Ocak 20, 2021

Campaign Worker

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It has been two weeks since my sexual adventure with Angie and Billy and I can’t get it out of my mind. I haven’t seen Angie since that day but I see her mother, Sarah, frequently. When speaking with her I can’t help but picture me licking her sweet daughter’s pussy and I get wet every time.

Since then I have followed my normal daily routine. My husband, David, has been in Europe on business for the last three weeks and I am lonesome. I just returned from my morning aerobic workout at the health club and I am sitting in front of the computer about to enjoy a mind blasting climax as I buck on the fingers that I have sawing in and out of my ass and pussy. I am engrossed in my daily masturbation session while reading a story on my favorite porn site, Literotica. An older woman has just seduced a college girl into lesbian sex and they are involved in a hot sixty nine. My feet are on the desk and I raise my ass off the chair and I let out a loud moan as I experience a shuddering climax.

As I slump back into the chair I hear the door bell ring. Oh shit! I have to answer that. I am expecting a package from UPS and they will not leave it unless I sign. I remove my hands and loudly slurp my frothy and thick cunt sauce into my mouth. I love to eat cum. I throw my house coat on and walk down stairs, with my pussy squishing every step of the way, through the foyer and to the front door.

I try to compose myself as I open the door. Standing there is a beautiful blonde haired girl wearing a blue George Bush for president t-shirt. She is tall, but not as tall as me, with clear blue eyes.

“My name is Ann Wharndahl and I am with the George Bush re-election campaign. We are asking for contributions for his election.”

“My name is Betty. Would you like to come in for a minute? It is awfully hot outside”

“Yes Maam, I don’t mind if I do.” She said with a beautiful full mouthed smile.

Her teeth are white and sparkling in the mid-day sun. Her bottom lip is full and pouty. My first thought was that I would like to taste this beautiful girl’s pussy. I do know that I am a nasty girl and at this moment an incredibly horny one. I am shaking and have not fully come down from my climax. I know that I am panty less and my naked pussy is overflowing. My thick pussy sauce is leaking down the inside of my thighs and into my ass. My face is still flushed and moist and I hope that she does not notice.

I suggested,”Let’s move to the kitchen if you don’t mind and we can talk.”

“Yes Maam! That’s fine with me. You certainly have a nice home.” Ann said with a beautiful smile.

“Oh, thank you! Would you like a coke or something to drink?” I asked.

“Water would be fine.”She answered.

I poured us both a glass of cold water and I sat opposite her at the dining table. Damn but she was beautiful. Her hair was long and in addition to the Bush t-shirt she had on a pair of loose fitting white shorts. She had a flat tummy and a slender body. Her legs were long and firm. The look of her made my mouth begin to salivate and I swallowed. I decided right then that I was going to make a proposition to her. After all I didn’t know her and she didn’t know me. We were perfect strangers. This situation certainly fit my criteria for possible sex partners.

“Are you a college student Ann and how old are you? I asked.

“Yes maam I am. I attend the University of Minnesota and I am twenty. I took the semester off to campaign for President Bush.”

“Do they pay you to do this?”I asked.

“Only expenses,” was her answer.

“Are your parents paying your way through college?”I inquired.

“No Maam. I have a grant that pays tuition and room and board and I work part time to make spending money. It’s a tough way to go but I’m going to make it.”She replied with a determined look on her face.

I sensed and opening and said.”You are an extremely attractive girl, Ann. Would you like to have lunch with me?”

“Thank you Miss Betty! I would like that if you really don’t mind. It’s almost noon and I am famished. I was just about to take a lunch break.”She answered with that beautiful smile.

“How much time do you have?”

“We don’t follow a schedule but I have to meet with the group at about two o’clock.”

I decided to go for broke and followed with,”Then we have time. I have a proposition for you so please listen carefully to me and please try not to be offended by what I say. I am going to write a check in the amount of $250 for the Bush campaign.”

“Wow! That is a generous amount.”She exclaimed.

“And I will give you $300.00 cash for your personal use,” I said and then waited for her response.

With a puzzled look on her face she asked, “Why the additional money for me?”

“I want something in return Ann.”

“And what is that, Miss Betty?”

“I want you to eat my pussy.” I answered.

A shocked look came over her face and she asked. “Are you serious?”

“Yes I am. Have you ever eaten pussy before?

Her indignant response was, “No! Never! I can’t believe güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri that you asked me that. Why did you?”

