Ocak 15, 2021

Beth’s Tale

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1. Picked up

I can hardly remember how it all started. All I know is that one day on a train going to work she sat down next to me. She said something about the weather, or getting a seat in a crowded train or whatever. I hadn’t really listened and was engrossed in my book. But when I looked up and looked in her face, something and something inside me went: Click!

I did not realise it at the time, but this woman exuded an atmosphere of power which struck me to the core. It awoke a fundamental attraction and fascination in me before I even responded to her remark, but looking back, I think I was dazed and paralysed by her presence even then.

A few days later I saw her again across a crowded train. At the sight of her my mind went blank and I must have stared incessantly at her face through a crowd of other commuters. Something inside wanted me to attract her attention, call, wave, whatever, but at the same time I felt compelled to just stare and wait while she was talking to another person and never looked my way.

As she was about to step off the train, at last she caught my eye and I was sure I saw a flash of recognition in her eyes and a brief, benevolent smile on her face.

From then on, at all times of day her face would suddenly appear before my inner eye, her presence would envelop me and I would start to daydream. It went on for weeks and colleagues started to comment.

Then one evening, dressed in a skirt and blouse coming home from work as I sat on the train, there she was, a few seats away from me. The train was largely empty. She looked splendid and I felt very dowdy in comparison. She seemed so austere. Then she looked up, took notice of me, came across and sat down next to me. “You’ve been thinking about me, haven’t you,” she said.

I was stunned. This woman looked into the very depth of my heart and sensed my feelings before I could even crystallize them into a thought. She had put her finger right on the spot and touched me more deeply than I had ever been touched. I sensed that I had yearned for someone like this, someone, who would know me as well or even better than I knew myself, someone, who would know what I wanted before I could even put it into thoughts, let alone words. I was stunned and could not speak. An immensely powerful yearning to be close to this woman welled up inside me. At that moment I realized that for what must have been ages, I had longed for someone to guide and take me in hand, and that this woman could be that person. At the same time I knew that if that was to happen, it would be the end of all my aspirations as an independent, self sufficient and self determined person. Tears filled my eyes as I nodded agreement.

“You know”, she went on “don’t you think it a little presumptuous to think about me without knowing me at all? In a way, I feel that is something of an intrusion into my privacy. You are using me to hang all your hang ups on.”

She looked at me with those eyes in which I could just lose myself and went on: “Have you eaten yet? Why don’t you join me for dinner? There is a delightful little place if we get off at the next stop.”

This was too good to be true and yet I was completely taken aback by her proposition. After all, even though I felt she knew me through and through she was a complete stranger. I was speechless.

“Suit yourself,” she said, as I did not respond right away and made a move to get up.

“Oh no, don’t go, “I quickly said. “I’d love to have dinner with you”.

“Good girl,” she went on, “you obviously know what’s good for you. If you don’t, you can rely on me, because I do.”

Without waiting for an answer she stood up as the train began to slow for the next stop. I followed her as she briskly stepped off the train, walked down the platform, descended the stairs and headed down the street. It was dark and a thin drizzle filled the air. She did not say a word nor even did she even look at me.

She walked on as I hastened to follow her always half a step behind and then stopped at an entrance. It did not look like much. Only then did she turn around and smile. I wasn’t sure, whether she was smiling at me or about something. She rang a bell and a female voice asked who it was. “Maria” she responded, and that was the first time I ever had anything of an identity or a name about this woman, who was exerting such an influence over me.

2. Taken at the Club

The door clicked open and even though one would not have realised it from the outside, we were in a kind of restaurant. It was not very well lit, and a band was playing. It was a female band and I could see only waitresses, no waiters. The waitresses were dressed in short black skirts and white blouses, black stockings and high heels. The blouses were tight and several buttons where open so prominent cleavages were abundant amongst them. One could see that they were wearing suspenders and not tights because any time they bent over I caught a glimpse of the top of their thighs. The thought, that they could also not be wearing and underwear did not even occur to me then.

One of them came up to the woman who had me in tow. “Maria” she said “how nice to see canlı bahis you again and in such promising company as well.”

