Mart 4, 2021

Birds of a Feather Ch. 10

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NOTE: This is a very busy time for our couple. Between starting their new life, work and time spent with new and old friends, it has almost been overwhelming. So far they have managed and have enjoyed all the new adventures along the way.

CAUTION READERS: This chapter does cover quite a verify a sexual activates. While there is romance, we also have incest, young female/old male, and female, anal, oral, ass to mouth, pussy to mouth, M/F, F/F, M/M, group sex. Water sports, cum/pee swallowing. While this is very erotic to many, some readers may be offended by such activity. If that applies, I would suggest you not read any further.

I appreciate the constructive criticism and suggestions I have received, and I would ask you to continue. Thank each of you for taking time to vote.


I looked around the room and noticed several people nodding. I asked Kathy, “How do you feel Baby?”

She smiled, “I feel really ‘GREAT’ Honey.

I smiled back, “In that case, I have a very naughty idea.”

Everyone except Kathy was looking at me with a very puzzled expression on their face.


I think Kathy had an idea of what I had in mind. I’m sure the others thought it would be something involving sex but not sure what I had in mind.

I started explaining, “Kathy and I had been good friends (work buddies) for several years but nothing more. Then things just began to happen, and we were sexually involved. It didn’t take us long to realize it had quickly developed into more than just sex. One thing led to another, and we were sexually involved with other people. We think Kathy got pregnant the very first time we had sex but we agreed we were very interested in trying new and different things. Not only between us, but also with others.”

I looked around at the group, and all eyes were on me, waiting for me to reveal the big secret.

“The one thing we agreed on was that no one else would cum in her pussy until we knew she pregnant was with child. “Well, she is, and now it’s time to move on to the next step.”

I looked down at Kathy and she was still smiling up at me. I turned back to the group, “If Kathy is up to it I would like a gang bang. I would like for every man here to fuck her pussy until he cums in her. I would also like for her eat the pussy of every woman here.”

Kathy tugged at my hand to get my attention.

When I looked down at her, she was still smiling but looked a little troubled.

“Honey that sounds like fun, but I don’t think I can take Walter’s cock in my pussy, ass or mouth, and I don’t want to leave anyone out.”

Walter laughed at Kathy’s comment, “Don’t worry your pretty little self about that. I’ll need some help, but when the time comes, I’ll fill that hot little pussy with my cum and never hurt you.”

Morgan raised her hand to get my attention.

I nodded to her, and she asked, “Frank, would it be okay for the women to slip under Kathy and lick her pussy and the cock in her it at the time while she is eating us.”

Kathy clapped her hands and giggled, “Oh yes Frank, I would love that, and I would like for you to go last but stay by my side while I FUCK AND SUCK ALL THE OTHERS!”

I had to laugh at her excitement. I knew I was marrying a woman who could be a real slut at times, but I also knew she was my slut. I was helping make her that way and for some reason, thinking about that only made me love her more.

Helga suggested we all move to the master bedroom. It has the large king-size bed. She laughed a little as she reminded us that all the mattresses had waterproof covers on them, and there would be no problem with any spillage.

As we all headed to the bedroom, the others were talking among themselves as to who would go first and so on. They asked Kathy, and she told them her only request was that I go last. Any and everything else would be up to them and would all be fine with her.

When we reached the bedroom, I helped Kathy up on the bed. She was on all fours across the wide bed. This would give all of us room to be on the bed at the same time.

Everyone except Terry and Amanda climbed on the bed, most of us on our knees, gathered around Kathy. I told Terry and Amanda to jump on board… there was plenty of room. Terry smiled and said they would like to stand on the side and watch for now.

Helga took a bottle of lube out of the bedside table, handed it to me and told me to use plenty of it on Kathy to be sure she was nice a slick. She reminded us it was eatable, so there was not a problem with getting it in your mouth.

Her pussy was already dripping wet as I parted her lips and covered her from her clit down through her pussy then up across her asshole.

She pushed her ass in the air a little as I moved my fingers across her little rosebud. I applied a little more lube then pushed my middle finger into her little shit hole.

Kathy moaned as I moved my finger in and out of her asshole a few times then pulled it out.

Helga was applying lube to Brad’s rigid beşevler escort cock, and I moved out of the way as he moved into place behind Kathy. The women had decided to go in turn by age. This put Morgan up first to take her place under Kathy.

I was laying with my head just past Kathy’s thigh with a good view of her pussy. I used one hand to rub Kathy’s back to let her know I was right there with her.

