Şubat 13, 2021

Brandon Fulfills a Lifelong Fantasy

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I was 22 and had just graduated college. My job in New York City didn’t start for about another month so I headed back to the dreaded Midwestern suburb that I grew up in to pass the time. I was really not looking forward to living with my parents again, doing household chores, awkward run-ins with former high school classmates or the incessant boredom that necessarily came with Midwestern suburbia, even if it was for only one month.

When I had left for college, I was shy, awkward and somewhat nerdy. But after four years at a preppy private school in the Northeast, all that had changed. I had filled out my previously slim frame through countless hours at the gym, invested in expensive, preppy clothing, and had learned how to drink, party and fuck by socializing with the rich, northeast elite that attended my school. I wanted to be in New York, making money and going to parties, not bumming around my house in the suburbs.

With so much free time on my hands at home, I quickly found myself frequenting the nearby gym. Since it was so close to many rich, suburban neighborhoods, I realized that it was a hotspot for housewives. Most of them, with about as much to do as myself, went to the gym a lot and were in great shape. Between strategically timed visits to the hot tub and playing dumb about the gym’s layout (I was new after all) I pleasantly found myself flirting with many hot moms.

One weekday morning, as I was wearing a cutoff that exposed my muscular biceps and was loose enough to show off my abs as well, I maxed out on the bench press in conspicuous view of a petite blonde on the treadmill. But as I set the barbell down, I heard a surprised, familiar voice.

“Brandon!?” the high pitched voice called out.

I turned around and there in a tight, blue, athletic tank top and yoga pants was Mrs. Juliana Fasano. She had lived down the street from me for years and her two boys, Tony and Jack, had been buddies of mine all through school. The Fasano’s had had me over at least once a week to swim in their pool and then enjoy a huge Italian meal. The only thing better than Mrs. Fasano’s cooking was her incredible body. She was short, maybe 5’2-5’3, and her legs and arms were always perfectly toned and tan, and she had a small, tight ass. Her hair, usually light brown that she occasional dyed a dirty blonde fell in beautiful, soft curls just past her shoulders. And when she smiled at you…well, it was nearly impossible not to smile back. She would flash perfectly white teeth and her light blue eyes would shimmer. But whenever you talked to Mrs. Fasano, it was usually pretty hard to pay attention to her smile or eyes. She always seemed to be in a tight or low cut outfit that showed off her magnificent breasts. They were either large C’s or on the smaller end of D’s, but either way they looked amazing on her petite frame. I still remember the first time the Fasano’s invited me over to swim one summer. I was maybe 13 and will never forget when Mrs. Fasano waded into the pool in her red bikini. It was so small that her boobs were oozing out of the sides as they hung there, soft and supple off her chest. Ever since that moment I had made it a point to stay close friends with Tony and Jack.

But, as it happens in life, after I graduated from high school, I drifted away from their whole family. Tony had gone off to a small school not far from town while Jack had started working for his father’s construction business. Steve Fasano, Tony and Jack’s dad and the lucky husband of Juliana, was a big guy. Not very tall, but stocky with a bit of a gut and with thick black hair and a mustache, he was about as stereotypically Italian as it came. He was gruff but hardworking and provided a very good living for his family Where Mrs. Fasano was light, conversational and extremely outgoing and personable, Mr. Fasano was sullen and intimating. I never exactly understood how the marriage worked. I hadn’t seen any of the family since I had graduated four years ago.

I was suddenly jerked out of my reflections on my first glimpse of Mrs. Fasano in a bikini by the same voice calling out again.

“Brandon Jackson? Is that really you?” she asked as she approached me.

“Mrs. Fasano!” I gleefully replied as I became happily subsumed in the outstretched arms of her hug. With my muscular arms I wrapped her into a tight hug and relished the feeling of her boobs pressed against my chest, a sensation I hadn’t enjoyed in many years. Despite those years, she looked exactly the same. The same milf I had enjoyed seeing through all of my childhood.

“Wow, you’ve changed a lot.” She mused, feeling my chest through the light fabric of my cutoff. “You were a shy, skinny boy the last time I saw you and now look at you, a muscular young man.”

