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Blind Borne

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Author’s Note: This is chapter two in my Wound in Time series. The story contains mainly F/F action as well as a plot. It’s a lengthy piece that will not exactly satisfy your search for instant gratification. Okay, maybe it will. You needn’t have read the first one but if you want extra juice on the characters, checking it out will be a good fix. That said, read on and hopefully, enjoy the story. Please don’t forget to vote.

Sunday Morning


Bellinda’s smile widened when she remembered that Adrian’s deadline for the contract had passed. She hadn’t even bothered herself with calling the cocky butch. She would sign the contract but would also have Mavin with her so that things stayed business-like.

A portion of her brain told her it was unfair to use Mavin as a buffer to feelings for Adrian. Another part of her cerebrum told her that she didn’t want those feelings and would be doing herself a big favor by forgetting them. Mavin would help her do that and then some. Bellinda was downright grinning now.

She snuggled herself closer to the sleeping woman’s naked body and rested her head on Mavin’s chest. She listened to Mavin’s steady breathing and pumping heart. The warmth from Mavin’s flesh sent tingles up and down her spine, confirming her addiction to this dark woman. Her hand ran small circles over the tall woman’s rippled torso.

The musky scent of their passionate lovemaking hung hazily in the air. It was late in the morning and Bellinda didn’t feel like leaving Mavin’s side. Not that her body would even allow it if she wanted to. Muscles she forgot she had, ached dully but still, she felt . . . damn good!

She looked up at Mavin’s slumbering countenance, her green eyes setting on the long, moon-shaped scar that draped down from the left side of Mavin’s neck to her right collar bone. She wondered what the story was behind the shiny scar that screamed of a life-threatening event. Her curiosity piqued as she drew a hand to Mavin’s neck. Her fingers began to trace the path of darker skin.

Bellinda didn’t know if her mind was playing tricks on her but the scar felt hot to her touch. She lingered for a moment then let her hands wander up to Mavin’s strong chin. She caressed the skin, liking the arrangement of bone and muscle. Her fingertips grazed the tall woman’s soft lips while bathing in the warm air from Mavin’s nostrils.

Bellinda liked the adventurous spirit welling up in her and continued her exploration; tracing the curve of Mavin’s high cheekbone and disturbing the fine hairs that adorned the smooth skin. She slipped her hand to the left side of Mavin’s head and found a perfectly formed ear with a fleshy lobe. Her fingers danced on the outer edges of the sensitive organ. She heard Mavin’s breath shift, but didn’t stop. Her eyes closed, relinquishing their task of sense to five curious fingertips.

“That tickles.” Mavin whispered and the redhead jumped.

“Jeez, I thought you were asleep!” Bellinda gasped as her heart took on a whole new rhythm.

“Oh I was, until you found my ear.” Mavin smiled and raised herself up on her elbows.

“Sorry I woke you, I couldn’t help myself.” Bellinda pouted like a school girl with an agenda.

“No, no, no. This is not how you wake me up.” Mavin said and pulled Bellinda up on top of her. She took the redhead’s face in her large hands and planted a kiss on her forehead, and another one on the tip of Bella’s nose and then finally, Mavin seized Bella’s pink, bottom lip between her dark pair and sucked it gently, greeting it with her tongue. She released it and did the

same to Bella’s top lip.

Bellinda thought she would die as a moan escaped from the confines of her throat. Mavin drew back and grinned.

“That’s more like it. Now if you’d excuse me, I’ve got a meeting with mama natura.” Mavin said as she eased herself off the bed.

“I’m amazed at how limber you are after last night.” Bellinda groaned as she fell back onto the warmth Mavin arose from.

Mavin walked into the bathroom and stretched. She splashed some water on her face and proceeded to take care of business. Outside, Bellinda waited until she heard the toilet flush, then knocked on the door.

“Come in and hold your breath.” Mavin said from the bathroom as Bellinda opened the door. She came in, wrapped up in sheets that smelled of their bodies. She held her breath but realized there was nothing to smell and relaxed.

“I’m gonna take a shower, I gotta finish writing some software.” Mavin took out a toothbrush and a bottle of bodywash from her bag, “When’s your


Bellinda wore a puzzled look as though she didn’t expect Mavin to remember her request. “Oh, um…it’s today. I didn’t know you had plans, sorry.”

Mavin chuckled and almost choked on toothpaste, “No you ain’t. You’d have asked even if I told you I had plans but it’s okay. I’ll go with you.” Mavin said and went back to scrubbing her teeth.

