Haziran 13, 2020

Black and White Double (re-write)

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Black and White Double (re-write)
I’m just a bad girl, I just love dick (lol) always have! Any dick big or small, cut or uncut, just love the feel and the way they get hard just for me. By the time I reached 43 I figured I was over it for the most part at least looking for strange cock or chance encounters. I’d been married for around 10 years and although nobody fucked me beside my husband in those years, I did suck some cock of course that doesn’t count as sex right? But that’s another story and I will write about it later because it was pretty hot at least I think so. In those years I still like to watch porno with my husband and fool around on the internet usually with him watching and encourage me but nothing like what happened after work back then.
I worked at a downtown dress shop and have always worked in that line of business since high school, this is the second and last place I work in that line. I was attractive (still am according to my hubby) about 5 foot 2 and around 120 pounds with huge tits (38 DD), a pretty face with big brown eyes and I know how to attract male attention! Anyway it’s Saturday and the store stays open till 6 pm (I just hated working the weekends), so it’s around 1 in the afternoon and I’m bored as nobody is in the shop just me and a co-worker. Out of nowhere two large men step inside the shop one black and one white, and as I gaze over I realize I know these men. The black one was a basketball player in college and I worked with his wife at the other store I first worked at and the white guy was an old acquaintance from long ago in my wilder days. These guys are around 6 foot 6 and built like they worked out all the time.
They come walking towards me and my co-worker and say hi, each standing beside me and let me tell you I’m definitely noticing, I’m feeling like a school girl as these guys are throwing off some male vibe I’m loving it, tingling down below and nipples at attention. Their laughing and joking with me and the co-worker but the attention is on me. The black guy is asking about a job for his wife as he knows we used to work together, I tell him she will have to come in when the owner is around. One thing leads to another and they ask if I want to go downstairs to a bar and have a drink, the place is like a mini-mall with two floors, shops on the main floor and a restaurant/bar on the lower level. I have to work till 6 I tell them and then beat it home as I’m married with a k**, my co-worker speaks up and says go ahead it’s slow and I’ll cover for you. So at around 1 on Saturday afternoon I’m heading downstairs with two hunks for cocktails.
We are sitting in this cozy little bar with one on each side drinking vodka drinks, being crowed for early weekend day we are close, each right beside me leg to leg. Now I’m wearing sheer black stockings with a seam down the back (hubby loves them), garter, no panties, a pretty short black skirt, skimpy bra, tight black top that ascents my breasts and of course black high heels (fuck me pumps lol). It wasn’t long before I’m not feeling güvenilir bahis any pain and flirting back with these guys, these guys are telling me how I haven’t aged, how sexy I look, and it’s working I’m having naughty thoughts, the black guys says he has a fatty in the car do I want to go get high and off we go. I leave my car parked outside the shop and we head to the white guys apartment about 2 minutes away in the black guy’s corvette, me sitting on white guys left leg and my left hand resting on black guys right leg, now I’m worried this could turn bad maybe I can get away with a blow job (lol!).
My husband calls while we are traveling and says he has to take our daughter to her cousins’ house to spend the night and will leave around 6:30pm in case I’m not home yet and should be back around 8 or 8:30, he never gave me a chance to say anything saying he knows I’m busy. So there you go I’m off to an apartment with 2 guys to get high and I’ll be free for about 6 hours, I tell the guys that my hubby will be gone until 8 tonight I’m laughing now thinking I shouldn’t have told them and they are like that’s good we don’t have to rush, looking and winking at each other! Sounds like trouble and I think they’re thinking the same and remember I’m bad at least when I was younger but I’m 43 nothing going to happen, ok maybe one of them gets a blow job we will see!
Sitting on the couch splitting this giant fat joint, and me not having had any pot for at least a couple years it’s not long before I’m high and when high on that day I’m horny. Now these guys are men not boys and they’re feeling the sexual tension, playing it up by telling me how hot my stockings are and how hot my short skirt is, they love my shirt so tight showing off what they called a great rack, how pretty I am, and I’m eating it up moving my shoulders back jutting out my erect nipples telling them come guys your embarrassing me. One guy is blowing the joint from his mouth into mine I think we used to call it shot gunning, and the other guy is rubbing my stocking covered leg feeling the seam in the back his hands are so huge they completely wrapped around my leg and it’s amazing. I’m slowly spreading my legs just inviting him to go higher; I know I shouldn’t have but they got me and when he goes higher he finds my neatly trimmed landing stripped and snatch dripping un-covered and begging for action, in slips a huge black finger and I moan loud! Not long before cloths are flying everywhere and down I go on the biggest fattest black uncut cock which had to be at least 8 maybe 9 inches and as big around as my wrist. My other hand is jerking the white cock a good seven inches and thicker than the black one. These guys are still talking about how hot and ready for action the woman is, too bad no camcorder but I see flashes probably from cell phone cameras and this talk is going straight to my pleasure center giving me naughty wicked thoughts and I’m loving it, the attention, the compliments just all of it. I’m moaning loud being fingered, with hands all canlı casino over my tits pulling my nipples and squeezing my ass and the guys talking dirty to me, I’m one horny hungry girl when the black guy says let’s do lines off her ass.
