Şubat 9, 2021

Breaking the Bridesmaids Ch. 09

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I had just finished listening to my wife, Amanda, tell me the story of the night before our wedding, a night where her three closest friends joined her in a lesbian orgy, only to be interrupted by her younger (and hotter sister) Nicole, who joined in the fringes.

The reason we were in the car was that we were driving out for a weekend of debauchery with those same three friends. This time the interruption would be a ‘trial’ where Amanda and I would argue whether Nicole should be held responsible for her actions, like the rest of the girls. Amanda’s friends would judge. It was all organized by Jane, Amanda’s friend from college, who had also rented the house.

We were getting close to the house at this point, and I needed to listen to the directions guide me in.

The house was perfect for us. It was a used for a hunting cabin, so it was out in the middle of nowhere, away from other houses.

It was definitely not ‘woodsy’ though. It had a huge great room, with an open floorplan to the kitchen and dining area. There was one bedroom on this level, and more upstairs.

Jane, who had rented the place, beat us there. After our tour, we kicked Jane out of the master bedroom, pointing out that since there were two of us, we got first call on a room.

It was several hours before Bonnie or Anna would arrive, so we sat down to chat. Since I knew her from high school, Jane was the easiest of Amanda’s friends for me to converse with.

We shot the shit for a while, and then Jane reviewed with us the plan for tomorrow. We all agreed to proceed, and waited for our ‘associate justices’ to arrive.

Anna came in next. She came in, cursing a blue streak about traffic and people not letting her leave early. Amanda silenced her her with a big, wet kiss.

Jane responded to that “Wow, I didn’t get one of those.”

Amanda broke off, and turned to her dark friend. She went up on her tiptoes and met Jane, giving her the same treatment.

Anna turned to me now, and put both arms around my neck, pulling me in for a kiss. After a moment, her arms released me, and she grabbed my cock.

“So, I know you can handle two, but can you handle all four of us this weekend?”

“I am going to give it my best, and if not, you guys know what to do with each other.”

“Yeah, but it’s not the same as a nice, big cock filling you up.”

At this point, my wife and her other friend had finished tonsil-hockey, and she brushed Anna’s hand off me.

“Okay, I don’t expect problems from Bonnie, but you two need to know the ground rules. Charlie and I are a package this weekend. We do everything together. If we are separate, no sex of any kind.”

Anna and Jane nodded, knowing the history.

“Also, our bed is off-limits for sleeping. You have your own beds. Use them.”

The other girls nodded again, promising to respect Amanda’s boundaries.

“Ok, now that’s settled, I am starving. Got anything to eat besides pussy and dick?” Anna was not one to wait.

I had expected to jump right into sex, but instead the girls wanted to fill their bellies first. Amanda was the best cook, so she set to work preparing a meal. Jane was enlisted to assist, so I was left to show Anna the house.

As we came back down the stairs, she stopped, and backed her body back up against mine.

“Sure we can’t have an appetizer?”

“You heard Amanda. Unless she’s here, no sex.”

“Fine.” I thought that was the end of it, but I was wrong.

When we finished our tour, Anna walked right into the dining area, which was open to the kitchen, and laid across the eating table, presenting me her butt. She reached down and pulled her panties off, flipping her skirt up to show me her perfect, milky ass.

“Mandy is here. Now can you fuck me?”

“Nuh-uh. No way.” Jane answered before my wife.

“One. Dinner is almost ready. Two. We are about to eat on that table. Three. I can’t play now, so neither can you. Keep your legs closed until after dinner.”

Anna gave a look like she smelled something bad, but she got up and sat at the table instead. I noticed that she didn’t put her panties back on.

Dinner was an excellent chicken and pasta dish. The table sat eight, but the four of us sat at one end. Jane at the end of the table, Anna on her right, Amanda and then me on the other side.

Over dinner, the girls caught up. As usual, I kept mostly silent, focusing on banking energy for the sexual calisthenics I was about to be put through.

Jane’s phone buzzed halfway through the meal. She looked at it, and then got the same look Anna had when told sex was not on the menu. She held up a finger to say ‘just a moment’, and went off into a far corner of the house.

She came back a couple minutes later, looking proud of herself.

“That was Bonnie. She tried to bail. I could hear dickhead in the background, so I couldn’t say everything I wanted to, but I was able to get my point across that a failure to attend this gathering would result in negative consequences. I even told her casino şirketleri to put jackass on at one point so I could tell him. She finally caved and is on her way. I wouldn’t expect her until late.”

