Şubat 9, 2021

Brandi’s First Anal with Daddy

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I want to start by saying that all of my stories are purely fictional and in no way should be taken for more than erotic fantasy. Having said that, I will say that the characters I write about are real people in my life that I use for inspiration only. Their names and personal details have been altered to protect their true identities.

If you like my stories please feel free to leave comments. If you like certain aspects tell me and maybe I can utilize those thoughts in future writings. If you don’t like what I write well just close it and don’t continue to read. I don’t mean to offend anyone I just like to share my kinky thoughts.

This story is about Daddy and Daughter incestuous acts so if that bothers you please stop reading now and jump to your next story of interest. There are so many to choose from on here that surely you can find something that turns you on.


The next morning my eyes blinked open groggy and sleepy. Last nights events started replaying in my mind. As thoughts flooded my foggy brain I knew the naked body snuggled up to my side was none other than my own sweet beautiful 30 year old daughter Alicia.

I felt a stirring beside me and I rubbed my eyes. The stirring beside me only reiterated that my sweet little Babygirl was as naked as the day she was born. A soft moan escaped her as she squirmed and snuggled closer into my side. Her hand slid down my chest and circled my semi hard cock in her sleep.

I felt a twinge of remorse as what we had done continued to replay in my mind. I had let myself take my daughter, or had she taken me? What would my little girl think of me when she woke up?

I carefully eased myself away from Alicia and slid out of bed. Walking into the restroom I stood at the toilet and began to take a much needed piss. As the hard flow hit the water I was afraid the noise would wake my sweet little girl. I finished urinating and turned to the shower.

I started the water and set the nozzle where I normally set it for a nice hot shower. I walked over to the sink and decided to brush my teeth real quick. Morning breath can be brutal sometimes.

I stepped into the stinging hot spray of the shower and let the steaming water cascade down over my body. The hot water may have been washing the sweat and funk from my body but it was doing nothing to cleanse my guilty conscious.

Taking a wash cloth and filling it with body wash I proceeded to scrub my entire body from head to toe. The water felt so good washing over me. I stood and rinsed myself down before washing my hair and letting the fresh smell of shampoo waft over me.

As I stood in the refreshing spray the shower door slid open. There stood my beautiful sexy daughter still completely naked smiling up at me. “Move over Dad I am coming in,” said my sweet girl.

I stepped back and Alicia stepped in and under the hot water. She looked up into the spray and ran her hands over her face using the water to wash the sleep out of her eyes.

There was ample space in my over sized shower to allow myself and my little girl plenty of room to move around.

I leaned against the wall and admired the view of my luscious little girl. Her 5’0″ frame shining with the wetness cascading over her smooth skin. Her skin, in my opinion is a perfect tan. Her skin is not to light nor is it to dark. Her perfect 32B tits glistened in the hot spray of the water.

Alicia turned to face me. My eyes took in her sexy little tits, her smooth stomach, her tight round hips, and her shaved pussy before moving back to her face. God, this tiny little girl of mine is sexy.

Alicia ran her fingers through her shoulder length brown hair, letting the water soak through. Then she opened her beautiful hazel eyes and smiled at me showing her perfect white teeth.

Alicia’s arms went around my neck as she rose to her tip toes trying to reach my face with hers. I leaned down and our lips met. It was a loving kiss. The kiss was soft and warm. Her lips are so delicate. For me the kiss was pure heaven.

As our lips lingered on each others it became more passionate. Hot, open mouthed, our tongues intertwined one and the other.

I broke the kiss before we became so excited that we couldn’t stop ourselves. I felt like we should talk. I wanted to ravage my baby girl right there in the shower but was it right to keep this up?

In spite of my reservations I could not keep my hands off this delicious little vixen. I took a wash cloth and lathered it up with body wash. I washed my little girl’s sweet body in a way I hadn’t done since she was a little girl. I soaped every inch of her exquisite body. Then I leaned her head back in the warm water re-wetting her soft brown hair.

Squeezing some shampoo into my palm I started massaging the thick creamy extract into her luxurious brown mane. In no time at all I had a rich full lather built up. I worked my fingers through her hair until I was satisfied I had evenly coated every single strand.

Running my soapy hands down casino şirketleri her shoulders and over her small firm breasts to her waist I again leaned her back so I could rinse her hair clean.