“Ann, baby,I find you attractive and I want to make love with you. This is a perfect situation for both of us. We are total strangers and no one will ever know what we do here. The Bush campaign benefits and you make a little extra spending money. I’ll bet you’ve thought about making it with a girl. Don’t tell me that you aren’t at least a little bit interested.”

“Are you a lesbian?”She asked.

My indignant reply was,”No! I am a happily married woman with two children and I do not intend to ever screw that up. I ate my first pussy about two weeks ago and I liked it. I have discovered that I just like sex period. I still love a big, hard cock but I like to eat pussy too. If you decide to accept my offer you will too. Believe me.”

“Miss Betty, If I leave right now can I still have the Bush contribution?”

My answer was,”The offer is all or nothing and I’ll bet that your pussy is wet thinking about it. When you came to my door I was up stairs masturbating and I just had a fantastic orgasm. My pussy is dripping wet and I would like to see your pretty little mouth lick me clean. What do you say Annie girl?”

With a perplexed look on her beautiful face she said,”I can’t believe that this is happening to me. That you are talking to me this way. I can’t believe that I am even considering your offer. I should leave but that is a big contribution and I can certainly use the money. I do find this situation strangely exciting and I am turned on. And yes! My pussy is wet. I think that you are a beautiful woman and the thought of licking your pussy does interest me. But I have never done anything like this before. If I do are you sure that no one will ever know?”

In an attempt to put her at ease I said,”No one will ever know pretty girl. I certainly won’t tell. I don’t want to screw my marriage up but I want you bad.”

A flushed look came over her face and she said,”I’m afraid. Doing this would be naughty but the thought does excite me. I have thought about doing this before but I never thought the opportunity would arise. Damn! I could sure use that spending money. I can’t believe that I am even considering it. I feel so naughty. It must be the suddenness of it. I never expected this to happen to me. If you are certain that no one will know. Alright, but you will have to show me what to do.”

I stood up and walked to the kitchen counter. I looked back over my shoulder at her and said. “Come over here naughty girl and kneel down behind me. Do exactly as I say and come get you lunch.”

Ann dutifully stood and tentatively began walking toward me. I leaned over the counter and rested my upper body on it. I looked back as she kneeled down. I bunched my house coat around my waist completely exposing my ass and pussy to her. I heard her gasp and say. “I have never looked at a pussy before. You are so wet.”

“Lick it pretty girl. Lick it with your whole tongue. Put that beautiful face in it.” I demanded.

Without hesitation she leaned forward and licked the length of my twat with a flat tongue.

I shuddered and gasped, “That’s it Annie. Lick it good girl. Taste my thick pussy sauce. Is it good girl?

“Oh yes Miss Betty! I like the taste. I can’t believe that I am doing this. Your sauce is so thick. It tastes so good. I love the way your pussy smells. I’m so fucking turned on. So fucking hot! I want to make it good for you” She began to suck and slurp noisily at my love box.

“Oh suck it baby, yes that’s it, suck it.” Her breathing had grown heavier and I felt her hands move to caress my ass cheeks. I spread my legs wider and bent my knees a little to give her better access. I lifted the top of my body and removed my coat. I looked down between my legs and I could see a large damp spot in the crotch of her shorts.

As I lay back on the counter top the feel of the cold tiles on my hard nipples sent shock waves down to my pussy. Ann began to suck my pussy lips into her mouth and I began to move my ass in a slow pumping motion. Her tongue parted my lips and she slowly worked down to my clit with a loud slurping sound. My, unusually long, cock like, clit was protruding. She was getting into it and so was I. I can’t believe that this beautiful girl, who I just met, is eating my pussy.

“Suck my clit little girl. Suck Miss Betty’s clit. I orgasm in multiples, so don’t stop. Damn it baby you are going to make me cum.”

Ann began to lick and suck my clit with a vengeance as she sensed that I was near. She moved her hands to my hips and pulled my pussy tight to her face and sucked and slurped loudly.

I started to buck my hips as I shoved my cunt into her face and I gasped, “Ohhhh Yessssss, Oh God Yessss.” Bucking harder, “You have your whole face in it. Yessss Baby Yessss. Fuck Yessss, I’mmmm Cumming!”

I stopped bucking and I could feel my hips and body quiver. Ann continued to slowly and lovingly lick the juice from the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri folds of my pussy.

“Annie baby you did good. Did you enjoy licking Miss Betty’s pussy?”