We all shrugged, not surprised that Bonnie, and her poor choice of paramour, would try to pull her out of this weekend.

We had cracked a bottle of wine with dinner, and a second soon after. I volunteered to do the dishes. Anna offered to help, but after Amanda pointed out that Anna’s version of doing dishes was throwing out the takeout containers, she joined the girls in the sitting area.

My back was to the girls, so I couldn’t hear their conversation, but I could tell the giggling was getting more and more drunk as I cleaned up. When I was done, I turned around and saw that Anna and Jane were sitting on the wraparound couch with their backs were to me, while Amanda was sitting on a chair facing mostly towards me.

I put my finger to my mouth in a ‘shush’ motion, and then proceeded to silently get naked. I even walked to our room to drop off my clothes and then came back, out of sight of the other girls. I walked right up next to Anna, and had my dick almost touching her cheek before I spoke:

“Is this what you were looking for?”

The redhead turned and bumped her cheek into my swollen member. The girls all giggled, and then Anna reached back and grabbed my dick and started stroking.

“Yes, yes it is. Is it playtime now?”

When she turned to look at my wife, she saw that Amanda’s shirt was already off, and she was unbuttoning her jeans.

“Whoa, Mandy. No hiding it tonight. I guess you’re both ready to play.”

My wife’s fiery friend turned and leaned over the back of the couch, sucking in my member. Jane slid over and did the same, leaning over so I could stick my dick in her mouth.

“Still the only dick you’ll suck?”

The dark lawyer spit my dick out and looked up at me. “You want it bitten off?”

I smiled back, and simply shoved it back into her mouth.

My rough treatment of both girls was planned. I wanted to re-establish in the girls’ minds the power I had held over them on their weekends. Whenever they showed strength, I had to match it.

My goal with Jane was to fuck that ass again. I wasn’t sure she would be up for it, but that was my goal.

For Bonnie, my goal was to blow as many nuts as possible on her. I was starting to believe she was a cumslut, and I wanted to test that theory out.

For Anna, I just wanted to fuck her again. Fuck her so hard she gave up. As I said before, she was too much fun for me to be around very often, so I just wanted to enjoy her sexually. I just had to keep in charge of her though. I am sure one mention of the word ‘golden’ and she would do whatever I asked.

Amanda told me her plan for the weekend was for us to have fun with the others, and then having morning sex to re-establish our priorities, so I knew I only had to deal with her friends tonight.

As her two friends traded off sucking me while they shucked their clothing, I looked at my wife, who had walked around the couch to give me a kiss.

“Well honey, which one do you want?”

“Hmmm…” Amanda stepped back and appraised the two candidates.

I stepped back as well and did the same, though my dick didn’t appreciate it.

Both girls got the joke, and started to entice us. Anna stood up and bent over, presenting her perfect heart-shaped ass at us. Jane crossed her arms and pushed them together, squishing her ample bosom together.

Both of them looked like absolutely gorgeous, and I knew no matter which my wife chose, I was in for a good time.

“Well, Anna asked for some dick…”

“Yes” Anna responded, and reached for my cock.

“But, she’s probably had a dozen since the last time we saw her.”

“Hey!” The redhead responded, but didn’t look embarrassed, or try to shoot that down.

“So I think Jane should get the first fucking of the weekend.”

Jane stood up and stretched her legs over the back of the couch, putting her ass right in Anna’s face.

Anna pantomimed biting it, but stopped and gave Jane a nice big kiss as she cleared the couch.

“Leave some dick for me, okay?” She said, and pinched Jane’s nipple.

“I promise nothing” Jane said, and dropped to her knees in front of me, sucking me back in.

My wife walked back around the couch, and she and Anna both sat down and started to kiss.

The build-up was enough, and as much fun as I was having watching Jane’s brown lips go up and down my dick, I knew it was a long weekend, and I had more fun holes to fill.

I lifted Jane’s chin and she stood. Of the girls, she was the only one I didn’t have to lean down to kiss. Our lips met, and I quickly started to feel all over her body.

We were close to the table we had just ate on, so I made the obvious joke

“So now can we have sex on it?”

Jane smiled back. “I would rather move to a bed.”

I looked past her at Amanda. “What should we casino firmaları do? Is any bed big enough for all four of us.”