“Thanks Mrs. Fasano.” I said, blushing ever so slightly. casino şirketleri “You look incredible! You must come to the gym every day, how have I not seen you here before?” I asked her.

“I do come everyday!” she replied emphatically. “Steve and I were just visiting Tony at college. He didn’t do so well early on, so he’s taking summer classes to try and graduate soon.”

“Well, that happens.” I said.

“Tony was never that good at school. Not like you. He could never have gotten into that good private school you went to. I’m sure you graduated on time.” She said.

I gave a conversational laugh, “Yep, just last week. With highest honors too. I start my job at an investment bank in New York in a month.”

She shook her head in amazement. “What can’t you do?” she asked “Great school, top honors, a high paying job in New York plus all these muscles. Not only has Tony not done too well in school, but he’s put on a lot of weight, and not in the good way like you have. He looks like a younger version of his dad.”

I laughed a little nervously and tried to deflect the flattering comparison. “How is Mr. Fasano?” I asked.

It was her turn to laugh, “He’s alright, I guess. Same old same old. Still pouring concrete, still refusing to shave that mustache, and still eating too much of my food.”

“Oh my God.” I responded, strategically lifting my shirt to show off my abs while rubbing my stomach. “I have missed your food so much. In four years of going to school near New York, your Italian food is still the best I’ve ever had!”

“Well, what’re you doing this afternoon?” she asked “It’s supposed to get pretty hot, so why don’t you come over for a swim and a meal like old times. I’ll cook up all your favorites.”

“Oh my God, Mrs. Fasano, that sounds amazing. I’m already drooling thinking about it.”

“Great!” She replied. “Come over around 1. Bring your swimsuit and your appetite!”

Though I was drooling about the thought of her food, the thing I was drooling over the most was the thought of seeing her in a bikini again. I showered and hurried home, agonizing about what I was going to wear. I eventually decided on a pair of short, salmon colored swim trunks that went about halfway down my thigh, and a light blue oxford shirt. I only buttoned a few of the middle buttons, leaving plenty of my abs and chest exposed. I brushed my light brown hair over in a slight imitation of Jack Kennedy, donned my boat shoes and sunglasses, and headed down the street with all the confidence in the world.

I rang the doorbell and immediately felt the blood rush to my cock when Mrs. Fasano answered. She had a long, white sarong tied around her waist and the same, small red bikini top from ten years ago.

“Brandon!” she squealed. “I’m so happy you came! You look so handsome.” And she came in for another hug. Instead of going around my neck, her hands slipped in under my loosely buttoned shirt and wrapped around my waist while my hands felt all the way up her exposed back to where her bikini strings were tied at the nape of her neck.

She took my hand and led me back into the house and out onto the patio by the pool while I stared at her ass the whole way. Italian sausages were grilling slowly and she turned them over quickly with stainless steel tongs. Then she moved to the poolside glass table where there was a margarita pitcher.

“I didn’t know what you like to drink, and I know it’s not Italian, but it is summery so I figured it would work fine.” She poured us each a glass and handed me mine. She was about 6-7 inches shorter than me and as her big blue eyes looked up at mine, I struggled to meet them and not wander off into the great view I had of her cleavage. She raised her glass to mine:

“To all of Brandon’s successes.” She said “Graduating college, getting a great job, and growing up.”

“Thanks Mrs. Fasano.” I said as we clinked glasses and drank.

“Now, let’s get in the pool shall we?” she said excitedly. She unwrapped her sarong, revealing a white, skimy, string bikini bottom that contrasted amazingly well with her red bikini top and tanned, olive skin. As I unbuttoned my shirt, she came up behind me and helped me take it off.

Pulling my shoulders down onto a lounge chair she said “Here honey, let’s get some sunscreen on you so you don’t burn up.”

I was in heaven as her hands roamed my back rubbing in sunscreen. After a few minutes she thrust the bottle into my hands and said, “Now do me.”

Oh Mrs. Fasano, I would love to do you, I thought to myself. She tossed her dirty blonde hair over one shoulder and flashed me a winning smile which I returned and slowly worked down her whole back, rubbing in sunscreen. When I was done, I put my hands lightly on her sides, the tips of my fingers feeling the edges casino firmaları of her taught and flat stomach.

“I think you’re good. Now let’s get you in the water.”

