Ocak 22, 2021

Boys Will Be Boys, She Said

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Note 1: This could have easily fit into Exhibitionist/Voyeur, but I fitted it into Gay Male instead. Hopefully there aren’t too many people put off by it.

Note 2: Special thanks to my muse again. She knows who she is.

“Hey, Sean!” Amanda greeted as she opened the door. They briefly exchanged pleasantries about each other’s kids before she sent him off his engagement at the house. Judging by the case of Molson Canadian under his arm, it was his turn to bring the refreshments. “Well, you know where to go. John’s already down there.”

She never did understand why there had to be a pre-game show before the actual game. Who wanted to men sitting at a desk making meaningless predictions? Then again, who would want to watch the barbaric game itself?

Sean smiled at her as he thanked her. He then ventured down the hall, down the stairs, and then down a second set of stairs.

The basement.

A man’s domain.

Or for tonight, a man and his best friend. How could a woman feel like there was a no go zone for her in her own house? Especially since she contributed just as much as he to those pesky mortgage payments. John mentioned he was going to make the basement “his” rec room when they first moved. She rolled her eyes and laughed at the time, ‘We’ll see.’

But sure enough, he adopted the room as his own. She wasn’t sure how that happened. It definitely started as a communal space. Despite fitting it with his Xbox and all the home entertainment centre trinkets, it could still be a shared space.


The tall blonde stayed away from them that night, if only for a little while. Boys’ night meant she had to handle homework duties and getting the kids ready for bed. At around 8:30pm, she closed the last bedroom door and let out a sigh. And then a yawn. It would have been logical to retire herself because of her own fatigue, but instead Amanda was feeling very illogical. For no reason other than wanting to sweet taste of Shiraz to soothe her, she poured out a little glass. The bottle was almost done so did the ‘economic’ thing and filled it up again. After that, she left the empty items as they were and followed a very coy idea that popped into her head.

Heading down was was like infiltrating the boys’ clubhouse or journeying into the cavern of men. She giggled at the former.

The third quarter had just commenced. The boys sat with only a few inches between them on the three-seater. John’s stomach formed a bit of a pouch under his black T-shirt. So did Sean’s. The snacks they laid out for themselves did not help that. Sean, a brown haired man, sat a bit taller than the short raven haired John, if only because John was a sloucher and naturally a bit shorter than him.

Standing directly in front of them, she giddily asked, “May I join you BFFs?” As if she was going to take a ‘no’ for an answer, she thought to herself.

“Go ahead,” Sean replied, sounding at least a bit inviting to her. John had not even looked up.

There was an awkward moment where the boys didn’t know where she was going to place herself. She would, of course, elect to sit between them. Amanda thought for a second that John was craning his neck to check her out as she turned to sit. The tall, slender mom admittedly didn’t have much of an ass so she would’ve felt flattered…if not for realizing that she was just in his line of vision. His efforts to make space were minimal, so she sat on his leg before roughly forcing herself into place like a Tetris piece finding its destination.

John gave her a brief unpleasant look and an annoyed click of his tongue as he shifted over. She would choose to ignore that.

In front of her, the table was littered with empty beer bottles and half-empty bags of greasy chips. To her left, the man she called her partner was completely engaged with the tiny men crashing and banging inside the magic box. He leaned forward as he mouthed the words ‘come on’ over and over.

Wearing a playful smile, Amanda tapped him on the arm and informed, “They can’t hear you, honey.” John only continued his mantra. Amanda was convinced that he might as well have gotten on his knees and started chanting upwards. Then she smiled at the thought of him on his knees doing other things to her.

“They’re going to have to run the ball. They have their passing game scouted,” John commented to an agreeable Sean. Amanda caressed his arm lovingly…and apparently uselessly.

Studying his focused expression, she knew his dark eyes weren’t for her. Not even for a second. Then he had the nerve to tell her to stop staring on top of it. Peripheral vision was a bitch.

