Mart 11, 2021

Bloody Passions

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The cool brezze blew across the sandy beach and the waves crushed against it’s sandy shore. Making it the perfect place for peace for a lonely vampiress sitting on a blanket just allowing her mind to be at ease and calm the aches of her heart.

‘ I wonder’ Vanessa said to herself pushing her firey red hair from her face and placing her chin on her jean claded her legs


Hearing her name been spoken Vanessa stood up and searched all around for who said to her name. Her green eyes darted from every hidden and unhidden place on the deserted beach. Her heart raced causing her green eyes to glow inhumanly. She licked her lips slowly and readjusted her black halter top showing her ample breasts to their best or fullest advantage possible. Laughing softly she felt the familiar mental touch of her lover and lust filled her body.

“Hello Brock,” Vanessa said

“All my sweet,” Brock said to her appearing from the mist and smiling a evil upon his lips. “It’s been too long”

“40 years is way to long time in my estimation,”

Vanessa said to him staring at him
Brock wore his new custom tight white tank top, his blue begging jeans, and bostancı escort a pair of white tennie shoes.

“My my,” Vanessa said to him taking in all his new style of clothing “I must say you have confirmed to the recent styles of clothing”

“More than you know sweet,” Brock said to her an evil grim shinning his pale blue eyes and smirking at her

“Ahhh,” Vanessa said to him flashing a seducative glaze and smile “I would to love more to know more master”

Brock’s pale blue eyes glowed inhumanly and he held his hand to her. Vanessa placed her hand in his and licked the palm.

“Little cubine come with me,” Brock said to her huskly “Let’s see if you can enslave your master”

“I will enslave you,” Vanessa said to him as they disappeared into the mist


Entering her hotel room Brock ripped off Vanessa’s halter top clean off her and Vanessa ripped off his white top clean off his body. They kissed hungrily and their tongues wrestled for control.

‘Submit to me’ Brock said to mindspoke to her

‘Only if you can tame me’ Vanessa mindspoke back to him

Pulling her up Brock carried to her to the bed and ümraniye escort bayan they ripped the renaming clothing from each other’s body. Vanessa eagerly arched her neck up to the huge smile of Brock. Disattching his lips from hers Brock sought out the creamy flesh of her neck.

“Ahh,” Vanessa moaned loudly

Instant pongs of desire flowed through Vanessa’s body as Brock blood teeth pierced the flesh of her neck. Her warm blood flowed down his throat warming him to the core. Vanessa laid back lazily and part of her screamed out to him to take more and drink her dry. Vanessa moaned sadly feeling him pull away from her neck.

“I’m not finished my pet,” Brock said to her

Brock placed his hand on the back of her neck and held a glass cup in the other. Again Brock pierced her throat and allowed some of her blood to flow into the glass. Brock took a bit from the glass and spread across her breasts. Vanessa howled out in complete climax and no mortal could never combined this together.

‘ I missed having a vampire lover’ Vanessa said to herself hazily

Slowly and tortunously Brock licked up the crimson flood and refound himself with kartal escort her body. Every curve and every single piece of flesh of her body was his.

“Please,” Vanessa said to him

Brock eyed for moment before speaking.

“Sweetheart I’ve waited for forty long years to have you like this,” Brock stated to her flatly “Now be lay back and learn the wonderful quality of been patient”

Pouring more blood from the glass upon her body he licked the crimson flood from her belly to her toes and Vanessa missed the combination of blood lust and sex at the same time. Sitting on his knees Brock gave Vanessa tanting smile and held the glass over her.

“Where do you want to me to put it at my pet,” Brock asked her

Seeing the challenge in his pale blue eyes Vanessa seized the moment and pulled the glass from his gasp. She splashed the remain blood between her legs.

“Lick it up,” Vanessa said to him

Brock pushed her back down unto the bed and bowed his militray style blonde hair to her.

“Oh god,” Vanessa whispered loudly feeling his wicked tongue slowly tasting and coaxing into utter bliss

Finishing tortuning her Brock entered her forcefully and she spread her legs wider to meet him. Wrapping their limbs around one another they tore into each other unmindfully of the condition of the sheets turning crimson red and they fell into the endless rythem they always had with each other.

the end

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