I watched Morgan as she used two fingers on one hand to open Kathy’s pussy lips. With her other hand, she reached up, took Brad by his cock and guided him to Kathy’s hot, wet pussy.

As I watched Brad’s stiff cock disappear into my sweet Kathy’s pussy, Morgan licked across Kathy’s very erect clit, down across her pussy lips and the base of Brad’s cock and scrotum.

Both Kathy and Brad let out a little moan. I saw Kathy as her head dropped down and I hear a similar moan escape Morgan’s lips, and I knew that hot tongue was licking and sucking on Morgan’s young pussy.

Patty moved around behind Brad, buried her face between his ass cheeks and started licking his ass as she moved in synchronization with his movement in and out of Kathy’s pussy.

I could tell by Brad’s heavy breathing and the expression on his face he wouldn’t last much longer.

Morgan was now licking his scrotum, sucking first one ball and then the other into her mouth.

Brad grabbed Kathy’s hips and shoved his cock as deep as he could get in Kathy’s pussy. A thunderous, AAAAAHHHHHHH, OH FUCK YES, AAAAAHHHHH, I’M CUUUUMMMMMIIINNNGGGG” was coming from deep in Brad’s throat. He collapsed oven on Kathy’s back, trying hard to catch his breath.

Morgan licked up the cum and pussy juice that leaked out of Kathy’s pussy.

She then slipped from under Kathy and Amie quickly replaced her.

As soon as Amie was in place, Patty told Brad to ease out of Kathy’s pussy.

As he did, Amie was licking the bottom side of his shaft.

When Brad’s cock head popped out of her pussy, a large glob of cum followed it. Amie quickly caught it with her tongue and sucked it into her mouth, then swallowed.

She was intensely licking and sucking Kathy’s dripping pussy as Patty took Brads deflating cock in her hand. With a very mischievous look on her face, she pointed to toward me, “Would you like to clean him up?”

I didn’t hesitate as I took Brad’s now very soften cock in my mouth and hungrily sucked and licked it squeaky clean. I was still surprised that I would suck another man’s cock, but the thing that surprised me the most was how much I enjoyed it.

Patty patted me on the shoulder, “Okay Mushroom, that’s enough for now. Brad can take a break, and we have other things to do.”

I let Brads cock slip out of my mouth and as I got to my knees and moved up nest to Kathy’s hip Al was moving around behind Kathy.

His cock was bobbing up and down in front of him as he moved into place.

Amie was slowly licking at Kathy’s clit. She tilted her head back and looked up from between Kathy’s legs, “Hello Dad, could I have a little taste before you start fucking Kathy?”

Al looked down at his lovely daughter, smiled and nodded his head. Amie reached up and pulled her Dad’s cock down to her mouth.

She pushed a large wad of spit up to her lips and pulled her Dad’s cock head across her lips and through the saliva. Then she let the head of his cock slip gently into her mouth.

She only took about two or three inches of his cock in her mouth.

I could see her using her tongue to push more saliva around the head then use her small hand to spread it up and down his shaft.

When I looked over at Al, he was watching his daughter, and I could see the love and pride on his face.

Amie was smiling as she pulled her Dad’s cock out of her mouth and guided it to Kathy’s slit.

I knew Kathy was busy eating Amie’s sweet pussy as Al enter her hot, dripping pussy.

I moved up to Kathy’s waist and started rubbing her back and hips with my right hand and her shoulders and neck with my left. I wanted her to know I was there with her.

I heard Amie moan and groan to a hard orgasm. As soon as she calmed down a little, she moved from underneath Kathy.

I assumed they had abandoned their plan to go by age when I saw Maggie getting ready to go next.

Kathy rose up a little allowing Maggie to roll over under her to get into a 69 position with her.

Maggie immediately started licking between Al’s balls and Kathy’s clit.

Al had increased his speed, and I could tell it wouldn’t be long before he shot his load into my Kathy’s hot pussy.

Morgan leaned in next to Maggie and whispered something in her ear. Maggie managed an “uh-huh,”

Morgan then moved around to Kathy and whispered something to her.

Kathy replied, “Of course Honey… if it is okay with Maggie.”

Morgan grabbed the bottle of lube and handed it to me. She held her right hand up and asked me to grease her up to her wrist. She was smiling like a kid with a balgat escort new toy,

I poured a large amount of the liquid in the palm of my hand. I carefully covered her hand, between her finger and up just past her wrist.