Gasping for breath she replied, “I can’t believe I made you cum. I sucked you to orgasm and you came so much. Your juice is so thick and good. I love the taste so much I can’t stop licking.”

“Please don’t. We are not finished yet. Move your tongue higher.”

Ann moved her tongue higher until she was at the lowest part of my pussy.

“Oh no baby, move your tongue higher.”

She did not completely understand and started kissing and licking the cheeks of my ass. By the way she licked I could tell that the feel of my cheeks on her mouth excited her. I reached down between my legs and started to rub my clit.

“That’s it baby girl, now lick my asshole.”I directed.

Annie hesitated, but for only a second, and moved her mouth to my asshole. As soon as her tongue touched me there I let out a moan, “Ohhhh yessss pretty baby, ohhhh yessss that’s what I like. Yesssssss. That’s what Miss Betty likes.”

She started flicking her tongue across it. My hips stated to rotate and buck a little as I fingered my clit furiously.

“God yes Annie. God yesss do my ass baby.”

Encouraged by my words she put her mouth over my asshole and started French kissing it. This sent me into a frenzy and I began to buck harder. She again grabbed me by both hips and pulled my ass into her face. Her mouth was tight on my asshole now as she tongue fucked me as I bucked. She would nibble the tight rim of my hole and then suck and deeply tongue it. I furiously fingered my clit and bucked as she devoured my asshole.


I came again as I quivered violently. I slumped forward on the counter and relaxed for a moment. I then slowly straightened up and turned to look at her. She was still on her knees and looking up at me. That pretty face was flushed and slick with my pussy juice.

She smiled at me with a slightly dazed look on her face and asked, “I licked your asshole. I can’t believe I did that. I am a nasty girl. I French kissed your asshole and loved doing it. I made you come. Was it good Miss Betty?”

“Yes it was pretty girl. My legs are still shaking. That was the best orgasm that I have ever experienced. Let’s go upstairs and get you cleaned up. It looks like you have made a mess in your shorts.”

“Miss Betty, I am so hot! My pussy is on fire. I have never been turned on like this in my life. I had an orgasm too while I was being nasty licking your ass. I don’t want to stop. I want you to do me.”

I grabbed her by the hands and lifted her up. I led her up the stairs to my computer room which joins our master bed room. She let me lead her to the bedroom. When we entered I sat on the edge of the bed while she stood directly in front of me.

“Now take your clothes off I want to see that beautiful body.” Ann did not hesitate and quickly pulled her shirt over her head then reached behind her back and undid her bra. She let it slip off her shoulders and down to the floor. Her tits were beautiful and firm. They were about the size of an apple with long pointed nipples that were as hard as an eraser on a pencil. My little baby girl was still deeply aroused.

I reached up and pulled her to me and I said, “Slow down a little and let me taste those pretty little tits.”

As she leaned forward I fastened my mouth on one of those turgid nipples and begin to gently suck. I flicked it with my tongue and begin to gently bite at it with my teeth.

Ann gasped and said, “Oh sweet Jesus that feels good. Bite my nipples Miss Betty. Suck my titties!”

Her words of encouragement spurred me on and I begin to suck hard on her nipples as I switched from one to the other. I would try to take as much of her tit as I could into my mouth as I sucked and nibbled. I looked up and her mouth was hanging open and a combination of my pussy juice and saliva was dripping from the corners. Her large pouty bottom lip was swollen and appeared to be bruised from licking my pussy and ass. God, she was beautiful! I had to taste that bottom lip. I stood up and took it between my lips and began to gently suck. Her tongue reached out and licked at my upper lip and nose so I released her lip and took her probing tongue into my mouth. I could taste my juices on her tongue and I sucked it harder. I then slid my tongue into her mouth and she began to suck it. Annie was really turned on and I thought that she would suck it right out of my mouth.

I pulled back and gasped, “Take off your bottoms. I want to see your pussy.” Without hesitation we both grasped her shorts at the waist and pulled them down. Ann was wearing a pair of full sized, light blue cotton panties. The crotch was completely soaked with her secretions and almost transparent. I could clearly see the outline of her pussy. Her juices were almost güvenilir bahis şirketleri dripping from the cloth.

I said, “Stop pretty baby, I need to taste those panties.”

I leaned forward as I pulled her crotch to me and I licked the front of her panties. The taste was ambrosia. I sucked the material into my mouth and savored the taste of her juices.

Annie gasped and said, “Sweet Jesus! My pussy is on fire! Eat my pussy Miss Betty. Eat it now.”

