Mart 11, 2021


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Did you ever have one of those days where everything just seemed to fall in place? Albeit a rare thing indeed, but every so often the Gods smile and the earth moves just right and everything comes together to give you that perfect day. I had awakened, just like any other day, only today would be near perfect.

I showered, shaved and got dressed, today being the day I had been dreading as the new accountant was coming to go over the books. It wasn’t that there were any discrepancies, I just dread having my work double-checked, and it’s a fear in all of us, the scrutiny of another. Will your work measure up? Will you, in fact, Measure up? My first clue as to the outcome of the day came as I got in my BMW and started it up, my favorite song was on the radio and I sang along with the group as I motored along. Such a small thing, I know, but good fortunes are made of many small things put together. Then, there was the red sports car on the side of the road and the nice looking blonde standing helplessly beside of it.

Out of all the morning traffic, I was the only one who stopped, “Having trouble?” I asked as I walked back to her and noticed the big smile she was sporting. “It just cut off and it won’t restart,” she said, her hands coming to rest on those supple hips of hers and I moved my gaze over her ripe body. She wore a silk blouse and a short skirt, her legs looked as though they were poured from a mold, their silky exuberance emanated from under her skirt and the blouse did little to hide the blossoming chest underneath, her ample cleavage attesting to the fact that she was indeed a looker. She came around and as I poked around under the hood, leaned on the fender, her chest taunting her blouse as it tried to spill out. I had never been one for large breasts, my ex wife had monstrous ones and they tended to sag and just fall all over as we had sex.

I had always been partial to small chested women, with their pert tits poking straight out, taut mounds of flesh with nipples that seemed to have the ability to pierce a man’s soul. Don’t let this dissuade you though, I never turn down a woman’s tits, they are so alluring no matter what their size. I asked her if she had any tools, “I have a few, in the trunk,” she said and I followed her back. She opened the trunk and bent forward to retrieve the small tool kit, my eyes focused on her creamy thighs as her skirt rode up, her garter belt becoming visible.

Even on a street busy with traffic, I just had to bend slightly to see up her skirt. My cock got hard immediately as her creamy thighs gave way to lacy red panties and I felt my mouth getting dry. She smiled as she handed me the tool kit, no doubt aware of the view she had just given me. I returned to the open hood, trying hard to adjust my hard cock without drawing attention to my actions and I went to work checking out various components. I asked her to give it a try and she climbed in and turned the key- nothing. I strolled to the driver’s window and leaned on the door frame, noting that her short skirt escort ataşehir had ridden up her thighs and those creamy thighs were once again in view, her garter as well, but she made no attempt to cover them, much to my delight.

“I think it’s your battery,” I told her and then explained that it was also her alternator, a frown came to her face. I explained that the battery only started the car, the alternator ran it and that if the alternator went bad, then it drained the battery to keep the car running. She said that she had noticed it had been hard to start lately, and I saw out of the corner of my eye, her legs begin to drift apart as she talked; my cock began to strain once again.

“Can I offer you a lift?” I asked her, wanting to drive and gaze at those legs while I did. She smiled and gathered her things up, locked her car and joined me in mine.

“You are so kind to help me,” she said with a grin and we made small talk as I drove on,

“Where to?” I asked her and she got very quiet.

I turned to see if she had heard me and saw her staring at the obvious bulge in my pants, “It looks like you could use some relief,” she smiled and her hand reached over to stroke my hard cock through my pants. I almost came right there!

“Why don’t you pull into Brady Park and let me repay your kindness,” and I almost died, this luscious woman was offering me sex for my kindness and I couldn’t believe my good fortune. It had been awhile since I had sex, being divorced and working long hours, I just never seemed to have time to go out. I pulled into the park; her hand now had my cock even harder as I searched for a place not too visible from the rest of the world. You would think that someone as horny as myself wouldn’t care as long as he got fucked, but I did have standards and they didn’t include exhibitionism. As I pulled into a parking place, her hand seemed to move like magic as she unzipped my pants and brought my hard cock into the open.

She stroked its naked length, and I thought I heard her cooing slightly as she did. My mind was racing, her hand feeling so wonderful on my throbbing cock, but I wanted more, much more. Her mind seemed to know my thoughts as she bent forward and gave me a slow, passionate kiss, her tongue darting out between my lips to massage the insides of my mouth. Her mouth covered mine and she stopped stroking me long enough to free her ample tits from their bondage as her silk blouse opened and they jutted out. She brought my hands to them before returning to my hard cock.

The flesh of her tits was warm and moist as my hands worked at them, kneading and massaging them before turning my attention to her hard nipples. I heard a groan from her throat as my fingers toyed with her erect nipples and her hand action got faster, causing me to fear that my cum would explode onto it and I so wanted to deposit it elsewhere. Again, she seemed to sense this and she broke our kiss and my hands were pushed aside as she lowered her head to my lap, taking the head kadıköy escort bayan of my cock in her mouth.

