Şubat 9, 2021

Brainy, Brawn, , Beauty Ch. 2

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My sister crossed the room, her finely shaped body gliding it seemed. I sat there my cock stirring at the sight of her body. We had grown up and were told that sex was not a good thing to think about. We were never told the “good” things about it. And now as I look at my sister I realize how much I had missed and wondered if she thought the same thing. She made no attempt to hide her body from me, not that there was a reason too considering last night.

“What do you mean you aren’t sorry?” I was puzzled by this I thought maybe she was dazed, confused or in shock. But Liz turned and looked at me. She was none of those, she looked completely coherent. Her eyes gave me the impression of happiness. I looked from her eyes to her mouth I could see where the cum from the previous night had dried and was flaking a little. She scratched a fingernail at some of it. My eyes wandered down her throat to her breasts, her nipples stood out in the cool morning air. Lower my eyes drifted until they crossed her flat well toned stomach to her love triangle that was hammered the night before. I could still see they were red and raw. A little puffy from the hard cock Brain and I guess, I had given her. She made no attempt to cover her body even though she knew I was looking. I never really realized just how beautiful she was until that moment in the morning sun.

“Why should I be?” her voice brought my attention back to her eyes. “It was undoubtedly the best sex I had ever had!” her eyes sparkled and the recollection of it all. I could see her tongue lick her lips. She moved back to the side of the bed where I sat. I was still gently rubbing the rope burns on my wrist. I looked at her as she placed a hand on my leg, my cock stirred under her gentle, sensuous touch. She glanced at it when she saw it twitch.

“Don’t tell me you were not turned on by that woman?” she accused.

“No!” I almost shouted “No, I am not saying that but think about what happen the consequences of it. They could have impregnated you given us a disease…” I shuddered at the thought

“Or sent us on our way to Hell.” my sister finished “You are starting to sound like Mother and Father!” It took me by surprise when she looked hurt.

“I don’t understand.” I rubbed my forehead. She placed her hand gently on my semi hard cock and began to rub, I looked at her with wonder. Her face was bright. She was biting her lip, she was watching it grow under her touch. Stroking it as it grew to full strength, she looked like a child watching a curious looking bug, gently pushing it from one side to the other. She wrapped her fingers all the way around it and lifted it to upright. She remembered Beauty’s gentle stroke. Her eyes never left my cock as she stroked watching.

“I felt like I was given a sexual wake up call last night. Those people made me realize how wonderful sex could be!” She glanced up at me to see how I looked as she stroked me.

“Granted I never expected to have sex with my brother, but last night my body took over and you stopped being my brother and were a wonderful lover. I want more of that. With you. With them. I want to try new things. How much have I been missing?” she looked like a child just shown the wonders of a new land. She suddenly removed her hand and my cock snapped to my body with a thud.

“Oh my God you must think I am a horrible person, sick and demented!” her face burned with embarrassment. I took hold of her hand and returned it to my cock.

“No not at all. I must admit it was the best fuck of my life as well. With you. With her, I felt like….” I didn’t know what I felt like there were so many emotions from last night. “Are you going to call the police?” I finally casino şirketleri asked her. She was still stroking my cock.

“Will you do something for me?” she asked not answering my question. I nodded. It was all I could do at the moment. She had me real close and I didn’t want to cum just yet. “I saw it in a movie once. Will you shower with me?” I looked at her in shock. She had never had the experience of showering with a lover. I stood reluctantly, she never let go of my cock, I cupped her chin and brought her eyes from my cock to my eyes.

“Let’s go.” I nodded my head toward the bathroom as I said this and we made our way in unison, she still had a hold of my cock like it was her lifeline of some sort. I walked backwards watching her breasts move from side to side with every step.

When we entered the bathroom my hand reached out an flipped the light switch. The room filled with light from the lights around the mirror similar to what you would see in an actresses make up room. She finally released my manhood, reluctantly. She went to the shower and turned it on. Within seconds steam rolled out of the shower door. The sound of the water gave me an urge to pee.

“I need to use the restroom, I will be right back.” I told her. She crossed the bathroom to me placed a gentle kiss to my lips. She pulled her lips back but kept her face close.

