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Carol’s Kid Sister

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In my first story, I told how my passion for women’s body hair and in particular the female armpit went from fantasy to reality. While my relationship with Carol was only a summer fling for her, my first time with a woman was responsible for me getting together with her kid sister.

Becky Sue was no kid, to be sure. At 18 she was all woman, and the day she walked in on me and her older sister was a day that led to my continuing sexual education.


When Becky Sue opened the door…

I was in the midst of having another wonderful sexual experience with her older sister Carol. Having secretly spent the night in Carol’s room, I had awoken with morning wood, not surprising since I had spent the night cuddling and groping the busty blonde.

Carol had used the term insatiable to describe me, and when she explained to me what that meant I had to agree. I was insatiable. That comes with spending 18 years on the sexual sidelines and suddenly finding yourself with the opportunity to satisfy all of your pent-up desires with an experienced older woman of 20.

Not only did Carol have experience, she also had been kind enough to indulge me by letting using her body to play out all of my fantasies, even the ones that I didn’t know existed. We did plenty of conventional fucking of course, but Carol would get sore from dealing with my fat cock after a time, which is when she resorted to dealing with my other interests.

These fantasies focused primarily on Carol’s armpits, and during the times we got together during that summer of 1969, there wasn’t a thing she didn’t let me do to those gentle hollows and the delightful strawberry blonde sprays of hair that grew there unshorn.

Besides the licking, nibbling, kissing, biting and chewing that I did to Carol’s underarms – all of which Carol not only indulged but thoroughly enjoyed, mind you, actually crediting me with having let her realize what a sensual part of the body her armpits were – Carol was also fond of using the head of my cock like a roll-on deodorant of sorts, rubbing the head of my cock up and down her armpit until I came. She not only enjoyed watching me try to delay the inevitable as long as possible, but got off herself with the rubbing of her sensitive pits.

Anyway, that morning when Carol grew tired of me poking my cock into her bottom, she finally decided to get me off so she could go back to sleep. Positioning herself across my hips, Carol put my cock under her arm, and after squeezing my cock by lowering her arm, proceeded to do what she called bag-piping.

It was erotic to see the head of my cock peeking in and out of the moist fold, surrounded by the golden hairs that provided a subtle friction. It was more a visual thrill than physical, but it was on the verge of doing the trick when Becky Sue appeared.

I didn’t notice Becky enter the room, and her entrance was apparently for trying to sneak in and ‘borrow’ some cosmetics, knowing that her sister slept late. Carol would have been sleeping late had I not been there, but that’s the price Carol paid for suggesting I spend the night with her, since she was heading off to college within the next few days.

So imagine my shock when I heard Carol say good morning to her kid sister who was standing in the doorway, staring at what have been something you don’t see everyday – your sister having axillary intercourse with one of your classmates.

“Close the fucking door Beck,” Carol hissed, not wanting to have their parents know that she was entertaining company.

Amazingly, Becky Sue did what she was told, leaning back against the door until it clicked shut, her eyes never leaving my groin area, with my cock still pinned under her sister’s arm.

“Coming in to steal something, Beck?” Carol asked.

“Wanted to borrow some lip gloss,” Becky said softly.

“You know where it is,” Carol said. “Although it seems like you’re more interested in this. You know the guy it’s attached to right? You were in his class.”

Carol took my cock and waved it around, embarrassing me and shocking her kid sister, who flinched when she saw my erection briefly before Carol put it back to the warm confines of her armpit.

“Tony?” Becky said, not recognizing me until then, since her eyes hadn’t strayed upwards since she went into the room.

“Hi Becky Sue,” I said sheepishly, feeling a little ashamed but also feeling a little turned on by the way she stared at my cock.

It was still strange for me to be looked at like a normal guy instead of the 300+ pound doofus I had been much of my teenage years, but I was enjoying the change. Becky got what she came in for and left, and Carol went back to work.

“I think Becca liked what she saw,” Carol suggested. “I don’t think The Wizard has anything between his legs like yours.”

“The Wizard?” I asked

“That’s what I call her boyfriend,” Carol snapped. “Boyfriend? Ha! He reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. Why she’s wasting her life with that old coot is beyond me.”

I knew Becky Sue casino şirketleri had a boyfriend, but had never seen him. In fact, I rarely saw Becky Sue with anybody besides Sue Paige and Kathy Morin, so I had no idea who this boyfriend was.