Bellinda sighed and fidgeted with her hands. She caught casino oyna herself before Mavin did. “There’s something I think you should know.” Mavin was rinsing her mouth, liking the minty freshness and thanking ingenuity that it wouldn’t last forever. Bellinda went on, “The contract is being offered to me by my ex.” Mavin gazed at her for a minute and cleared her throat.

“So?” She said with a black brow raised.

“That won’t bother you?”

“Should it?”

“Well I-“

“She wasn’t the one in your bed last night and she’s not the one buck naked in front of you now.” Mavin said with a straight face, her deep voice taking on an acoustic edge from the spacious, aqua-tiled bathroom. She held her arms out and Bellinda found herself in the tall woman’s warm embrace. “Do you still have feelings for her?”

Bellinda was caught off guard. The words died before she couldn’t even put them in order, let alone say them. Mavin spoke before she could.

“What time is the meeting?”

“Three.” Bellinda managed.

“Aight, the way I see it, you’ll sign the contract and there’ll be no chit-chatting.” Mavin planted a kiss on Bellinda’s head, “Don’t worry about it, you’ll be fine.”

Bellinda smiled to herself, ‘Yes! Operation Chocolate Buffer is a go.’ She pulled herself from Mavin and took her turn at the sink. Mavin got into the shower and soon, Bella could barely see herself in the mirror. Mavin lathered herself slowly, enjoying the feel of the hot water cascading down her body.

She battled the urge to ask Bellinda into the shower with her. She wanted to take things slow, do things differently and perhaps conquer the lust that blinded her. Alright, let’s not get carried away.

Bellinda busied herself with wiping the mirror and treasuring the few seconds for which it stayed clear, until it fogged up again. She was done brushing her mouth but she didn’t want to leave the bathroom.

“If you keep going like that, you’re gonna have me showering cold.” Bellinda said with something in her voice that begged for invitation.

“What’s wrong with cold?” Mavin said knowingly and smiled to herself as she rinsed.

Bellinda scoffed, “I can’t believe you just said that. You’re using all the hot water!”

“Not anymore.” Mavin yanked the curtain back, “I’m done.”

Bellinda watched speechlessly as a steamy Mavin got out of the shower and grabbed a towel.

“You’re just gonna stand there looking at me, or are you gonna get ready for your appointment?” Mavin said as she wrapped the towel around her waist.

Bella ignored the tall woman and got into the shower. It didn’t take long for the water to turn cold.


Adrian sat in the same chair as the last time she saw Bellinda. She was a tad pissed that the redhead had extended the deadline but she kept her cool. After all, she was going to sign the contract. The redhead called her this morning, saying she’d show up at three . . . ish.

Whatever, she’d have a signed contract by sundown if it came to that. But then again, she didn’t have ’til sundown. She had an evening flight to catch back to Seattle.

She had a hot little piece of cherry pie named Sandy, waiting for her. ‘What a tongue on that one!’ Adrian thought as she rapped her fingers on the table. It was already twenty minutes past three when she spotted the redhead at the door, clad in a pair of supertight jeans that seemed to defy all laws of material physics and a white, frilly blouse that housed her magnificent double-d breasts.

There was a tall metro-looking guy with her, probably a lawyer. Adrian got up from her seat as the redhead approached. She almost fell back when she saw that the tall figure was a woman.

“Hello Adrian. Hope you don’t mind my tardiness.” Bellinda said with a smile as she sat down.

“Not at all,” The blonde butch lied, “I see you brought your lawyer.” She said, looking at Mavin, whose glare bored through her.

Adrian felt slightly uncomfortable but she stuck her hand out anyway and tried to play it cool. Mavin took it in a firm grip and kept her gaze steady.

“How presumptuous, Mavin’s not my lawyer.” Bellinda said in a clipped tone. “Do you have the contract or are we just here to suck air?”

‘She’s good.’ Mavin thought as she stood behind Bellinda’s chair, getting a big kick out of being intimidating.

“Here are the necessary documents you need to sign,” Adrian said as she laid the papers out on the table. “This one grants you immunity to freak accidents, this one says you’ll relinquish ownership of the work you do concerning this project and finally, this one pays you for your services.”

“So you just want me to sign and that’s all the explanation I get?” Bellinda said as a few doubts tried to get her attention.

“Precisely. It’s that simple. You design, I consult, we both get paid. No questions asked.” Adrian said with effort to hide her exhaustion.

“It feels sketchy, Adrian. I don’t know.”