Her mouth felt like a hot furnace as it engulfed as much of my cock as our position would allow and she expertly sucked me, one of my hands instinctively went to her head and the other reached around her body and found a taut nipple to tease as she increased her sucking, my cock now fully going into her mouth, as much as she could get to with our clothes still on and being seated behind the steering wheel. My balls began to boil and with a loud “Arggghhhh,” I shot my hot cum into her mouth, as she slurped and licked to get it all.

She brought her head up and I could see a small amount of cum on the corner of her mouth, she took a finger and channeled it into her mouth and smiled, her hand returning to my semi hard cock and stroking it to life once more. “Would you like to fuck me?” she asked and my mind reeled, ‘Would I!!!’ I thought, “Oh yes baby, definitely,” and we got out of the car and headed into the picnic area. She stroked my cock as we walked, and I laughed at myself, being led around by my cock and I thought that actually, all men were to some degree.

The park was deserted and she led me over to a picnic table, she stopped stroking me and reached under her skirt and peeled her lacy red panties down her thighs and I watched mesmerized as they were drawn off of her ankles and her cute pussy appeared each time she lifted a leg. She pulled her skirt up around her waist, allowing me a heavenly view of her neatly trimmed pussy, her moisture collected at its entrance.

She put her palms flat on the table and lifted herself onto it as she spread her legs wide, giving me quite a sight to behold. I dropped to my knees before her, my face perfectly aligned with her moist prize as my nostrils drew in her scent, pure animal lust descended upon me as I dove into her tight quim, lapping and nuzzling her with my mouth and nose as her hands quickly shot to my head. I looked up to see her ample tits heave as my mouth worked on her tight pussy, drawing her nectar from her as she bucked against my mouth, moaning uncontrollably.

Her legs came to rest on my shoulders as my mouth devoured her sweet pussy and her garters cut into my shoulders, but the pain was insignificant to the pleasure I was receiving. Her feet began to pound my back as her orgasm neared, her shoes no doubt leaving bruises as she suddenly screamed out and I felt a flood of juices in my mouth. Her fingers grasped my hair as she came, tugging my head even tighter to her hot pussy as torrents of cum seemed to erupt.

I wanted to see her face, wanted to see her pleasure in her eyes as she came, but her hands would not let my head move and her thighs even joined them as they clamped my head in place. As her orgasm ebbed, her grip released itself from me and I drew back, my mouth and chin coated with her passion juices as I rested on my haunches, admiring the body that lay before me on the picnic table. Her legs escort bostancı draped over the edge and her tits jutting up from her fine silk blouse. I couldn’t see her face, as her head had lain back on the table as she tried to quell her fast breathing.

I stared down at my incredibly hard cock, and could feel that tight pussy I had just eaten wrapped around it. I rose and undid my pants, letting them drop to my ankles and my shorts joined them as I waddled up to the table and grabbed her under her hips and pulled her to the edge. She sighed as she felt the tip of my cock against her hot pussy and I slowly inched inwards, her juices allowing plenty of lubrication as my hard cock slid in without much trouble. Her pussy felt like a velvet glove as it encompassed my hard shaft and I moved forward until she had all of it, though she grunted slightly as the last inch was pushed in.

My hands moved to her glorious mounds of woman flesh as my cock began to pump in and out of her tight hole, making squishy sounds as it did. I felt her pussy hold onto me as I pumped in and out and she came alive once more, as her breathing again increased and I felt her meeting my thrusts.

Her legs encircled my hips as I pounded her harder and harder, the slap of our bodies meeting resounding in the air as my thrusts quickened. I fought the urge to cum, her pussy feeling so very good around my hard cock and I held back as long as I could, wanting us to cum together. I could see her face this time and I needed to see the pleasure on it that turned me on. Her face became flushed and I knew that she was about to cum and I unloaded at the same time, our screams filling the picnic area as we both exploded together. I collapsed on top of her, my cock still buried, as I suckled on her nipples and she slowly started to breathe normally once more.

Her hands stroked my hair as I gently sucked her nipples and my cock began to ease out of her. She giggled as my cum ran out and down her ass, pooling on the table. She grabbed my hand and walked me around the table and had me climb up on the seat and she expertly cleaned my cock with her mouth, savoring our recent orgasms as she did. My cock began to grow once more with her mouth around it, but she pushed me off, “I’m going to be late,” she said, “We have to go,” and I stepped down from the bench and pulled up my shorts and pants, tucking my hard cock inside.

I watched her as she got off of the table and bent down to retrieve her red lacy panties, her ass seemed to smile at me. She stepped into her panties and pulled them up and then pushed her skirt back down over her hips and began to button that silk blouse, her ample tits once again hidden from view. We walked back to the car and once there, I leaned over and kissed her, my tongue exploring her delicious mouth as I did and then I started the car and once more we were on our way.

“Where to?” I asked once again.

“Cranston and Phipps,” she said and my mouth dropped open, “I have to do an audit today,” this was the person I had dreaded seeing? I laughed and she asked me what was so funny, “I am the one you’re coming to see,” and we both laughed. Needless to say, the day only got better and she rode home with me, where our early morning escapade expanded into an all night thing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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