Dejected and casino şirketleri annoyed herself, Amanda folded her arms across her modest chest. Amanda was lucky these wild card games only held some significance and this wasn’t the Super Bowl itself. Then she would really been shit out of luck.

“So the point of the game is to kill the quarterback?” she stupidly asked, trying a different way in to understanding them and the game. The boys yelled at the television once more. There was cursing and a lot of it.

“Pretty much,” Sean, the best friend, the man to her right, replied to her when he was pacified enough. “Except not when you the team you’re cheering for has the ball. FUCK!”

Good. Someone was speaking to her. “And that’s a good thing?”

The guys uniformly came out of their seat as the quarterback was sacked for a second straight play. Somehow, Amanda had her answer. Shaking her head, she finally declared it in her head: she did not understand football and she did not understand men watching football.

“Ugh, so this is it, huh?” she grumbled, motioning to the table and the giant TV, “The pinnacle of male bonding: beer, belching, and brutality.”

“The three Bs!” Sean chimed. He slid a Dorito in his mouth and chased it with a swig of beer.

“You forgot talking about broads,” finally added John, reaching under her work trousers to squeeze her ass. She jumped and slapped his arm. He wasn’t a drone after all, but was a chauvinist pig all that better? Actually, maybe it wasn’t a whole lot bad.

They continued to watch as more of the same beer guzzling and yelling continued. If she thought she was going to figure out and figure into their homosociality in the few minutes she had in the land of the conscious, she was wrong.

“Boys will be boys,” she finally resigned with a sigh, “I shall leave you two to share your bromance in solitude. I’m going to bed.” She slapped John’s thigh and perhaps rose to her feet a little too quickly. She had a topsy-turvy moment and also might have had to stifle a burp.

“You know, ‘bromance’ is so insulting,” Sean objected, launching into a semi-serious repudiation. “Why can’t two guys be close friends without having a ‘bromance’?”

Amanda smirked, firing him an unimpressed look, if only in jest. “Just be quiet, alright? You’re welcome to stay the night, Sean. Just make sure John fixes the couch, OK?”

Sean saluted her and she started up the stairs. She wouldn’t hear a word from John until she was half way out of the room and even then it could have been towards the TV.

“Finally!” Hoping it actually wasn’t for her, she waveringly rounded the bend and headed upstairs.

The kids were her first stops. A peek inside each was needed to ensure they were still asleep. They were. Hopefully they would stay that way.

In front of her mirror, Amanda peeled off the layers of work clothing, removed her jewelry, and lifted her glasses off her blue eyes. She replaced them with dark blue pyjama pants and a loose white tank top. In her thirties now, the signs of experience and age had begun to show. She remembered when they weren’t there. Her body shape had remained the same though: tall and thin, without notable curves and with tiny breasts. She smiled at her reflection and shut off the light.

For a working woman with two kids and a partner, a warm, spacious bed was the best reward at the end of the day. She climbed into bed and lifted the layers of comfy sheets over herself. She could still hear them shouting downstairs, but it was faint enough. She might have attempted some bedtime reading, but she was not up for it today. Instead, her eyelids fluttered to a close and she rolled onto her side.

Sleep would not end up being sustained exercise, however.

Amanda’s eyes abruptly shot open at the latest sound emitting from the basement. A look to the clock on the night stand told her that she was not even asleep for thirty minutes. She swiftly tossed the comforter off her slim body and swung her long, star and moon -covered legs off the bed.

Boys will be boys, she thought, but they were men now. Men with children. Heck, Amanda was a parent along with one of them! On top of that, there were others in the house that had school and work in the morning.

With her bare white feet patting on the wood tiling, she purposefully yet carefully descended the several set of stairs to the basement. Her rest, as abbreviated as it was, seemed to at least refuel her coordination.

Guy friends – best friends – beer, and football. She knew things had the potential to get rowdy. That’s why she warned them before she turned in.

