Ocak 16, 2021

Best Friends Lick and Finger

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This is my first ever story so feedback would be appreciated!

Some of this story is real and actually happened as far as us sharing a guy but the proper lesbian action is all but a fantasy that I wish came true.


First let me tell you a bit about me. My name is Katie. I’m very curvy which is complimented by my 34C pert breasts, shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes that sometimes go golden in the sun, shadowed by the longest curliest eyelashes you’ve ever seen. A firm arse and a well shaven pussy.

Sasha and I have been best friends since I can remember. We always have such a laugh and we tell each other everything. Now we’re both 19 and have boyfriends. I’m really happy with mine and she totally deserves hers!

She’s so beautiful and sexy with perky 34D’s, long chocolate brown hair with an edgy full fringe, flat abs and the longest legs with a peachy bum. Every guy had always loved her and her ‘innocence’ but I can tell you she’s not like that at all. I’ve been next to her either in a tent or in bed or on the sofa next to her when she’s been getting it on with some guy — I remember the sound of her getting wet and horny because she always breathed heavier and she rarely contained her moans.

There was one time when we shared a guy, a good friend of ours. He was 6ft 3, tanned with green eyes and dark hair. He was a rower so his muscles were spectacular; everyone had a crush on him. One night after going clubbing we all ended up back at mine on my sofa bed and before I knew it I was kissing him softly whilst his fingers ran over my knickers…I couldn’t help myself I was so wet and horny that I let him finger fuck me right in front of Sasha. I didn’t even care that she could hear my wetness as he slid his fingers in and out of me. Little did I know that he was working both of us and we were both getting horny with his fingers inside us both. First he was switching between us until eventually he was pleasuring both of us at the same time. When we realised this he made us kiss in front of him — so we leant over and for those few seconds our lips touched and our tongues briefly slid into each-others’ mouths. Probably better than most other guys I’ve kissed.

But I have never properly had a lesbian experience. There have been many times where I’ve been curious about girls — porn used to entertain me late at night for a while until one day I wondered what it might be like with a girl I actually know. Then the thoughts began about Sasha. There would be many times where I would masturbate over her in the shower, in my bed and over her pictures. There was always one that made me cum where she’s posing in a tight black dress with her sexy long legs looking amazing as she sticks her bum out with that sensual pout. Man I wished I could run my hands over that ass. I would always imagine her moans that I remember when she’d been with guys but instead imagine my head buried in her pussy whilst I finger her.

Anyway, we had both now finished University for the summer. She stayed at the local Uni where I ventured a little further so I was now coming how for a few weeks. It had been a while since I last saw her so we agreed to have a sleepover at mine like old times to catch up. My family were out so it would just be us two — I rented a couple films and bought a bottle of wine for us to share. I was so excited to see her and tell her all about Felix and how massive his cock is! Of course I was just as intrigued to find out how good Cherry lube tasted that she tried out with Harry.

She text me to say she was on her way and I was running late as per usual. I slipped my short shorts on that barely covered my arse and my see-through vest top that shaped canlı bahis my boobs as well as being able to see the red lace very well.

The doorbell rang; I opened it to see that she was looking so amazingly hot. In tight skinny jeans that made her arse look incredible and a crop top that showed off her sexy smooth stomach as well as her pert breasts that made her top stick out. You could see the lining of her bra through her top so easily. I just wanted to wrap my fingers round the loops of her jeans and pull her close. She immediately put her arms round my neck and gave me a big squeezy hug. Her boobs felt sensational up against mine and I wanted to grab her arse so badly.

Straight away she made herself at home and slumped down on the sofa asking for a drink. I poured two big glasses of wine and sat down next to her asking her which film she wanted to watch. She picked one of my favourites — The Girl Next Door. Man she was one of the fittest celebrities I’ve ever seen. I’m definitely gonna get hot watching this. We decided to go and get changed into our pjs for comfort. We always got changed in front of each other so we were never self- conscious.

She began to undress and as she took off her jeans she bent over and I could see her sexy pink frenchies were barely covering her pussy and it almost looked asif she was wet where her frenchies were a slightly darker pink in the middle. Then she took off her top to reveal a matching bra. Fuck her tits looked incredible! So roundly well shaped with a sensational looking cleavage. I wanted her nipples in my mouth right there and then.

