Nisan 9, 2021

Camping Mistake

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All character are over 18. This story is about a man who accidentally fucks his GF’s mom in the ass. Enjoy.

Fred wasn’t usually the type of go camping, but his girlfriend Cindy thought it would be fun.

“Dad would always take us out here.” Cindy said wistfully, looking out at the stars. The fire lit up the golden bits of her dirty blond hair. She wore a bikini top and short shorts that framed her tanned body well. Fred swatted a mosquito on his arm. He had no idea how she wasn’t getting eaten up. He agreed it was pretty, but he would have much preferred being inside. “It’s so nice out too. I love camping in the summer!” She was so happy that Fred’s smile in response was almost genuine. It was a bit hot in his opinion, but he was fine with whatever she wanted.

He was more upset that she had brought her mother. “Cindy,” He heard her mother start, “Where did you put the marshmallows?” Kelly looked a lot like her daughter. She had her hair cut short though, and was wearing a more conservative tank top and jeans. A bit of sunscreen was visible in spots around her face and arms. She was pretty, Fred had to admit. When Cindy wasn’t looking and Kelly was bending down to search for something in their bags, he had to admit, he did stare a bit too long. But on the whole, her presence meant that romance was going to be a problem. Both Fred and Cindy had an active sex life, but they were going to have to hold back for a while with a parent around.

“They are in my bag mom.” She rolled her eyes. “Really, If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t find your way out of a paper bag.”

Kelly chuckled politely and brought the sweets to the fire. “It was you father who usually planned these things.” She admitted. “I’m trying my best.” She waved a hand at her face and pulled her shirt down. Fred pretended to be looking somewhere other than her slick, sweaty cleavage.

Fred wasn’t sure anymore if Kelly was the third wheel, or if he was. This was usually a family outing. If it hadn’t been for the tragedy two years ago, it would be her father here, not Fred. “I know mom.” Cindy looked guilty. “I’m just teasing. Anyway,” Fred slapped his neck. He missed the bug. “I told you to put on the repellent.” She shrugged.

“I did!” Fred whined.

“Not very well.” She teased.

“The fire it a bit low.” Kelly seemed disappointed. “There’s a type of wood that is supposed to keep bugs away, but I can’t remember which.” her husband would have known, Fred knew. There was a silence as the two women watched the dyeing embers. They were all thinking something similar.

“Hey Fred.” Fred looked back and Cindy. She opened her mouth and showed white goop flowing down offer her tongue with her eyes rolled up.

Fred laughed, she always had a way of changing the mood around. “I’ll go get some more wood.” Fred offered.

“No, I should!” Kelly stood up. “I said it would be my job. Besides, you should go rest in your tent if you’re getting bitten up that much. It’s getting late anyway.”

“Mom, your going to get lost again,” Cindy warned, swallowing the marshmallow goop.

“I’ll keep the fire in sight sweety. No need to worry.” Kelly argued and turned to the woods bahis firmaları without another word. “I’ll be back in a few minutes, I promise!” She was fanning herself again as she left. It had been a hot day, but Fred thought it was getting colder at least.

Fred sighed. This whole trip was becoming a nightmare. He had no idea what he was supposed to do in this situation. “Well, let me see if I can get those spots you missed.” Cindy offered.

“Thanks, that would be,” Fred started as Cindy whetted her hands with the bug spray and wormed her fingers under his shirt through his sleeves, “Oh, Hey,” she giggled and put her face to his, “See? All these spots,”

“Cindy, your mother-“

“Isn’t here right now.” She kissed him. He could smell the forest, the sunscreen, the bug spray, all mingled into her own natural scent. He tasted the chocolate and sugar in her mouth. The smoke was strong in the air. He touched her sides up and down. He felt her tense at his touch and reel back with a gasp. “She also said you should, hah, ” she breathed in deeply, “rest in your tent.”

“Well, I still think I still need your help with a few spots,”

“Let’s go then.” they scrambled into their tent. There was one for the two of them, and one for her mother the same size. As soon as they were inside she tore off his shirt and wrapped herself around him. Her legs wrapped around his. “Slowly,” She said under her breath, “So mom doesn’t hear.” Fred thought it was a lost cause, but he was ready to humor his girlfriend. He teased and touched her bare skin as she wormed his pants off. “Starting to get cold.” she said with a shiver. There were two sleeping bags, but if they tried, they could maybe squeeze into one together.

“Ladies first.” He unzipped the bag and stuffed her in before following. She squealed lightly as he pounced. He kept his mouth on hers. Normally he’d kiss her whole body, but the chemicals were strong enough as it was. He touched her waist and felt her hump towards him “Fred, I-” Her face was filled with hunger and passion.

Then, suddenly, mid sentence, he saw her face change, “Oh,” she had a pained expression, then one of embarrassment.

“Whats wrong?” he stopped touching her and she held her stomach.

“Uh, I think maybe I ate something,” Her eyes widened as her stomach rumbled, “Uh, just wait here a second. I think I need to,” She swallowed hard.

“I told you not to eat that fish!” he called out after her as she scrambled out of the tent and towards the treeline. “Jeeze.” He laughed to himself and sighed as he zipped the tent back up again and rested in his sleeping bag. The whole trip had been a fiasco from start to finish. Nothing ruined the mood quite like gastrointestinal distress. If she wasn’t back in a few minutes he’d check in on her, but he was certain now that he just wanted to sleep the night away and get this camping mistake done with.

He heard someone put out the fire. Kelly must have gotten back and realized no one was in the mood for campfire stories anymore. He heard some more zipping and movement outside. She must have gotten into her tent. Fred took a deep breath. She wouldn’t have done that if she didn’t know Cindy kaçak iddaa was fine. Fred closed his eyes and tried to sleep.

