Mart 7, 2021

Birthday Massage

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His hands moved firmly, smoothly down her back to her buttocks, massaging them, before sliding back up her back to begin again. She has been coming her for a massage once or twice a month for the past five years. His hands are slightly calloused, and she loves the texture of them on her skin and wonders if he has another job beyond this one, or perhaps works in a garden or around the house. She sighs deeply as his hands again reach her buttocks.

“Are you ok,” he asks.

“Yes, fine,” she says.

He continues working her back, moving from her hips to her shoulders then down her spine. The firm pressure pushes her breasts against the table, and she feels her nipples hardening. His hands shift to her left shoulder and work down her arm until he pulls each of her fingers through his hands, and she fantasizes that her fingers are his penis, his hands, her mouth, and, caught up in the fantasy, she moans slightly.

He pauses. “Are you sure you’re ok? Is that the right amount of pressure?”

“No, it feels wonderful,” she says, then hesitatingly, “it’s just–“

“Yes?” His hands have resumed their rhythmic stroking of her fingers.

“Well,” she hesitates again, “well, today is my birthday.”

“Oh,” he says. “I see you’re wearing your suit.”

She giggles. “Yes, I guess I am.” She hesitates again, then, in a rush, “I don’t suppose you have a birthday special.” She can feel her face burning, and she’s glad she’s face down in the cradle.

“Well,” he says, “no, we don’t. Maybe we should.” He moves to the other arm.

Neither of them says anything else, and he massages her right arm, shoulder, forearm, hands, fingers. Again, as he is pulling her fingers through his moist hands, she moans, but this time, he doesn’t say anything, and she is afraid he might be embarrasssed.

After a few moments, he says, “Time to work on your legs.” Usually, he covers her back first, and then exposes one leg, tucking the sheet firmly under escort dikmen it, but, today, he leaves her back uncovered, and folds the sheet back from her legs, exposing both. He massages each foot, the ankle, the ball of her foot, the instep, then, as he had done with her fingers, each toe.

Eyes closed, she imagined he was taking them in her mouth, and then she realized he was. She must have twitched because he stopped.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“No, it’s ok,” she said. “I don’t mind—I–liked it.”

They both are silent for a moment. Then he says, “Just say the word if, at any time, you feel uncomfortable in any way. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable, especially when it’s your birthday.”

“Ok,” she says. She is trembling slightly, hoping he will take her toes in his mouth again. He does.

After several minutes, he begins massaging up each leg, one hand on each leg, up the back of her leg, across the back of her knee, midway up her thigh, then down the outside of each leg. After several minutes, his hands move to the insides of her legs, and she can help herself. She opens her legs wider, and when she does, she feels the sheet slide off her back and on to the floor.

“Still ok?” he says.

She swallows, whispers, “Yes.”

Now his hands are sliding all the way up over her buttocks, then down to the insides of her thighs and sliding down to the backs of her knees. Every time his hands slide over her buttocks and down to her thighs, the edge of his hands lightly press against her labia. She draws up her knees slightly, opening herself, and she knows he is looking.

This time, as his hands slide over her buttocks, he kisses them, then slides his tongue down the crack of her ass until he reaches her pussy, his hands gently lifting her hips. He pauses, then lifts his head away while his hands continue down the insides of her thighs, stopping just before her knees, and she feels him escort emek bending down and kissing the back of each knee. This continues for what could only have been a few minutes but feels, to her, like hours, her pussy throbbing now, wanting him inside her, and its as if he knows what she is thinking, and maybe he does, because each thumb slips inside her pussy, and he gently stretches her wide, and then she feels his tongue licking deep inside her.

She grinds against the table, and his tongue slides up the crack of her ass, licking her anus, something no one has ever done before, and she cannot believe how good it feels, and she presses her clit hard against the table, rocking against it, and now she is moaning, unable to keep quiet, and hoping the people in the small store through the thin wall of massage room can’t hear her, but she doesn’t care, couldn’t keep quiet even if her husband had been sitting waiting for her in the next room.

A long time later, he stopped, and she lay on the table trembling. His hands slid lightly over her from shoulder to buttocks to thigh to knee to calf to toe then up the other leg and back to her shoulder, circling the table on which she lay, exhausted, trembling, and happier than she had ever been.

After a few moments, he said, “You can roll over now. Just scoot down a bit first.”

“My god,” she thought. “How can I look at him?” She felt herself blushing, but she did as he asked. But she kept her eyes tightly closed.

For a moment she lay there, eyes closed, breathing deeply, trembling, thrilled and embarrassed and uncertain what to do next. Then his hands were massaging her scalp, and the warmth of his hands on her face and neck sent waves of relaxation through her body, and she sighed again, a deep sigh, as if all the air in her lungs were escaping at once, taking away all her fears, her embarrassment, and filling her with a deep peace.

After a few minutes he began massaging escort eryaman her neck and her shoulders, lifting her off the table as he slid his hands under her. Then his hands came over her shoulders and he began massaging her chest, just above her breasts, and she breathed deep, her chest rising against the firm pressure of his hands. He gently cupped one breast in his hands, and then she felt him bending over her, and her nipple flashed hard in anticipation of his warm lips. Then he was sucking her, gently, his tongue rolling her nipple around in his mouth, his teeth lightly grazing the nipple. After a few moments, he moved to her other breast, and she felt as though the center of her body was sliding into the earth, deeper and deeper, until she was lost in the deepest cave of the world, no light, only soft warmth all around her.

His hands began massaging her belly, and she quivered slightly. After a few moments his hands slipped down further, pressing on her pubic mound, then massaging her pussy lips on either side of her pussy. His body was pressed against hers now, and she realized she was feeling the skin of his chest against her bare chest, and as she opened her eyes, his cock slid over her forehead, and she opened her mouth, and sucked the underside of his cock, and now she reached over him, massaging his buttocks as he buried his face in her pussy, licking deeper and faster, and she bent her head back to take the end of his cock in her mouth, and then she was cumming, and he was cumming in her mouth, and she felt like the world was ending and beginning all at the same time, and she was coming apart and falling together, and the two of them were no longer two separate people, but merging into one.

And then, it was over. He was still lying across her body, and she could feel him trembling, and she ran her hands over his back and up over his buttocks, all the while gently licking the cock that was slowly shrinking across her face, leaving a moist, wet trail.

He began to lean away from her, and she let him go, and he looked down at her, smiling, before bracing himself lightly on the table and stepping off the small stool he had been standing on.

“Happy birthday,” he said.

And it was, the first of many.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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