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Best Friends Help Ch. 01

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“Wow,” Natalie said one balmy afternoon, lifting her sunglasses from where she lounged by the pool. Her pale skin gleamed with sunblock. “Who’s that hot older guy coming toward us?”

“Shut up,” Lily laughed, and waved to her father. “Hi, Dad.”

Robert smiled as he approached, wearing a tee shirt, shorts, embarrassing sandals, a bottle of microbrew in one hand. “Hello, girls. Enjoying the pool?”

It was soon after the end of the school year: the last hot, carefree summer before Lily and Natalie started college and their adult lives. They were headed for separate schools. It would be a long time before either of them saw each other again. In keeping with a lifetime of pacts and vows, they chose to spend their time the way they’d spent so many summers before: sunning themselves by the pool at Lily’s house.

“Yes, Mister Weston,” Natalie said sweetly. The two of them occupied the reclining chairs next to the pool, in matching two-piece swimsuits of cherry red. “Come hang out with us?”

Lily’s dad smiled a mouthful of perfect teeth. “Please, Natalie, you can call me Robert.”

“Okay, Robert,” Natalie purred. “Do you want to come sit with us?”

Lily rolled her eyes behind her sunglasses.

“I’d love to. Unfortunately, I have to take off. I have work.”

“On a Saturday?” Natalie’s lips curled into a sympathetic pout. “That’s unfair.”

Lily’s dad worked as a marketing exec who had retired at forty and spent the last eight years traveling or kicking around his sprawling two-story house. Lily’s mother was long-gone, having divorced Robert when Lily was only ten. Now Lily was eighteen and Natalie just nineteen, and the two of them had spent many springs and summers livening up the mostly-empty house.

Robert nodded and finished his beer. “Tell me about it. You two have the house to yourselves. Stay out of trouble while I’m gone, all right?”

“Hurry back,” Natalie called after him in a silky voice. Robert saluted with his beer and padded back into the house to change clothes.

Lily doffed her sunglasses. “Holy shit, Natalie. Hit on my dad some more, why don’t you?”

Natalie giggled. “What? Your dad is hot. Like young-dad hot.”

“Are you kidding? He’s like fifty.”

“Forty-six,” Natalie corrected. “Do you not know how old your own dad is?”

“Wait,” Lily said. “How do YOU know that?”

Natalie judiciously re-applied sunblock. “We talk sometimes, when you’re in the bathroom. And I friended him on Facebook.”

“Oh god. Whatever, just stop flirting with my dad, please.”

Natalie laughed. “Nope. I do what I want.”

Lily sighed. Sometimes, she wondered how they’d stayed friends this long. They were opposites in so many ways. Lily was short, dark-haired, tan and slim, with horn-rimmed glasses that gave her a bookish demeanor — which was accurate, considering she would much rather stay in and read most nights. Natalie, on the other hand, was tall, athletic, honey-blonde, and pale, with flawless skin and a fearless, extroverted personality that seemed to draw men to her like a magnet.

Even in high school, Natalie had fielded a dozen or more boys asking for dates and dances, while Lily watched from the sidelines. Which was fine with Lily. Most boys her age were idiots.

Still, she often wished she had Natalie’s mischievous and impulsive nature. Natalie was a girl who did what she want, when she wanted, and while she never did anything outrageously stupid, she never seemed to get in any real trouble either. Lily wasn’t sure she was capable of that level of daring.

“Okay,” Lily said. “Can you not do it in front of me, then?”

“What if I did him in front of you?” Natalie asked, tucking her hair behind her ears.

Lily gasped. “Nat!”

“What? I’d totally do your dad.”

“You’re disgusting.”

Lily’s shock only seemed to egg Natalie onward. “Can you imagine if we got married? I’d be your mom. I’d totally ground you. Take away your car keys.”

Lily grabbed her smartphone, blushing. She began thumbing through apps to distract herself from her discomfort. “I am begging you, Natalie, shut the fuck up.”

Natalie giggled — a sound that had driven men to distraction many times in Lily’s presence. “Okay, fine. You are such a prude.”

“I am not. That’s my dad you’re talking about, that’s all.”

“I’m sorry,” Natalie said. But her mischievous grin said otherwise.

# # #

The afternoon cooled to a warm evening, and Robert had still not returned. Lily and Natalie went for a swim, lounged until it got too cold, then went inside. Natalie dressed in a tank top and shorts, while Lily threw on a long tee shirt and pajama bottoms. They got hungry and ordered pizza delivery, and Lily filched a twenty from the “emergency” cash jar.

“Damn,” Natalie said after paying the driver and shutting the door.

“What?” Lily sprawled on the couch in the spacious living room, flipping through movies on the fifty-inch wide-screen.

“The driver wasn’t cute.”

Lily laughed. “Natalie, does your brain constantly occupy some sort casino şirketleri of weird porn-o-verse?”

Natalie dropped the pizza box unceremoniously to the floor and flopped down beside it. She flipped it open, releasing a puff of steam. “What? I can’t long for a hot pizza delivery guy to seduce?”

