Mart 12, 2021

Blue Pantyhose

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Big Tits

I remembered her legs better than I did her face. She had sat on a desk with a new mini skirt and sort of blue pantyhose. Her thighs were plump – they touched each other about a hand’s breadth above her knees – and I had wanted so much to insinuate my hand in there. First, a caress of the left knee with my right hand as we kissed, then, if she leaned into it, a tarantula walk up the thigh to the seam in the crotch. I imagined she would have been moist, at least from the heat and damp of a late spring semester day if not from a twinge of excitement. My thumb would have nudged her clit while my finger pushed against the fabric, rubbing first against the left lip of her vulva, then letting the thumb slide into the still lingerie-covered slit to massage the inner right lip while my hand grabbed a little tenderloin on the upper right thigh.

What if she had whispered,”Let me close the door,” and had hiked up her skirt on the way back from locking it? Would I have risked my career to go down on those blue pantyhose, chewing at the crotch, tearing it away from her pussy with my teeth and lapping at her clit till it rose up and beckoned me in? As it was, all that happened was, she slid off the desk, pulled down her skirt, even though her muscular ass rode it right back up again, and reperched herself, at least three times! I used to think girls didn’t know they were making me crazy. I was dumb. I let the conversation drift through her summer vacation plans until the bell rang, and she took those firm blue legs and that high riding ass out of my life.

Ten years and a divorce later, she walked into the restaurant where I play guitar and sat, with her strong legs crossed and her left flipflop dangling from her fleshy big toe, right in front of me. She wore a light blue sundress which hiked up her thighs every time she leaned forward to take a slurp from her Singapore Sling.

Okay, it’s not like she didn’t have tits. They were bigger than grapefruit halves, with, I could see straining against the fabric of the sundress, wider than average nipples. I wanted to palm each one, with the fat nipple pinched between two fingers as I held her from behind with my nose nuzzling behind her ear and my brat getting sandwiched between those two meaty asscheek buns. But, I always want to do that.

I played “What’s New Pussycat?” and she laughed and adjusted herself to sit the way she sometimes had sat in class ten years ago. She dropped a flipflop and pulled one foot in and under, so that her panties were exposed. (They were just white cotton jobs, but still pretty sexy since I could see the outline of her vulva and a faint line of moisture.) bostancı escort bayan Then, as she always had back in the day, she reached down between her legs and gave her ankle one last tug, bringing the bottom of her foot right up against her crotch. I’m hard right now thinking about it. I wanted it all, the foot, the ankle, the leg, the pussy, the strong ass, the grapefruits and, of course, the lips, the ears, and the eyelashes. (Kissing is fun, too!)

The restaurant was virtually empty, and Joey, the bar manager, gave me my $150 and told me to take off a half an hour early. Yeah, he winked. Bernie, that’s my girl in the sundress at the moment, although I hoped she would soon be out of it with her cotton panties dangling from her toe and he feet up around my ears, she at first protested that she wanted to hear more, but quickly began to help me pack up when I told her she could come over for a private final set as long as she didn’t request “Freebird.”

She bent over in front of me to pick up a harmonica I must have dropped earlier just as I bent forward to load some sheet music into its case. My nose went straight into the ass fabric of her sundress. Instead of squealing and jumping away, though, she giggled and straightened out her legs as she put her palms flat on the ground next to her feet. The effect was to ride her sundress up past my face until I was face to ass with her cotton panties. I gave her pussy a little lick through the cotton, figuring if she got mad, I’d go home alone like most nights, but if she liked it…………

Bernie straddled her legs apart a little so she could peak at me from between her knees. She smiled. With my nose poised between her asshole and her cunt, I caught a whiff of something earthy and damp, and she groaned quietly as I gave her a quick nuzzle and said. “Let’s pack the car and go.” She said she follow me home, and I almost went off the road three times as I had one hand on my thobbing cock and one eye on the rearview mirror. But my girl followed close behind, waving at me occasionally. I imagined she had one hand buried in her crotch, because when she waved she swerved..

We had barely gotten the guitars in the front door before I was on her. I took her in my arms from behind, with one hand cupping her left tit and the other insinuating itself under the sundress. The cotton was soaked and had ridden up her pussy like a thong strap. I flicked it out of the way with my ring finger and buried my index finger in her snatch, feeling for that little mound of flesh that signals an impending orgasm for a woman.

