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Jenny and I went clubbing most weekends and we would start the night getting ready at my house, putting on our makeup, trying on different outfits and of course, the drink would be flowing.

There is definitely something about Jenny that is super sexy. Like me, she is 18 and has straight dark shoulder length hair, deep brown eyes and a lovely smile. She is fit too, with an incredibly tight petite 5’4″ body and really perky round 34B breasts.

I don’t do too bad myself either and most boys seem to talk to my 36C breasts or make comments about my “blow job” lips, which ok, is annoying but kinda flattering at the same time.

Anyway, last weekend after hitting a couple of bars and gathering up some friends along the way, we were pretty drunk when we got to the club. The base was pounding and the whole dance floor was already heaving with hot sweaty bodies and Jenny and I jumped straight in and started dancing and gyrating on the dance floor.

Jenny had a very short skirt on, which flicked up as she twirled and bounced around revealing her cute bum and tight white thong. I had a plunge front dress on that came to just above the knee and because I wasn’t wearing a bra the material stuck to my skin and really showed off my breasts as I got hotter.

Boys flirted and approached us all night but we wasn’t in the mood for them and did our usual tease routine by pretending to be lesbians. We ran our hands over each other’s bodies and used each other like pole dancers. At one point Jenny grabbed my face and pushed her tongue into my mouth. We kissed deeply for a minute or two and then I slithered down her body kissing her breasts and groping her ass under her skirt. It was all good fun and was just meant to tease the boys really and judging by the wide eyes and cheers we got it obviously worked.

It was about 3am when we staggered out of the club a little worse for wear and fell into a taxi to take us home. We got back to my place with the music still ringing in our ears and I made some coffee and we collapsed on my double bed where we would both be sleeping.

Laughing, Jenny said she was too drunk to move and I helped tug her tiny top up over her head, then she fell on top of me and I fumbled at her bra strap. As I pulled her skirt off, her panties came too and I couldn’t help look at her nakedness stretched out on my bed. The way her breasts moved up and down as she breathed, her tight stomach and her extremely clean shaven pussy were all really lovely to see up close.

I canlı bahis had to stand to get undressed so I unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor and stood in front of her swaying and wearing nothing but a tiny G string and my black knee length boots. Jenny held each calf in turn and helped me out of my boots, which is what made me fall on her and bang my head on the headboard. Laughing like crazy she held me tight, stroked my hair and kissed my poorly forehead saying “there-there” in such a cute way. I managed to take off my boot and wriggled out of my G string. We lay there naked sipping our coffee, giggling and talked about the night, gossiping about the people we saw and wondered if those boys really thought we were lesbians or had just enjoyed the show.

As we lay naked on the bed, our bodies entwined, I told her that if I were a lesbian I would definitely want to fuck her. She laughed out loud and sat up and said she envied the boys who got to play with my big boobs. As she said it, she cupped my breasts and watched her hands softly massaging my firm flesh and I felt a strange tingle run up and down my spine.

I joked, stop it, you know I can’t resist my tits being played with as I gently held her face and looked into her eyes and subtly pulled her head down to my chest. Jenny instantly responded and ran her tongue around my nipple. Her soft lips kissed my breast down in to my cleavage and up to my other nipple. She took each nipple in turn between her lips and sucked them gently until they were fully erect.

I wasn’t quite sure if she was just playing or had something more serious in mind but as my giggling turned to a sigh I lifted my knee between her legs and felt her start to rub her pussy against my soft thigh.

Jenny looked up into my eyes with her lips around my hard nipple and a big smile came across her face. Giggling but moaning under my breath I said you see, I told you I can’t resist someone playing with my tits. She laughed and had a very naughty look in her eyes, then kissed my breasts and started to move down my body, kissing and licking my stomach and sides as she went down. Her hands stroked my sides and up and down my thighs. Can you resist someone playing with your pussy? As she said that her finger tips brushed my pussy lips and I bit my lower lip and let out a muffled moan of pleasure and anticipation.

I half heartedly resisted through my moans of pleasure and whispered that it felt weird but she continued down and kissed my shaven mound and the tops bahis siteleri of my thighs. I wriggled to get free but have to admit that I was enjoying the soft touch of her lips and finger tips on my body.