I quickly moved my hands fully around to the front of her stomach, with one hand over her belly button and another just underneath her breasts and picked her up easily.

“Brandon, oh my God!” she exclaimed as I jumped into the pool with her in my arms.

She emerged from the water laughing and playfully hit my chest. “You bad boy!” she mock scolded “We’re going to have find a suitable punishment from you.”

“Mrs. Fasano,” I replied, “I don’t think you could punish me if you tried.”

She threw her head back and laughed as she swam to the side of the pool.

“Brandon, don’t call me Mrs. Fasano anymore. You’re grown up, call me Juliana” as she said this she grabbed our margarita glasses from the edge of the pool where they had been sitting and I swam over. I placed one arm around her submerged waist and grabbed my drink with the other. We smiled at each other and I raised my glass.

“Alright,” I said, “to Juliana. The beautiful Goddess of Italian food.”

She laughed irresistibly as we drank and she proposed a counter toast.

“To Brandon, the flatterer of old women.” she replied, raising her glass again.

“But Juliana, I always thought you were like…29. That’s not very old.”

We laughed together and I gently pulled her in closer to me. Her tits were brushing my abs and I could feel her nipples harden through the fabric of her bikini.

“Seriously though,” I said, “you’re gorgeous.”

A smile broke out on her face and she stared up at me, pushing ever so slightly closer. We both set our margarita glasses down and I put both hands around her waist and leaned in. Her hands had roamed up to my shoulders but right before I was about to kiss her, they moved to my chest and pushed me back a little.

“I need to go check on the food.” She said nervously and hopped out of the pool. I watched her as she dried off and wrapped her sarong back around her waist, her tits bouncing gently as she walked. She glanced back and smiled at me as she walked back inside the house. After a few minutes floating around and drinking my margarita, I couldn’t bear it anymore and got out of the pool, dried off quickly and marched back into the house.

When I opened the door, she glanced over her shoulder from her post at the kitchen sink and said “It’ll be ready soon, I’m just draining the pasta.” At this point, I didn’t give a shit about the pasta. Still only in my swim trunks, I confidently walked across the kitchen, grabbed her around the waist and pulled her ass directly into my crotch where I was almost fully erect.

“Brandon,” she whispered “we can’t. I have a husband…I’m twenty years older than you.”

I spun her around with ease, my hands still firmly on her bare midriff, she braced herself on my arms.

“Julianna, look at you. You’re an incredible cook, an incredible person, and you’re drop dead gorgeous. You’re truly a Goddess and you deserve a God. You deserve everything. You to be appreciated, you deserve to be fucked like the Goddess you are.”

“And you can fuck like a God?” she asked.

“Damn right,” I said as I untied my swim trunks and dropped them to the floor. She gasped and her breasts heaved as she breathed harder.

“Brandon…” she said, staring at my smoothly shaved, hard 10 inches, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cock that big.” Her hand grabbed it. “And Steve hasn’t shaved down there in years…”

Her breasts still heaving with excitement, I roughly pulled her into my body. Her tits pressed up against my abs, my hand grabbed as much of her ass as it could, and our mouths collided. Almost instantaneously, our mouths were wide open and our tongues were deep down each other’s throats, exploring every crevice of each other’s mouths.. With one hand I untied the red bikini from around her neck and it fell away to expose the most soft and supple, glorious big tits I’d ever seen in my life and I started to squeeze them, fulfilling a ten year old fantasy. My other hand unfastened her sarong, and it fell to the cold tile floor. She grabbed my dick and began rubbing it over the thin fabric of her bikini bottoms. Our kiss broke and she moaned as I started kissing her neck and then her tits and her nipples.

“Fuck me, Brandon. Fuck me.” She moaned as my mouth explored every part of her delicious body. I picked her up and flung her down on the kitchen table and pulled her bikini bottoms off. Her pussy was tight and wet as I inserted my large head into its grip. We both let out a groan of pleasure as I slowly pushed all ten inches in.

I began pumping, slowly at first, and then faster and faster as she lay recumbent güvenilir casino on the table. My dick was drenched in the juices of her snatch, which was waxed to clean perfection.

“HARDER!” she yelled, and I began to slam all ten inches into her with every bit of force I could muster.