“Don’t get any smart ideas” the woman who from now on for me was Maria replied. “She is very new and needs care. So give us a little corner, where she is not fully exposed to all the lecherous bitches this dump caters for.”

I was perturbed about the rough way in which she had responded and wondered why she took me to a place that she seemed to hold in such low esteem. But warmth spread through me at the thought, that she said I needed care. I realized that I longed for her to take care of me and to guide me.

“Oh Maria, don’t worry” the waitress replied. “I’ll keep my ideas to myself. But I think I’ve got just the spot for you. Would you like to follow me, please.”

“Just as long as you keep your hands to yourself as well” Maria replied as she took my hand and we followed the waitress.

It felt very strange and in a way thrilling to be led by the hand of another woman through a place like this. I don’t think I had walked holding hands with a woman since I was a child. The waitress led us past the band and the dance floor and I was stunned to see that all the dancers were women. I looked around and noticed that there were also only women sitting at the dimly lit tables around the edge of the dance floor. As for the dancers, it was evident that they weren’t just dancing together because there were no male dancers for them. The band was playing a slow number and most of the dancing couples were closely embraced. Some had their hands on each others behinds and were clearly not just resting them there. Others were softly swaying to the rhythm while they stood locked in a passionate kiss. Kissing is putting it mildly. One woman was practically eating her partner as she had one arm around her shoulder and the other on her breast. My mouth dropped and I must have slowed as I saw that hand move from the woman’s breast over her belly and start rubbing her crotch. No one else seemed to care and I noticed those two weren’t the only ones in such a situation. Another couple was dancing so closely that one woman had the thigh of her partner firmly clasped between her own and was rubbing her crotch on it as she kissed her. Her hand had disappeared under the jersey that her partner was wearing.

I felt a tug on my hand and looked at the woman, Maria, who was leading me and smirked: “Come now girl. You’ll see enough of that before long.”

The waitress led us to a table in a corner. Maria, or whoever she was, pointed at a chair for me to sit down on and sat down next to me. When we were seated, the waitress offered Maria a menu. She took it and as the waitress held out a second one for me, she said: “One is enough, thank you”. The waitress grinned at me and walked away shaking her shapely butt. Again, I was puzzled by the way Maria so clearly took charge. She looked at the menu for a brief moment and then turned to me. “So, tell me about yourself. Who are you, where do you live, what do you do for a living and above all, why do you keep staring at me on the train?”

“I’m Beth,” I said, and in a rash moment went on to say “and what my I call you?”

“You may call me Mam, Beth” she replied and went on to say “but you will remember that I’m the one who asks the questions here and you are here to explain your impertinent staring at me. So go on.”

I did not need any more prompting. Her clear instruction was the key that opened the flood gates and I just let it all pour out. I had never been much of a one to talk about my feelings and what goes on inside me, but this woman held the key. It was a wonderful release to be able to tell her, how I had been attracted to her, how I had been mesmerised by her personality. How I yearned for her presence and how I wanted to lay my life into her hands.

In between, the waitress came and suddenly to me it was the most natural thing in the world for Maria to order for the two of us. She decided what I would eat. She decided what I should drink and when our meal came, it did not even occur to her to ask if it was to my liking. She had decided something for me and it was my wish to comply.

When my flow finally abated and we were well over half way through our meal, she said: “You realize where we are, don’t you?”

“Well,” I said, “it seems a place largely frequented by women.”

“Beth Dear” she said, “do have another look. Do you see any male here at all?”

“No” I responded.

“Of course you don’t. This is a place for women, who are sexually oriented towards other women.”

I looked at her for a while, shrugged my shoulders and said: “You’re the boss, you chose this place”.

That was an answer it seemed, that she had not expected and for the first time it was she who seemed to be taken aback.

“Have you ever had sex with a woman?” She asked me.

“No, “I replied.

“Have you ever had much to do with sex at all?” She went on.

“Not really” I said.

“Tell me about it” she went on and went on to explain to me that if we were to get anywhere, it was imperative that I had no secrets form her.