Now on my knees ass high in the air one guy playing with my pussy and tits while the other is spreading lines on my ass, I ask how I am going to do one; they laughed and said I would get my turn. As one guy is doing a line the other is playing with me, back and forth it goes and I’m quaking to organism after organism as they laugh at how hot I am just quivering in anticipation! Finally the white one moves in front of me with that 7 inch thick rock hard cock and lays a line from the cut head down toward the base and I dive in nose first no need for a straw probably should have taken my time as half spilled on his balls and at about the same time big black uncut cock starts to push into my pussy, now my husband is not close to these guys size wise and it’s been awhile since I’ve encountered a big cock but being as hot, horny and high as I was he drove it balls deep in one push and I felt no pain just pleasure he held it all the way in as I grew accustomed to the size. Him and his buddy were laughing just cracking up over how I was moaning and when I started to lick what’s left of the line from white guys balls, black guy started to fuck me, I could feel the size and his huge balls slapping my clit as he drilled me like he had wanted to fuck me for years (I know he did), I had to just cuddle my face against the white guys cock as I was afraid I might bite his cock if it was in my mouth.
They’re still talking asking me if I like getting double fucked and if I would like to be filmed being fucked by more guys, I just moaned and black guy slaps my ass and says answer and I say yes, oh god yes and I organism again. Now that black guy lasted maybe ten minutes maybe more, I don’t know I was in constant organism and my pussy was flowing and making farting sounds (they loved that and had a discussion about it), finally he tensed up and shot his load deep and fell backwards laughing saying what a great tight snatch and fuck I was and the white guy moved into position. The black guy moved to the front as the white guy entered, now I don’t usually suck a cock after its fucked me but this beautiful piece of uncut black meat was twitching and black guy had just spread a line from the uncut tip toward the base and it just begged for sucking. I snorted and then sucked deep as the white guy picked up the pace from behind slamming, banging, and reaming me! These guys were not young studs but they knew what was what and they fucked me good, the dirty talk, making me answer had me peeking constantly and I was in sexual heaven, this was not lovemaking it was great fucking! The black guy finally pulled away and started to soften as the white guy unloaded in me.
Next I’m again sitting in between these guys on the couch and we’re all naked splitting another joint and I look at the clock and it’s nearing kaçak casino 4:45, and the black guy is whispering in my ear again about filming me with maybe some more guys and the white guys is rubbing my clit, I’m thinking about pornos my hubby and me watched “Fuck my wife please” and a homemade one where the husband films his wife with 6 hung black guys and bang I climax again. Now these guys know they got me and they’re just talking dirty and I’m quivering uncontrollably enjoying the moment. I decide to side over and in between the black guys legs before he calls friends to come over because he has a slut and I take his soft cock in my mouth (soft it’s bigger than hubby hard) and before long it’s harden up for me. And the white guy gets behind me again and slips right in balls deep starting a nice soft rhythm to the Motown music playing, me sucking black while white fucks me.
At 5:15 my phone goes off in the middle of the action and I knew it had to be hubby probably leaving early. So time to speed up I’m deep throating uncut black cock a little talent I learned way back and soon he responds, I can feel the rise and he says he wants to cum on my pretty face, which makes me shake and quiver again so I start to jack that beauty for all its worth while staring at its un-covered uncut head then boom it blasts my face, up and down leaving nothing uncovered oh my god it was good. White guy is just fucking slow and steady and I turn my head and say fuck my tits and spray my face with your cum. That did it and before long I was on my back with tits pushed together and white guy’s thick cock in between me sucking the head of the cock as he slides up towards my head then back into my tits, back and forth with camera flashes and soon white guy cumin, blasting my chin and all over my tits! I laying there with eyes shut cum everywhere with the flashes of cell phone cameras going off, man I wish they would have sent those to me.
Wow what a boring day at work had turned into; I was still such a bad girl (lol). I cleaned up and they gave me a ride back to my car with my stockings, garter, and bra stuffed into my purse and on the ride white guy was stroking my clit while black guy still talking dirty and I’m answering all his questions with oh god yes. We pull up right to my car at about 6:30 and my co-worker is coming out of the store having locked up alone and looks over at me climbing out of the corvette with hands all over me, giving me a knowing wink and smile. Before I could make it to my car I had to give each one a deep kiss and it excited me to think someone might see me. I made it home before hubby returned taking a shower and then getting a glass of wine he found me in the hot tub naked and I was leaned over the tub a few times that night climaxing just remembering the day!
They never came back in the store, thank goodness but black guy called the store a few times; however I wouldn’t take his calls. One time I answered the phone and he asked if I remembered what we had talked about all I could do was answer yes I remember but told him I couldn’t do it as I bit my lip. I wanted to but it’s such a small town and I didn’t want to be known as the internet cum slut who gangbangs! That wasn’t my first double I will have to write about the first.

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