Mart 22, 2021

Car Troubles

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Ms Rhea was the kind of client you take special care of. I remember the first time I met her.

Her car, olden model Toyota sedan, came rolling into the driveway. It was mid morning and I was working on fixing the gearbox of another client. I watched the car pull up blocking the garage entrance and then her emerging. Short, about 5’4″, dressed in yoga pants and a pale pink t-shirt. Very much the hourglass figure, top heavy in the baggy shirt and the yoga pants stretched with a tight v at the front. For a guy working with the smell of oil and anti-freeze she was a vision at just the right time.

“Hello?” Her girly voice.

“Just a minute.” I picked up a rag and wiped my oiled hands. The rag was oily so what’s the point. I walked over to her.

“Hi, ummm, my car isn’t working.” She said, her brown eyes looking up at me, a little tearful and fearful.

“Oh, okay, what’s the problem.” I asked…probably just hasn’t checked the oil in years.

“Oh there’s a flashing light and the engine is making strange noises.” she said, not really having any idea.

“Let’s have a look sweetheart.” My tone just a little condescending. She’d forgive me later.

I walked over to her car, taking an eye in over all her wonderfully larger derriere. She bent down into the car to point to the warning light. Fuck. Bent over like that gives a man ideas. She turned her head to me, her bornova escort bayan eyes dropping for just a moment, then returning to mine. Did she just check me out?

“Let’s have a look.” I said. Moving close to her and leaning over her. My head and shoulders over top of her, she leaned back. Sure enough the oil warning light. But I did take the opportunity to check her hand, sure enough a wedding band.

“Let’s pop the bonnet and have a look.” I said leaning down, my hand reaching under the dash, pulling the lever and gently touching her knee on the way up. I heard her breathe in.

Smiling to myself I went and checked out the engine. Checking the dipstick first, sure enough empty. I began checking the other parts as she popped her head under.

“So can you fix it?” she asked meekly.

I ignored her for a bit, looking under me arms to shield my face from her but continue to check her out.

“Please.” she said, I felt her hand gentle on my arm. I looked across into those brown eyes. Damn, did she know what those eyes did?

“Well, I’m already working on another car.” I said.

“Oh, please sir. I’d be very grateful.” This time not only did she hold my arm but she moved her whole body against me. I could feel her soft body and i could feel my manhood harden. “Very grateful.” her hand suddenly on my hip and moving south. Before escort bornova I knew it her hand was groping and grabbing me in my overalls. Feeling it swell more at her touch.

I turned to face her and she raised herself on tip toes, looking up at me. Her hand still stroking, unzipping, pulling my thick hard cock out. She looked down, smiling, looking back in my eyes as her hand expertly continued it’s manipulations.

“So big boy, do we have a deal?” She purred, but before I could answer she dropped to her knees and I felt her warm lips wrap around me angry red head. Expertly, not her first time despite her innocent look. My god her mouth, wet velvet devouring me, taking my thick hardness deeper, her tongue swirling, teasing.

“Holy fuck.” I said, holding her head. She started nodding her head faster, sucking and fucking her own mouth. Those amazing gagging sounds. She was going to town on my cock and I could not do anything but enjoy.

“Mmm, now my turn.” I said, my hand grabbing her hand and pulling her up, delighting in how she gave that one last deep suck. Slamming the bonnet I picked her up by wrapping my arms around her ass. She squealed as I placed her on the bonnet. I reached down and tore her yoga pants right a her crotch.

Her eyes, wide now, mouth open and she sighed. “Fuck me.” she breathlessly whispered as I took my thick, bornova escort hard erection and rubbed it on her.

“Oh I intend to'” I said, my grease covered hands holding her hips as I pushed inside her. My girth stretching her but the experienced woman she was, she lifted her ass a little to let me in. Here we were, her sitting up on the car bonnet, legs spread, blue overalls of me stained with oil, cock inside her, fucking.

Maybe all the tension, maybe the situation, maybe just because she felt and smelt so good, but this felt incredible, she felt incredible. I grabbed her hips firmly and was thrusting. The car started rocking on its wheels, the metal squeaking. She was moaning, breathing heavy. I was grunting, pushing deep inside her. Her hands supporting her and her eyes on mine. We were both rocking in time, fucking and enjoying the passion.

“Fill me.” She ordered, not the innocent voice any more. I intended to. I could feel me swelling as I neared my climax. I tensed, throbbing, then released. She squealed in delight, feeling my cum inside her. I could feel her clenching, milking me, holding me until I was finished.

I withdraw, wiping my dripping cock on my dirty overalls. She got off her car. Adjusted her clothes. Cum visible on the ripped yoga pants. Grease stains from my hands on her hips.

“Sorry, I got a little carried away there.” I said pointing to her ripped pants.

A girly laugh, her hand on my arm.

Her car was fixed in thirty minutes. A kiss goodbye. I didn’t think I’d ever see her again. But Ms Rhea now comes in once a month. Seems we have a regular arrangement. I’ll oil and grease her, she’ll let my dirty hands roam all over her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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