“Oh come on Linda. slot oyna You’ll be designing a damn building for Pete’s sake! You’ll see it before it even gets built, there’ll be nothing to hide and nothing you won’t know, that I haven’t already said. These people won’t have any contact with you. I’m in charge of the project and I decided to enlist you cuz you’re the ‘wave of the future’ as they say and want.”

Adrian sighed and decided to die, “I’m old fashioned Linda, I don’t do thirtieth century shit, that’s why I came to you. I can’t just go up to some stranger and give them a mil and expect them not to get greasy-eyed on me and try to wring me. I trust you and your ability to imagine, Linda. That’s why I’m here. I need your help to bag this contract and you won’t be losing anything either. So, please just sign. I’m begging.”

“Wow, you could’ve just said that on Thursday.” Bellinda said as she eyed the papers one more time, “Fine Adrian. But if there’s something you’re not telling me and I so much as get a spitball thrown at me, you’d have crossed your last state line.”

“There’ll be no spitballs, I give you my word.” Adrian’s eyes flicked from the green pair to Mavin’s and back.

“And one more thing. Mavin will be my witness.”

“Whatever you want.” Adrian said and pushed the papers towards the redhead, with an expensive ballpoint pen waiting to drool out the most

important name of its life.

Bellinda breathed deeply and signed her name on the documents. She passed them to Adrian who also signed her name. Mavin scrawled her name under both, taking up quite an amount of space as if to say ‘You’re goddamn right Mavin Bright was here, better recognize.’

“And it’s a done deal. Here’s your check for a million big ones.” Adrian said with a smile she suddenly couldn’t screw off. “Thank you so much Miss Ross, I’ll definitely be in touch.” She said with a southern twang as she packed up the papers into a folder. She was now on edge. She’d had to sacrifice her ego to get the redhead’s signature and even though she’d won her mission, it was a prideless victory that still stung like a loss. Sandy would make it all better.

Bellinda just got up and left without a word, with Mavin’s arm around her. Adrian felt her wound being salted. ‘Serves you right,’ she thought as she watched them leave the restaurant.


“Oh you were awesome!” Bellinda jumped into Mavin’s arms on their way to the parking lot.

“What did I do?” The tall woman asked, the feeling of Bellinda’s legs wrapped around her was one she couldn’t get tired of.

“You got her to grovel,” Bellinda sighed and kissed Mavin gently. She felt Mavin’s strong arms tighten around her waist as the tall woman held her closer. Mavin kept walking to her Porsche, they’d be damned if she tripped or if they got hit by another car.

Mavin kissed the redhead with a hunger she fought to suppress, lest it consumed them both. Bellinda liked the feel on Mavin’s torso flexing against her pussy as she walked. She moaned into Mavin’s hot mouth and felt her ass resting on a smooth, horizontal surface. Mavin broke the kiss as she placed Bellinda on the hood of her car.

“All I did was let you handle your business.” She said with a smile, “What do you wanna do now?”

“I thought you had plans.” Bellinda had her arms around Mavin’s neck.

“I do.” Mavin said and kissed her again. She had a mind to take the redhead on her car, in the middle of a not-so-empty parking lot. She contemplated the idea of an afternoon of typing and software algorithms against an afternoon with a spicy woman. She liked spicy.

“How about a movie?” She breathed when Bellinda’s hand found her ears for the second time today.

“Yes, where are we going?”

“Get in.” Mavin said and made her way to the passenger side of the car, holding the door open. Bellinda hopped off the hood and sauntered over to Mavin. She got into the car and a few moments later, Mavin was in the driver’s seat. They screeched off the lot and just as they got on the highway, Mavin broke the silence.

“What do you plan to do with a million?” Mavin kept her eyes on the road.

“It’s going into savings and maybe some other investments. I could expand the gallery but I really didn’t need a mil from Adrian to do all that.”

“So why did you take it?”

“I had nothing to lose. Besides, I haven’t done landscaping in a while so I guess I was interested in that part.” Bellinda said easily.

Mavin nodded, “Tell me about you two. What went


“We were college graduates, in love and hungry for achievement. We stayed together for five years but our hunger got the best of us and the

relationship fell apart.”

“Just like that huh?”

“Well, she cheated on me a few times and I found out. We decided it was best to go our separate ways. Where are you taking me?”

“Did she say why she strayed?” Mavin said, ignoring Bella’s question.

“Yeah she actually did. Something about canlı casino siteleri us not spending enough time together but I wasn’t hearing it.” Bellinda sighed and looked at Mavin, “What about you, any past relationships?”

“Not while I’m driving. Ask me later.” Mavin said without taking her attention off the road.