Then she asked me to applied it very liberally over Maggie’s ass.

AS soon as I had Maggie’s ass covered with the oil, Morgan asked “Top or bottom?”

“Do my ass baby; Kathy is doing an excellent job on my pussy.”

Morgan laid down on the floor behind Maggie. She worked her way up between Maggie’s legs.

I heard Maggie let out a scream, and I thought she was in pain. When I looked, I could see the big smile on her face and knew it was a scream of pleasure.

Helga and Patty moved up behind me as I watched the action. I jumped a little when Helga reached under me, cupped my balls in her hand and began slowly massaging them.

At the same time, Patty took my right hand and moved it down to Kathy’s ass. The hand was still well coated with the lube I had used on Morgan and Maggie.

Patty pushed my hand over Kathy’s little rosebud. She moved it around, massaging and coating it with the lube. Then she pushed my middle finger into Kathy’s anal passage.

Patty whispered, “Don’t her shit hole feel so, nice, warm and slick,”

I just nodded my agreement.

Still whispering, Patty said, “Here, let me join you,”

I had no idea what she had in mind, but I never expected her to do what she did,

She pulled my finger almost all the way out of Kath’s ass, put two of her fingers up next to mine and pushed all three fingers back into Kathy’s asshole.

Kathy let out a loud moan, and I thought, three fingers might be too much for her.

Then she pushed her ass back against our fingers, and I knew she was all right.

My finger was on the bottom side, and I could feel Al’s cock as he slammed in and out of my sweet Kathy’s pussy.

Patty was controlling the movement of our fingers in Kathy’s ass, but I was able to push down and apply a little pressure to Al’s cock head as he pushed in and pulled out.

I could tell Kathy and Al were both getting close. Kathy already had a couple of mild orgasms, and I could not only feel her asshole tighten up but her whole body tensing up.

I heard a muffled, “Harder” come from Kathy.

“What did you say, baby?”

She lifted her face out of Maggie’s pussy just long enough to tell us, “Fuck me harder, my ass and my pussy, bang the hell out of me

Patty smiled at me, “We have to give this hot bitch what she wants don’t we?” She took me by my wrist and pulled our fingers out of Kathy’s hole.

She leaned over and spat on Kathy’s cavernous asshole. She then took two of her fingers and two of my fingers, lined them up and shoved them up Kathy’s ass.

I heard Kathy quickly inhale, but she pushed her ass back against our fingers.

Al was breathing heavy, and he was soaking wet with sweat.

I wondered if he was going to be able to fulfill Kathy’s request. Helga moved up behind Al, placed her shoulder in the middle of his back then took hold of Al’s hips, pushing back and forth and helping him fuck Kathy.

With her help, Al was fucking into Kathy so hard her knees would come off the bed. Maggie was doing a great job of keeping up with the movement. She was licking and sucking all the juices flowing out of Kathy’s pussy.

Kathy and Al both started grunting and moaning as they reached their peak. Al shoved into her and held it as I felt Kathy’s ass clamp down on our fingers.

“Oh shit, she’s squirting, fuck yes Baby, feed old Maggie your hot juice.”

I could hear Maggie as she slurped up the juice and she started to cum herself.

Morgan was fisting Maggie’s ass so hard and fast her whole body was jerking with each thrust.

The top of Kathy’s head was moving around, and I could hear the noise as she sucked up all of Maggie’s cunt juice.

Everything stopped for a few seconds while everyone tried to regain their composure.

Maggie gives out a moan of pleasure as Morgan pulled her fist out of Maggie’s ass. Kathy raised up a little so Amie and Brad could help Maggie roll out from under her.

Helga moved away from Al and took Maggie’s place.

Patty and I still had our fingers buried to the hilt in Kathy’s asshole.

As Al pulls out of Kathy’s pussy, I could feel Patty wiggling her fingers, so I started doing the same with mine.

This brought a loud sigh of pleasure from Kathy and I could hear Helga sucking up Al’s cum and Kathy’s pussy juice.

Patty looked at me, “Sorry Mushroom, I have to end this and go help the girls with Walter.

We pulled our fingers out of Kathy’s ass together. Patty looked at me with that wicked smile as she pulled my hand to her mouth and sucked the two fingers I had just pulled out of Kathy’s asshole.

I smiled back at her as I pulled her hand to my mouth and sucked her fingers into my mouth. “You’re a fucking pervert, and you know it,” Patty said as batıkent escort she let my fingers slip out her mouth.