She turned slightly to meet my kiss and ümraniye escort I decided what the hell and dropped my other hand from her tit to her ass. There’s just something so sexy about getting my hands into a woman’s underpants rather than tearing them off! After a quick caress of her left ass cheek and a quick lick of my hand, I slid my fingers under the top of the panties and buried my other index finger up to the second knuckle in her anus. She squirmed, with my two hands busily exploring deeper inside her wetness from both sides, and stuck her tongue in my ear before she whispered,”Sixty-nine.”

I was beside myself with desire as I lay on my back and watched her wriggle out of the sundress and the panties…. that was all she had worn. She asked me where the condoms were and I answered “Mnin mny mwallet,” my mouth already muffled in her sex. I could hear her quickly tearing open the packet she had retrieved from my wallet, and gasped as she used her mouth to slide the lubricated, extra-sensitive sheath over my throbbing cock. The condom snuggled nicely into place as she went all the way down on me, her hand cupping my hairy testicles.

I at first cupped both of her ass cheeks in my hands , and sucked at her clit. What did it taste like? Well there was salt and sweat and a kind of a meaty tang, but what made me proud was the way it swelled, filling my mouth while her cunt straddled my nose. I could barely breathe, but who needs air? I went up and licked her ass briefly so I could shove my finger in deeper. Then I looked to my left and right and realized I was straddled by those beautiful legs. The big thighs were rhythmically rocking as she deep throated my tool. Then they quivered as she gagged a little and I instinctively thrust upward, loving that sensation of her throat convulsing on my rod.

I shoved two fingers back into her cunt and palpated until I reached the g-spot. She wiggled her ass as if to answer, “That’s it! We’re ready!” and quickly turned around to straddle my crotch. It took maybe three thrusts to get myself in balls deep and then she was off to the races. She would slide down and forward with each stroke, murmuring, “Wow. It feels so big! You’re gonna make me cum!” Actually, I’m only average-sized, and she was making herself cum, but I wasn’t arguing. I was leaning back and arching up into her, licking my thunmb and rubbing on her clit.

Just as she started fucking faster and panting, “Oh,oh,.” I sat up, clamped my mouth on one of her tits, and shoved my finger back up her ass. With my other arm I held her as she came, feeling her belly quiver against mine as her pussy convulsed four escort kartal or five times. It’s amazing that I didn’t cum with her, but she wasn’t the tightest of snatches, and my mind was on another prize.

When Bernie whispered, “Didn’t you get off? Didn’t you like me?” I almost melted right then. I almost loved her. But I wasn’t done.

“You’re so pretty right now and my cock feels so warm and cuddly inside you,” I sighed,”but I need to get my rocks off.”

“Whatever you want.” she said into my ear, and as she kissed my neck, I thought I felt a tear roll onto my shoulder. She knew what was next.

“Let’s go to the bedroom. There’s a mirror there.” As we walked down the hallway, we kissed. I kissed her eyes and her ears and finally drew her tongue deep into my mouth, all the time kneading her ass.

The mirror stood full length against one wall and I turned her so my cock was nuzzled between her ass cheeks and my hands each had a handful of tit. “Take the condom off,” she whispered, ” and here, let me lubricate you.” She dropped to her kness and spat all over my turgid cock, then turned to the wall and spread her legs slightly.

I wasn’t patient. When the tip of my dick found her anus, I leaned into it. It slid so slowly and her ass was so beautiful and tight that I almost came immediately, but only almost. Instead I thought about a poem she had liked in high school. I tried to remember the exact words, something about biting into the cleft of a peach. The cleft of the sweetest peach I had ever fucked was sliding toward my belly at that moment. I grabbed her thighs and rammed myself deep into her bowels, and she quivered and rubbed her ass against my loins.

In the mirror I could see all of her, the majestic legs which almost looked as she were wearing heels as she got up on her tip toes to take me, the perky breasts which I now cupped with both hands, the curve of her back as she arched up against me… I lost it. I shot off in her ass and collapsed against her as she collapsed against the wall.

Later, we lay in the bed. I stroked her ass as she lovingly cradled my limp dick in her hands. ” Blue pantyhose,” I said to her.


“I’ve wanted to fuck you ever since you wore those blue pantyhose and stayed after class senior year.”

“Really? I wore them for you. I would have let you fuck my ass that day. When you kept blathering on about summer vacation, I thought you didn’t want me.”

I laughed. “I was married then and you were my student. I couldn’t jeopardize everything. I’ll tell you what though. When you left I went straight to the locker room and wacked off.”

“That’s a relief. I worried that you didn’t like me. I still have those pantyhose, you know. They’re a little worn and they’ve got a few holes in the toes, but I’ve still got them.”

“Then we’ve got another date,” I leered. She leered back and went down on me again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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