“There is a toilet right there.” she said to me. I guess I was still a little shy about this new awakening of hers.

“You want me to pee right her in front of you?” I asked almost sounding shocked.

“Yes.” her one word answer was confident and moving. I smiled a nervous smile and made my way to the toilet I never really expected her to follow me over. I looked at her. My cock was still hard from the combination of her stroking and her beautiful body. She looked a little puzzled as I tried to push it down to take aim.

“What?” I asked her with a shy smile. ” Does it hurt when you push down on it like that? When it is hard?” She was not looking at me but at my cock. “No but this is the main reason you women complain that we men can’t hit the hole, It is a little awkward to deal with first thing in the morning. I stood there for a moment. Nothing happened.

“I…I thought you had to go?” she asked after several seconds had passed. “I do!” it was a little quick and she flinched.

“It is just a little weird having my sister watch me pee is all.” I assured her.

“Do you want me to leave?” she offered.

“No.” A thought entered my head. ” As a matter of fact give me your hand.” She did so without any reluctance. I placed it on my cock my hand on top of hers and together we held it. She seemed fascinated. I watched her eyes as the urine came out in a tight stream at first then a full strength. She let out a little giggle.

“Piece of advice,” I started as the relief from the passing of my bladder “Don’t’ giggle when you hold a man’s cock. It could be taken the wrong way!” I gave her a little wink to assure her I was joking. She smiled. After what seemed like forever I was finished by now the bathroom was filled with steam enough to fog the top portion of the mirror over the sink. I turned to her after a failed attempt to “shake” my cock afterward. She planted a deep kiss on my lips, her tongue slipping unobstructed into my mouth. Our tongues danced I looked into the full wall size mirror and saw our reflection. Her ass tight as my hand made gentle circles on it.

My cock throbbed now. We walked in unison to the shower. I slid back the door and with out breaking our kiss we stepped into the shower. The water was hot and it turned my skin red from the heat. My hand moved up her casino firmaları ass to the small of her back then tracing the spinal column I mover up until my hand was between her shoulder blades I pulled her closer still her breasts pressed against mine. The pulse in my cock noticeable to both of us as it was trapped there between us. My other hand came to her face and gently traced the outline of her jaw. Our eyes opened as we stared into one another souls. This was so wrong. We were never supposed to enjoy sex let alone sex with a sibling. We were raised as if sex was a dirty necessity never to be enjoyed. Just endured. Yet here we stood the water washing over us like a molten waterfall, our lips locked in a passionate embrace. And nothing felt more right.

Our hands exploring one another like they were Hernando DeSoto exploring new never before seen land. My fingers moved down her hip across her ass and lower to her outer lips I gently rubbed them with one finger. She moved her legs apart so I could have better access. Her hand had moved to my balls. She cupped them gently. Expertly. I broke our kiss. Our breathing had become very fast and I needed to catch my breath.

“Did you ever imaging we would be doing this?” she asked a smile on her face. I returned the smile, and shook my head. I was good to see her happy again. And I was glad I could make her happy.

“Have you ever had your pussy licked?” The sentence sounded harsh and cheap. She looked at me. “You mean what you were doing to her last night at first?” she shook her head while she said this. I dropped to my knees in front of her, I put one foot up on a built in seat in the shower I gently pulled her lips apart and placed a gentle kiss right on the bud of her clit. She sucked in a breath, my tongue slipped out of my mouth and into her. She let out a low growl of pleasure. I snaked around the inside of her. Gently rubbing my rough tongue on the soft pink flesh, I moved back the skin that covered her love button and flicked at it with my tongue, she tensed up and I let off. When she relaxed again I hit it with my tongue causing her to tense up yet again. Without removing my tongue I looked up so make sure she wasn’t still sore from last night and what I was doing was not hurting her.

Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip, she was smiling so that ruled out any pain, I dug my tongue deeper, her hands came to my head and pressed gently urging me farther into her sweet tasting pussy. I began to lick in earnest now. Her moans began to fill the shower stall and the bathroom. They were short quick moans. But they were getting louder with every passing moment. Her body was shaking, I knew she was close to her orgasm but what she said next about floored me.

