Mart 22, 2021

Cable Man

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Called the cable company the other day – for some reason the television wasn’t working so they said they would send someone out later that day. I knew I would be waiting for hours, and since I didn’t dare leave the house in case he arrived, I decided to pamper myself a little.

I took a nice long hot bubble bath, slathering lotion all over my body, took great care in shaving my pussy, noticing as I was putting the shaving cream down there my fingers strayed to my clit for small lengths of time. Lying in the hot steamy water drifting and dreaming I was totally content and relaxed. I decided I better get out before I feel asleep and turned into a prune! So I stood and wrapped a large warm fluffy towel around me, tucking it in at the top of my breasts.

I moved from the bathroom into my bedroom looking for something soft to wear. The bath had felt so good I really didn’t want to put anything on but who walks around their house naked! I found a silky red slip type dress with spaghetti straps and put that on. No panties – a bit daring but my body felt so smooth to my touch and the silk felt as if it was caressing all parts of me, I just couldn’t bear the thought of pulling on a pair of cotton undies!

I wandered antalya escort around the house for a few minutes, watching the clock, waiting for the damn cable man, bored and, yes I guess I could admit it, horny as hell. I decided to fix myself a drink. I poured some Jack Daniels into a glass and added some coke and some ice. I stirred the drink with my finger sucking on it to get all the mixture oft. Just then the door ball rang. I walked to the door to open it and saw you, in your cable uniform, tall, and sexy, tired from the long day. Your eyes were down reading the clipboard in your hand and as your head raised up to speak to me; a smile appeared on your face that made your eyes crinkle in amusement. I watched you look me up and down, saw that you were as impressed with me as I was with you, and without a word I moved to the side to let you in.

I shut the door behind you as you stepped into the living room. My pussy was moist from the look I saw in your eyes and I knew I was going to have to control my thoughts and actions. Damn, never should have fixed this drink! See alcohol makes me do things I might normally not even consider doing. Oh boy I was in trouble. I could smell your scent from where I lara escort stood – it was a combination of sweat and after-shave – and it made my skin tingle in anticipation of all the possibilities before me. I was hoping you didn’t realize how you were affecting me.

You asked me to show you where the cable problem was, you stepped aside, and I know you watched my ass as I began to walk down the hallway to my bedroom. I thought how convenient and I am damn glad the one in the living room isn’t having problems! Not knowing if I should stay or go while you checked the connection on my TV, I decided to hang out and watch you work, standing in the doorway, stirring my jd and coke with my finger, and drinking small sips, as my mind wandered to all the nasty little things I wanted you to do to me. The ice had almost melted by now, but one piece remained, which I took from the glass, put it into my mouth, and sucked on it- a habit I have. No matter what I’m drinking I always seem to suck on the ice. Never crunch the ice mind you, that means you’re sexually frustrated. hmmmmmm maybe I should be crunching away right now!

I didn’t realize this would call attention to me – you looked so busy trying side escort to work on my TV- but your head raised and your eyes bore into mine as you watched my lips slowly suck the cube into my mouth. my face reddened as I felt the heat of your eyes staring at me – my body outlined in the doorway from the light in the hallway. my body began to tremble and my pulse raced as I watched you walk over to me. you stood so near me I could feel your hot breath on my cheek – asking for a glass of water – I left the room and went to the kitchen. God I better get myself together – you were making my pussy hotter than it ever had been before and I hadn’t even felt your touch or your tongue yet. God I hoped I would feel all of you touching my body before the night was thru.

I flicked some water in my face from your glass to cool me down – the JD and coke had given me a slight buzz by now so as moved a little too quickly into my bedroom and smashed into your chest grabbing your shoulders thinking I might fall. Your arms went around my waist to catch me (is that why you did it?) and pulled me tight against you. I could feel your cock straining to be released from your jeans and I am sure you noticed my nipples were hard. My tongue went involuntarily to my lips, licking them in a slow sensuous circle before slowly retreating back into my mouth. Your eyes never once left my tongue – I heard you take a deep breath as we both realized how close we were. I whispered one word to you…Please.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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