Mart 7, 2021

Bittersweet Symphony

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I must have blacked out for a period because I regained consciousness and was no longer in the bathroom. I actually started to regain some mental clarity through the chemical induced fog; my head was laying face down, and when I picked my head up, I was staring into a mirror with you pounding it in. Every muscle seemed to quiver and then tightened against the invasion. As your fingers parted my pussy lips and you wet it with my juices, and my mind reeled. I tried to recollect…

I peered over towards the bookshelves, and sure enough, you were standing just where you always did… right smack in the middle of the Romance section. “I wonder why he always goes to that section. He never buys anything, but that’s the only place he ever browses. I looked up to see Hetal rolling her eyes at me.”

“Girl, you are thicker than day old coffee. He only comes in to ogle at you.”

“Me? No way.” Hetal had me beat in the looks department… in more ways than one.

“Yes way. Think about it for a minute. He almost always stands in that exact spot, which gives him a fantastic view of the area around the cash register. He never comes in unless you are working, and you are always the one manning the register.”

She had a point.

“But he’s been eryaman escort coming in here for weeks now. If he’s so interested, why hasn’t he made some kind of move?”

Hetal said, “Maybe he’s shy”.

Him? Shy?” I glanced over at the man who seemed to have it all together.

Hetal, “I bet he just doesn’t want to approach you while you’re always being crowded out by the geek who runs the computer station”.

It was a slow night. My breaths came faster as I heard soft footfalls approach. I could feel you directly behind me.” You’re a saucy one, aren’t you,” you murmured as you brushed a lock of hair from my shoulder and leaned forward to run your lips over my neck. I moaned as you pulled me back against your hard body and ran your hands up my thighs and belly to cup my breasts.” And you get straight to the point, which is surprising considering how long you’ve been watching me,” I said as u squeezed my flesh between your fingers.

You murmured, “I like to watch, the way your breasts strain against your top as you lean over the counter is quite delightful, especially when you leave the top buttons undone”.

Pleasure shot through my body as your fingers danced over my skin. They slid under my panties, and elvankent escort I gasped as you slipped between my moist lips. The danger of getting caught fueled our passion, and I hurriedly unzipped your pants and freed your cock. “Oh god,” I moaned as you curled them upward inside me and rubbed my g-spot. “Please,” I begged as I wrapped my fingers around your throbbing shaft. “Now…”

You said, “I want to see you again,” as you brushed my auburn hair away from my face. I was surprised, “A real date? I have no idea who you are”.

With those azure eyes and twinkling smile you said, Eventually”…

As I reached home, I remembered $200 Bed, bath feel your cock growing so hard nestled lovingly against my wet pussy. I need to feel you inside of me. I wrapped my hands around your engorged cock and slowly guided you into my warmth.

I moaned softly as you filled me. I made the muscles in my pussy grab and tighten around your shaft – drawing you in deeper and deeper. I reached up and ran my hands through your hair. Then grabbing a fistful, I pull your head down – bringing your lips to meet mine for a passionate deep kiss. As you lifted me up and down on your cock, clenching it inside of me; we splashed water all emek escort over the floor.

I was kissing you so deeply and imagined trying to crawl inside of you – to reach your very soul, to be one with you. I was lying on the tiles begging and pleading with you – trying to tease you into joining me by placing my hand over my pussy. I slowly spread myself open for you to see – slipping my fingertip over my tight hard clit. I started to slip my fingers between my lips and into my dripping pussy – the moisture glistening in the candlelight. Overtaken by my orgasm, I thrash uncontrollably on the floor and screamed out your name. I needed to feel your cock deep inside me. As our bodies glistened in the candlelight, our breathing erratic, you looked into my eyes and drove in harder. You pulled out until only your head was buried inside me, then you started pumping in and out so hard, so furiously, so fast, so deep…

I looked up into your beautiful face, all twisted with desire, your eyes with that lusty far away look. I looked deep into those eyes, so heavy with lust and the sweet need for release. I held myself deep inside when the first blast cum hit me. I orgasm with you and made my pussy tighten around your cock – trying to milk every ounce of cum out of you. We kissed desperately, panting, trying to catch our breath as the waves of ecstasy washed over us.

As you vanished in the twilight, I lay wrapped in a blanket, with eyes shadowed and unreadable. I swallowed hard and said, “I want you honey bunny”.

— G-Ascii3-G

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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