In time, he didn’t know how long, he heard the tent zip open and zip closed. Then he heard someone slip into the other sleeping bag. He turned and saw what looked like the back of Cindy head. As his eyes adjusted to the dark, he noticed more than that. Her bag was still half open, revealing her bare back, and most of her ass. It didn’t look like she was wearing anything. Cindy sometimes slept in the nude, so it wasn’t too odd. But she wasn’t sleeping. Not yet. Fred noticed a slowly, subtle rocking. Her hand was under her and between her legs. Her face was pressed against her pillow. Was she still in the mood? Even after all that? He heard a small groan, so quite that he wouldn’t have noticed if he wasn’t right beside her.

That was all the signal he needed. Nothing like masturbating beside your boyfriend and shoving your ass towards him to signal that you want the D. Fred was as quiet as he could be as he crawled across to Cindy’s half open bag. Then, in a swift motion, he slipped inside behind her. She seemed startled. She must have not have heard him. “Boo.” He teased as he played with her breasts and ran his fingers down her back. “Don’t let me stop you,” He whispered in her ear and lightly bit it. She responded more radically than he expected, groaning and whimpering at his touch. He caressed her side and tickled her legs till they bucked. He touched her wet fingers and teased her taint. “You really are horny, aren’t you?” She shivered as he kissed the back of her neck and pressed his manhood against her.

He had talked with Cindy before about trying more kinky things. She seemed so hot right now she might agree to anything. He bit his lip and tried his luck as he grabbed her ass, “I brought the lube.” He hinted, “If you wanted to try, you know,” he fingered her backdoor. When he did she shivered and coo’ed, touching herself with renewed vigor. “I’ll take that as a yes.” It was a simple matter of wetting his member and mounting her just right. It had been a lot easier than he suspected. Cindy would usually ask for something in return, or tease him, but she was being a very submissive slut today. He could get used to that. He pressed into her and she whimpered again, taking it deep. If he didn’t know better, he’d think that she had done this before. The fit was snug and comfortable as he drew back and thrust in, fucking her ass just like he’d fantasized.

“Hm! Hm!” She frantically touched herself as he pounded into her. No words, no holding back. He reached around to hold her. Her hips seemed even wider now, her breasts seemed even bigger. He grunted, she seemed so much hotter now, somehow. Maybe he was just more turned on than usual.

“You really wanted this didn’t you?” He asked under his breath. She groaned out into the pillow. “Little butt slut. What if we got caught? I bet you don’t even care. The way you were flirting so openly before, even with her watching,” The groans became louder. He gripped her tits and squeezed her ass. She loved dirty talk, but this was silly. She seemed to be really into it tonight. “I bet it turns you on, being kaçak bahis such a slut in public. You were practically waving your ass in my face. Don’t worry, I’ve wanted this ass for so long,” He felt her clench on him and whine and whimper. “I’ve been thinking about fucking it for hours.” She was close. He was pressing the right buttons now. “You’re so shameless. You think she didn’t notice you practically begging for my dick all night?”

“Haaa! Haaa!” She was screaming into her pillow. One hand flicked her clit and the other formed a fist in the covers. He pounded her into the ground.

“Going to come?” He asked. “You love getting assfucked don’t you?” He was pressing his luck. Cindy was hit or miss with this kind of language. But now she seemed to love it. She sounded like a a teapot at a roaring boil. “Jesus your hot.” He was about to blow too. What did her ass get so fat? When did her breasts get so plump? When did she get a hair cut?

His brain paused when he noticed her short hair, but his hips kept moving.

This wasn’t Cindy.

This was Cindy’s mom.

This was Kelly.

He was fucking Kelly’s ass.

Then he felt himself blow a load inside of her, just as she came on his dick. She cried and screamed into her pillow as he came inside of his girlfriends mother. His realization didn’t stop his pace. Her hips bucked and milked his cock as he fucked her senseless. She shook and groaned, he grunted and hissed. He pumped her plump rump until he had nothing left. As he was settling down and his thrusts slowed, she was still shaking and rocking. He saw her turn her head to look at him with something between a smile and a grimace, biting the pillow and shivering with delight. Once he saw her face he knew for certain who she was. There was no mistaking it. They stared at each other for a time. Both settling down from the intense experience.

He heard the cracking of twigs, and footsteps on dead leaves.

“Cindy’s coming back.” Kelly whispered. There was fear in her eyes.

Fred rolled back to his sleeping back and pretended to be asleep just in time. He was motionless as he heard Cindy zip in an whisper low, “Mom?” then a sigh, “You always get so lost,” There was a giggle and some shuffling as he heard Kelly get dressed quickly and apologize before leaving the tent. Cindy finished, “Jeez, what if Fred had noticed?” Fred was motionless and tired to act asleep.

“Hey, Fred? You awake?” Fred didn’t say a word. Cindy gave a sigh of relief before settling into her bag.

“Maybe next time we can go to the mountains!” Cindy said on the drive back. She was in the back, Kelly was driving, and Fred was stiff as a board sitting in the passengers seat, trying not to look at Kelly for too long. Every time he did she’d look back with a knowing smile, or worse, a playful wink. “I know you got bitten up a lot, but I promise next time will be better.” She looked to her mother, “And I know it’s a bit different without dad.”

“I don’t know,” Kelly said with a smile, “I think this trip went great!” She tried to look towards Fred. He gulped, “I can’t wait for the next one!” She giggled, “I’ve missed this.”

“Me too!” Cindy smiled. “What do you think Fred?”

“I, uh, I think,” He failed to resist Kelly’s gaze. Her look was questioning, curious, and hopeful, “I think I could get used to it. I guess.” Kelly gave a smug smirk as she continued to drive.

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