Şubat 9, 2021

Buns Ch. 02

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(A continuation of “Buns”. Thanks to all who sent comments.)


She kissed me deeply, swirling her tongue and spreading Paul’s cum all over mine. She finally pulled back, nuzzling my cheeks and allowed Paul to place his cum covered tip on my lips. I opened my eyes and looked again into hers. In that instant, I recognized that my world would never be the same. Then I opened my mouth…

Chapter 2:

Keeping my eyes locked on Sandy’s, I parted my lips and allowed Paul to slide the cum covered head of his thick cock across my tongue.

“Mmmm,” Sandy groaned.

Her own lips slowly parted as she swirled her tongue into the air. I mimicked her actions on the tip of Paul’s length. The flavor was now recognizable to me as semen.

“Hehheh,” Paul laughed as I licked the sensitive glands around his head.

I looked up at the sound and found him gazing down at me. He smiled, acknowledging his pleasure and reached down to caress my cheek as I swallowed his seed. It struck me that there was arrogance to his actions, but I could not identify it clearly at the moment. He pulled himself out of my mouth and sat down on the couch.

Sandy tilted her head and moved in to kiss me, but stopped just before reaching my lips.

“That was so hot,” she murmured.

Her lips touched mine, our mouths opened and our tongues locked in a twisted, swirling embrace. Sandy gently pushed me to the floor on my back and fondled with the buttons on my jeans while continuing our kiss. My cock had fully returned to its aroused state. She managed to undo the jeans and pulled them and my underwear down to my knees. Her hands returned to my face, fondling my chin as she drew her legs up. She forced her toes into the crotch of my Jockeys, stretched her long legs and pushed the rest of my garments down my legs. She finally ended our kiss, sat up and turned to my groin. A smile grew on her as she looked up at Paul sitting on the couch.

“I think Mikey here compares rather favorably to you,” she teased.

Paul’s reaction was lost to me as Sandy leaned over and tongued the head of my proud member. She quickly moved down the shaft, pausing once a few inches down, then slurped down to the base, impaling her tonsils with my cock. It was an incredible sensation. She slowly pulled up a few inches then slammed back down. After repeating the action a few more times, she withdrew and again looked up at Paul.

“That’s how you deep throat big guy,” she announced.

I was slightly annoyed at the attention she was giving him and feeling like I needed to assert myself. I sat up and gently pulled her to me, the sensation of skin on skin casino şirketleri causing me to hesitate for a moment before leaning over to kiss her breasts. Her nipple’s felt sharp against my tongue. I moved my hands down her body, resting them on curve of her hips and then slowly massaging them as I moved up to kiss her lips. I pulled away and gazed directly into those lovely eyes as I dropped my right arm into her groin. I began to softly rub her genitals, slowly increasing the pressure until I extended a finger and began to probe her.

“Mmmmm,” Sandy groaned as my finger found its mark.

I continued to massage her clit while moving down her body. Straddling her legs, I looked down upon her as she slowly writhed about on the floor. Her pussy was shaved, the swollen lips fully visible with no pubes in the way. There was a small, trim triangle of hair pointing down to her clit, almost like a road sign to her pleasure point. I took it literally and bent over to taste her. My tongue took over on her clit while my finger slipped into her moisture. I twisted my wrist back and forth while probing into her, gradually introducing a second finger into my massage.

“Ohhhh, that’s it, that’s it!” she cried as her pelvis shook from her exertions.

I felt her squirt a few drops of fluid and bent further over to taste her directly. Her body went limp as I sat up to wipe the excess moisture from my chin. Sandy raised her arms and pulled her hair back behind her ears. I could see beads of sweat on her body.

She looked up at Paul and breathlessly spoke; “Wow he’s good, what a find!”

She sat up and crawled closer to me, eying my blood filled length. When she reached me she pushed me down onto the floor, falling over me in the process. She straddled me, reached down and took my engorged organ into her hand and inserted it into her sex. Facing me, she began to slowly writhe back and forth on me, her hips gyrating in a circular motion. The sensation was incredible, my cock in a whirlpool of hot, moist and tight action. She slowly closed her eyes and continued her rhythm, riding me as if I was a mechanical bull.

“Ohhh Paul – he feels so good,” she exclaimed.

The thought hit me like a thunderbolt; she was using me as a toy! This was not sex the way I wanted it. She was giving me her body, but not her soul and I didn’t like it. I tried to push the thought out of the way, but it wouldn’t go. I quickly sat up and placed my hands on her hips, gently pulling her closer to my chest. My actions threw off her rhythm and she lost her balance, tumbling over to one side of me.

“Heh heh heh heh,” Paul laughed from the couch. I ignored casino firmaları him and got to my feet.

