Mart 17, 2021

Camp Encounter

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There I was lying in bed in camp, again.

At least as a I supervisor I was only forced to share with three others. They gave us a room with six bunks for the four of us. From the onset we shifted the furniture around in order give ourselves some extra space, with a few extra boards and some sheets we rigged up little rooms. It was a group of grown men making forts in their bedrooms.

It was a Saturday and the company was throwing a little shindig; we had been here over a month and the stress level had been slowly building. There was some steam to blow off.

I snuck out early in order to call home and have a few moments of quiet time in my little fort. My fellow bunk mates were still enjoying the fun and the room was silent. After a nice long silent hot shower, a rarity in camp, I climbed into bed and started to drift off.

Not long after all the lights went out I heard the door open and light from the hallway spilled in; I didn’t think much of it, camp life is never totally quiet. I didn’t even bother to ask or open my eyes.

The door was silently closed, silent footsteps, and then the feeling of air movement as my sheet door was moved.

There was a thief in my room! I didn’t move; let him turn on my light before I beat him senseless.

I lay there on my back, bahis firmaları quietly waiting for the light or the sound of drawers opening, but nothing.

Nothing was happening, they were just standing there; were they deciding what to take? What to do?

Then I heard the sound of rustling clothes, the crumple of a robe, and a soft hand touches my arm. A woman’s hand sliding up my arm and the gentle settling of weight on the edge of my bed.

Heat next to my ear and a whisper “Shhh, just enjoy this.”

My hand is placed on a thigh and guided up to the crease of a groin. My index finger placed into the moist outer folds of a pussy. Slowly my finger is moved back and forth, tantalizing her smooth lips, slick with her pussy juice. She grinds against my fingers, they slip into her inner lips as my thumb presses on her clit.

A soft moan escapes her lips, she stiffens, and I feel a rush of hot sticky cum as she enjoys a quiet orgasm. The blankets are slowly pulled back and a hand glides down my stomach to rest on my groin. My cock swells under the touch of her warm hand. She gently squeezes and tugs my cock through my shorts.

My hand is moved up to grasp a breast, a nice heavy breast. It fills my hand; I feel an erect nipple, a pleasure bud, through a thin layer of material. kaçak iddaa A t-shirt.

She moans as I squeeze her breast, gently rolling her nipple between my fingers and clutches my cock.

I recognize the voice, a clerk from the camp office.

She shifts positions and my shorts are slide down. I feel the warmth of her mouth hover above my rigid cock. Her tongue darts out and licks my engorged head. My cock jumps and she catches it in mouth. My head is surrounded by her lips, wrapped in her hot mouth, she gently sucks, one hand holding my hips in place, and the other kneading my jizz filled sac. It had been awhile.

Slowly I feel the warmth spread by my cock as she takes in all in. Her lips touch the root, her nose my stomach, my cock buried in her throat.

I try to push it deeper, the involuntary thrust, but she holds me in place.

With deliberate steady stokes she pistons my cock with her hand, in and out of her mouth. Rubbing her warm saliva into my balls, massaging my sack, urging my cum to geyser.

I forced myself be quiet as she continues to blow me. Then she stops. Carefully she slips her lips off my cock and lowers it onto my stomach. The sudden cold air against my rod makes me shudder.

I feel her weight shift as she moves higher up my body. She lowers kaçak bahis herself onto me, placing my slippery cock in between her soaked outer pussy lips; nestled into her moist folds but not penetrating her hot pussy.

Slowly her hips shift forward until my head is enveloped in her pussy lips, then shifts back, grinding her clit against my cock. Her pussy juices mixing with her saliva as she rocks back and forth. Her inner folds grip my cock tighter than her mouth. Grabbing my hands she grasps her tits, mashing our fingers against her still covered flesh.

Back and forth she rocks, her breathing quickens, as I feel the pressure build in my sac.



With her hips forward she lifts gently and drives back, impaling my cock in her pussy. Her ass slaps my balls, her pussy clenches in orgasm; waves of pleasure kneading my cock. I can’t hold it and explode.

I grab her hips as my orgasm spasms through me. I fill her with shot after shot of cum. Each blast causing her pussy to clench as another wave of pleasure hits her.

She arches her back as the waves subside, my cock twitching in her pussy, our juices slowly leaking out the sides of her quivering pussy lips. She leans forward; I feel her hair fall and touch my face. The smell of mango shampoo, sweat, and sex fills my nose. Her lips touch my ear,

“Thank you”

Her weight shifts off the bed, the rustle of fabric, doorknob turning, light from the hallway, darkness.

Wow, only six more weeks left in camp.

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