I complimented her on how big her breasts had got and that I was jealous (little did she know I was jealous of her boyfriend being able to play with them). She blushed and said thank you, checking herself out in my full length mirror. She was so sexy and she didn’t even know it. We changed into our pjs and sat on the sofa under a blanket ready to watch this film. As the wine in our glasses started to go down we became more relaxed and whilst watching all this sexuality on the film it was clear that Sasha and I were becoming aroused and we began talking about sex with our boyfriends.

Sasha’s boyfriend Harry was very good looking — 6ft 2, dark hair and dark eyes, great fashion sense and a massive dick according to Sasha. I would definitely fuck him if I could. She was telling me about the positions they’d been doing and how good it felt but that sometimes he was a bit rough, especially when it came to her giving him a blow job.

I expressed my sympathy by telling her that Felix was very similar and sometimes pushed my head down onto his dick almost choking me. Felix was so fit — the sexiest brown eyes that make you melt, great muscles that made me wet pretty much as soon as he took off his top and his hair was always perfectly intact.

Our breathing had quickened and Sasha began to tell me about how much she missed Harry — he was on a 2 week trip around America. She said she hadn’t been laid in 3 weeks because she was on her period just before he left so they couldn’t fuck. I could tell she needed a release and I wasn’t about to complain.

I told her I felt the same and that I’d had little chance to fuck Felix recently because he’d been working late most nights and my house mates were always around. I told her that sometimes fingering yourself isn’t enough — it’s so much better when someone else does it! She nodded and agreed.

At this point she was looking right into my eyes; I couldn’t tell if the expression on her face was lust or if she was just a bit tipsy. She told me that she had missed me loads. I agreed and leaned in and hugged her tightly. By this point we were laying bahis siteleri down on the sofa and forgotten about the film completely. As I pulled back from the hug I softly kissed her on the lips. She kissed back and smiled — surprisingly she leant in again to kiss me once more; this time it was much longer and more passionate as our mouths opened. Damn, she was a good kisser. By this point my hands were rubbing the side of her thighs and she brushed her hands through my hair. We moved our pussies closer together and carried on kissing. This time neither of us were holding back and we slid our tongues into each- others mouths, swirling round massaging each-others soft pink tongues. The feeling was sensational. As we broke the kiss she subtle nibbled on my lip. I was in heaven. After all the times of masturbating over Sasha I finally had her on my sofa pressing her body up against me, making out.

I began to take her pj top off but she was too shy and shook her head. I obliged and just carried on kissing her, the more she got into it I started to feel her ever so slightly bucking her hips against my pussy. Fuck me…I was so so went for her. I ran my hand down her hips and teased her by pulling her pj bottoms a little but instead ran my hands under her pj top til I reached her left breast and grabbed it a little from the outside of her bra. It felt amazing. I began to grow in confidence and unhooked her bra at the back so my hands could slide underneath and play with her nipples. I could tell she enjoyed the sensation because she moaned a little. I carried on and rolled her nipples between my fingers as I kissed her neck.

She voluntarily took off her bra and top to fully expose her perfect, big, round breasts.

Immediately I wrapped my lips round one and began to suck and lick on it. As I did this my hand moved down towards her mound and gently brushed past it to her thighs. I wanted to tease her like mad. She moaned at me teasing her but I knew she loved it. Gradually I began to rub her pussy with my fingers, I soon realised I was right about her pink frenchies being wet…and I was quickly making them wetter and wetter.

“Oh Katie, you’re amazing,” Sasha said breathlessly.

“Just enjoy it hun…sit back and relax” I smiled as I started to really pay attention to her clit.

As much as I wanted to tease Sasha even more I wanted to feel the precious skin of her clit and her pussy. I wanted to properly feel her wetness. So I moved her sexy panties to one side to find that her pussy was clean shaven, I moaned with excitement and gently licked her clit. Sasha tilted her head back in ecstasy — I could see how much she wanted me to eat her out. I carried on teasing by licking her luscious pussy lips and gently going over her clit every so often. She tasted so amazing.