Bellinda wanted to protest but kept quiet. Mavin flicked a switch and the car vibrated with instrumental jazz music. Bellinda watched as Mavin tapped her fingers on the wheel in time to the song. She shook her head and enjoyed the scenery that blurred past them.


“I cannot believe you took me to see Star Wars Episode Three.” Bellinda said as they left the theater and seeped through the parking lot.

“Why not? It’s a good story and I think it’s very original.” Mavin grinned in response and pulled Bella by the arm, out of her step and into a firm embrace. “Don’t tell me you hated it.” Mavin said as they got to the car.

“If I did, I’d be lying.” Bellinda sighed, “It was very . . . romantic and I enjoyed it very much.” She felt Mavin’s lips over hers.

Bellinda wondered if this would be a regular parking lot ritual. The redhead’s mind didn’t wander for long, Mavin had her pinned to the side of the car as her mouth was ravaged with obscene lust. She felt Mavin’s hands snaking into her fly, in broad daylight. Her mind spun with the thrill of possibly getting caught but she didn’t care. After all, they were quite shielded by hundreds of cars but still . . . it made her jumpy and excited and horny all at


The tall woman’s hands worked unhurriedly, caressing Bella’s skin to red-hot intensity. Mavin’s tongue delved into Bellinda’s mouth, pillaging the warm orifice of air, saliva and privacy. They were fast running out of oxygen but Mavin didn’t let up, not that Bellinda wanted her to anyway. Bellinda’s slid her arms to Mavin’s hips and pulled the dark woman closer, begging to be crushed. Mavin’s fingers reached their target, thinly veiled behind a damp, silk garment.

She pressed the silky material into Bellinda’s warm slit with one long finger, allowing the redhead’s juices to seep through. She heard Bellinda moan softly and broke the kiss. She looked into half-open green eyes and kept her

fingers in Bellinda’s pants, rubbing slowly. After a few more moments, she reluctantly pulled her hand out.

“Your pussy is so wet, it’s distracting.” Mavin whispered and smeared the sticky substance on Bellinda’s lips, “I don’t know how I’m gonna drive with that knowledge.” Mavin finished and kissed the redhead again. ‘Why does she have to taste so good?’ Mavin thought as she pulled herself off Bellinda, miraculously without a crowbar.

Bellinda licked her lips and tasted herself. A fresh wave of heat washed through her overstimulated body. She got into the car and trembled from the friction caused by her own clothes rubbing unmercifully against her skin. ‘What is wrong with me?’ Bella thought as she caught her breath. The sun was low on the horizon, setting the evening sky on fire; mirroring the way she felt.

Mavin eyed Bellinda as she navigated through rush hour traffic. She had to get away from the redhead, even if it was just for a few days. She needed to think clearly about her future as a partner in Lecter Corp. The redhead clouded her mind with unholy thoughts that affected her like a drug. ‘Mercy, mercy Mavin,’ the tall woman thought as her mind scrambled itself like encryption codes.

José had shown up suddenly at her apartment with the surprising new development of wanting to hand over the reins. He’d arrived with a heavy mood that was very unlike him but he lightened up as the visit progressed. Mavin didn’t have time to consider anything.

Sure, she loved the company and loved José dearly but she never expected the man to put his life in her hands. And he’d done so with trust even she didn’t think she deserved. She didn’t have a problem with heading Lecter Corp, but she did have her own demons to battle.

Mavin felt her grip tighten on the wheel as her breath quickened. She quickly tried to regain her attention.

“We’ve gotta get something to eat, I’m starving.” Bellinda’s voice cut through Mavin’s dizzy spell.

“Yeah, . . . me too.” Mavin said, her breath leveling, “I think we should order something.”

“Sure, it’s getting kinda late huh?” Bellinda looked at the greying sky.

“That and if I see another parking lot, I swear I’ll eat you alive.” Mavin grinned at the redhead.

“Mmm, knowing I’ll taste good makes me feel all moist inside.” Bellinda said in a sultry tone. Somebody’s stomach announced its agenda and they both laughed.

“I’ll call and have them deliver it by the time we get back to my place.” Bellinda said and pushed buttons on her cell.

Mavin kept her eyes glued to the road. In all her life, she’d never craved a cold shower more than at this moment.


Sometimes, prayers do get answered. By the time they got back to Bella’s condo, it was after eight and it had begun to drizzle. They’d barely made it into the lobby when it really began to pour. Luckily, the food had been delivered as well. Mavin sprang for the shower just as she opened the door.

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