Şubat 17, 2021

Blame It On The Night Ch. 02

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Nimish was the last one to leave the room. He didn’t know what to tell Anjila; his girl friend. This wasn’t an airport or a railway station where he would hug her and say some sentimental parting lines. He wasn’t sure if she really wanted to go through this either. May be she was the one who said no in the vote. But looking at her it didn’t seem so. She wasn’t making any attempt to reach him either. In fact she remained still. He glanced at her once hoping she would glance too. She didn’t. He finally went away.

Hemant was instantly on his feet as if he was waiting for the moment when the room would be empty except for the two; Anjila and him. He locked the door from inside and turned towards her. She looked at him. He smiled. She reciprocated nervously.

“Are you and Nimish a happy couple?” He was standing by the door.


“Just like that.”

“I would like to think so.”

“Your parents don’t have any problem because of the religion thing?”

“They don’t know yet.”

“Hmm.” Hemant ambled to the other end of the bed. “What did you vote?”

“A yes. You?” Anjila was suddenly soft. The fierceness that she often showcased in front of Nimish seemed a thing of the past.

“Yes, of course.” He said. She threw an appreciative smile at him.

“You always wanted another man?”

His questions were probing her dark side.

“No. Its all in the fun spirit right?”

“You really think so? We are literally swapping partners only for fun? Yeah, it could be a part of it but its not the whole of it.”

“What’s the whole of it?”

“That we all were looking for an excuse.” He laughed in an eerie manner. Few silent minutes passed by.

“Did you have anyone in mind while picking up a mobile phone?” Hemant asked.

“Not really.” Anjila said turning towards him to have an easy conversation. While doing so she lifted her legs on the bed and folded it to be comfortable. Hemant ogled at her legs. She noticed but didn’t react. The shorts and sleeveless tee now seemed like less clothing.

“You said in your wish that there was someone you wanted to do among the girls here. Who is it?”

“It’s you.” Hemant was prompt.

Anjila suffered a compulsive laughter. “Its me because I happened to choose you, right? Had it been someone else it would have been her.”

“No, I am serious. I have liked you from the day Pritha introduced us.”

Anjila checked her laughter. There was indeed a genuineness in his voice which kind of aroused her.


“Yes. Of all the girls you are the most womanly.”

She knew what he meant by that. It was something she was proud of; her body: 34d-28-36.

“Thanks.” She said.

“So, how do you like it?”

Anjila liked the straight-to-the-point attitude of Hemant but didn’t tell him about it.

“As in?”

“Rough, sensual or whatever?”

“Sensual I guess.”

“Hmm, if you don’t mind may I know how is your sex life like? Do Nimish and you do it often?”

Anjila swallowed a lump since she was confused if she should tell him the truth which was they had done it only twice. The first time was quick and the second was uninteresting for her. Not that Nimish wasn’t well endowed but he could do with a lesson with how to use Nimish junior to please her.

“Twice.” She said.


“How many times have you done Pritha?”

“I don’t even remember.” He smiled.

An image of Hemant fucking Pritha conjured in her mind and Anjila for a trice thought Pritha was lucky.

“I think if I strip first you’ll be comfortable. What say?”

“Yeah, okay.”

Hemant stood up and doffed his vest looking at her. Anjila noticed his hairy chest which wasn’t worked out but looked strong. His shoulders were broad as well. His belly was slightly protruding but his overall girth made up for it. Next he tugged down his knickers. His legs looked flabby but there was a manliness in his overall structure which Nimish didn’t have. Anjila couldn’t believe she was already comparing.

“You want me to go full monty or it’s okay for the time being?”

Anjila could see the buldge in his underwear. An urge to see it in all its nakedness knocked her. “Full.” She said.


Hemant spent no time to tug down his underwear. He stood naked in front of Anjila. For few seconds she kept looking down at his groin. It was a decent size with a slight curve in the end.

“You like what you see?”

Anjila nodded. She could now sense her arousal.

“I’m glad.” He said. “Now if you don’t mind, its your turn.”

Anjila kept sitting on her place.