“Baby something is wrong I can’t stop shaking and it …..feels so good….Fuck……oh god what is going on….what are you doing down there? Oh god something is happening…. my body…..god don’t stop it feels so good. What is happening?” She was about to cum and didn’t know it! I was shocked. She had never had an orgasm before? Well now I could say I was the first at of at least three things for her.

“Relax Liz” I mumbled in between licks “I think you are about to cum is all, lean back against the wall and enjoy.” This was a stupid statement. Enjoy. Did she have a choice? She came hard. The scream that erupted from her throat was not of pain but of shear pleasure. Both hands now grabbed at the back of my head and pulled me close as her knees shook the cum poured out around my tongue mixing with the water from the shower coating my face. When the orgasm subsided she collapsed on the floor next to me and the water washed over the both of us. güvenilir casino She was breathing heavy her breast heaved up and down and I was mesmerized by this. I placed a nipple in my mouth and rolled it around. First one then the other. When we had regained normal breathing I stood helping her up.

“That was…fantastic!!” she blurted. I smiled and bowed. She took hold of my cock. I took hold of the frilly bath puff and pushed some liquid soap into it. I rubbed it between my hands lathering it up, then began to wash her body with it, starting with her neck slowly moving my way down until I was over her breasts and across her taught nipples I turned her around and washed her back down across her ass to her inner thigh all the while watching the soap cling to her body, I moved down one leg then up the other. I pressed her body to mine once I was standing again The soap making her body slippery, my cock rested in the crack of her beautiful ass.

“We need to do something about this.” she said reaching behind her and taking hold. “It is a bit of a distraction for me.”

“What do you suggest?” She didn’t answer, she just guided me into her. The warmth of the shower was in no way hotter than the inside of her pussy. It gripped at my cock. Pulling at it, drawing it in. I slowly inserted until it was buried to the hilt, I stayed there for a moment. Enjoying the feel of her. Still not believing I was doing this to my sister. She seemed a bit impatient as she began to move into me my cock sliding out then back into her in steady motions. I was content at first to just stand there and watch my cock slip in and out of her. The water rushing down over us streamed through the crack of her firm ass as I pulled her cheeks apart to get a look at her sweet asshole. I wanted to put my tongue there as I did Beauty last night to see if Liz would respond the same way but I didn’t want to leave her pussy now. I was barreling toward my own orgasm now as she began to slam her ass into my groin area, I took some soap from her body and coated my finger slipping it further down her ass between her cheeks I found her anus. I slowly inserted my finger to the first joint, she stopped moving her ass muscles tightening.

“What are you doing?” she asked huskily, her lips trembling.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked hoping she would say no.

“It kind of burns.” she said “But if you like it leave it there for now.” Music to my ears. I could feel my finger through the soft anus lining on my cock she began to rock again and I began to meet her every thrust. My orgasm was building in my balls I could feel it. But it was her moans and body tightening that got my attention. She was close again. She was getting loud now. Her moans uncontrollable. An orgasm washed over her like the water from the shower. She pressed into me as I sank my cock in between her lips. I continued to press into her, her cum washing out around my cock. I was so close, I slid my finger deeper into her anus she let out another little cry her hand coming back to meet mine to hold it from going any farther. She looked over her shoulder at me. The look of a seductress. I shook my head, my balls ached for release, it was upon me now and I started to withdraw but Liz shocked me by pressing me backward almost losing my balance I crashed against the shower wall. She pressed her ass into me as I withdrew my finger. “Liz I am gonna cum, look out.” I tried to push her out of the way but she stood braced her arms against the wall holding me in place.

“I know it is OK I am on the pill.” Before I could protest anymore my cock lept and bucked shooting globs of hot cum into her.

“Oh my god I can feel you!” She pressed back farther. “Oh god it feels…wonderful!” My cock sent surge after surge into her. Filling her until some leaked out around my cock. We stood there allowing us to catch our breath , with me still in her she leaned back and kissed my lips gently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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