“Fuck, Fuck, FUCK!” she squealed. The last “fuck” was never fully articulated and became only an incoherent scream of ecstasy as her pussy tightened in its orgasm and drenched my cock in its fluids.

She was shaking and out of breath as she stood up and kissed my gently.

“The only orgasms I’ve had during the last ten years have been from my vibrator.” She said, still visibly shaken by the violence of the ecstasy she had just experienced. “You’re incredible” she whispered in my ear as she began to kiss me down the length of my body, eventually taking one of my balls in her mouth and sucking like a vacuum.

It was my turn to groan with pleasure as she worked up and down my shaft with her mouth, covering it in warm, wet, goodness. Her tongued danced around the tip, exciting me past the point of comfort.

Unable to bear it, and not wanting to blow my load just yet, I picked her up like a rag doll, and brought her right to my face. As we were making out once again, I eased my cock back into her pussy and began to bounce her up and down as I navigated my way upstairs.

“Brandon!” she squealed in delight, laughing at the absurdity of her pleasure as we were walking.

“What?” I asked, “Steve doesn’t fuck you while he carries you around?”

She could only shake her head ‘no’ and hold on for dear life as her breath was coming in shorter and shorter again.

“Brandon, Brandon, BRANDON!” She screamed as we reached the top of the stairs. Her nails dug into my shoulder blades and she shook like a leaf in my arms as her tight pussy once again clenched in an orgasm around my shaft. She kissed me repeatedly.

“Don’t stop fucking me.” She whispered in my ear.

I was far from done fucking her. I threw her roughly down onto the bed and jumped on her immediately. I spun her around onto her back with authority and inserted the whole length of my cock with force.

“FUCK, BRANDON” she cried out in pleasure as I rode her ass and pounded her once tight pussy into the bed.

“SLAP MY ASS,” she commanded and I did. Hard, leaving the red imprint of my hand on her peach like ass cheeks. The hard slapping of my dick into her pussy was resounding and rhythmic, only getting faster., Her breaths came quicker and more labored.

“CHOKE ME, BABY” she screamed. With my cock buried deep inside of her, and with both of our bodies sweaty and grunting, I reached over her back and grabbed throat, pulling her head back until I could see her eyes, staring at me hungrily.

“Harder, HARDER,” this time it was more of a muffled beg then a command. My grip on her throat tightened and each of my thrusts resounded loudly throughout the room as I got as deep as I could in her pussy.

“BRANDON,” she screamed again. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her pussy tightened in her third orgasm of the last twenty minutes.

I pulled out, somewhat exhausted and rolled over on her bed. She glanced at me with wild eyes and we kissed for a while, her breasts pushing into my chest and her hand gently stroking my cock to life once again. She whispered into my ear, “Now it’s your turn” and mounted me.

She slowly began bouncing up and down on my long cock, quickly increasing speed. The thumping for her ass into my crotch was hard and each time she came down, my dick went deeper and deeper inside of her. Her hands were pressed against my chest, riding me until I couldn’t take it anymore.I lifted up her ass and brought up my crotch as well and began penetrating her with the rapidity of a machine gun.

“I’m about to cum” I groaned. I started to pull out, but she wouldn’t let me.

“Cum inside me, baby!” she yelled.

I complied and unleashed an ungodly jettison of hot semen into her pussy. Heaving, she rolled off of me and we both lay there in the messy sheets of the Fasano’s king bed, out of breath. After a few moments of catching our breath, Juliana rolled over, pressed her voluptuous tits back into my muscular chest, and stared at me alluringly with her big blue eyes.

“You’re probably the loudest and wildest girl I’ve ever been with,” I said, “has anyone ever told you that before?”

“Most of my sex the last twenty years has been Steve sticking it in and cumming in two minutes while I finish myself off in the shower, so it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to indulge my wild side,” she said, smiling devilishly at me. “Speaking of which, want to come wash up with me in the shower? It’s a walk in, so it has plenty of room for more…fun…”

“Absolutely,” I said.

Her smile widened, and she kissed me. With the energy of two teenagers fucking for the first time we hopped out of bed and practically ran to the shower for round 2. Maybe it wasn’t going to be such a bad summer after all.

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