Jenny kissed my pussy lips and looked up into my eyes. Her tongue darted across my clit and then lapped heavily along my slit parting my lips and making me squirm with pleasure. She caught the first trickle of my juices on her finger, showed it to me and smiled, then, without saying a word, she licked her finger and closed her eyes tightly as if to show me how much she wanted me.

I knew neither of us had been with a girl before but Jenny licked and teased me tenderly and with such sensuality my head screamed more, more, more. Her hands stroked my thighs, moved up and down my body and gripped my ass every now and then. Her tongue lapped deep inside my pussy before stopping to lick and suck my clit. Hmmm my god this was so nice and I felt so wet and tingly.

She seemed to instinctively know what turned me on, how fast or slow to lick me, how much pressure my clit could take, when to stroke my thighs softly and grope my breasts and ass hard.

Before I knew it, my pussy was soaking wet, my breath short and sharp, my clit was on fire! I stroked her hair and raised my hips to her mouth lifting my ass off of the bed so she could eat me deeper.

Moments later my pussy started to spasm and she licked me harder and faster. I arched my back and moaned out loud as she gripped my thighs and held them open as they shuddered and shook. My juices flowed heavy and Jenny drank them down, swallowing hard as she covered my whole pussy with her mouth.

I think she was impressed with herself to make me cum so easily and as I calmed down we giggled and sighed and lay there in each other’s arms for a few minutes, neither of us speaking, just breathing deeply and sighing and gently stroking each other. I think I broke the silence by saying something corny like “was that good for you?” Hmmm hell yeah was the response.

With that, I had to return the favour and got up on my knees next to her and started to gently stroke her body. Jenny smiled up at me as I traced the contours of her breasts with my fingers, then up and down across her stomach tickling her. I leant down and kissed her nipples, ran my tongue around them and sucked them into my mouth. She arched her back and moaned letting me know she approved. I kissed my way down across her smooth stomach and smelt the musky warmth of her bahis şirketleri pussy. I paused for a moment at her soft shaven mound, looked up into her eyes and licked it. I licked the crease at the top of her leg and kissed my way down her inner thigh, getting ever closer to that delicious warm pink pussy.

For the first time in my life I ran my tongue over a pussy and felt how soft and smooth it was. I liked it! I nudged her clit with the tip of my tongue, took it between my lips and sucked it, which made her moan loudly and her hips wriggle under me. I let my tongue dart into her soft warm hole and taste her juices for the first time. I pulled her lips apart with my fingers and licked deeply, which made her moan even louder.

Sucking her clit and looking up into her eyes I slipped my middle finger inside her hot little pussy to beckon her G spot, then licked my finger clean and smiled a cheeky smile at her. I slipped my middle finger back inside and finger fucked her for a couple of minutes building up the speed and pressure before slipping a second finger inside. Jenny lifted her hips off the bed so I could lick her deeper, building a rhythm up and down her soaking wet slit with my hard tongue. My fingers working quicker I pulled out and let them tickle her ass which made her giggle and squirm.

Licking, sucking, fingering her lovely tight warm pussy was an ecstasy I’d not known before and I wanted her to cum hard. I tickled her ass with my wet finger as I kissed my way up and down her silky inner thighs. Thrust two fingers back inside her open wet pussy as she spread her legs wider and moaned loudly. Then I licked and kissed her pussy lips as my fingers slid in and out and beckoned her G spot.

I felt her legs twitch and her breathing change. She grabbed my hair and thrust her hips up, grinding her pussy against my mouth and virtually screamed that she was going to cum.

I was so excited and thrilled I licked and fingered her faster, thrusting my two fingers deeper and harder into her tight wet hole.

Suddenly, she let out a long deep sigh and I could taste her juices flowing faster over my tongue as she started to cum.

Oohh wow I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have her cum for me like that. I’d tasted my own pussy on my fingers or on my boyfriends cock, but this was totally different. Her warm juices seemed to flow forever as I clamped my mouth over her pussy and darted my tongue in and out, sucking and swallowing deeply.

I carried on licking her sweet pussy as she calmed down and then we cuddled and held each other. We looked at each other as the sun was beginning to rise outside and laughed, both realising how much fun we had been missing out on just pretending to be lesbians.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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