Mart 22, 2021

Brick Walling – The Start Ch. 04

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God my friends are such little sluts! I’ve just seen Rachel pull a guy and disappear outside with him and now Emma has disappeared with another chap and fuckin Daisy is surrounded by blokes on the dance floor and looks likes she could be in the middle of a gang-bang if she isn’t careful. Mind you way she has been talking since last weekend I reckon she might quite like that.

So out of the 5 of us only myself, Sarah, and Sophie are not currently in the middle of some sexual encounter somewhere or more likely outside this club. Sluts total sluts I think I might be a little jealous to be honest. Oh it has been ages since I had a shag total dry spell of about 6 months since I last hooked up with someone and it wasn’t all that great a pretty poor wham, bam, thank you Mam type shag in this grotty little bedsit. I’m not exactly desperate for a shag but all this talk of fucking up against a brick wall has given us all ideas I think and I really could do with an orgasm that didn’t come from my own fingers or a battery powered toy.

You can’t exactly talk in a club over the music but it was well past 1am now and with the girls all seemingly hooking and I get the impression she might want to go. She pulls me towards the bar where it’s always a little easier to talk.

“I’m pretty bored Sarah, think this night is a bust for me.”

There we go I knew it Sophie is always the same if the worlds not revolving around her then she tends to pout and go home. “You really going to leave Soph?” I ask her pretty much knowing the answer is gonna be a yes.

“Yeah I think so Sarah, it’s getting late, my heels are killing me! And if I’m being honest with everyone hooking up and me not the buzz of coming out as a group has gone tonight.”

“You can’t just bugger off and leave me waiting around for those little sluts to finish off and come back,” I said knowing pretty much full well that this is exactly what was gonna happen.

“Sorry Sarah I’m done and you know we can just share a cab back and head.”

I could leave I thought to myself but I knew if I did I was just going to lie in bed for the next hour flicking my clit and ramming a rampant rabbit into my slit trying to get off and get rid of the frustration I was feeling. “I think I’ll wait about for the girls Soph, you go grab a cab and I’ll see you next weekend right?”

“OK Sarah, sorry, have fun here finish of my drink.”

Handing me her drink and giving me a quick hug Sophie headed for the door. I wondered if she would pop her head round the corner into the alleyway and have a look at what Rachel was up to? I bet she would as you had to walk past it to get to the taxi rank. Quick look in and I am sure she would head home either frustrated or horny and spending the next hour with her hand in-between her legs.

I took her drink and poured it into my JD & coke lovely stuff, sipping through the little straw I looked round the room, Daisy was still dancing away maybe slightly less guys round her now so looked like the potential gang bang was off. That made me chuckle in my head. I like to sip my drink and look round the room when I am alone in clubs. I find it create a barrier and if a guy does look at you, you pretty much look super-hot and all he is imagining is his cock sliding in-between your lips.

I really wasn’t up for dancing much so just did a tour of the room I noticed a pretty tall guy (that could be anyone compared to me I’m a tiny 5 foot 2 and only wearing 3 inch heels) about 6 foot really he just always seemed to be at the edge of my vision. Interesting. Carrying on I lose sight of him and stop at a drinks ledge that they have at the side overlooking the dance floor. I’m leaning forward watching the action lost in thought when I feel someone stop next to me. I look left and hey what a surprise it’s the edge of the vision guy. I pretty much ignore him, hey he wants to hit on me it’s his first move right?

I’m not being cocky and despite having had a drought recently I know I at least antalya escort fall into the cute category for most guys blonde hair down past my shoulder, big blue eye, pert small breasts and if I do say it myself nice defined legs (not too skinny not too hard and muscly). I’m wearing a pretty simple vest top with a v down towards my tits, a leather mini and black hold-ups. Clubs are too warm for tights so this is pretty standard outfit really.

I’m kind of waiting for the cheesy line when I feel a hand in the middle of my back. I look round it’s definitely the guy I could see and he is just looking down at me with a look of pure lust in his eyes like I am a piece of meat that he needs to devour. I don’t say anything and I don’t move. All girls have been felt up in clubs before it’s pretty standard but this didn’t feel too threatening just a silent touch I think my silence was seen as acceptance as I felt his fingers start to run lightly up and down my spine giving me nice little tingles. I arch my back a bit towards his hand and feel him come around behind me fully. This was definitely getting interesting but slightly scary now the silence the lack of a chat-up line somehow made it all made me feel a bit less confident a bit less sure I was in control.

