Ocak 24, 2021

Blissfully Hooked Ch. 02

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Kyle Parker vs. Aaron Hunter

Dedicated to Madinah. Love you girl!

Getting down!


It was a day…and a fuck both Kyle and Aaron were never going to forget for as long as they lived. It was fireworks!

After a quick make-up by a make-up artist, they entered the room in which the video was to be shot. Max told Kyle and Aaron to get ready to start as Kyle had opted out of the initial interview that usually preceded most porn videos. Max was however shaking with excitement, as were the two camera men in the room. They were all eager to see the action start…they couldn’t wait to see Ron Hunt get fucked. There were three main cameras set up in the stylishly elegant room. Two were on the sides of the bed and one was facing the foot of the bed. The cameras, which were obviously very high powered, had been mounted on the walls and were being controlled by a computer device sitting on a table in front of one of the two guys in the room with Max.

Kyle and Aaron stood in front of the couch in the room, staring at each other. The wary look in Aaron’s eyes, almost made Kyle groan.

“Hey, relax.” Kyle murmured. Lots of people showed panic at the first sight of his cock, but Aaron looked terrified. Was it just the size of his cock or something else? Kyle wondered.

Yes, Aaron was terrified of allowing Kyle’s mammoth cock inside his virgin arse. But what Kyle didn’t know was that, a whole lot of other emotions were going through Aaron at that very moment. He felt sorry for himself, felt sorry that he had to bend his principles in order to get out of that whole porn business. And as if that wasn’t enough, Aaron couldn’t help but feel a strong attraction towards Kyle and that scared the shit out of him. He didn’t understand or know where that was coming from. He wasn’t gay. He’d never been attracted to any man.

Fucking on screen was really not a big deal… you got stimulated, got a hard-on, fuck whatever hole you were presented with and then that was it. More like ‘wham bam thank you’, with cum-shots. But what he was feeling for the hot hunk standing in front of him was something totally different. Neither Kyle nor any other occupant of the room was aware of the irrepressible turmoil going on inside Aaron. Aaron was grateful for that because he knew he wasn’t very far from a breakdown. The least pity or care shown towards him right then, was bound to break the dam. Aaron knew this and was therefore as tense as a bowstring.

When they heard Max shout ‘action’, they started undressing each other. They had already taken off their shoes so Kyle first took off Aaron’s t-shirt, and then allowed Aaron to unbutton his shirt. Their jeans came off next leaving both men in their boxer briefs. Kyle began to walk Aaron backwards in the direction of the comfortable looking bed, till the back of Aaron’s legs hit the bed. Then he lowered his lips to the sensitive point at the base of Aaron’s neck and sucked at the skin. Kyle gave a slight smile at Aaron’s sharp intake of breath.

Aaron had no idea what he was in for. Kyle Parker had just one goal in mind…and that was to pleasure Ron Hunt, to make him lose control. He hadn’t paid all that money to seek just his own pleasure. His main goal was to grant Ken his wish. And to do that, he had to rock Ron Hunt’s world. Kyle Parker planned on getting his money’s worth. Ken was in for a surprise. But Ken’s boyfriend, Stephen, was definitely going to rip Kyle a new one when he got to know what he’d done. Kyle knew his brother’s soldier boyfriend, Stephen, would absolutely frown upon Kyle going to such lengths to win a bet. Well, Stephen could go to hell, Kyle thought. He was doing this for his brother. Stephen would be back in town in time for their birthday and Kyle couldn’t wait to see the look on both Ken and Stephen’s faces when they saw the video. ‘Cause knowing his brother, he was going to watch that video with his boyfriend. With a deep breath, Kyle closed his mind to every other thing and focused fully on the sexy man in his arms.

Aaron knew he had to take over as he usually did in his videos but for some reason, he couldn’t. There was something about Kyle that made Aaron want to give up control. He tingled all over. And Kyle’s mouth on his neck felt divine. Aaron gasped when he felt fingers twist his nipple, then moaned uncontrollably when Kyle leaned down and took the other nipple into his hot mouth. His eyes closed in bliss.

Max and the camera men looked shocked at what was unfolding before their eyes. Ron Hunt looked totally aroused. If the wet spot on his boxer briefs and the bulge behind it was anything to go by, he was already rock hard and leaking. The Ron they knew, had to be coaxed and played with for a while before that happened.

Aaron reached for Kyle’s boxer covered cock and shuddered again at the size.

“I have to get acquainted with this monster.” He murmured, sitting down on the edge of the bed, facing the huge bulge.

“I casino şirketleri thought you already did.” Kyle drawled.

Aaron chuckled and reached into Kyle’s obscenely tented boxer briefs and drew out his stiff mammoth dick. The collective gasp that went up from those gathered inside the room made Kyle smile.