“He’s about 100 years old, and he’s got like a spell over Becca,” Carol explained. “He’s the only boyfriend she’s ever had, and she’s been seeing him for over 3 years. Do the math.”

I had done the math, and the thought of the innocent teenager being seduced by this old guy was disturbing, unless you were the old guy I guess. The more I thought about it, the more intrigued I was about Becky Sue.

“You ought to go after Becca,” Carol said, grinding my cock tightly in the vise of her arm fold, trying to get me off while giving me a devilish grin. “She would be perfect for you, if you know what I mean. She hasn’t got much on top, but she’s got so much hair under her arms it looks like she has Sly Stone in a headlock.”

Carol liked to tease me about my “fetish” as she called it, and it was ironic to think that the only reason I had ended up with Carol was because I came here hoping to get another glimpse at her kid sister’s armpits.

That one glance at Becky’s underarms outside of school toward the end of the school year had not only completed my visual inventory of the senior class girls armpits, but had put her at the top of my list.

“Just one thing,” Carol said as I neared orgasm. “Don’t call her Becky Sue. Call her Becky or Becca or anything but. Not Becky Sue. She hates that. People started calling her that to tease her and it stuck. Want to get into her pants, or under her arms? Call her Becky.”

I ejaculated seconds afterward, and while my cock spurted cum all over my chest and stomach I admit that I wasn’t thinking about Carol when I came, but about Becky Sue. I mean Becky.


I found out where…

Becky worked, in town at Woolworth’s, and there was where I headed on a warm August afternoon. She was working the luncheonette counter, and as I went past the window I looked at her while she made somebody a banana split.

With very long and straight hair that had to be the darkest shade of brown on the planet, and bangs that went down to her eyebrows, it looked like she was trying to emulate Cher, of Sonny and Cher. She didn’t have the body or the face for it, but all in all she was a decent looking girl.

I went in as casually as I could manage, given my excitement level, and sat in one of the silver spinning stools at the end of the counter. Becky glanced over at me as she finished waiting on an old man, and after doing a double take came down my way.

“Hi Becky,” I said, remembering Carol’s advice.

“Hi Tony,” Becky said shyly, probably thinking of the time we saw each other last week.

“Think I’ll try to get a cheap banana split,” I said referring to this promotion that Woolworth’s had where you picked a balloon and they popped it, and what was inside was the price you paid, anywhere from a penny to 39 cents.

It was usually 38 cents, but I didn’t care. I didn’t even want the banana split. After losing almost 150 pounds I wasn’t about to put it back on so fast. No, I wanted to talk to Becky and see what happened from there.

I also was hoping to check her out when she reached up for a balloon, thinking that perhaps I could get a peek down her sleeve when she lifted her arm. Looking down the sleeves of ladies was a technique I had used many times in the past, but unfortunately the pink and white striped uniform Becky was wearing had snug short sleeves that would block any such thought.

That didn’t stop me from getting Becky to reach up for the balloon string that was the most out of reach. She had nice enough arms; trim and pale with a light dusting of brown hair on her forearms, so as I watched Becky reach I enjoyed the view.

The faint circle of perspiration on her sleeve made my heart skip a little, but just as she grabbed the blue balloon that I had asked for, I saw it. It was the briefest of glimpses but I know what I saw.

Just peeking out from the white band at the edge of the sleeve were a couple of tiny hairs. The timberline so to speak, right at the upper inside part of her bicep. The sleeve had ridden up just enough, and obviously Becky’s armpit hair grew extensively enough, so that I was afforded just a hint at what I wanted to see, and once I saw that I wanted to see it all.

“38 cents” Becky said with a shrug after popping the balloon and opening the little piece of paper.

“Oh well,” I said, not giving a damn what the thing cost, because it was a bargain just to get a glimpse of those beautiful arms.

Holy shit, I thought to myself, after I realized that I had just actually said that last part out loud. Clearly my brain and mouth were a bit confused. Either that or I had lost my mind, because I had just blurted out to Becky that I thought she had beautiful arms.

“I do?” Becky said, shrugging again.

“Absolutely,” I told her, quickly casino firmaları recovering. “Didn’t mean to embarrass you or anything, but I just wanted to tell you that. I mean, I know you’ve got a boyfriend and all.”