As Amanda started to think, Anna, who had been sucking her nipple, popped up.

“C’mon you guys. There are two beds in that room upstairs. That’s more than enough room to fuck. And if we want, we can push them together.”

That seemed good enough to us, so we took the show upstairs. Our clothes were left downstairs, and there was plenty of grab-ass on the way upstairs.

The beds Anna referred to were in the third bedroom. Doing the math, I assume Bonnie was going to be stuck in here. I almost felt bad for soiling her bed before she got here. But not bad enough to stop.

Anna pushed Amanda down on one bed, and my wife’s long, lithe legs went into the air as her copper-topped friend immediately dove in between them.

Jane did the same to me, pushing back back onto the bed. Instead of diving in though, she climbed on top of me.

The dark goddess reached under herself, and sunk my hard cock deep into herself on the first stroke. I saw her eyes close when she did so.

“Ohmigod that’s good.” She just sat there for a moment, and then began to rock herself up and down.

I enjoyed the view, seeing her D-cups bouncing right in front of me. I alternated between copping feels of her massive mammaries and reaching around to grab her equally round ass.

All of the girls were good fucks, but each one was unique. Jane was the curvy one, the one you felt you could fuck as hard as you wanted and she would only crave more.

I was thrusting a little, but she was bouncing up and down on me harshly. I finally had to grab her hips to make sure my dick didn’t slip out and get broken in half by the bucking beauty on top of me.

Jane liked that, and started to rub against me. I knew she was trying to stimulate her clit, so I slipped my thumb between us and started to flick it.

I also sat up and sucked her nipple. The new stimulation was enough, and Jane started her trademark “yip-yip-yip” as she came.

She slowed down after that, not letting my dick out, but not bucking like a bronco either. We both turned to see the girls in the other bed giggling.

Anna, who had gone from being on the floor to on top of my wife in a 69, couldn’t stop laughing.

“I forgot she cums like that” she squeaked out before laughing again. My wife, who was well-acquainted with Jane’s orgasmic noises, finally responded with a swift swat to Anna’s ass.


“Getting eating or get off” my wife growled, clearly unhappy that her own pleasure was broken.

Anna rubbed her ass, which now had a red handprint on it, and looked over at us.

“Jane, are you going to use that, or can we swap?”

Jane looked down at me, and asked: “You want to swap?”

I shrugged, leaving it up to her on whether to continue.

“Fine. I’ll go fuck your wife then.” She smiled as she popped off.

Anna did the same, and my wife barely could get a breath in before Jane climbed on.

“Your husband left me all slimy. Enjoy.” With that, my wife started eating another box.

Anna came over and gave me a big, wet kiss as she climbed on top of me.

“Jane was right. I have had a bunch of cock since the weekend. But none of it was nearly as fucking good as what you gave me.”

She slid down my body, and started to suck my cock.

“Well coming from you and your sample size, that’s a big compliment.”

The fiery girl’s response was to squeeze my balls harder than necessary.

She then spit out my cock, climbed up, and mounted me.

“I don’t mind tasting another girl’s pussy, but damned if I will ride a cock that’s still coated in her juices.” There was good ol’ competitive Anna.

My wife had put Anna’s stove on ‘high’, so my cock, hard as it was, easily slid into her firebox.

“Mmm, that’s good.” She started to ride me. Anna’s thin figure, topped by her pale, freckly B-cups, was a contrast to Jane. Anna was just as good a fuck though. She may have been thin, but she was still fit, and flexible as hell. Where Jane rode me like a horse, Anna used me like a balance beam, whipping her parts around until she found an angle she liked.

She pulled me up into a seated position, which put me equal to her sensitive breasts. I latched on, sucking one and then the other. I was rewarded with a low groan of pleasure from my red-headed fuckmate.

We continued to fuck, her rolling her hips as I rose to meet her, my arms wrapped around her back, hers around my neck. I kept my hold on her sensitive nipple, knowing this combination was the fastest path to O-town for her.

As we fucked, I tried to gauge how close I was. I knew I was probably only good for two shots, and I wanted to make sure I took my time and enjoyed them.

Luckily, my wife’s oral treatment had laid the groundwork, and soon Anna started to grunt “fuck…fuck” with each thrust in.

I sped up again, helping Anna climb the mountain. Finally she reached the güvenilir casino top and froze, throwing her head back in a big ‘O’.

When she was done, we both fell back, sweaty from our fucking.