I told her bahis siteleri that I felt a bit uncomfortable talking about such things. I had not had much to do with sex. As kids, we’d played doctors and nurses and had examined the funny creases between our legs. Boys had poked at what I then thought was my peehole but it had all left me quite unperturbed. I had pulled on their little penises and felt the small pouch underneath them but could really not see much use in them. Later I found out how babies are made and on the odd occasion when I had been on a date with a friend from school boys had groped my breasts.

“Will you consent to be led by me tonight” she asked when I had finished.

I was a little unsure of what she meant but I nodded.

Right away she took my hand and led me to the dance floor. I knew I was in for something, remembering the couples I had seen in various stages of engagement as we came in.

Maria held me closely to her as she rocked me in her arms and we just swayed with the music. My body went weak and it felt butterflies in my tummy as I leaned more and more into her. She stroked my back and started softly talking into my ear. She said that she had been watching me for weeks and found me very attractive in my plain and natural garb. She said I had a wonderful figure, a lovely ass and great tits. Nobody had ever spoken to me like that, let alone a woman, but the butterflies called in a few more friends and I was liking it.

“I’m going to take possession of those lovely tits of yours, my little darling, she went on to say, and I’m going to do it right here. Then I’ll take that lovely arse of yours and make my acquaintance with your other openings too. I bet you are quite wet there now. Give me a hug if it’s true.

I could not think what she meant by taking my arse, but as for the wet part, she was certainly correct. So I gave her a big squeeze. I was wax in her hands.

We carried on gently swaying to the music when after a while she whispered in my ear, and I still hear her voice and my knees go weak when I think of it. “Beth, I’m going to start doing it now. I want you to let yourself go and let me take charge of you. Your heart will start racing and the butterflies in your tummy will be in an uproar when I start to kiss and fondle you right here on the dance floor. You have noted that people know me here. They know me as a woman, who, once she has chosen a girl, will not be resisted and being full of envy, they don’t like me for it. They will be looking on and they will hope that you will bolt and run away. You won’t give them that pleasure, will you Beth? You will be keen to please me and show how much under my will you are, won’t you? Squeeze me to say, yes”. And I squeezed her. Her words were ringing in my head and I was floating somewhere in outer space. There was only Maria and I, or so I thought. It felt wonderful to be in her arms and for all I cared, the whole world could have looked on.

“It won’t be easy, Beth,” she went on. “Your mind and you sense of propriety will want to rebel against what I’m going to do with you. You won’t be able to repress it, it’s only natural. But let the thoughts go. Pay no heed to them. Let them pass through you. You are not their cause. I am, and I am in charge. Don’t fight back, don’t resist, but make me proud of you. You want me to be proud of you, don’t you? Put your hand on my breast to say, yes”

I had never touched a woman’s breast and slowly raised my hand from her hip and cupped her full bosom. It felt great.

And as my hand rested on her breast, her hand come up from where it had been resting on my bottom and took position of my breast. A bolt of warmth shot through me, the butterflies went wild.

But I gasped with astonishment and tried to push her hand away when she started to unfasten the top button of my blouse.

“Beth,” she whispered in my ear, I told this would happen and I told you not to resist. Now don’t be silly and put your hands on my hips again, or I’ll walk off right here and leave you standing on this dance floor with a dripping cunt. I bet it is dripping by now isn’t it. Squeeze my bottom if it is.”

I squeezed.

Maria is not one for half measures and I love the strength she shows, when she just will not be put off. So an unfastened blouse and her rolling each of my nipples between her thumbs and forefinger through the thin fabric of my bra were not something that she would be content with. Nowadays I am thrilled and captivated by what outrage she will think of next. At the time, I was out on a limb and could not help but squirm as she reached into my bra and lifted my breasts out of the cups. I did not hear it, but she told me later, that there was a round of applause from the assembled dancers. Diners began to take notice and stood on the edge of the dance floor.

There I was on a gloomy dance floor in the arms of a pretty strange woman who was publicly mauling my tits, and I was loving it. After a while I began to relax and feel comfortable with the situation. Sensing this, Maria took the event to the next level.