I felt his hands come down on my hips, I hadn’t given him any encouragement yet but as he moved himself against my arse I gasped as I felt his huge erection against me. This guy was pretty worked up. I still wasn’t too sure where this was going, I still felt out of control but for whatever reason as he pressed against me I pressed back against him. Encouraged by my actions he pushed his cock against me I could feel if now against my buttock as he ground himself against me. Hold my hips tightly and not allow me to move much as he ground and ground and ground against me. I was starting to get worried he was just gonna cum in his pants and leave when I felt him relax his grip on my hips and move one hand around in front tracing along the waistband of my skirt. His hand came to rest on my flat stomach as his other hand wandered up my right hand side towards my breasts.

Time seemed to stand still and we both seemed to not be moving much him as he waited on me turning round and slapping him and me waiting on him to capture my breast in his hand or alternatively to snap out of whatever was keeping me quiet and still and tell him to get his goddamn hands off me. But oh I knew I wanted those hands on me, it didn’t matter who he was, it didn’t matter that we hadn’t spoken I needed those hands needed them and could not wait for him to capture my tits in his full hands.

As his hand slide up my rib cage I felt my breath catch in my throat as he moved it tentatively around the side and across my breast. I knew he could feel my nipple pushing into his palm as he cupped my breast squeezing it through my thin top and lace bra I could feel the heat of his touch radiating through my tit spreading through my body and starting that familiar warmth deep in my belly. As he started to massage my breast I was aware that I was leaning forward moaning softly with each touch and as he pinched my nipple I know he felt that shiver spread through my body. Moving against me again using his hand on my stomach to pull me against him I could feel his hardness, feel his need against me pressing through the thick leather of my skirt.

I felt him move against me and as his hot breath made me shiver as it hit the back of my neck I was made to shiver and moan anew as his mouth found my neck and started to trace hot little kisses and nips along my neck line and up towards my ear. I’ve always had a weakness for having my ear kissed and nibbled so this was definitely hitting all the right spots and as his mouth found me ear I found myself melting back into his body moulding myself to him as he licked and sucked my ear lobe and continued to work on my breast.

As I straightened up this gave him easier access to my stomach and I felt his alanya escort hand flutter with the edge of my top and then stroke across my bare skin. It felt good really really good. Knowing that he now had permission to go under my clothes the hand on my breast moved down under my top and then rapidly back up he was able to slip his hand inside the cup of my left breast and play with my tit freely as I leaned back against him moaning and moving to make sure he had all the access he needed.

All of a sudden a cheer from the dance floor as a popular tune came on broke my out of my lust trance. I suddenly realised I was being pretty openly felt up in a pretty public location. Grabbing his hand and pushing it down I turned around at last. Disappointed to have the pleasure removed from my body. He was the guy I had seen following me and he was not a bad looking chap. Not really wanting to break the spell I simply grabbed his hand and led him into one of the darker areas of the nightclub.

Once we got deeper into the club area behind the bar, it gets pretty dark pretty quickly and loads of people get up to all sorts back here you wouldn’t believe some of the stuff I’ve seen! I quickly moved into a corner and pulled him towards me for our first kiss as our lips met his tongue sprang forward and pushed against my lips, opening the kiss deeper his tongue thrust into my mouth and soon we were locked into a heavy deep kiss with our tongues battling in and out of our mouths.

He moved against me crushing me back against the wall with a pressure that made me go Ooofffttt I immediately got what had pushed Daisy over the edge this felt amazing being pushed against a hard wall with a hard bodied man like being the meat in a sandwich. I could feel myself getting wetter as this realisation hit me. Wow this really was turning me on the pumping music, the darkness, the anonymous man that was kissing me and pushing me against the wall and yes the wall the fuckin wall was turning me on. God this was so hot.

I put my hands round his waist and pulled him against me I could feel his hard on poking me in the stomach he felt nice and big. As I pulled him towards me harder I heard him groan into my mouth and his hands which had been on my hips quickly moved. His left hand moved up under my top and found my breast freeing it from the cup of the bra quickly he was soon getting moans and groans out of me as he massaged the pert flesh and flicked and pinched my nipple between his fingers.