Aaron wrapped a hand around Kyle’s cock, shaking his head slightly when he realized his fingers couldn’t go around his cock. He gave it several strokes, with one hand whilst the other cupped and fondled his heavy balls. When he saw a drop of precum leak out of the big flared mushroom head, he leaned forward and swiped it clean with his hot wet tongue, smirking at Kyle’s sharp intake of breath. Then taking a deep breath, Aaron closed his mouth over the head of Kyle’s cock and sucked hard.

“Oh Jesus, that feels so good.” Kyle muttered as he threw his head back in ecstasy. He reached down to cradle Aaron’s head with his hands.

Aaron swirled his tongue over the crown of Kyle’s cock, and then moved down to lap at the whole length of his shaft, getting it real wet. Then with amazingly practiced skill, Aaron slowly, swallowed it almost to the root.

“Holy Fuck!” Kyle bellowed. No one had ever been able to take him like that. Ron didn’t even gag. Shit!

Kyle got the blow job of his life. Aaron sucked him off like the porn star that he was. Don’t let anyone say Ron Hunt couldn’t suck cock. He sucked Kyle like his life depended on it. He moved slowly and sensuously on the cock in his mouth, sliding up and down, sucking hard and using his tongue in fast sweeps over the head and the underside. As he moved his mouth up he followed with his hand, getting the whole length wetter. Aaron tugged on Kyle’s huge balls and bent to suck them into his mouth, stroking Kyle the whole time.

“Damn, this is good.” Kyle growled. “I love your mouth. Suck me, Ron.”

Aaron looked up at Kyle, sending him a slow wink as he took his hard cock back into his throat, humming deep in his throat. Right then, there was nothing he wanted more than to drink every drop of cum from the throbbing cock filling his mouth. He rolled Kyle’s balls in his fingers and hummed even harder.

The intense sensation that flashed through Kyle’s spine made him cry out…then he took control. He held Aaron’s head exactly where he wanted it and started to thrust into that hot mouth, watching Aaron’s face the whole time. The feeling of his cock hitting the back of Aaron’s throat was simply mind blowing. He thrust slow but hard, careful not to go too deep, loving the sounds Aaron was making in his throat. When Kyle felt his balls tightening, he knew he had to stop before he came down Aaron’s throat.

“Don’t wanna spend myself down your throat even though it feels fan-fucking-tastic .” Kyle gasped, pulling that magical mouth off his cock. “I want that arse.”

Bending to slip his hands under each of Aaron’s armpit, Kyle picked him up and threw him onto the bed. Aaron bounced and landed on his back, laughing in surprise. Kyle crawled onto the bed till his knees were on either sides of Aaron’s thighs, then he leaned down, buried his tongue in Aaron’s belly button and gave him a tongue fucking he wasn’t going to forget anytime soon.

“Fuck!” Aaron moaned and weaved his fingers into Kyle’s hair.

“Like that?” Kyle raised his head and asked Aaron.

“Hell yeah.” Aaron breathed.

Kyle moved down, taking the head of Aaron cock into his mouth through his boxer briefs, wetting the fabric even more. Aaron writhed on the bed, his fingers moving in Kyle’s hair. In a fluid move, Kyle pulled down Aaron’s sexy boxer briefs and swallowed his cock deep into his mouth. Aaron couldn’t control the lusty cry that tore out of his throat, shocking their audience.

“I’ll be damned.” One of the cameramen breathed, his hand squeezing his own erection. “This is so hot.”

“Shut up.” Max Viggo hissed, his eyes stuck on the two men going at it. They had just started but there was something different about the way they were acting. Something almost…sensual.

Kyle pulled off Aaron’s boxers completely and took his balls into his mouth, enjoying the sounds Aaron was making.

Aaron was going out of his mind with pleasure. He knew the cameras were rolling and he was supposed to put up a show but his limbs wouldn’t obey him. So when Kyle flipped him over and pulled him onto his knees, Aaron simply knelt there, breathing hard, his bare creamy arse in the air. Kyle knelt behind him and then palmed each cheek, giving each cheek a light slap. Kyle separated the slightly reddened cheeks and stared at Aaron’s winking puckered hole. He blew lightly on it and Aaron shivered. Then Kyle pushed in, burying his face between the twin globes of smooth flesh. Then Aaron felt it… the flick of Kyle’s tongue on his hole.

“Oh fuck!” Aaron cried out and grasped desperately at the covers beneath him.

The wet swirl of Kyle’s tongue on his hole felt unbelievably good. Holy Moses! Aaron casino firmaları didn’t think he could describe the feeling. It was that good. He moaned in pleasure and his stomach tightened as Kyle rimmed his twitching rosette. He had never been rimmed before, had never allowed it, didn’t know it felt that good. Kyle’s tongue, on his virgin hole, was something else.