I was in heaven. I loved bathing my sweet darling daughter. Her tight sexy body was giving me no rest and just seeing her naked was keeping my cock standing at attention.

We took turns doing a final rinse making sure all the soap and shampoo was off our skin. Once complete I reached down and turned off the water. As I bent down, Alicia’s little hard nipples were right in front of my hungry lips. I fought the urge to take them each in my mouth in turn.

Alicia exited the shower in front of me. I couldn’t help but follow her perfect round ass with my hungry gaze. Her ass cheeks taunt and inviting beckoned to me as she stepped over the edge of the shower floor. God this girl is sexy and the thought of fucking her tight ass again was making me unable to think clearly.

I stepped out of the shower and took a fresh towel from the shelf between the shower and the toilet. The towel smelled clean and fresh having recently been laundered by my housekeeper.

I wrapped the towel around my dear sweet Alicia’s shoulders and began to towel her dry. I ran the soft terry cloth across her delectable body removing the lingering water droplets from her soft skin. I lingered on her tits admiring the erect nipples standing out and firm.

After Alicia was dry I sent her to my room to dress and wait while I dried myself and shaved my stubbly face. I could tell she was hesitant to leave as her gaze was locked on to my hard cock.

My darling little girl smiled into my eyes and licked her lips as she walked out of the bathroom. What a tease this little vixen was.

As I walked into the bedroom I was thankful Alicia had given up on continuing out elicit sexcapades as she was already partially dressed. Partially meaning she was standing before the full length mirror on my closet door admiring her body. Who could blame her?

Standing in front of the mirror only partially dressed. Alicia had chosen bright pink hipster style panties with a lacy waistband. To match she was adorned with the same bright pink bra. The top of the bra cups was trimmed with lace to match the panties. Across the ass of the panties in hot red lettering was the word Princess. I could not agree more.

My gorgeous Babygirl was indeed a Princess to me.

I had a couple of chest of drawers set up in the walk in closet of my guest bedroom where all my children keep extra clothes. I did not realize my sweet Alicia had such sexy under things kept at my house. I made a note to snoop next time I was alone. Maybe all my daughters kept sexy lingerie here. I shuddered at that thought. What was wrong with me?

Lying on the bed I could see Alicia had chosen her typical sexy attire for the day. Cut-off denim shorts that cut right beneath the ass pockets, if she bends her ass cheeks will definitely be visible. Her top of choice was a simple plain white tee. Guaranteed the bright pink color of her bra would show through.

As I was pondering what her plans were for the day going out dressed like this Alicia spoke up. “Daddy I am going to spend some time with Brandi this morning, promise to keep your evening free for me,” she said.

“Of course I will my love. We need to talk about last night,” I said.

With that I walked over to my dresser and pulled out some boxer briefs and slid them on. I opened another drawer and selected a pair of khaki cargo shorts. I decided to stay shirtless, my favorite way to be at home.

My thoughts went to Alicia’s friend Brandi. I wondered what they were going to get into today.

Brandi is quite sexy with a really outgoing personality. Brandi’s birthday is the same as Alicia’s. The girls have been friends since kindergarten. Now at 30 years old they are more like sisters than friends. She is a very sweet girl, she just has no filter on what she says and she is quite vocal. If a thought enters her brain, it usually finds its way out of her mouth.

It had been a while since I saw Brandi but I most assuredly have not forgot her sexy body and pretty face.

Brandi is quite different from Alicia but no less sexy, that much I am sure of. I have never actually measured or sized her but I am a pretty good guesser having raised daughters myself.

Brandi bears a striking Italian heritage and it shows in her sexy appeal. Taller than Alicia but still not overly tall I would put Brandi at a solid 5’4″ maybe 5’5″. More solidly built than Alicia also but not fat in any sense of the word. She is maybe 125 to 130 pounds of straight up gorgeous. Her skin is darker than Alicia’s; largely I am sure due to her Italian blood line. Her long coal black wavy hair stops about midway down her back. Mesmerizing very dark eyes, I have never been able to choose their color.

There is no way any sane man can pick between her two best assets as to which one is best. Her tits and her ass casino firmaları are insane. Her round full ass begs to be spanked, spread and licked until she screams. But her tits, oh my goodness her tits are incredible. They have to be no less than a 34D, maybe even a 34 DD.

