Ocak 27, 2021

Busting Broncos Pt. 03

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I’d been living with daddy and Uncle Cody for six months. Daddy had almost completely recovered from his accident and was working full days on the ranch again. The three of us had settled into a companionable sexual relationship and it was a rare week that went by that I didn’t spend at least one night with both of their big cocks pounding me at each end and squirting a load up my ass and down my throat. And when I wasn’t servicing their dicks, I still had Steve’s hard cock and Tony’s hot ass hole to appease. Daddy and Uncle Tony were both still sucking and fucking each other and Cody was also fucking Tony’s ass on a regular basis. It’s a wonder that any work ever got done at all.

I had gone into town that afternoon to pick up the weekly groceries. I’d taken over pretty much all of the domestic duties and I didn’t mind at all. I assigned Steve and Tony weekly chores and they knew better than to not do them. I got along peaceably enough with the two of them but I still would never trust them.

After I’d done the shopping I was carrying my bags out to the truck when I ran into the infamous Reverend Green. He was a local character whom everyone in town knew and tried to avoid. A stick thin figure who looked to be in his eighties, he was always dressed in rusty black with wild white hair and a wilder expression. He made hell-fire fundamentalists look like Boy Scouts.

He stepped in front of me, raised his bible in his hand and said, “You’re on your way to Hell!”

I don’t know why he had picked me to be the local poster boy of fagdom, but he had. I hadn’t even been in town two weeks before he started singling me out for hellfire and destruction. I wasn’t alone, though. He had had the sheriff called on him for harassing a shy young woman who’d just lost her first pregnancy, calling her a baby killer and abortionist. The woman who drove the school bus was regularly called a foul daughter of Lesbos, even though she’d been married for the past 30 years to the owner of the service station. The Reverend had recently been dragged out of the middle of the main street where he’d gotten down on his knees to implore God to rain destruction on the town like he’d done to Sodom. And, he was starting to get on my nerves.

“Actually, I’m on my way home to fix supper.” I told him.

“You’re an unnatural sodomite, condemned to burn in hell in a lake of molten lava for all eternity.” he shouted.

“Then I hope I remember my asbestos Speedo.” I answered, pushing past him to the truck. By now, a few people had stopped to watch and laugh at him. He was oblivious.

“Save your soul, sinner!” he yelled even louder.

“Save your breath, asshole” I replied and started the truck.

It was common talk around town that Reverend Green had been ousted as pastor of the church that he himself had founded. Even his parishioners had grown to loathe him, which only seemed to make him even more fanatical.

He’d worked himself into a foaming rant as I pulled away. Just another day in the life.

I decided to stop by the sheriff’s office on my way home as a reward for not popping the crazy old bastard in the nose. The sheriff and I had been fuck buddies almost since I’d moved to town. I regularly spent a night or more a week at his place, sucking and riding his big beautiful cock.

When I walked into the office he said, “I was just thinking about you.”

He moved his chair to the side of the desk as that I could see his stiff fat cock snaking down the leg of his uniform pants.

“I thought I’d stop by for lunch.” I said.

He smiled at me and said, “I don’t see a lunch box.”

“The box I intend to have for lunch is already here.” I said.

I locked the office door, turned his sign around that said “Out to Lunch” and lowered the shades. He’d already unbuttoned his shirt and shrugged it off and was now pulling down his tight uniform pants, made even more difficult by the long thick piece of meat springing from his crotch.

I walked over and sank to my knees in front of him. His hard dick was one of the most beautiful I’d ever seen, perfectly proportioned. It arched up in a thick ivory column, blue veins visible under the smooth skin. The fat head was pale pink and had a thick flange that I loved to feel rubbing against the roof of my mouth. His long ball sack held two balls the size of chicken’s eggs and I knew that they were a never ending reservoir of jizz. You could have probably filled a 55 gallon drum with all of the juice I’d worked out of those beauties in the past months.

I looked up at his muscular chest from between his wide spread legs. I could smell his intoxicating aroma of cock and balls and my mouth began to water. I reached up and pinched his pointed little nipples at the same time that I lowered my mouth over his tasty cock.

“Jesus Christ,” he said, “no matter how many times you suck my cock it always feels like the first time.”