Sandy lay on the floor, not hurt, but a little stunned. I quickly pulled her to her feet and embraced her, but she remained limp in my arms. I drew her hands into mine and with determined purpose stepped back, pulling her with me to the wall behind me. She did not resist, still disoriented. I glanced at Paul as we passed him. He sat motionless on the couch, his eyes wide with surprise at my sudden aggressiveness.

I spun as we neared the wall and pulled Sandy’s arms up in the air. I gently positioned her with her back to the wall and leaned into her with a kiss as passionate as I could muster. Her eyes fluttered with recognition of my efforts and she gradually responded with increasing desire. Her hands pushed against mine, but I resisted, no longer holding hers but not leaving them either. She didn’t try to maneuver her hands away, but pressed her palms into mine and gradually entwined our fingers together.

Our lips parted to draw breath and I peered into those beautiful gray eyes, now luminous with passion. I pressed my body against hers, pulled my ass back and slowly thrust, entering her as she moaned. We quickly found our rhythm, moving as one. I craved every inch of her and my only thought was to be closer to her.

I heard noise behind me, but could not associate it with anything. All my effort was dedicated to one purpose, satisfying Sandy’s and my common desire. I felt hands on my hips, but ignored them, barely cognizant that they were there. I felt warm skin against my back, but could not draw any meaning. I felt a stiffness rub against the length of the crevice that separated my butt cheeks, but only when it was no longer there. Only when I felt hands on my ass, opening my cheeks and warm breath on my hole did I consciously become aware of Paul’s efforts. Before I could react, his tongue invaded me, probing deeper with each thrust I made into Sandy.

“Mmmm,” Sandy moaned as she drew me in further. The muscles in her pussy were contracting, milking me. I gasped at the combined sensations on my cock and asshole. My testicles burned until they released there fluid moments later.

My entire body ached. We were a quivering mass of sweat and body fluids. I could feel Paul beneath me, at the intersection of my union with Sandy, lapping up what juice escaped her pussy. I opened my eyes to see her searching mine. Her hands finally slipped away from my fingers only to land on my neck as she pulled me into a long embrace. I knew that for that moment, she was mine. We eventually crumbled to the floor, too exhausted to stand güvenilir casino any longer. She lay with me, our arms and legs entwined.

“Dude, you seriously need your body shaved,” Paul stated as he looked down on us.

My exhaustion started to fade as I look up at him. His chiseled torso gleamed from a thin layer of sweat. He was hard again, his hand slowly stoking his long tool as he slowly sank to his knees and crawled over to me. He straddled my chest but kept crawling until he reached Sandy behind me. He sat up as he kissed her breasts, placing his balls at the bridge of my nose. I could smell the funky odor of cum and sweat. I found it irresistible. I stuck out my tongue and gently bathed the back of his testicles.

“Yea, suck my balls you nasty boy,” Paul exclaimed.

Encouraged, I parted my lips and sucked in a mouthful.

“Lay back and spread your legs babe, I want to suck the cum from your pussy,” Paul instructed Sandy.

His testicles popped out of my mouth when he leaned forward. I pulled back and took in the scene. Sandy was on her back, her eyes closed and her legs spread as Paul buried his head in her crotch. He was lying on his stomach, his powerful legs extended behind him. As I watched, he spread his legs and pushed his ass up into the air.

“Go ahead and continue Mikey – you won’t find any hair in the way on me.” He invited.

I leaned over him and tentatively licked his butt cheek, then slowly moved into the crack of his ass. I wrapped my fingers into his firm globes and pulled them apart, exposing his hole. I marveled at how great he looked; even his hole was shaved clean.

“Eat my ass you fucking horny bastard, come on – jam your tongue in me,” Paul shouted.

I slurped around his hole for a few moments before extending my tongue and inserting it into his fabulous ass. I got more and more aggressive, spreading his cheeks farther apart so I could lick deeper.

“Oh yea, harder, faster, more – Oh shit I’m gonna cum – That’s it, that’s it, Aaaaagh!” Paul screamed.

I could feel his muscles contract in his ass as he exploded all over himself.

We were all worn out and after a few minutes lying on the floor to get our breath back; we adjourned to the bathroom for a group shower. As we were drying off Sandy smiled at me and asked what I was doing for the weekend.

“Why don’t you get yourself shaved?” she suggested.

“Where do you go to have that done?” I asked.

“Paul owns the gym next door to my apartment,” Sandy replied. “They provide hair removal service.”

“Stop by tomorrow afternoon and ask for me,” Paul interjected. “I’ll take care of you personally.”

I turned to Sandy. “I’ll do it for you Babe, if that’s what you want.”

“I think you want it too,” she replied.

I looked to Paul, “I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

“OK,” he agreed with a knowing smile…

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