I had to stop thinking about little Miss Brandi as my already semi hard cock was starting to get firm again. I knew if Alicia saw that she may want to stop dressing and start undressing again.

During my revelry about Brandi I had wondered to the kitchen and absent mindedly made myself a cup of coffee. Alicia had finished dressing and headed to the brightly lit bathroom mirror to finish her hair and makeup.

I was leaning on the kitchen counter sipping my coffee listening to the news on the TV in the kitchen when Alicia walked in. Her makeup and hair was prefect as is normal with her. Those shorts and tee were very hot on her. She had pulled the tee and tied it up tight around the bottom revealing her lower tummy. Damn I wanted to rip them off her and fuck her right there on the table.

Alicia hugged me and pulled my face down forcing my lips apart with her tongue for a soul searing kiss. As our lips parted she said, “Be back later this afternoon Dad, remember you said you would keep your day free.”

She grabbed her wallet, keys, and smokes from the shelf by the door. As she was walking out she turned with a quick, “Brandi may come over with me later Dad so keep those shorts on.”

It was a reference to her knowledge of how I enjoy being naked when I am home alone.

It was now past 10:00 AM and I was left alone with my thoughts of the previous night’s events. I was torn between loving some of the best sex in my life with a young woman I loved more than anything and the thoughts of what a horrible man I was for fucking my own daughter.

I ambled around the house most of the morning. I ran a couple of loads of laundry through the washer and dryer. Folded and put it away. Straightened up the house a bit just in case Brandi came back with Alicia the house would be neat and tidy. Then I made myself a sandwich for lunch.

At about 2:00 PM I decided I needed to rest my brain. I couldn’t stop the conflicted feelings about fucking my daughter. About how I; her dad, had fucked her in her ass for the first time. So I made myself a drink. A tall glass of ice cold lemonade doctored up with two full shots of tequila.

Having completed my chores I decided to sit down to a movie. I was making my way through my third drink when I heard the front door open. In bounded Alicia followed closely by Brandi.

I barely had time to see them as they bolted by headed straight for the guest room. They were giggling and Alicia yelled out, “Be right out Dad we are going to change for a swim. You should change and accompany us.”

Against my better judgment I almost skipped to my room and donned a pair of swim trunks. I slugged down the remainder of my third drink and mixed another on my way out to the pool.

Thankfully the pool is in a shaded area of the back yard in the evening. I was certain that after six shots of tequila the hot sun would not be pleasant for me. Even in spite of the fact that I would be in the pool with not one but two young lovely ladies.

As I walked out onto the back deck I sat my drink on the ledge beside the pool and dived in. I swam the length of the pool under water before resurfacing on the opposite end. I was in the middle of my fourth lap when the two girls came walking out the back door towards me.

I stopped in mid stroke when I saw them. I stopped so quickly that I sank and had to quick stroke to the side of the pool.

As I held the side I watched these two images of heaven walking to the pool. They covered the short distance in just a few seconds but the time was not lost on me.

Alicia was wearing a micro bikini that was really nothing more than a narrow strip of cloth over her pussy and two more across her nipples. The thin white material was tied with strings over the curve of her hips as well as around her chest and neck. I wasn’t sure but I had little doubt when wet the cloth would be transparent.

Brandi was wearing a similar bikini but in a different color. The strips of cloth covering her pussy and nipples were bright yellow. The stark contrast with her dark skin made it almost appear to be glowing. Her round hips and large breasts were straining the strings holding her suit on her delectable body. It was obvious her pussy was just as shaved as Alicia’s.

The girls had taken the time to make themselves a drink, margaritas from the looks of the light green liquid in their glasses. They each sat their drinks down beside mine before stepping down the stairs and wading into the pool.

The cool water instantly made both girls nipples stand out. And true to my assumption both bikinis were now quite transparent. Not only were their nipples hard but plainly visible as well. I couldn’t see their pussies under the water but I was dying güvenilir casino to get a view.

I tried to shake those thoughts from my head. As the girls giggled and splashed each other I swam a few laps to try and pump up enough adrenaline to maybe help me think clearly. Something I was finding almost impossible with these two luscious young females almost naked a mere few feet away.