“Not any more,” Becky said as she scooped the ice cream, and I resisted the urge to peek don the V-neckline of her uniform as she did.

“Oh,” I said, able to contain myself. “Would you like to do something sometime?”

“Okay,” Becky said. “I get out at 6. I take the bus so…”

“I’ll be here at 6 then,” I said, and Becky nodded, making a face when a couple of kids came up to the counter to get what would also be 38 cent banana splits.

I dabbed at the ice cream for a time, eating the banana and leaving the rest, along with a 12 cent tip, and waved goodbye as I headed home to take a shower and get ready to pick up Becky.


I was waiting outside…

Woolworth’s when Becky emerged. Having borrowed my mother’s wheezing Mercury Comet, I was as happy as a guy could be tooling up Central Avenue on our way to – good question. Where was I going?

“Would you like to do anything?” I asked. “Movie or something?”

“I’m kinda dressed funny to go out,” Becky said, and she had a point, still dressed in her work uniform. “Kinda smell like chocolate syrup too.”

“It’s a nice smell,” I said. “You hungry? We could stop and get some stuff and maybe go to the park and eat.”

Becky thought that sounded great, so after we stopped at Carrols fast food joint and picked up a bunch of 19 cent burgers and fries, we went to Cook Park. Finding a deserted corner of the place, we settled into a picnic table and ate, quietly at first, both of us nervous.

“You didn’t eat much of your banana split before,” Becky said.

“It wasn’t because you didn’t make it great,” I explained. “It’s just that it took me a long time to lose all that weight and I’m trying to keep it off.”

“That must have been hard to do,” Becky said. “I didn’t even recognize you, because we didn’t see each other that much at school.”

Even though our school wasn’t really big, there were some of the 60 or so kids in our class of 69 that hardly ever saw each other, because they went to BOCES or Cosmetology, like Becky did.

“Besides, like I accidentally told you earlier, I didn’t really come in for the ice cream. I came in to see you. I didn’t know about you and your boyfriend breaking up. Sorry about that.”

“Just as well,” Becky said. “Before she went back to school Carol finally talked me into breaking up with Roger. She was right. He was just using me. He wasn’t ever going to break up with his wife.”

“He’s married?” I asked, and Becky nodded.

“When I started seeing him, he said that he was getting a divorce so I kept seeing him,” Becky told me. “I know it was stupid, but he made me feel special. Like I was a woman.”

“You are a woman.”

“You know what I mean. When a man that’s 52 years old and a successful businessman tells you that you’re beautiful and stuff it gets to you,” Becky explained. “Hell, I know I’m not beautiful, but when he said it to me I believed it.”

“If it matters, I happen to think you’re very attractive,” I said. “I would have told you earlier but when I was fat I was too shy and insecure to say anything to a girl.”

“You didn’t seem so shy when I saw you with Carol,” Becky said, blushing as she dipped a french fry into a pool of ketchup.

“Carol was the first woman I was ever with,” I said. “Still the only one.”

“Can’t believe that you two were going steady all summer and nobody knew,” Becky said.

“I wouldn’t call it going steady exactly,” I told her. “It just happened. Actually, it was because of you that I went to that party at your place that day when your folks were out of town. I went there to see you.”


“Yes, but I was too shy to approach you,” I said. “Carol – she’s not shy, and when she saw me looking at her she kinda took it from there.”

“She’s like that,” Becky said with a laugh. “She’s definitely not shy.”

“For sure,” I agreed. “The reason nobody knew about us was probably because Carol would have been embarrassed being seen with an 18 year old kid, so we kinda snuck around.”

“Carol told me you were a really nice guy,” Becky said.

“She was right,” I chuckled. “Actually I am. I’m very introverted and insecure. Carol helped me a lot in that regard.”

“Yeah, I think she really wanted me to break up with Roger so I could be with you,” Becky suggested. “I guess I’m a lot like you. I’m shy too, and easily – what would you call it? Manipulated? Carol tells me to do something and I do it. Roger told me to do something and I would do it, no matter how weird it was.”

“Well, I could tell you some things I’d like you to do, but I would rather have you do them of your own choice.”

“That would be a change for me,” Becky said with a grin, and we went back to eating.

After finishing we walked along the creek. The sun was going down güvenilir casino but it was still warm, and maybe it was because we weren’t out in the bright sun that Becky began to open up.

“Carol told me some stuff about you,” Becky said shyly. “She said you were a little kinky.”