“That’s because I’m always as hungry for it as much as I was the first time.” I replied.

I loved the bahis firmaları taste of his precum, it was sweet and had a spring like flavor, and I sucked at his piss hole to get the juice in his piss channel. I knew that my lips sucking on the tip of his cock drove him nuts. I teased him a bit, tonguing the hot hole and forcing my tongue into it until I had his cock as hard as granite. Then, I began sucking his cock.

Even though the piece of meat was thick I could easily slide it down my throat. He laid back and watched me service his steaming cock. I bobbed my head up and down, swallowing his cock until my nose rested against his pubic hair. He loved it when I deep throated his cock at the same time as I thrust out my tongue and licked at his balls. He was squirming in his chair with delight.

I slid my throat up and down over the hard shaft, enjoying the taste of the cock I’d grown to know so well.

He gripped the arms of the chair, body stiff, and let me feast on him for as long as I wanted.

Even he couldn’t hold out forever against such an expert blowjob, though. I felt the meaty head swelling in my throat and I knew he was on the verge of cumming. I backed off until only the head filled my mouth, just as the first spurts of juice erupted from his piss hole. As the tasty treat filled my mouth, I sucked as hard as I could, forcing the fluid up and out of the tube in his cock. He’d told me once that it made cumming twice as intense when I did that.

I sucked the meaty organ until I’d drained every drop out of his balls, then I rested it against my cheek and looked up at him. His head was thrown back, eyes closed and I watched him come down from the high I’d given him. He finally opened his eyes and looked down at me between his hard thighs, his softening dick caressing my cheek.

“Holy fuck, you make it feel like you’re sucking the marrow right out of my bones.” he said.

“Flattery will get you anywhere.” I replied. “I wish I could have eaten your ass hole for a while first but I just couldn’t wait.”

“You’re enough to kill an old man.” he said. “They’re going to find me laying here in my chair with my cock still hard, stone cold dead one of these days.”

“And the whole town will wonder why you died with such a big smile.”

He shrugged back into his shirt and began to pull his pants back up, tucking my play toy out of sight.

“I ought to arrest you for sexual assault.” he said.

“You’ve already had me in custody and used your big night stick on me several times.” I replied. “Do you think I’d complain?”

He stood up, as did I, and he walked over to raise his window blinds.

“Did you just come in to take advantage of me?” he asked.

“You know I can’t drive by your office without needing some of my favorite cock.” I said.

I walked over to the door and as I was about to exit he said, “Will I see you one night this week?”

“You’re darn tootin.” I said. “And I’m not going to go so easy on you next time, either.”

I walked out to the truck and climbed in, the sheriff watching me with a faint smile the whole time.

Driving home, I thought about how much my life had improved in recent months. Then, up ahead, I saw the Reverend walking home along the shoulder of the road.

* * * * * *

Later that afternoon, I was out in front washing the truck when the sheriff pulled up. He got out and stretched and I said, “You’re looking for round two already?”

“No, this time I’m here on business.” he said. “About your neighbor up the road, the Reverend.”

“Are you finally going to arrest the old bastard and have him committed?” I asked.

“No need, now.” the sheriff said. “He was walking along the road and it looks like someone came up behind him in their car and bounced his ass into oblivion. He probably never knew what hit him. I needed to know if you’ve seen any strange cars ripping and running around here today.”

“I’ve pretty much been in the back since I got home.” I said. “Didn’t anybody see anything?”

“Nobody. We’ll probably never know what happened.”

“Well, I haven’t seen any strangers while I’ve been out here.” I said. “What happens now?”

“I’ve got the name of some relatives of his; they call occasionally to see if he’s still raising hell. I guess I’ll give them a call and see what they want to do with him.”

“You know you can give me a call if I can help in any way.” I told him.

“I intend to do just that, one night later in the week. After my balls refill.”

I walked over close to him and cupped his big nuts in my hand.

“I bet I could get a load out of them with no problem, right now.” I told him.

He backed away, grinning, and said, “Time for me to get back to work before I forget why I came out here.”

He climbed into his car and I sucked my finger into my mouth as he watched, then backed out and headed down the road with a wave.

That night at dinner I told the others the news. Nobody seemed to be upset when they heard.

