Mart 12, 2021

Breakfast ‘n Bed

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It was just south of the French border, a bed and breakfast, a balmy Spanish summer. My girlfriend and I arrived mid-afternoon and I saw her leaving from down the street. Just a glance, a recognition, and that was all. The heat getting to me, perhaps.

The place had six rooms, and we were at the top. The walls were wood and the tin roof groaned and clicked under the slow-to-fall sun. We got in late that first night. All the other rooms were quiet when we passed them going up the steep, winding staircase. We passed the night tossing and turning, distracted by the hum of the aircon units on the roof, the occasional traffic down below, and the rats who’d made a home in the roof.

I didn’t bother watching the clock, just waited as the sun inched its way over the neighbouring rooftops, until the smell of coffee told me it was time to be up. I showered to help me awake and when I got out my girlfriend was dressed and ready. I knew the bags beneath my eyes matched hers.

We weren’t the first to breakfast. The long, heavy wooden table had four seats down its length on either side, and one at each end. An elderly couple occupied one side, and the woman I’d glanced the day before sat alone opposite. We sat ourselves next to the older couple and grumbled morning greetings, still trying to shake off the sleepless night.

Pleasantries were exchanged, and travelogues shared. Coffee was drunk. The elderly couple were the first to finish and be about their busily planned day. The woman remained, poured herself a fresh cup of tea.

She was Italian, travelling alone.

“How long have you been travelling?” I asked.

“A little more than three months,” she said.

Her hair, dark and heavy, was cut short and fell across her forehead in an attractive line. Nose and cheeks were round, and her lips were full and red. And her eyes were deep brown—their intelligence notable when she kept them still. From the corner of my eye I took in the cleavage revealed by her low-cut t-shirt.

“A long time to be away from home,” I said.

She nodded, thinking. “Sometimes it gets lonely. And you?”

My girlfriend cut in. “About the same.”

The woman smiled, sipped from her tea. We fell to silence mostly through exhaustion on my part. As I bit into the fresh bread I glanced up, hoping perhaps to look at the woman’s face, and I found her looking at me. She smiled, a friendly smile, and began reading the news on her phone.

She was probably ten years older than me, but I was definitely attracted. It wasn’t a motherly sense, but there was a warmth about her—something that made me want to wrap up in her.

I decided to settle in, wait until she left. My tired mind was flitting through fantasies at breakneck speed. I wanted to watch her walk away.

I finished my breakfast, drained my coffee, and reached for some fruit. A ripe peach. As soon as I bit into it, the juice flowed down my chin and over my fingers. It turned into a two-handed job. By the time I was finished I had sticky nectar all over the fingers of one hand.

As I licked them clean, I glanced up to see the Italian woman watching my hand. She noticed my attention and quickly looked away, flushing slightly. Through it all, my girlfriend was oblivious, gazing out the window.

I wiped dry my hands and was about to get up when the woman pushed back her chair. “Ciao,” she said, and we said goodbye. As she headed for the stairs I was surprised to find her fitter than I’d expected—attractively curved, and clothed to show it. I had a sudden hunger in my gut that no breakfast would fix.

We went back up to our room. I washed my hands then turned to my girlfriend. Her back was to me. I stood behind her and put my arms around her waist, feeling a thrill in my loins as she instinctively nestled back into me.

I kissed her cheeks, holding her tight. She shifted her head around and our lips met. My tongue slipped between her lips as I pressed my face into hers.

After a moment she otele gelen escort pulled back.

“Sticky,” she said, wiping her chin. She smiled.

I kissed her neck, let my hands run up her sides to her shoulders and squeezed her tightly. One hand curled around and stroked the side of her breast. She turned around in my arms and I pulled her close, kissing her deeply again on the lips.

She hummed and pushed me away, smiling. My cock was hard, and I almost groaned as she released the pressure of it pressed against her stomach. A faint sweat was on her face.

“I think I’m going to take a nap,” she said.

Inwardly I cursed, but you can’t have it all. “I’ll go for a walk,” I said. “Before it gets too hot.”

Already the room was building heat like a sauna.

“Wake me up when you get back?”

“Bet on it,” I said, and planted another kiss on her lips. She giggled and wiped away the stickiness from her chin.

I washed my face and stared for a minute in the mirror. A few lines there, dried up from lack of sleep. I rubbed my eyes and cupped water over my head then headed out.

My girlfriend was already in bed, eyes drooping. She smiled drunkenly at me as I made for the door. I ran my eyes down her figure where it showed beneath the cotton sheet. Maybe I should just stay and fuck her. There was plenty of time for sleep and walks. But even as I thought it, her eyes fell closed.