“I would love it if you could also stand like me and casino şirketleri strip.”

Anjila moistened her lips and climbed down the bed. She stood few steps away from Hemant whose dick, she noticed, had grown an inch more. There was silence as if she was waiting for more commands from her one night lover. For a moment she wondered about Nimish. He had been paired with Pritha. Had they already started fucking each other?

“Don’t you have any problem with Pritha fucking Nimish?” She asked.

“Not right now. This is a sinful night. I’ll be happy if she is happy.”

The statement also reminded Anjila this was her night to experience someone other than Nimish as well and see where it took her. That was the point of the entire switch: to experience another lover which under normal circumstances wouldn’t have been a possibility for this was a group act and when something is done at a mass level its becomes a shared guilt and hence less sharp.

Anjila held her tee and pulled it over raising her hands. Hemant saw her shaved armpits and grasped his dick. As he slowly massaged it, he saw her close her eyes.

“Could you please keep your hands in the raised position? I would like to see your armpits.”

Anjila did as he wanted and stood with closed eyes and hands raised. Hemant slowly flicked his dick ogling at her slightly sweaty armpits. His fetish for it was obvious. A minute later he said, “Please go ahead now.

She didn’t open her eyes while unhooking her bra. Her breasts were one of the most delicious, particularly the chocolate brown erect nipples, looking pair he had ever seen. And at 37 Hemant had seen quite a lot of them. As she placed her clothes on the bed her breasts juggled a bit which further aroused Hemant. She looked at him and managed an awkward smile. He was now shamelessly massaging his dick up and down. Anjila noticed it but didn’t say a word. She unbuttoned her shorts and came out of it. Then rolled down her panty and stepped out of it as well. Her pussy was trimmed.

“So?” She had to clear her voice to talk properly. Hemant didn’t say anything. He walked towards her. When he reached her, he pushed her on the bed. And opened her legs to position himself between her legs. Only the base of his shaft touched her semi-wet pussy. His chest crushed her breasts as he kissed her forehead, then her nose and lastly her lips. In the next second she found Hemant was sucking her tongue and intentionally spitting inside her mouth. As a reflex she held onto to his body tightly. It was stronger than Nimish was all she could think at that moment. Hemant broke the smooch and asked, “How many guys have been with till now?”

“First Nimish and now you.”

“You kidding me? Didn’t anyone wooed you in school or college?”

“Lots. But I was too cocky.”

“It seems Nimish left a lot for me but I won’t leave much for him or the third one after tonight.” He smiled at her. She liked his sexual humor. It made her feel desirable. She saw Hemant club her breasts together in his large hands and then suck her nipples hard. Too hard for her comfort.


Hemant only sucked harder circling the nipples with his tongue, flicking them roughly and then biting them at times. Getting licked by someone other than Nimish opened up dirty vistas in her mind. she realized she wanted it from a long time now. To be touched the way Hemant’s tongue touched her. After he had enough of her breasts, he moved down to her navel where he planted several kisses around her belly button. It aroused her further. Finally Hemant made himself comfortable between her slightly fleshy thighs. He kissed and nibbled on her inner thighs tickling her in the process. She held his head and pulled his hair to stop him from going further which only meant she couldn’t wait for the cunnilingus now. As Hemant dived his mouth inside, she reflexively, closed her thighs on him. He parted them once but again the same thing happened. In the end he forced parted her thighs apart. Her nicely trimmed pussy in all its wetness was eyeing him. He knew exactly where to lick and where to suck. It let out the sexual kitten inside Anjila who now started moaning subtly still pulling on his hair at times.

“I assume this is your first time like this?” Hemant said glancing at her once and then again licking her wet clit.

“Very much.” She said in a raspy voice.

“I love the smell of your secretions. The fact that your pussy is trimmed makes your pussy lucky and my tongue luckier.”

She also liked the way Hemant verbalized the details of his act. Nimish was always silent.

“What’s your favourite position?” She heard Hemant quip in-between his licks.

“I don’t know of much.” casino firmaları She was being honest. She had seen few but didn’t know the names.