Surfacing on the deep end of the pool I held onto the diving board and looked towards the shallow end. As my eyes focused from being under water I was shocked at the vision before me.

Standing in waist deep water my sweet little Alicia was locked in a passionate kiss with Brandi. Both girls’ hands were roaming the other girl’s body. As their lips meshed and tongues entwined the girls hands were caressing the other tits and squeezing the others ass.

I couldn’t believe my little girl was into other girls. I was instantly aroused in spite of my shock. The scene unfolding before me was possibly the hottest thing I had ever witnessed in person. The fact that it was my daughter and her best friend only added fuel to the flames.

I lost all will power as to having the talk with Alicia about how what we had done was wrong. I no longer cared that this was my daughter. All I cared about was these two hot young vixens in my pool and that I was going to be a part of this illicit tryst.

Pushing off the diving board I swam over to Alicia and Brandi. As I entered shallower water my feet touched bottom and I walked up to them. It wasn’t until I wrapped my arms around both girls did they notice my approach.

“What’s going on here girls?” I asked.

Brandi and Alicia turned to face me and Brandi leaned in saying, “Alicia told me all about what you two did last night DADDY. We decided that since you can take your sweet little daughter’s anal cherry, you can take mine too DADDY.”

Brandi had never called me Daddy before and it sent an electric shock straight down my spine. They decided I would take Brandi’s sweet ass too, really? The way these two little tramps were acting it was if I had no say in the matter. Who was I kidding, I didn’t have a say and they knew it?

“Ok girls, since the two of you have already decided how this evening is going to go how about we take this inside?” I asked.

The three of us walked up the steps and out of the pool arm in arm with me in the middle. As we walked to the door both girls pulled the string ties on their hips and their bikini bottoms fell away. Their tops followed suit as we walked through the door into the den.

No sooner than we were inside than the girls grabbed my trunks and pulled them down allowing me to step out of them and be just as naked as they were.

We made our way over to the sectional sofa in the corner and sat down. I sat on the end with Alicia taking a seat beside me in the middle. Brandi remained standing in front of us and started gyrating her hips while sticking out her tongue in a teasing motion.

My cock was as hard as it has ever been. Alicia wrapped her small hand around my shaft and started stroking up and down.

Brandi was totally focused on Alicia and I was sure they were doing their best to make me so horny I would do absolutely anything.

Brandi knelt on the sofa on the opposite side of Alicia and moved in close to her. Alicia released my cock and took Brandi’s chin in her hand as their lips met.

The girls continued making out as they had been doing in the pool. Brandi was running her hands up and down Alicia’s thighs and the outside of her ass. Alicia immediately started cupping and kneading Brandi’s tits.

Watching these insanely sexy girls going at it was making me stupid horny. I grabbed the hard shaft of my cock and stroked like a mad man. Precum was flooding from my cockhead and I used it as lube to stroke my rigid dick.

Alicia then pushed Brandi onto her back following as she went. Their lips never stopped kissing and sucking each other’s tongues. As Brandi landed on her back her arms encircled Alicia’s neck pulling her close.

Alicia moved her hand to Brandi’s pussy and began rubbing her clit forcing a loud moan from Brandi. Alicia slid two fingers deep into Brandi’s quivering pussy and frigged her hard and fast as her palm kept pressure on Brandi’s aroused clit.

Brandi pushed Alicia up and over onto her back just as Alicia had done to her. Brandi broke their kiss and kissed her way down Alicia’s neck to her tits. Brandi took each of Alicia’s nipples in her mouth sucking and nibbling. Alicia cried out in ecstasy as Brandi kissed and licked down her tummy.

Alicia spread her thighs wide as Brandi slid down between them. Brandi leaned in and ran her tongue up through Alicia’s pussy slit. At the top Brandi circled Alicia’s clit with her hot wet tongue. She then ran her tongue up and down Alicia’s slit kissing and licking.

Alicia was moaning non-stop and reached over to stroke my steel hard dick. I was in amazement that my sweet daughter was letting another woman lick her pussy and loving it.

Brandi locked onto Alicia’s clit and sucked it up and down like she was sucking a tiny little cock. Alicia went mad and fell over my lap and gobbled my cock down like a starving baby.

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