I closed the door quietly behind me. The stairwell was dark, cooler than our room. I could still hear the buzz of the aircon but fainter now. I made my way down and was a few steps above the landing when a door opened.

I slowed, and then out came the Italian woman. She had glasses on her head, ready to go out. She paused when she saw me.

“Hello,” she said, that friendly smile returning.


She glanced up behind me, keeping her hand on the door. As I came down to the small landing she looked into my face. I could smell her perfume above the musty smell of the old stone building.

When she kept standing there I made up my mind. I grabbed the wrist of the hand holding the door and gently pushed her into the room. She looked surprised, a little flustered, but she didn’t say anything or try to resist.

I closed the door behind me and turned to face her. One arm was crossed over to the other hip—I noted how it pushed up her breast. The other hand took the glasses from her head.

No words were needed. As I closed with her she dropped her glasses and the other hand moved from her hip to mine. We kissed slowly, softly at first, then she took a breath that seemed to bring her to life as she moved her lips more eagerly, hungrily. They were soft, and I could still taste the morning coffee on them.

My hands went to her waist, soft flesh, it felt good to hold. Then she pulled me close, and a sound escaped her lips as my hard cock pushed against her. I ran my hands up her arms—her skin was cool, refreshing in the heat, even as I could smell the sweat that broke on her neck.

I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest, soft and heavy. I wanted to have them in my hands.

I stroked her waist and hips, enjoying the feel of the curves, then slipped a hand beneath her shirt. She was warm there. And eager to help. She lifted the top over her head and dropped it to the floor. I softly touched her smooth stomach and teased lightly over one breast. Her large nipples hinted darkly beneath the tan material.

She lifted my shirt, and it joined hers on the floor. We kissed again and I ran my hands all over her near-bare back. She pulled at my belt buckle, and with both hands undid the fly of my jeans. They fell to my shins.

The sudden air about my hips made my hard cock tingle. Then she peeled my boxers over the head. A string of precum stretched out as it strained, pointing up towards her.

She reached down. My whole lower body tightened as she brushed her knuckles rus escort against my balls. Then in one motion she gripped the base of my shaft and stroked upwards. More precum leaked out over her fingers.

She straightened and I shivered again. I could only watch as she licked the fluid patiently and hungrily from her hand.

Stepping from my jeans and pants, I moved into her. She pressed her lips to mine, and I could taste the saltiness of her sweat and my juice. As we kissed I undid her pants, and reaching inside pushed them—panties and all—over her lovely round hips and down to her ankles. I followed them down, on the way up kissing at her shins, knees, thighs. I breathed her scent as I passed her pussy, and I felt her hands softly on my head, willing me, wanting to push me down.

I breathed deeply her musk, feeling her body arch in expectation. Between her legs I saw her buttocks pressing together between her smooth thighs and suddenly I wanted to bury my face between them.

So I did just that.

Gently I coaxed her over on her stomach. She groaned, lifted her shoulders to watch me as I stroked the back of her tanned legs and pressed her butt cheeks in my hands. I kissed her legs and her ass, taking in the sweet smell of her pussy below. Her leg stretched out behind her to stroke between mine.

I lifted her hips and she got to her knees. Her top half stretched out and down and she rested her head on her forearms. I ran a hand over the small of her back, appreciating the sexy curve of her shoulders and back, the gorgeous ass pushing up towards me.

I continued kissing along her hips and butt. Then I pressed her cheeks apart and swished my tongue about her anus. She groaned and pushed back against me, her back curving. I stiffened my tongue and pressed it into her sharply, then withdrew it, and pushed in again more slowly. She mumbled something in pleasure. I held her by the hips and moved her back and forth against me.

My cock was rubbing against her foot—her toes curled to stroke my balls. I wanted so badly to plunge into her.

I let one hand slowly move around between her thighs. The heat of her pussy came off it in waves. My thumb stroked down her outer lips, sticky with her need. I slid my tongue down taste her and she pushed firmly back on my face.

I backed away and reached over to unclasp her bra. I slid it down her shoulders and she lifted to her knees to let it fall.

Her tits hung free—firm and glorious curves. I ran my hands all over them, sides and beneath, revelling in the soft flesh, but I didn’t touch her nipples.

She leaned back onto me as I touched her, her gorgeous ass pressing firmly against my cock. I’d had enough, so I turned her around and lay her down. She lifted her knees to show me the moistness of her pussy, but I was still drawn to her tits. Her nipples stood dark and firm. I leant down to kiss her lips once more, letting her taste herself on my tongue, then I kissed down her neck to the space between her breasts. I licked the sheen of sweat there, pressing her breasts against my cheeks.