“Let me teach you few poses tonight.” Hemant shot a naughty smile at her before digging into her pussy again. She squirmed a bit feeling his tongue go further inside her. She raised her hips as a reflex. Hemant placed his hand on her butt as he stuck his mouth doggedly covering her pussy and jutting in his tongue ferociously exploring Anjila’s inner flesh.

“Hemant please stop it!”

He relaxed for a trice and said, “Stop what? Tell me exactly.”

“Stop whatever you are doing. I can’t handle it anymore.”

“You have to be precise or I’m not stopping.”


“Eating what?”

“My pussy.”


“Stop eating my pussy Hemant.”

“Wow. I never knew I would hear it one day from you Anjila.” Hemant let go of her. Anjila felt like her stomach muscles underwent a momentary spasm.

She slowly straightened her legs as Hemant lay beside her wiping her juices from around his mouth. Half a minute passed as he admired her naked body. She finally noticed him do so.

“Did you enjoy it?” He inquired.

Anjila nodded positive.

“Has Nimish ever done this?”

Anjila nodded negative. She was trying not to think about her boy friend but Hemant was bringing it up every now and then.

“Why do you keep asking me about Nimish?”

“It gives me a real kick to know I’m spoiling his girl friend in my own way.” He sported a satanic smirk. The sound of the statement made Anjila realize it gave her a kick too. To get done by someone else other than her boy friend.

Hemant touched her forehead with his finger tips and brought it down, via her face, throat, tummy, to her pussy and inserted his middle finger in it. Pleasure made Anjila’s lips part instantly. Immediately he kissed her and in no time it turned into a passionate smooch. He sucked her tongue dry while she tasted his saliva and swallowed a bit too this time. When the smooch broke he looked into her eyes and said, “What’s the one thing you really want me to do tonight?” He was slowly finger-fucking her.

“Fuck me.”

“That I’ll anyway.”

Anjila saw an animal in him which she wanted to experience soon.

“Something else.” He said.

She thought for a moment and then said, “I don’t know. You tell me.”

“If I request will you agree?”

“Yeah okay.”


“Yeah okay.”

“I want to cum inside you Anjila.”

She swallowed a lump and said, “Nimish would kill you.”

“That’s okay. What would you do?”

She answered almost a minute later as if she lived the answer in her mind.

“Allow you.”

She felt his fingers fuck her intensely now. He once again locked his lips with hers and sucked hard on her lips. She soon felt like something was building up inside. She wanted to inform Hemant about it but he wasn’t letting her break the smooch. She hit his back few times and he responded by inserting another finger in her pussy. She closed her legs. And the next moment she squirted. In a flash Hemant left her mouth, took out his finger from her pussy and moved down. He placed his mouth right on her pussy and licked the liquid. He also licked up from the thighs to her pussy.

“What are you doing?”

“All your juices are mine tonight.”

She was happy he was doing what he was. Once done he sat on his knees on the bed. His dick was aiming towards her.

“Do you mind sucking my dick Anjila?”

She was still for a moment. After he had licked her juices she had curled up at one corner. Slowly she crawled towards him and faced his erect dick.

“Bend properly please. I want to see your anus while you suck my dick.”

She turned to see her reflection on the opposite mirror. She saw her butt-naked self. It aroused her. Hemant would see her anus as she sucked his dick? This night wasn’t real anymore. She turned and started licking his shaft from the base up and he admired her tiny brown anus between her attractive butt cheeks.

“Has Nimish tasted your anus ever?”

Not again! Anjila thought and looked up at him.

“No. But will you-” She didn’t complete. She knew he would do so in few minutes.

“Who is bigger? Nimish or me?”

She was trying hard not to compare but the question didn’t help.

“Nimish is slender. You are thicker.”

“It will stretch your pussy more.” He said. Few silent minutes went by whereby Hemant had his eyes closed consuming all the pleasure Anjila’s mouth was exciting within him by sucking his hard dick.

“Alright.” He pulled out his dick and grabbed her butt to güvenilir casino turn her. He caressed her entire back once and then kissed her butt. Then licked her anus.