“Oh shit!” Aaron cried out, and winced. Shit? Was that the best he could come up with at this particular time?

He almost lost his mind when the tip of Kyle’s tongue speared inside. Aaron hissed and arched his back, letting out an uncontrollable moan, which went directly to Kyle’s cock, making him groan behind Aaron. God, he loved how responsive Aaron was. Kyle stiffened his tongue, gripped Aaron’s hips and pulled him back onto his stiffened tongue, penetrating his entrance and dipping inside again and again.

“Dylan…God, please.” Aaron gasped brokenly, thrusting back onto the tongue invading his arse, pleading for more. He looked down between his legs and saw a thin string of clear liquid dripping from the tip of his full and heavy erection. “Fuck.” Aaron whispered. He had never seen his cock weep like how it was at that moment.

Aaron felt like he was standing outside his body, watching himself getting pleasured. His balls and cock were throbbing, the covers beneath him was wet with his pre-cum, he could hear himself make sounds he’d never heard himself make before, he was…fuck, he was going to come. Aaron was a professional and he knew he wasn’t supposed to orgasm that early in a shoot. But he just couldn’t help it.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna come.” He cried out.

“Don’t.” Max shouted just as Aaron shot onto the covers beneath him, the tearing sound of the comforter in Aaron’s fists, reverberating through the room. “Hot damn!” Max gasped.

Aaron came with such force and intensity that Kyle could feel the contractions against tongue which was still buried in Aaron’s arse.

Kyle pulled out and allowed Aaron to fall onto the bed and into his own cum. Kyle Parker looked smug. That was just the beginning, he told himself silently, smirking at the writhing body on the bed. He reached for the lube on the bedside table and poured a generous amount onto his thick, long fingers. Then bringing Aaron’s back onto his knees, he gently rubbed his lubed finger against his slightly loosened hole, and then pushed in a single finger. Aaron knew what to do…he pushed out, opening like a flower, making way for Kyle’s seeking finger. Kyle’s finger moved gently inside him, stroking deeper and deeper until the full length of it was buried inside his channel.

“Ahhh” Aaron moaned.

“You okay?” Kyle couldn’t stop himself from asking.

“Fuck yeah.” Aaron groaned, pushing back against the invading digit.

“I’m going to make you feel so good.” Kyle husked, sliding a little deeper till his fingertip glided over Aaron’s prostate.

“Dylan!” Aaron cried out as his cock got instantly hard.

Kyle groaned when he heard his name on Aaron’s lips. Aaron sounded so sexy and his name on his lips…Kyle didn’t know how to describe it. The way Aaron said his name made his stomach flutter. When Aaron started moving erotically against his finger, Kyle added a second finger, scissoring them around, massaging that spot inside Aaron that caused a bombardment of sensations to flow through Aaron’s body. Kyle watched as Aaron moaned and writhed on the bed, growling his approval as he stretched him out as fast as he could without hurting him.

“Oh God.” Aaron sobbed, understanding why some guys liked getting fucked so much. “Feels so fucking good…” He breathed. “Just fuck me, will you?” He ground out.

“Not just yet.” Kyle muttered, pushing in a third finger. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from Aaron’s rocking hips. Fuck, he was hot.

Aaron pressed his face into the pillow, his head twisting from side to side, lost in pleasure. He rode Kyle’s fingers until he thought he’d go insane, his body sweating, his breath coming in ragged gasps. The feel of Kyle’s long fingers moving, massaging his sweet spot, was so mind-shattering, Aaron begged without thinking.

“Please. God, Dylan, please…” He words trailed off into a long lustful moan. “I need more Dylan.” He growled.

“With pleasure.” Kyle pulled out his fingers and paused long enough to take off his boxer briefs and lube his cock, then he lined up his pulsing cock with the twitching hole waiting in front of him. “You know what to do.” He muttered and started to push in.

Aaron pushed out as he was supposed to but instinctively, tightened up when the head pushed in past the ring. “Fuck!” He gasped. It hurt.

“Christ!” Kyle groaned, when he felt Aaron clench on him. “You are tight. So fucking tight.”

“Oh, fucking hell.” Aaron cried out as his muscles contracted and his sphincters squeezed. He lost his erection.

“Relax,” Kyle ordered in an unsteady voice. If Aaron didn’t stop clenching on him, Kyle güvenilir casino knew he was going to come. The feeling of Aaron’s clenched heat around his cock was mind-blowingly wonderful.

“Fuck, I’m trying. You’re so… thick.” Aaron gasped, hoping the cameras wouldn’t pick up his comment. The man was huge.