“He kaçak iddaa used to have a sweet wife but she ran off when she couldn’t handle anymore.” daddy said. “I doubt anyone will even show up for the funeral.”

“I intend to be there, it’s the least I can do.” I said.

We sat out on the porch for awhile after I’d cleaned up the supper mess and finally all went to bed. I drifted off almost immediately for a change and didn’t wake until almost dawn. I could hear the springs bouncing in Uncle Cody’s room, so I knew that Tony was getting another helping of Cody’s huge cock up his ass. I lay there wondering if Tony knew that daddy’s dick was even bigger and thicker than Cody’s.

After everyone had eaten breakfast and gone out to work I cleaned up and changed my clothes. The Reverend’s house was only about a mile from us down the road toward town and by cutting through the brushy fields that paralleled the road; I was able to arrive there in less than 20 minutes.

As I suspected, the back door was unlocked. Nobody in that town ever thought to lock their doors, except me.

I let myself in and looked around. Amazingly, the house was showroom clean, he must have spent hours scrubbing and cleaning. Even more amazing was the furniture I saw.

When I had been younger I had had a sometime fuck buddy, an older man who dealt in antiques. He specialized in what was then a fairly new thing termed “Mid-Century Modern”. The Reverend’s house looked like a showroom for that dealer and everything looked to be in pristine, brand new condition. I know now that what I was seeing was the cream of the crop, items designed by big name designers like Eames, Wormley and others. Out in the middle of nowhere was a cache that a New York dealer would murder his mother to get his hands on.

I knew that somewhere in the house, I’d find the Reverend’s secret hiding place. People like him always have one, it’s where they keep the things that they’d never want anyone to know they have. I did a quick scan of the rooms, looking for anything unusual that might give his spot away but nothing leapt out at me.

It took a bit of time and searching but I finally found what I was looking for. I was in the bedroom, walking around the end of the bed when I felt one of the floor boards shift slightly under my foot. When I pulled back the area rug I could see where three of the boards had been cut and removed and then carefully fitted back in place. Using a butter knife from the kitchen I was able to pry the first one out and the other two simply lifted up so that I could peer down into the space. I had found the Reverend’s secret hiding place.

The first object that met my eye was a handgun. I lifted it out and saw that it was a 9mm Smith and Wesson. When I checked, I found that it was fully loaded. Under that was a small stack of porno magazines. Not just any type…these were particularly nauseating child pornography. I set them to one side without even opening them. Beneath them was a brown envelope filled with old Polaroid photos of the Reverend participating in a wide variety of sexual acts with men, women and children. When he had been younger, he’d been an attractive man with a big thick cock. I was glad that he was dead.

Best of all, under those things I found a cardboard shoe box and when I opened it, it was stuffed full of money. I picked up a couple of sheaves of bills and when I fanned through them, they were all $100 denominations. That would come in even handier than the gun.

Finally, the only thing left was an unopened bottle of Jack Daniels Black. I decided to keep that, too, in case it should come in handy.

From one of the dresser drawers I removed a pillowcase and stuffed my discoveries inside. The porno magazines and photos I laid on the bed.

I still hadn’t checked the night stands’ drawers and another surprise awaited. In one of the drawers were a colossal black dildo and an open jar of Anal-Eze. The Reverend was definitely a much more interesting person than I’d ever given him credit for.

I laughed to myself as I mussed the bed and then arranged the magazines and photos on top of it. In the center, I positioned the dildo and lube. Whoever came to clean up after the Reverend was in for an eye opening tableau.

I left through the back door and walked home through the fields, swinging my bag of goodies. I really needed to think of some way to get my hands on the Reverend’s furniture. I was sure that I could sell it to a dealer and add to my financial nest egg.

When I reached home, I stuffed the pillowcase under my bed and locked my bedroom door. I could wait until later to count the cash, I had lunch to prepare.

When the men came in around noon, I had everything ready and I had even made them a pitcher of fresh squeezed lemonade.

“Been sitting on your ass all morning while we’ve been working?” Steve asked.

“I bet even you would be surprised.” I replied.

After they had eaten and gone back out, I decided to start a pot of beef stew in the slow cooker. kaçak bahis I had just finished preparing it when I heard a car outside in the drive. I went to the door and stepped out onto the porch.

