Mart 21, 2021

Candy’s Business Trip

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Candy stepped out of the hot shower, thinking how good it felt after such a long day at work. These business trips are going to kill me. Now only if I could only release some of this other tension. Working so closely to Todd all day with his bulging biceps and other bulges is making me crazy she mused to herself.

Dropping her towel on the bed she walks over to study her body in the mirror. Running her hands over her long, lean thighs, back up her stomach, pinching her nipples just for good measure as she turns sideways to check out her ass. Not too bad if I say so myself, Candy laughs as her reflection smiles back at her. Looking closer she does notice one problem, that hot water has really made her skin dry.

Walking over to her suitcase, digging into her makeup case she realizes that she left her body lotion at home. Digging a little deeper she finds some oil. Well I guess this will have to do, she thinks to herself. Walking back to the bed Candy opens the bottle of oil and placing one foot on the bed begins to rub the oil over her firm calf, moving slowly up her leg until she is covered to the top of her thigh. Moving to the other leg she repeats the process this time accidentally brushing her hand over the outer lips of her pussy. A slight sliver runs through her and she smiles to herself.

Mmm now that is a thought, she says out loud to herself. Continuing up she begins to rub the oil over her stomach moving to her breasts. Taking her time she cups each breast in a hand, kneading them, flicking her fingers over her nipples as she runs oil over them.

About that time, and quite to her surprise, the door to her room opens. It is Todd. He looks in and sees Candy standing there with one leg still on the bed, her hands playing with her nipples and the front of her body glistening from the oil. Oh Candy, wow, hmm I m sorry they must have given me the key to the wrong room Todd says as his eyes are hungrily taking in the view. Candy reaches down for the small towel that she had taken from the bathroom and puts it in front of her, blushing from head to toe. illegal bahis

Oh Todd, hi. I just got out of the shower. You have kind of caught me at a bad time. I don’t know about that Candy, looks like just about the right time to me, closing the door behind him Todd walks over to Candy. The full-length mirror behind Candy gives Todd a great view of her naked ass. Wondering what he is looking at she turns her head around and sees herself in the mirror. She turns quickly so she is facing the mirror not thinking about the fact that Todd is now standing behind her. Walking up closer, he putts his hands on her waist, kissing her neck and shoulders.

His hands sliding lower down her hips and thighs and then moving back up between her legs finding her already wet. He whispers in her ear, I don’t think you need that towel any longer, put your arms around my neck. Doing as he asked she moves her hands around his neck, the towel falling to the floor. Todd removes his shirt and pants letting them join the towel. Leaning into Candy he begins to run his hands over her oil slick body. Feeling the weight of her firm breasts in one hand as the other sides lower over her pussy and then inside. His fingers moving in and out of her as her hips move in slow circles under his hand, his cock hard against her ass. Watching the hunger in Candy’s eyes reflected in the mirror. It seems to me Candy that you missed some hard to reach places with that oil. Maybe I can finish the job for you?

That does sound like a wonderful idea Todd. Removing his fingers, he takes then up to Candy’s lips. Her mouth surrounds them sucking her juice into her open mouth. Smiling at Todd she walks to the bed to pick up the oil. He joins her and tells her to lean over the bed. Candy leans over; spreading her legs just a touch as Todd begins to slide oil over her ass, down between her legs. Once in awhile he touches her swollen pussy lips a soft gasp escaping from her mouth. His hands move up covering her back with oil, sliding around to her breasts, pinching her taunt nipples. Completely covered with oil, illegal bahis siteleri Todd runs his hands over her slick body, grabbing her ass as best he can, enters her pussy from behind. Pulling Candy to him he leans into her, his hands sliding over her back, over her stomach as his cock slides deeper inside her wetness. Candy begins to move in rhythm with Todd, her ass lifting higher into the air as she slams her hips back into him.

Reaching down to play with her clit as he continues to pound her pussy, stretching it wider with his thick cock. Candy’s juice running over his shaft and down his fingers as he fucks her. She reaches her hands through her legs finding Todd’s balls, stroking them, feeling them tighten. Candy begins to shake, her pussy grabbing Todd’s cock as she nears coming. Her quivering pussy almost sends Todd over the edge but he maintains control. He has other plans for his cum. Pulling Candy closer, shoving his cock as deeply as he can into her hot, wet pussy she comes, dripping her juice over Todd and down her legs. Screaming out her release. Sliding out of Candy, Todd turns her around, kissing her. Looking her over he smiles and says, You know I think you could use some more oil. Maybe you could put some more on for me.

Smiling Candy picks up the bottle and squeezes the oil out letting it run down over her breasts, dripping off of her nipples and down her stomach to between her open legs. Taking her hands she begins to rub the oil over her body, her hands gliding over her skin as it shines. Pinching her nipples between her fingers, until they are hard points, trying not to let her hands slide off of her slippery breasts. Her pussy still throbbing Candy lowers her hand and mixes the oil with her own. Licking her lips she sees Todd sitting in a chair by the bed stroking his cock. Wanting a taste of it herself she walks over to him and kneels down in front of him.

Spreading open his legs she slides her well-oiled body between his legs, her breasts rubbing over the inside of his thighs and then around his cock. Taking her hand she starts canlı bahis siteleri to stroke his shaft as her mouth slips around Todd’s balls, Candy’s tongue licking each in turn. She hears Todd moan as he leans back into the chair. Sliding her mouth upward, her tongue moving over the outside of his cock. Swirling round the flesh, up to the rim and finally sucking on just the head tasting herself on his hard rod. Looking up at Todd and with lightening speed Candy takes his cock all the way into her mouth sliding down to the base, hearing his gasp of surprise and pleasure. Bobbing her head up and down the length of Todd’s shaft, cupping his balls in her hand as her slick nipples slide over his thighs and balls. The head of his cock touches the back of her throat. Looking up at him, a coy smile playing on her lips she reaches down a hand a slides two fingers inside of her still wet pussy. Moving her fingers in and out in time to her hot mouth moving up and down Todd’s throbbing cock. Feeling his rod deep in her mouth, causing Candy’s juices to flow even more, dripping down her slick oiled legs.

Taking her fingers out of her mouth she wraps them around Todd’s shaft to taste herself on him as she starts to suck harder. Todd leans forward, running his hands through Candy’s hair pulling her closer to him, forcing his cock deeper. His hands move down over her breasts, trying to catch hold of her nipples, at first sliding off and then catching hold. Feeling his balls tighten, his cock throbbing out of control at the touch of Candy’s lips sliding over him. Candy’s mouth trying to suck the cum out of Todd, desperate to taste the creamy nectar. One last shove and Todd feels himself exploding into Candy’s mouth, jerking deeper past her soft lips.

Candy’s hands grabbing Todd’s hips holding him in her mouth as she sucks the cum out of him drinking it down Todd breathing like a freight train, still shaking as cum continues to shoot into Candy’s willing mouth, running down her chin. When he is finally spent he leans back into the chair as Candy licks the last drops of cum off the head of Todd’s cock, swirling it around her mouth with her tongue. You know Todd, I am beginning to think this business travel isn’t so bad after all Candy says with a well-satisfied smile on her face as he pulls her down on top of him in the chair.

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