“Oh God, baby.” Kyle gasped. He was so drunk on pleasure he didn’t even notice when the endearment rolled off of his tongue. The almost painful squeezing of Aaron’s channel on his cock had such intense pleasure flooding his senses that, he couldn’t keep his eyes open.

With his eyes tightly shut, Kyle pushed in slowly till he was fully seated inside Aaron’s clutching heat.

“Holy fuck!” Aaron gasped, feeling so full and stretched.

“Tell me when you’re ready for me to move.” Kyle husked, opening his eyes to look at the sexy man impaled on his cock. He caressed Aaron’s back soothingly. His arse was exquisite and so tight, it felt as if his cock was being strangled.

After a while, Aaron wriggled his arse and ordered in a hoarse voice, “Move.” The pain had receded to a dull ache, but still Aaron couldn’t hold in his gasp when Kyle started to pull out slowly. It burned.

“Ah, God,” he gasped, squeezing his eyes tightly closed. What surprised Aaron, however, was the fact that the pressure inside him was painful and thrilling at the same time.

When Kyle pressed forward again, Aaron gasped and shifted his legs further apart to give Kyle better access. Kyle took him slowly with shallow strokes, wanting Aaron to get used to the feel of his cock, for his body to adjust to his size. When he noticed that Aaron was moving slightly to meet his thrusts and was able to accept his thrusts without whimpering in discomfort, Kyle leaned over him and asked softly;

“Better?” Though he knew there was definitely going to be pain and discomfort, Kyle wanted as much as possible, to ensure Aaron didn’t go through avoidable pain. Ken would kill him. The cameras wouldn’t lie.

At Aaron’s nod, Kyle straightened up and changed the angle of his thrusts. He slid almost all the way out and then pressed back in deeper, nice and slow, brushing that gland filled with pleasure-inducing nerves with the head of his cock. The dull ache inside Aaron was instantly replaced by blinding pleasure.

“Oh God.” Aaron squealed, stars bursting behind his eyes as the line between pleasure and pain got mixed up. His cock got instantly raging hard.

Then Kyle really went to town! He nailed that pleasure button inside Aaron, hitting that same spot over and over, causing Aaron’s entire body to shudder in pleasure. Aaron went wild as Kyle kept hitting that one spot inside of him, crying out at the powerful feeling and rocking back against Kyle.

“Oh, God right there. Give it to me, Dylan.” Aaron cried out and knew he had never meant anything more. Every word that tore out of him was not a mere porn talk, it came from somewhere deep inside. He wanted Dylan with a passion he hadn’t known he was capable of.

He felt Kyle’s fingers digging into his hips and knew he would get bruises but didn’t care. The feeling of Kyle’s hands on his body, his hard cock thrusting into him and the sound of his hips slamming against his arse was blissfully mind-blowing. Sensations slammed into him with every thrust and every sound Kyle made. He was completely under Kyle’s control, but Aaron welcomed his dominance, thrusting back vigorously against Kyle.

“Oh God, you feel so good.” Kyle gasped, wincing at the tremor in his voice and hoping it was missed.

Aaron arched his back as Kyle thrust his cock so deep into him he could not take a single centimeter more. Kyle coiled an arm around Aaron’s stomach and pulled him up so that Aaron’s head flopped back on Kyle’s shoulder, his eyes tightly shut in bliss. Kyle reached around and took his stiff leaking cock into his hand and stroked him.

“Please…” Aaron gasped brokenly as pleasure spiralled up his spine. He didn’t know what he was begging for. He just felt so many emotions within him he didn’t know what he wanted. He didn’t have any control left. Aaron just gave himself over to the overwhelming feeling, the pleasure, and the man taking him where he had never been before.

“What do you want?” Kyle growled into his ears, holding him tighter around the waist as he pounded his prick in and out of his flaming channel. He stroked Aaron’s cock but not enough to take him over the edge.

“I don’t…” Aaron whimpered as he gasped for air and continued to moan on each in-stroke. “Please, need to come…” He mumbled incoherently. He couldn’t have stopped making all those needy noises if he’d tried.

Kyle stopped thrusting into Aaron and pulled out of him.

“What…why…” Aaron gasped, turning to look at Kyle. He found himself staring right at Kyle’s lips. How would those sexy lips feel against his, Aaron thought. Shit!

“Lie on your back.” Kyle said quietly. He didn’t know what was happening to him but what he knew for sure, was that Ron Hunt was getting to him…in a hot way.

Aaron lay on his back and stared up at Kyle. When his eyes fell on Kyle’s wet, shiny and huge cock, he gasped, not believing he’d actually had that inside him just seconds earlier.

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