There was an older model SUV parked in the drive and an older lady got out and walked toward me. I could see another lady sitting on the passenger seat.

“I’m sorry to bother you.” she said. “Can you direct us to where the Reverend Green lived?”

“You passed it by.” I replied. “It’s a little ways back down the road toward town. Are you ladies kin to him?”

“We’re his wife’s cousins.” she said. “It seems we’re the only family left, though I’d never claim him as such.”

“I can tell you have been on the road for a while.” I said. “Why don’t the two of you come inside and have some fresh cold lemonade and rest. I’ll take you down to the house personally after you’re feeling revived.”

I could see a look of relief on her face and she said, “Just one minute while I get my sister.”

The two ladies came inside and I seated them on the sofa. They were plain country ladies, dressed in clean worn house dresses and comfortable shoes. I wondered what they’d make of the Reverend’s house.

After I’d gotten them both refreshments, the second lady took a long swallow and said, “It sure is neighborly of you to have us in. Do you live here all by yourself?”

“No, my daddy and uncle and my two brothers live here, too. They’re out with the horses.”

“I can smell that you’re cooking supper.” she said. “That is so nice of you.”

“I’m afraid it’s only beef stew.” I said. “I’m not even sure how it will turn out.”

The first lady stood up and said, “Lead me to it. I’m a hand at cooking.”

I led the two of them to the kitchen and after I handed them both spoons they tasted the stew.

“I’d add just a pinch more salt and pepper.” the second lady said.

“And I always add just a tiny bit of basil to freshen it up.” the first lady said.

I allowed them to season the stew to their taste. I could see they approved.

“If you’re ready, I can drive you down the road in my truck.” I said. “That way, you can rest a tiny bit more before you get there.”

We all trooped out and I helped them into the truck. While driving the short distance I said, “I’m really sorry for your loss.”

“Don’t be.” the first women said. “We barely knew the old coot. He was married to our cousin and I don’t think we ever saw him since the wedding. Even that little bit was enough; he was one of those men with roaming hands, if you know what I mean.”

I suppressed a laugh and said, “That must have been before he got religion.”

“Religion, my eye.” the second lady said. “He was one of Satan’s demons, sure as I sit here. He drove our cousin to an early grave, same as if he’d killed her. That religion stuff was all for show so you wouldn’t know what he was really up to.”

We had arrived and I parked the truck out in front and helped the ladies down. As I had anticipated, the front door was unlocked and I swung it open for them, and then followed them in.

“Lord God,” the first woman said. “This place looks like the back room of a thrift store. That old buzzard must not have bought a stick of furniture after they set up housekeeping. There isn’t even a TV.”

“At least he kept the place clean, I expected a real pig sty.” the second lady said.

The first lady sat on the sofa, a chrome and leather piece I recognized as Eames.

“There’s no even a comfortable seat in here.” she said. “I like a nice fluffy couch, this thing is like a torture rack.”

“I’ll wait right here by the door while the two of you look around.” I said. “Just call if you need me for anything.”

The two of them poked around, tutting and shaking their heads to each other. One sister wandered into the kitchen and the other headed toward the bedroom.

I waited, barely holding in a laugh, until I heard a wail come from the bedroom. The sister in the kitchen rushed to her sister’s aid and I got slowly up and followed. When I came down the short hall, the second sister was holding the first one up and leading her away.

“She needs to get some air.” she told me. “I wouldn’t go in there if I was you.”

“Is there someone here?” I asked.

“Worse.” she said as she led her sister outside.

I waited inside for a minute or two and then I put on my sternest face and went outdoors.

“You ladies just sit here and recover.” I said. “If I can find some gloves, I put all of that in a trash can and burn it and you two can go on looking things over.”

“I’m not going back in that house.” the first woman said. “If that’s what he had out in the open, Lord knows what we’ll find he had hidden.”

“The best thing would be to burn the place down.” the second sister said. “I wouldn’t have anything that belonged to that old pervert. You saw what was in there. Anything that came out of that house would probably have demons attached to it.”

“I say we just hire somebody to haul all of that old junk off and clean the place up to sell.” the first sister said.

“You’ve had a shock.” I said. “Maybe you’d like to go home and rest and come back tomorrow.”

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