“I guess she might be right about that,” I said. “At least compared to some people, I suppose.”

“That stuff you were doing when I walked in on you two,” Becky said in a halting voice. “That was pretty weird.”

“I suppose so,” I admitted. “I had never even heard of it before. I don’t know if Carol invented it or not. All I did was go with the flow, and I did like it.”

“Carol said you liked doing stuff to her armpits.”

I felt my face flush, and had to admit that while I wasn’t really ashamed of what I liked, hearing it from somebody else did set me back on my heels.

“Yes,” I said after taking a deep breath. “That was how we ended up together. At your party Carol caught me looking up her sleeve at her armpit hair, and the rest is history.”

“I don’t either,” Becky said in a wavering voice. “Don’t shave under my arms, I mean.”

“I know.”

“You do?” Becky said, her head spinning to face me as we stopped by a tree. “Carol told you?”

“No, I mean, I knew before that.”


“June 9th at 8:05 in the morning. You were walking up the walkway to the main building. You were wearing a pink sleeveless blouse and had a sweatshirt tied around your waist. I started following you because out of all the girls in the senior class, you were the only one that I hadn’t checked out. Your underarms, I mean,” I said breathlessly, and the look on Becky’s face was puzzling and priceless.

“Getting too weird for you yet?” I asked. “Trust me, compared to a lot of guys the stuff that goes through my mind isn’t all that crazy. So anyway, I was hoping that you would raise your arms a little just so I could complete my senior class armpit inventory when you suddenly took the sweatshirt from around your waist and put it on.”

“I chickened out,” Becky said quickly.

“When you pulled it up over your head it got stuck for a second, so I got to stare at the most erotic sight I had ever seen in my life,” I said. “I was so captivated that I tripped and almost fell flat on my face.”

Becky laughed at that, making me feel a little less strange. She had taken it well, because not many guys would admit to spending their lives trying to look under girls arms as a hobby.

“What did you mean you chickened out?” I asked after Becky stopped giggling.

“I never wore a sleeveless blouse to school before,” Becky confessed. “I figured that since it was the last week that I would get daring, but I freaked out and covered up.”

“Why?” I asked. “Because you don’t shave your underarms? Plenty of girls don’t these days, even at school. They had a concert downstate at Woodstock last weekend? Did you see the news or the papers. It looked like all of the girls were natural.”

“Yes, but I’m way too – well, I mean Carol only has a little hair under her arms,” Becky explained. “Me, I’ve got…”

“A lot. I know. You’ve got really hairy armpits. I saw that. If you don’t mind me asking, if your armpit hair embarrasses you, then why don’t you shave?”

“Roger would never let me.”

“Wouldn’t let you?” I asked. “It’s your body. You can do what you want with it.”

“I know, but he said I looked better – older that way. It made him happy so I went along with it.”

“So now that you and him are done, you can look however you want,” I reminded her. “You haven’t shaved yet so you must like being natural.”

“I – wait. How do you know I haven’t shaved?”

“When you reached for that balloon earlier,” I said.

“You can’t tell with this on.”

“Oh yes I could,” I said. “Here, let me show you.”

Brazenly I lifted Becky’s arm and as the sleeve rode up a bit, I pointed out the tiny hairs – seedlings almost – that grew on the inside of her bicep and now peeked out from the hem of the sleeve.

“See?” I asked, boldly reaching up and taking one of the hairs between my fingers and holding it for Becky to see as she looked over at what I was doing.

It struck me how far I had come in the course of a summer. After a lifetime of looking at girls, here I was doing the most outrageous things with them, and to my surprise I was getting away with it. Maybe it was the era we were living in, but I didn’t care what the reason was.

“Omigod,” Becky gasped, her face turning beet red, and she forced her arm back down despite my efforts to keep playing.

“Sorry,” I said. “I know that was weird but I happen to find it very sexy. I’ll bet that if you had worn that blouse all day at school you would have discovered that other people would have too.”

“Girls like Carol – they’re pretty and they can flaunt what they’ve got,” Becky protested.

“You’re pretty too,” I assured her. “I’m not suggesting that you flaunt anything, but there’s nothing wrong with being natural, and hiding your beauty is a shame.”

It would have been a nice touch to have us race into the woods and make love, but in reality it wasn’t that easy. It took a trip up to Lake George for me to break through to Becky.

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