Mart 12, 2021

Blurred Ch. 01

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BLURRED – When fantasy and reality collide.

Chapter One — Owning the moment.

He liked reading her stories while he was at work. Knowing his cock was growing and straining at his trousers, the tip leaking delicious precum. He enjoyed the knowledge that people surrounded him carrying on with their work, oblivious of the raging hard on demanding attention. He shifted in his seat trying to ease the tension.

Adjusting himself, he attempted to look normal as he made his way to the toilets, desperate to relieve himself. Locking the cubicle door, he unzipped his trousers and freed his glistening member. His balls were heavy and ached for release.

Wrapping his hand firmly around the shaft, he began pumping. In his mind’s eye, he returned to the stories he’d just read – her stories. Imagining what it would be like to do those things to her. He imagined her there in front of him on her knees showing her cleavage. He enjoyed the sight of her huge tits straining at her top. Her gaze fixed longingly on his rock hard dick, her mouth watering.

He brought his leaking head to her lips. Her tongue darted out to lap at the delicious liquid tempting her. He gasped with excitement, bostancı escort bayan his cock jumping in eager anticipation. She sucked his aching balls into her mouth, progressing to lick him all the way to the top. Her tongue swirled around his bulbous head, flicking at his sensitive spot, lapping at his hole, probing for more precum. Rewarded, she moaned happily, the vibrations travelling down his shaft as he twitched uncontrollably.

She looked up at him, lust in her eyes as she opened her mouth. Her lips slid achingly slowly down his shaft and his hips bucked wildly, needing her to take it all, to take it deeper into her throat. He groaned and wrapped his fingers in her lustrous mane, holding her there as her throat contracted around him. Watching her gag, the tears running down her cheeks only excited him more. He began to fuck her mouth in earnest. Her saliva coated him as he pounded her face harder and faster.

She was desperate for air and pushed against him, gasping. He pulled her up off the floor and slammed her against the wall. He yanked at her blouse, ripping it and pulled at her bra to expose those gorgeous huge tits. Latching his lips to her nipple, ümraniye escort he sucked hard and she gasped. He lifted her skirt and slid his fingers into her panties. She moaned as he easily glided through her swollen lips and over her hard, throbbing clit. She was so wet for him! He probed at her cunt. Warm. Wet. Tight.

His thumb circled her clit as he thrust his fingers deep inside her. She moaned again, this time louder, too loud. His mouth moved to hers in an effort to quieten her as she thrust her hips forward to meet his hand. She clutched him as her body begged for more, moaning into his mouth as her pussy started to pulse around his fingers. He brought her to climax, enjoying her juices coating his fingers.

He squeezed her tits roughly, his hard cock pressing against her. Her fingers gripped his hair and she bit his bottom lip, before sucking it into her mouth and running her tongue over it, licking away the small burst of pain and replacing it with pleasure. His cock jumped. “Fuck me!” she demanded.

He was happy oblige, lifting one leg onto the toilet seat, he rubbed his cock over her wet lips. The head slid over her clit and she went wild, gripping him, pulling escort kartal him closer, and begging him to fuck her. Her juices dripped over him as she pleaded with him to bury his big, hard, dick deep inside her. He held her bucking hips still, positioning himself at her slick entrance.

He told her to open her eyes and look at him. Watching them widen as he slid in inch by inch, stretching her, filling her. He pulled back, his cock pausing at her entrance again and waited. He desperately wanted to thrust inside her, but he knew this was the moment. The moment she would give him anything, do anything, say anything, just to have him. This was the moment he owned her.

He saw the knowledge in her lust-filled eyes. “Please?” she begged. A small word, but filled with so much need. How could he resist? He slammed his cock in hard and deep, hitting home. Pulled back and slammed home again. His hand covered her mouth to stifle the screams. He picked up the pace, pounding her into the wall.

Her pussy gripped him tightly as he felt the waves of pleasure roll through her. She milked his cock as her cum ran down his shaft and balls. He felt the heat growing until he finally exploded, pulling out just in time to cover the floor with his hot jizz.

He looked down at such a waste, if only she were there, he could have pumped her full. He cleaned up and quickly returned to his desk, relieved, but not satisfied. Not until he could bury himself deep inside her. Soon.

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