The lanky casino firmaları blonde mom of two grated her pearly white teeth as she heard another exclamation. At this point, it was pointless that she was trying to minimize her own noise making. Their stairs creaked. So did the landing at the bottom. As she descended another set, she thought about what she would say and how she would say it.

‘I appreciate you two catching up and all, but the kids are trying to sleep.’ No, she could be more stern than. John heard it from her on enough occasions. Guest or not, she wasn’t afraid to yell at him in front of Sean. ‘I thought I told you to be quiet! How could you be so inconsiderate?!’ No, that sounded too rehearsed. She would just improvise when she got down there.

She opened the door to the basement. “Ohhh….” rushed another moan to meet her.

Her lip shivered with rage. They just didn’t care. Her feet patted on the steps as she went down to let them have it. She got three-quarters down before stopping mid-step. A second groan emitted. This one was lower and prolonged.

Amanda cautiously stepped her left foot down and then lowered herself to another step. She heard them sound off again – at least, one of them anyways, she couldn’t tell who. She peered her head around the corner.

There, Amanda saw an image she would not unsee. John was kneeling on their couch. Ass in the air. Naked.

Behind him was Sean. One leg planted on the ground, the other between the cushions. He was naked from waist down, his t-shirt hid the top portion of his white ass.

She gasped.

Sean threw his head upwards, moaning like some of the cries she had heard. He was facing away from her. John had his head nestled in the corner where the cushion met the arm. He was facing the TV, and might have been able to see Amanda, but his neck was positioned in such awkward angle that it would have been impossible to fully adjust himself to see her.

Amanda’s mind was swimming with thoughts and questions? What were they doing? How long had this been going on? Had they been gay lovers this whole time? Should she feel betrayed? Betrayed that they kept this from her? Or betrayed that John possibly had another lover other than her? Maybe her tired eyes were playing tricks on her.

When she looked again, Sean had his hands on John’s white ass and was thrusting repeatedly and potently into her partner. Their pants were discarded into puddles of fabric on the ground in front of the couch.

Nope, no tricks. She had to sit.

“Mmm yeah,” Sean sounded.

Amanda would have been lying if she said she didn’t think about him. She wished she had the vantage point to actually see his cock entering his ass. Amanda knew his wife. She was probably in bed after tucking in her own kids. She envied that she had Sean every night. She didn’t think she would be jealous of John, though.

John’s arm curled around the arm rest, gripping the fabric. Amanda had to brace the handrail too. It was as if he was underwater and trying to pull himself ashore. Sean buried him by burying his cock inside him.

“Ugggghhh….” he groaned. He was frustrated, trying to cope with the perilous predicament. She had never heard such an alarmed moan in her years spent with him. Perhaps the closest came when he exerted himself in some of the more physical positions they attempted.

She ran a tongue along the perimeter of her bottom pink lip. Her body trembled. Her shaky hand slid into her pyjama bottoms. She pleasured herself in many locales, but never while sitting on her basement steps. And never for an image such as this one.

“Steelers, ugh, just intercepted…” John grunted. The bastard was still giving him game updates even with a cock up his ass!

“Good on them!” Sean cheered, looking up briefly while continuing to push deeper into John’s asshole.

Boys will be boys, indeed.

She hooked a finger into her slit. Then she tried another digit. A moan had to be stifled. There was definite ass rubbing and smacking.

John tapped on his thigh, “Ok, my head’s crushed.”

“Let’s switch out then,” Sean dislodged. It wasn’t particularly smooth. He remained on the couch, propping himself in a rough seated position against the armrest.

Amanda watched hungrily as the boys reconfigured themselves. John climbed on to the cushions, lowering himself between Sean, who held his legs under his knees, elevating and spreading them all the same. John licked his hand and rubbed his cock. Then, leaning into him while holding his hard cock, he inserted himself into his best friend. Sean let out a couple of perilously moans.

And güvenilir casino then the thrusting started.