I licked up across the palm of her hand and up the two fingers, “Takes one to know one” I smiled.

She leaned over and gave me a wet, deep throat kiss them moved to the other side of Kathy to join Maggie, Amie, Morgan, and Brad. They were busy attended to Walter’s king side cock?

Kathy and Helga were still swapping out eating each other’s pussy.

As I moved around behind Kathy, I couldn’t help but notice how her ass was still gaped open from our finger fucking.

I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I spread her cheeks wide and pushed my tongue into her hole.

I heard a loud moan from Kathy as I wiggled my tongue around in her hot asshole.

I heard Helga giggle a little, “Damn, she’s squirting again, HELL YES BABY, SHOOT IT ALL OVER MY FACE, Damn, I love this.” She started licking and sucking, and I felt Kathy’s ass clamp down around my tongue as she cums again.

I started to pull my tongue out of Kathy’s ass and move on over with the rest of the group.

Then I felt a pair of hands on the cheeks of my ass, pulling them as wide apart as they would go. I just stayed where I was, wanted to see what would come next.

First, I felt the touch of a tongue against my sphincter, gentle at first, then more intense, licking around and probing my asshole.

I wasn’t sure who was providing this welcomed pleasure. I only knew it was a man by the slight beard stubble brushing the cheeks of my ass, and I was sure, by the quality of his work, this wasn’t his first time.

I could hear a woman whispering but couldn’t determine who it was.

I felt soft hair brushing against my legs.

Then a hot, wet tongue licking from the top of my scrotum, near my ass, down to the bottom, where my balls were hanging free.

I was burning up with curiosity, wondering who was providing such incredible pleasure but I was afraid if I turned around to look, they would stop doing all the wonderful things they were doing. Instead, I maintained my position, tongue fucking Kathy’s asshole.

The owner of the hot tongue lick around my balls then sucked, first the right, then my left ball into their mouth. The mouth gently sucked and licked my balls until I thought they were going to make me cum without even touching my cock.

I heard another small whisper and recognized it to be Helga.

I heard two women giggling like little schoolgirls.

Then the hot mouth left my balls, and I could feel the coolness on my scrotum as it hung free.

I heard the male and female voices whispering again, and there was more movement behind me.

It was all I could do not to turn and see who was behind me but the mystery of it all had me very excited.

I felt smaller, softer hands on my ass cheeks now. They pulled my cheeks so far apart I was totally exposed for whatever they might want to do. For some reason, this excited and turned me on even more.

I heard the sound and felt the wetness as the person behind me spit in my ass. A wet finger moved around and probed at my rosebud.

Then there was more spit and a single finger massaging and pushing at my sphincter until it slipped just inside. It moved up to about the first joint, then started wiggling and probing around.

This only lasted for a short time before the finger pulled out of my ass.

Then there was more spit, and I felt the finger at my asshole again. This time, it wasn’t soft and gentle but jammed to the hilt until I could feel the knuckles of the small hand pushing against my ass cheeks.

Just as I was getting used to the finger, it was jerked back out of my ass.

More spit, now I could feel it running down my scrotum and dripping off my balls.

Once more, I could hear the man and woman behind me whispering something, but I still couldn’t understand what they were saying, but Helga must have because I heard her giggling again.

I felt two then three fingers pressing against my asshole. Then just as quick as before they were shoved knuckle deep into my ass.

At the same time, a warm tongue licked around the head of my cock, and I had to fight very hard to keep from dropping my load.

This all caused a chain reaction. The fingers in my ass and the tongue licking my cock had caused me to push my tongue even deeper into Kathy’s ass.

I’m not sure if this caused her to cum or squirts. I just heard her let out an animal-like sound, and Helga was saying, “OH, OH, yes Baby, feed me more of your fabulous pussy you hot slut,”

The fingers continue to fuck my ass as the owner of the tongue on my cock now took my cock in their mouth.

A very wet, warm mouth went about half way down my shaft and then applied some great tongue action to the bottom of my shaft as they moved back to the head of my cock.

I thought, “Shit, they’re gonna make me cum before I get to fuck Kathy, she will be ‘SO PISSED!!!

The next time the mouth went down my shaft, it was all the way until I could feel my cock as it pushed into their throat and a tongue lick abound the base.

Then, just as quick as it had started, it all stopped. The mouth came off my cock, the fingers out of my ass and two sets of hands are taking my arms, pulling me up to a standing position.

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