“Wow, tell Nimish your anus tastes like mango pickle.”

The analogy made Anjila laugh instantly. She felt numerous rapid licks on it.

“Yeah sure I’m saying this to him.” She mocked.

“Oh, then I have to make sure you do.” Hemant took a portion of her ass cheek between his lips and sucked hard till there was a blotch. Anjila cried out in pain.

“What are you doing?”

“A love bite on your ass. He should know how far his girl friend allowed me to go.” He smiled and rimmed her anus once more, spat on it next and touched his tongue tip on its surface probing it. Next, he helped her sit near the edge of the bed, asked her to arch her spine leaning forward so that her butt jutted out. She was sitting on her knees now.

“Are you going to …?”

The next instant her pussy walls felt his dick. He was right. It stretched her. He started with slow thrusts. She could feel his dick go in and out.

“I won’t mind if you talk.”

“What to talk about?” Anjila was squinting her eyes with each thrust of his. She felt his hands groping her breasts from behind now as he started licking her nape. Her entire body moved funnily, adjusting to the sensations his action generated.

“Do you hear that sound?” He asked.

“Which sound?”

“This one…” He fucked her harder.


“What is the sound.”

“You fucking me.”

“Details please Anjila.”

She took time to frame her reply, “You are fucking my pussy.”

“You mean Hemant is fucking Anjila’s pussy?”

“Yes, Hemant is fucking Anjila’s pussy.”

“Awesome! Do you think Nimish will mind watching us?”

“Shut up!”

“Do you think Nimish will mind me fucking you like this?”

“Yes!” She knew she better answer else he would frame a more detailed statement.

“I think he’ll feel great to watch his girl friend get her pussy drilled by another man.”

“Shut up please.”

“I’m serious. Just imagine if Nimish was here.” Hemant stopped his thrusts. While imagining Nimish in the room she was moving her hips back and front on his dick thereby fucking Hemant.

“Can you see Nimish here?”


“What is he doing?”

“Watching us fuck.”

“Does it excite you?”

“Very much.”

“Oh Anjila you are so much fun!” He started the thrusts again. This time with with force. When he was done mauling her breasts she noticed subtle red marks of his grab. A naughty smile escaped her. After few minutes he turned her and was now on top again pumping her harder and harder. He took both her legs and placed them on his shoulder for a deeper penetration. Anjila could feel her anus open up in the pose with each forceful thrust of his. She put her arms around his neck for support. The ordeal went for an era, it seemed, till he was about to cum.

“I am going to cum Anjila.”

“Yes. Please. I won’t mind.”

“Lift your arms.” Before she could understand Hemant raised her arms for her and sniffed her arm pits.

“I love that dirty smell of yours.” As he sniffed hard he came inside her with a groan and collapsed on her. Confused she ended up embracing him as their breaths tried to be normal again.

Half an hour later they were lying side by side. The lights were off. They were not touching each other though they were still naked.

“Did you enjoy it?” Hemant asked.

“Pritha is lucky.” Anjila remarked.

“Do you mean you too want to be as lucky as her?”

“What do you mean?”

“You are a smart girl Anjila.”

“Just because of this one night I can’t forget Nimish.” She was surprised she even said it. They should have slept and not discussed anything.

“Who is asking you to do that? All I’m saying if you ever miss this night I’m there.”

There was no response from her side.

“But tell me honestly did you really imagine Nimish watching us?”

“Yes, why?”

“Just like that. Watching Pritha with someone would arouse me.”

“Really? Do men like watching their girl friends with other men?”

“Not all. But the ones who do, really do. Why don’t you ask him?”

“Oh! I would never do that.”

“You can find out yourself.”


“If he keeps asking you the details about this night then he wants to watch else not.”

“Hmmm. That only the morning will tell. Good night.”

She felt a soft kiss on her shoulder.

“You are an awesome fuck Anjila. Thanks and good night.”

Hemant slept instantly while Anjila kept thinking if he meant it when he said he would be there for her if she missed the night. Was she already considering another night with him?


* Next in the series: the unbelievably lusty night between Pratibha and Vikram. Coming soon!

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