Amanda watched as he established rhythm. She had hers down. By now her sopping pussy was very responsive to the frantic motions of her fingers. If only to push herself further, she also figured another digit into herself. They were just so hot! There was something about two attractive men sharing each other! Amanda could have never figured two married men in her own life being so engaged in one another. But they were, and Amanda was doing wonderful things to herself because of it.


Momentarily shutting her eyes to enjoy the moment, she abruptly reopened them to sound of cursing and hollering. The boys had turned their heads to gauge the TV. The opposing team threw a touchdown pass.

“Looks like were not much luck in this position,” John grunted as he fired into Sean.

“Guess…UGH…not! C’mon bro, I hit you harder…”

They were competing even in sex. Boys will be…oh, she didn’t even want to say it. She didn’t care. There was now the sound of balls slapping against flesh. John’s balls. They swung against Amanda’s thighs many a time during their sexual exploits several floors up. She knew that John entered an aggressive state when that happened.

“How’s that?” John asked – no, demanded. She couldn’t hear what Sean said, but John didn’t let up or anything, so he must have been fine with it. Or perhaps he wasn’t completely holding his own, because a short time after he stopped supporting his legs. Perhaps it was fatigue. John took over that task. For a moment Amanda worried about the near mid-life dad’s joints on this one. That was replaced by jerking inside her own self that hit the right spot.

There was a lot more grunting in following minutes – mostly from John in synch with his thrusts, but some by Sean who had to withstand the barrage. Amanda was glued to the action, neglecting the effect of all the noise on the other occupants of the house. She was a voyeur of a couple of bi-curious men in her own house. John and Sean were putting on a gay male exhibition for her without knowing. There was giddiness in watching this secret affair; she wondered if it was the same giddiness they experienced from keeping this from her.

John manipulated his best friend’s body a bit more in order to get the angle he wanted. Then he pushed in further, also feeling the tightness in his balls. “Fuck I need to cum so bad….”

Amanda sounded at that prospect. They must have been really into one another. They were cumming for each other. Horny for each other all this time. She had no idea.

“Do ittt….” Sean groaned.

With a louder grunt of his own, John fired his load, a little bit in Sean’s hole, but then dismounting. Taking a hand off Sean’s thigh, he gripped his cock to aim at his best friend’s torso. The stream was like any he might have fired at Amanda. It hit Sean’s stomach and thighs. Amanda worked her fingers hard to give herself a happy ending as well. She was incredibly wet. Her body tensed and she pressed her lips together to smother potential for any sounds. Then it hit her.

John and Sean collapsed side by side on the couch and collectively attempted to catch their breaths while gripping their spent, hard cocks.

“Final two minute push,” commented John of the TV, as the two sat there to watch the thrilling ending of the game.

Composing herself, Amanda cautiously lifted herself up and walked up the stairs. Making a quick rinse of her hands and thighs, she settled back into bed, closing her eyes and listening for more. It sounded like they were done.

She heard them come upstairs a bit later. They exchanged a few words in the hallway while trying to be quiet. They failed miserably at that. After everything, the last things said to each other were still about the football game and the potential matchups the following week. Should that have shocked her? At this point in the night, no, it didn’t.

John’s steps up the stairs were slow and she heard a grunt once or twice that told her he was exerting himself. He didn’t come into the bedroom right away, though. Instead he entered the washroom via the hallway. The shower faucets turned and the water rumbled onto his body and then the tub below. It was an extended shower, a bit longer than his others. She imagined himself cleaning himself, desperately attempting to remove his and Sean’s sexual scent from his body. Some moments later the water shut. Now he was drying himself off.

The door opened and her eyes clenched shut. The footsteps patted around to his side of the bed. He wrestled the underwear drawer open and after a moment, slipped under the covers. He smelled fresh, not sexed. An easy sleeper, John was snoring right away.

For Amanda, it would be a sleepless night while she thought about the boys.

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