His other hand came down to find the hem of my skirt. As his hand slid down my body I could feel goose-bumps rising and tingling under my clothes in anticipation of what was to come. As his hand found my thigh I lifted my leg this allowed him to cup my thigh and to move firmly between my legs I heard him moan into my mouth as his hand found the top of my hold-up stockings. Guys are so predictable they always love stockings. As his hand found the bare flesh above my stocking top I moaned as the heat of it was sending shivers up my spine and I could feel my pussy lips open as a flood of moisture soaked into my knickers. I was starting to pant in anticipation of him touching me between my legs, I really wanted to be lying on my back spreading myself as wide as possible but as his hand slide up my thigh I hooked my leg round his waist and tried to spread as much as possible as I wanted a lot of contact with my pussy.

As his fingers rubbed across the covered lips of my pussy I moaned into his mouth and threw my head back “Oh Yes” I cried “Yes, that’s it”. His hand cupped my open pussy and started to rub me through my knickers it felt good but I need his fingers on my lips in my cunt I needed to feel his fingers parting my pussy lips and thrusting into me. The sensations shooting through me caused me to sort of slump against him with my head on his shoulder I started to whimper. Suddenly his hand moved up and found the waistband of my knickers and started to pull it down. alanya rus escort I hadn’t quite expected this and initially hesitated but as his other hand dropped down and took the other side of my knickers in them I was just about to move to help him pull them down when I felt his muscles flex and my knickers were torn off of me almost as if they hadn’t existed the silly little piece of lace and cotton shredded as we both gave into our lust.

I gasped as I felt them rip and almost immediately moaned as 2 fingers were thrust between my pussy lips. “Oh god” I screamed as he started to rub my pussy lips and my clit giving my pussy lips full strokes from the bottom to the top where he then worked my clit for a while. God this guy knew his way around a girls pussy that’s for sure his touch was light and teasing and then hard and pressing at all the right times. I could feel a familiar tingle deep in my belly and he must have sensed my body tensing as his finger focussed hard on my clit rubbing my pleasure button as I lifted my head looking him in the eyes and came hard on his fingers “oh yes, oh god yes, yes that’s so fuckin good I screamed” the eye contact made it so intense and as I came down from that orgasm all thought fled from my head as I reached for him and his cock.

Fumbling with his jeans buttons I just about managed to not rip the button off as I opened up his trousers and reached in to feel his cock. The amount of pre-cum dripping into his boxers told me all I needed to know this guy was really turned on. Pushing his boxers and jeans down enough to free his cock I took a step back putting myself firmly against the wall feeling it against my back.

He stepped forward between my legs pinning me firmly against the wall, I gasped as I felt his hands bunching my skirt up around my waist and gasped again as I fell the cold, damp wall against my cheeks. He put his hands on my hips and lifted me easily a couple of inches off the ground before he rammed his cock forward penetrating me in a single thrust and spearing me between his body and the wall.

With my head on his shoulder I cried out “oh god fuck me” as I closed my eyes and let go of every inhibition that I ever had. The fact that we still hadn’t actually spoken, that we were now fucking against the back wall of a night club made the whole thing even more intense and the moment he entered me my cunt had begun contracting around his cock, the damn of warm tight feeling in my belly was getting ready to burst.

As I told him to fuck me he seemed to lose control and thrust upwards pushing me hard against the wall wrapping my legs around his waist I buried my fingers in his hair pulling his face towards mine I kissed him as I moaned my pleasure into his mouth.

“Fuck me harder” I pleaded feeling my orgasm building.

“Take it like the slut you are” he said breaking his silence.

Being fucked in a club against a wall there was little doubt I was acting like a slut but being called it hearing the edge in his voice as he fucked me and called me a slut pushed me over the edge and I came hard around his cock, “oh god yes that’s it fuck me like the slut I am, urgh good god I’m cummmmiiiiinnnngggggg” I groaned.

“That’s it cum round my cock you little slut” he said as he fucked me harder and harder against the wall.

My bare arse was being slammed against the wall and it felt delicious even if I was going to be bruised there tomorrow.

Suddenly his thrusting started to get erratic and with a sudden surge and a groan through gritted teeth I felt him stiffen and explode inside me wave after wave of warm cum splashing my insides and starting to dribble down my thighs.

As he pulled out I couldn’t believe I had just fucked him in the club, couldn’t believe that as I looked around there weren’t people watching us and couldn’t believe that I was going to have to go home with no knickers as they had been shredded in the rush of lust.

As we pulled ourselves together we both looked at each other and there seemed to be an understanding speaking would ruin it, it wouldn’t have been the same if we spoke and had a beer so we simply went our separate ways.

Now where are those sluts I have a story to tell them and I am sure they have a few for me.

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