I pulled her panties off and sat her on the edge of the bed. I then grabbed her behind the knees and pushed her legs back until they touched her shoulders. Her pussy was wide open and beautiful with full swollen lips. Her juices were flowing and running into the crack of her ass. Little Annie was indeed on fire.

I kneeled between her legs and said, “I’m going to lick you good baby girl. I’m going to devour that beautiful pussy.”

I was hungry for her pussy and I did not waste any time. I kissed and licked my way down the inside of her thighs and she began make little gasping sounds as she waited to have her pussy licked for the first time. I put my hands on the inside of her thighs and forced her legs further apart and I then slowly licked the length of her dripping cunt from her asshole to her clit. Ann shook with a little mini-orgasm.

I licked the full length of her pussy over an over, hard and slow, making it as noisy as I could. I slurped loudly as I swallowed her sweet nectar. Ambrosia! I was in pussy heaven. I had my whole face in it and my face and chin were soaking wet. I was salivating like mad and my spit added to the concoction. I couldn’t get enough and I licked her over and over and she kept shuddering, putting her hands on the top of my head as if she were afraid that I might stop. Her clit was hard and distended. It was almost as long as mine. I stuck one finger into her pussy and moved up to her clit and began to suck her little cock.

Annie bucked hard into my face and screamed, “I’M GOING TO CUM BABY! Eat my pussy! Suck my fucking clit!

Then she began to chant loudly, “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God. That’s it! Suck it hard Miss Betty. Ohhh Yessss, Oh Yesss I’m cummminnng! And screamed. FUCK YES! I’MMM CUMMMMING!

I was sucking and slurping loudly on her clit as she bucked into my face. As she finished Cumming she relaxed and her body kind of slumped into the bed. A combination of her pussy juice and my saliva had leaked down to her pretty little asshole. I took one of my fingers and gently lubricated it. I continued to languidly lick her pussy as I stuck my finger into her ass. She gasped as I pressed my finger in, slowly until it was buried knuckle deep in her tight little ass. I then slid my finger in and out of her hole steadily as I resumed sucking her pussy.

Almost immediately she became rigid and started bucking again and began to scream, “YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM AGAIN! THAT’S IT FINGER FUCK MY ASSHOLE. FUCK IT HARD SWEET BABY! I’M GOING TO DIE CUMMING! OHHHH SHHITT I’M CUMMMIINNNG!

I pulled my finger from her ass and gave her pussy one long lick then I stood up, released her legs, and she slumped exhausted into the bed.

“Ann, get up on all fours and stay on the edge of the bed I’m not through with you yet. I want to eat that tight ass.”

She did as told and got on her hands and knees on the bed. Then looked back at me and said, “Eat my ass pretty lady. I can’t get enough of this good shit. Tongue fuck me baby.”

I dropped to my knees and gave her sopping wet pussy a long lick from her clit to her asshole. When my tongue hit her asshole she jumped like she’d been hit with electricity. I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer and started licking her asshole. I rolled my tongue up and tried to stick it as far as it would go. She was writhing and moved her fingers to her clit and started to rub. She spasmed a couple of times against my face and then started to buck hard. She was going to cum again.

Ann started making all kinds of noises. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh God I’m gonna cum again. I can’t believe that you are tongue fucking my ass. Deeper, Miss Betty, deeper and harder. French kiss my ass you bitch! Tongue fuck it, tongue fuck my ass. FUCK YES, I’M CUMMMINNNG!

She fell exhausted on her side and lay there panting as she tried to come down from her sexual high. But I wasn’t through yet I had this overwhelming desire to really fuck her. At that moment I wished I had a long, hard cock to stick in her sweet little pussy. Since that wasn’t possible I decided to do the next best thing. We could rub our pussies together.

I scissored my legs between hers until our bottoms touched. I put my hands behind me for support and I bucked into her. Our clits touched and she also begin to buck into me. As our clits touched I pressed my pussy to hers and we begin to rub our clits over one another, together, reveling in the pleasure. Our pussies were unbelievably wet and as we slid them together we made sloppy sloshing noises.

I made up my mind that I needed to buy a good strap on. I grabbed her ankle and ground my pussy into hers. I then humped her slightly and ground her again. She was bucking and grinding as our clits rubbed together. She moaned and mewed and whimpered as she ground that pretty, swollen and sopping wet pussy into mine. I was about to cum again when Ann begin to talk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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