I heard from the other bed “Oh, like that noise was attractive.”

That made everyone else laugh, and my wife and Jane took a break as well. I saw from Amanda’s flushed complexion that Jane had made her cum. I was so focused on Anna that I hadn’t even noticed.

Jane checked her watch, and then did some mental calculations.

“I need a break, and Bonnie should be getting close. How should we greet her?”

We decided a water and snack break was required, and so the four of us, sweaty from our workout, traipsed back downstairs. The girls cleaned up the clothes and put them back upstairs while I poured water and put out a bowl of fruit.

As we snacked, we decided that Bonnie deserved a rough entry. Amanda went in the next room to call Bonnie while Jane, Anna, and I planned our assault.

“She’s fifteen minutes away” Amanda came back to say. That gave us all time to finish our drink and put the food away.

When Bonnie entered, there was nothing but silence in the house. The lights were on, but no residents were visible.

One place at the dining table was set with a lovely dinner (the same which we had eaten an hour or two earlier).

Bonnie called out “Hello” again, and then moved towards the table.

The table was simply the cheese in the trap, and as soon as Bonnie stepped past towards the table, we sprung our surprise and a hood was silently dropped over her head.

At the same time, her hands were bound behind her back. A second later, she was lifted up horizontally and taken up the stairs.

At this point, she started screaming. Upstairs, she was deposited on the floor, lying on her back, and pinned down. Her clothes were removed as she thrashed around, which was not easy, though luckily she was wearing a loose shirt that could be removed while the hood was in place.

Finally, she was naked except for the hood. Her arms were still held above her head, and now her legs were spread and pinned. She was all screamed out at this point, but the hood over her mouth was going in and out with her heavy breathing.

The next feeling she got was the feeling of a penis sliding into her pussy. She tried to slide away, but her thighs were held into place. Next one breast had a mouth clamp over it, then the other.

Bonnie was whimpering now, and finally the hood was removed. The tiny brunette blinked several times, and realized who her captors were. Jane held the hood, and had been pinning her arms above her head. Amanda and Anna owned the mouths on her breasts and the hands holding her down. And the penis currently violating her was mine, of course.

When she saw who held her, she relaxed, and each of the girls gave her a kiss. I was just slow fucking, keeping my hard-on, but not progressing toward climax. Finally our new playmate spoke:

“Wow, you guys scared me so much. I had no idea what was going on. The house was empty, the food, wow.”

She looked down at me now, and the fact I was penetrating her.

“Umm, can I eat first? I am starving.”

I looked at Amanda, and she kind of shrugged, so I pulled out.

Anna took advantage of the situation, and stroked my cock.

“Go eat. More cock for us.”

We let Bonnie up, and Amanda offered to give her a tour.

That left me with Anna and Jane. Anna had my dick in her hand, but Jane brushed her hand away.

“Hands off. It’s my turn.”

“Possession is 9/10ths.”

“Uh, ladies. No Amanda, no sex.”

Anna looked at me, then past me, and yelled:

“Mandy, can we fuck your husband?”

From the distance, we heard “No.”

The answer definitely surprised the girls. I brushed Anna’s hand off, and sat back, covering my hard dick with my hands. The girls looked at each other, and then Anna asked:

“I’m done with the 69 for now. Want to finger each other?”

Jane shrugged, clearly annoyed that dick wasn’t on the menu right now.

They moved up to the bed, sat next to each other, and started to mutually masturbate each other.

I realized my choices were watching here, or checking out downstairs. Since I wasn’t allowed to do anything below the waist up here, I decided to see what my wife was up to, and if it was less than this, appeal her ruling.

I found Amanda and Bonnie in the dining room, where Bonnie was eating the dinner we had prepared. I walked in, kissed my wife, and then offered to open another bottle of wine. Bonnie declined due to the late hour, so I sat next to my wife and started to nuzzle on her neck.

The girls seemed to have been having a serious conversation, so the addition of a naked, horny man was unwelcome. Amanda shrugged me off when my hands started to roam her body, and she turned back to me.

“Let me guess. Those two are doing things with each other, and you got bored.”

“Not bored, just… left out.”

My wife sighed, and explained to Bonnie our rules for the weekend. Turning back to me, she said:

“Okay, go play, but as soon as we’re done here, we get you, okay?”

I nodded, kissed my wife, and headed back upstairs to stick my dick in something.

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