She pulled me up to her so that I was sitting on top of her; she gently kissed me and kissed my neck as she began to undress me. Her hands roaming all over my body felt so good — I wanted her to ravish my body. She unhooked my bra and stroked my tits telling me how good they felt and looked. I smiled as she flicked her tongue over my nipples as they quickly hardened. Oh my god my pussy was dripping wet as my best friend climbed on top of me and kissed my neck hard as she rubbed our pussies together. Wow she was just as wet as me. Our clean shaven wetness rubbing up against each other was amazing; her tits jiggling up and down as she was grinding up against me were such a beautiful sight.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I went in between her legs and pushed them open wide…I began to lick and suck at her pussy giving her exactly what she wanted. She couldn’t contain her moans, it was just like bahis şirketleri I remembered and just like I’ve imagined for so long, and she sounded so sexy.

“Oh, Oh….KATIEEEEE….yo-u-u-u-‘re so fucking a-maaaaazing at that….oh my god, don’t STOP” Sasha was completely into it now. She was so wet.

“Do you want me to finger you as I lick and suck your sexy little clit?” I suggested sexily.

“FUCK YES!!!!” screamed Sasha.

I was so turned on at this point, I wanted her to cum in my mouth so badly. I slowly but firmly slid my middle finger into her dripping wet, warm, tight pussy until I reached her G spot. She moaned a moan I’d never heard before. I knew I’d hit the spot. Whilst carrying on sucking on her clit I slowly pushed my fingers in and out of her slit, gradually getting faster and faster. I could tell she was close to cumming so I inserted an extra finger to really get her going.

“Ohhhhh my god….yes, yes, yes!!! Katie you’re so fucking good. You’re gonna make me c-c-c-c-ummmmmmm!!!”

Sasha didn’t care about how loud she was anymore, she was bucking her hips up into my face. She pushed my face deep into her fanny.

And there it was she exploded all over my face…I took every last drop in my mouth, she was so fucking sexy. Her whole body was shaking in orgasm. She quickly kissed me and I knew she could taste her juices from my mouth.

“Katie, no-one has ever made me cum like that. You’re truly amazing.” She said, as she regained her composure.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it baby.” I said pleased.

Then she smiled a cheeky smile and pinned my wrists down to the bed as she climbed on top of me. She kissed me gently and then moved her lips towards my ear; I could feel her warm breath.

“Now it’s your turn to cum sexy” she whispered.

My pussy pulsed in excitement and she hadn’t even touched me yet. I knew this was going to be good. She ran her hands all over my body, rubbing my thighs right up towards my pussy but not touching it just yet. As she did this she was switching between nibbling on my ears and sucking on my neck. A love bite might be hard to explain when I see Felix but I didn’t care. It felt so good. Without warning she stuck two fingers inside me knowing how wet I was already. I gasped at this amazing surprise and moaned with pleasure. She knew how to get me going.

As she finger fucked me she twirled her tongue around mine in my mouth — it was the perfect kiss. She was so good at doing both at the same time. With each thrust of her fingers I could feel my G spot being tickled by her fingers, fuckkk….not many guys had even found it. Let alone pressing against it every time. I was dripping wet all over her fingers and she fucking loved it. She started to rub my clit with her thumb as she fucked my pussy with her fingers, I was in heaven! I was so close to cumming but I could tell she wanted to make this a long pleasurable experience for me.

She started to move her head down towards my pussy and she instantly started to suck my clit. The sensation was amazing and she was really going for it — she was so sexy. I felt as if my pussy was going to explode at any minute. I started playing with my tits and tilted my head back to enjoy this. She carried on sucking and licking and then slowly put her finger deep inside my pussy and she sucked and fingered in time….I felt as if I had a vibrator inside me and a bullet on my clit she was so amazing at what she was doing.

“SASHAAAA…..oh yeah, oh fuck yeah! Keep doing that….omg keep fucking licking my pussy….oh yeah that’s it…that’s it!!!”

I came all over her sweet lips….I bucked my vagina up into her face and she hungrily lapped up all my juices. I was exhausted after that orgasm…I’d never squirted so much in all my life. She had definitely hit the spot.

We smiled lovingly at each other and cuddled still naked until we fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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