My cock was brushing against the wiry hair around her pussy and the warm flesh of her thighs. She strained to push her wetness against me, and as much as I wanted it, I held back. I moved my tongue across to one of her nipples, pressing it between my lips and biting gently. Her hand fell to the back of my neck and one legs clamped around my legs.

Almost fighting her, I shuffled down, kissing my way down her stomach to her pussy. She moaned as I let loose my tongue on her waiting folds. She tasted fresh and clean, and was wetter than I could have imagined. I sucked at her and teased her clit with my tongue—her thighs pressed together as though to draw me deeply in. I slid a finger around her hole, teasing, then pushed easily into her warmth. I stopped a moment to feel the walls of her pussy squeeze about it before pulling it out and then pushing in two.

She heaved and ground sıhhiye escort her pussy on my face, and if she was making any noise I couldn’t hear it so tightly was she clamping my head. Before long I felt her fingers on my head, then she grabbed a handful of hair and moments later her pussy squeezed tight and her ass lifted from the bed, then her pussy pulsed in release. I held my tongue flat on her clit and stroked my fingers in and out in short, sharp thrusts.

Eventually she relaxed. Her grinding became slow, long gyrations of her hips, and her thighs parted from my head. Her clawing handhold fell gently to the back of my neck.

She sighed as I lifted my tongue off her pussy, and she met my eyes with a smile, opening her arms to me. Gratefully I lowered myself to her arms, enjoying the warmth and the comfort of my skin against her breasts and stomach. She kissed me hungrily, gratefully. I sucked in her tongue and let her enjoy the taste and smell of herself all over me.

We rolled onto our sides. I pushed back her hair from her face and squeezed at her breast with the other hand. She lifted a leg over mine, stroking up and down, then bent it at the knee and held it over my hips. The damp between her legs felt sticky on my thigh, and my cock pulsed in response.

She moved her hips against me, and her hot pussy stroked against my balls. I began moving my own hips, finding a rhythm so the wetness there stroked against the shaft of my cock.

“Be inside me,” she said huskily.

I kissed her again and, pressed against her, I shifted so the head of my cock slid between her lips. The hotness of her burned against me, and I moaned with pleasure. She bucked her hips to moisten me more, and we pressed closer together—her pussy welcomed me, and slowly, hotly I slid into her.

We started off slowly, just enjoying the heat and feel of each other. I stroked up her leg, her hips, and her side and breasts. I reached to squeeze her ass cheeks, letting a finger slip to stroke her hole. I slid her wetness about there, and felt my cock moving slowly within her.

I needed to push deeper so I rolled her onto her back. I thrust again and she smiled as my cock went all the way in. She grabbed me, arms and legs, and held me tight as I explored deep within her. Our sweat mingled on our skin—the heat inside her was like a fireplace.

I kissed and licked her neck and shoulders, from one sunspot to the next. I squeezed her breasts, pressing them up so I could lick and suck her nipples.

She grabbed at my ass and pressed me against her. I focussed then on my strokes, faster and firmer now. Deeper. My balls slapped wetly against her pussy and ass.

Her breath was heavy now, voice slipping huskily through in groans. I increased my pace. Her slickness made each thrust feel like coming home.

She lifted her hips to meet my thrusts. Her hand slipped round to tug gently at my balls. I felt them tighten in response.

I held her by the shoulders as my thrusts became faster.

“Fuck yes,” I grunted.

She bit her lip. I pressed my mouth to hers, licked her teeth, teased her tongue.

It swept over me in a wave. Heat rushed up my legs and I pressed against her as my cock pummelled her. Then I came so hard it felt I’d slip out of her. As my cum pumped in her pussy I held her tight. Waves of orgasm made me weak, but my hips kept thrusting. And she kept pressing me in.

After what felt like minutes I collapsed against her, resting my cheek against her still-hard nipple. I flicked my tongue on her breast as we lay there, and eventually I rolled off.

We lay there in our own juices for a time, then she leaned over to kiss me once more.

Without a word, she rose and went to shower. I took it as my cue to leave, dressing then closing the door quietly behind me.

Up in my room, my girlfriend stirred sleepily as I came in.

“Hi,” she said, as I made for the bathroom to shower.

I smiled at her and looked over her lithe figure beneath the sheets, the faint curve of her breast showing above the cotton sheet. I licked my lips as my cock stirred to life again, and I could still taste the other woman’s pussy. I wanted to slip beneath the sheets and awake my girl with a kiss…but first to shower.

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