“Beth, Darling”, she whispered in my ear,” you’re doing well. I’m proud of you. I bahis şirketleri wasn’t sure, that you would let me expose you like this. You like it now, don’t you? You like it the way I have taken out your tits in public, and you like it the way I am rolling your nipples. You don’t have to answer, I can tell by their hardness. Now we’ll proceed to the next level. Beth Darling, right here on the dance floor I am going to put one of my hands on your bottom and pull up your skirt until your pantied bottom is visible for all to see. I’ll kneed and weigh those big cheeks and then reach into your panties and slip my hand down the delicious crack between them reaching around from behind to cup the flesh of your cunt and see how wet it is by now. I bet it’s soaking. And while I’m doing that I’ll take possession of your mouth and kiss you like you’ve never been kissed before and before we’re through here, I will have publicly penetrated all your openings.”

So saying she placed a hand on the back of my head, took a hand full of my hair and bent my head, back causing my mouth to open. Her lips descended on mine and her tongue deeply invaded my mouth reaching to the back of my throat. I was struggling to breathe at least through my nose when I realised she had not been kidding. Hand full by hand full she pulled up the material of my skirt and I felt my thighs exposed. I became rigid again but the feeling of the tongue slurping around my mouth and even into my throat was so delicious it made me want to take up more and more of her inside me. I lent back under her assault and wanted her to fill me so badly that I hardly noticed how she had slipped her hand between my cheeks and indeed, as she had said, there I was hanging from her lips with her tongue buried in my throat and the middle finger of her other had softly sliding back and forth between my streaming cunt lips. I was oblivious to our surroundings. My cunt had taken over my senses and I started to stick my bottom out to give her better access to my thirsting flesh. At this open expression of my lust and passion, she told me later, there was a second round of applause.

That one I did not notice either having attention only for her manipulations at both ends as she slipped first one then two fingers into me from behind. I was riding her hand. On and off she would take her fingers out of me, press softly on my clit and draw her hand backwards up between my cheeks spreading the whole area with you moisture. Every time her finger tips passed over my anus, she would let them linger there a little longer, eventually starting to roll a tip of her finger around in my shit hole. My whole being was outraged by the thought of someone touching me there, in public or not. It was disgusting and unheard of. My soul did start to rebel, just as she had predicted. I tensed up, squirmed and firmly clasping my cheeks together started to resist.

With her finger tip still on the opening of my anus she broke our kiss and whispered: “Beth dear, we are nearly there. Don’t dare to disappoint me now here in public. You have grown to like it so far and you will grow to like the rest. Trust me. Open yourself to me like you have offered me your mouth and your cunt. Now I want your arse. I know you’ve never done this and until you learn to relax your sphincter it will hurt, but I know you will be able to bear it and when you do, you will love the feeling of opening yourself and giving yourself to me all the more. And no sobs or squeals or tears will stop the finger of mine as it pushes into your arse. Try to relax is the only advice I can give you.”

I wanted to give in to her and at the same time I hated her for what she was doing to and with me as she pulled my head back and her tongue invaded my mouth again. At the same time her finger started knocking on my back door in earnest. This was going to be it. I resented what she was doing. I hated it and it was beginning to hurt as her finger nail began to dig into the walls of my clenched anus. My cries of resentment and resistance were muffled by her gagging tongue and my squirming and my efforts to wriggle away from her were subdued by the firm grip she had on the back of my head and on my bottom with which she held me in place. I felt caught in a vice and slowly, oh so slowly that feeling of being completely encased and unable to move or do anything about my situation began to grow inside me and my resistance waned. I began to calm down and began to awaken consoling thoughts about that rude intrusion which was forming on my back door. I wanted to relax and each time I did, her finger took up the slack. I allowed a little and she pressed further. Soon the pain was less that of her sharp finger nail but more a dull pain deep inside my bowels as my back door was prized open bit by bit. But she was good, really good. She pressed, my bowels would seize up in pain, she would ease off a little, I would relax and she would press again each time a little further before the pain took over again. And with each assault I felt stronger and more proud. I grew confident that I would be able to overcome the pain and eventually her whole finger was buried inside my bowels and I was crying on her shoulder. The pain had as good as gone. A warm feeling spread through my bowels as her finger softly gyrated in my bottom. Had she not held me so firmly, my legs would have buckled under me. There I was hanging on her like a wet cloth with no strength of my own.

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