulders, and fucked her some more. For a guy his age, he really went at it. He fucked that young lady for a good fifteen minutes or more.

Ms. Daniels: Did he climax?

Mr. Ellis: Not right away. He got off her, grabbed her towel from the floor, and put it on the bed. He had Gisela get on the towel with her face down and her ass sticking up in the air. Then he grabbed some Hawaiian Tropic suntan oil off the nightstand and poured it over the girl’s ass crack.

Ms. Daniels: And then?

Mr. Ellis: He climbed over her, put his cock against her asshole, and entered her.

Ms. Daniels: He entered her anally?

Mr. Ellis: Yes. He shoved his cock up her ass.

Ms. Daniels: Did Ms. Salazar protest?

Mr. Ellis: No.

Ms. Daniels: Did she appear alarmed? Surprised?

Mr. Ellis: No. I think she was expecting it.

Ms. Daniels: Why do you say that?

Mr. Ellis: Well, she willingly got on her hands and knees. She didn’t say anything when he poured oil on her ass crack. And she didn’t attempt to move away or stop him when he pressed the tip of his dick against her tight little asshole. I would say she knew what was coming and rather welcomed it.

Ms. Daniels: In my experience, younger women do not generally enjoy being sodomized by men twice their age.

Mr. Ellis: Well, you weren’t there, were you? In my opinion, the young lady rather enjoyed it. She enjoyed it when he was on top of her fucking her ass from behind, and she enjoyed it even more when Alan laid on the bed and Gisela lowered her ass onto his cock. She rode him for a good five minutes, and the girl came at least twice. She continued riding him until he emptied his load in her ass. She was moaning the entire time.

Ms. Daniels: Are you sure she was not moaning in pain?

Mr. Ellis: If that was pain, she certainly enjoys pain. That young lady climaxed at least two times, and still kept on going. I think she would have reached number three if Alan hadn’t climaxed.

Ms. Daniels: Very well. What happened next?

Mr. Ellis: Gisela collapsed on his chest. I pulled up my pants and slipped out of there. I didn’t want to be in the bathroom when they decided to clean up.

Ms. Daniels: Did you see either of them again that night?

Mr. Ellis: Alan addressed the entire group before the fireworks started. My wife and I left as soon as the fireworks were over. I did not see Gisela.

Ms. Daniels: Did you see either of them the next day in the office?

Mr. Ellis: I saw Alan. I did not see Gisela. But like I said, she worked on a different floor and so I wouldn’t’ see her anyway.

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