“I think maybe my dad might object to seducing the pizza guy.”

“What if I took him in the bathroom? Would that be okay?”

Lily tied her hair into a messy bun. “Please stop talking. I’m going to get us drinks.”

She wandered to the kitchen — spotless, roomy, and abandoned, like most of the rest of the oversized house — and opened the fridge. She stared at the racks of diet soda, sparkling water, and other beverages for a few moments before plucking a pair of hard ciders from the bottom shelf. She popped them open and returned to the living room.

Natalie perked up as soon as she saw the frosty bottles in Lily’s hand. “Ooh! Booze!”

Lily handed her one. Robert had made it clear that he didn’t mind if the girls drank in the house, as long as they didn’t get carried away. Lily’s mom would have lost her mind if she’d known — she’d always considered Robert overly permissive. But Mom wasn’t in the picture anymore.

“Your dad is the coolest,” Natalie said as she polished off half her bottle in one go.

“Yeah, the way he contributes to our moral degradation.”

“That’s exactly what I meant,” Natalie said, picking idly at her slice of pizza.

“Just don’t get any of that on the carpet,” Lily warned. “Cool or not, he’ll lose his shit.”

They polished off two slices of pizza each, along with their bottles of cider — then went back for more cider. Within the hour, they’d each had three, and Lily’s head was pleasantly buzzing. They lay on the couch together, watching some stupid sci-fi movie that neither of them paid much attention to.

“I have to tell you something,” Natalie said at last, her voice carrying the lazy, roundabout tone of the mildly intoxicated. She held her phone inches from her face, as she lounged on the couch, scrolling idly with one thumb.

“What’s that?”

“I really do think your dad is hot.”

“Oh, not this again,” Lily said.

“I do!” Natalie gave Lily a wide-eyed, sincere look that seemed so serious that Lily laughed out loud.

“You’re making fun of me,” Natalie complained.

“No, I’m not, you’re just… you so want me to know how you’d do my dad.”

“I would totally do him,” Natalie said with great conviction. “Is he dating anybody?”

“You want to date my dad?”

Natalie shook her head. “Dating would be too complicated. I’m leaving in the fall. I’m wondering if he needs to get laid.”

“Oh, my god.” Lily buried her face in one of the couch’s pillows for a moment.

Natalie laughed. “Seriously, looking at it objectively, like… through the eyes of another person. You don’t think your dad’s attractive?”

Lily sighed and looked at her hands, not answering. Silence spooled out for a long minute.

Finally, Natalie spoke. “Um, hello?”

“Okay,” Lily said. “I’m going to tell you something, and it has to be our secret, okay?”

“Oh, this sounds good.” Natalie locked her phone and crossed her legs underneath her, turning to face Lily fully. “Shoot.”

“Seriously, you have to promise.”

Natalie held up a hand solemnly. “I swear.”

Lily took a deep breath. “Yes. I do.”

Natalie blinked. “Do what?”

“Think my dad is hot.” Lily punched Natalie lightly on the arm. “Jesus, you made me say it.”

“Of course I did. Like, how hot?”

“Like…” Lily ducked her head shyly.

“Uh-oh!” Natalie crowed. “I know what that little head-thing means. Tell me right now.”

“I’ve had… thoughts about him,” Lily said.

Natalie lifted her eyebrows. “Thoughts? Like what kind of thoughts?”

“Ugh, you’re going to think I’m a total freak.”

“Lily, listen. For one, I already know you’re a total freak. Second, look at who you’re talking to. There’s nothing you can say that can shock me.”

“I kind of want to fuck my dad,” Lily blurted.

Natalie nodded slowly. “Okay, almost nothing.”

“Don’t be mean!” Lily protested.

Natalie stifled a giggle, then put her serious face back on. “Sorry. Okay. I, uh… wow.”

Lily clapped her hands to her face. “I can’t believe I told you that.”

“So, how long have you felt this way?” Natalie asked, putting a finger on her chin, playing therapist.

Lily blushed. “A while. Mostly over the past year. I know I shouldn’t think of him like that, but… I have.”

“And yet you got so uptight when I said I thought he was bangable. This explains a fucking lot.”

“Shut up.”

“So, have you had fantasies about him? I want details.”

“No!” Lily exclaimed.

“No, you haven’t had them, or no, you won’t share them?”

“The second one.”

“Aw, come on,” Natalie implored. “You hit me with this bombshell, you can’t stop now. Just tell me one. One little naughty father-daughter fantasy. I’ll be your best casino firmaları friend.”

“You already are my best friend.”

“All the more reason.” Natalie bounced in place. “Please?”

Lily swallowed her anxiety. Her head still buzzed from the cider, making her feel relaxed and careless. The worst was already over. What was one more secret? “Okay, fine.”

Natalie applauded happily and sat forward, all ears.

“Okay, well.” Lily swallowed, wishing she had another drink. “A few nights ago, I came out to get a drink in the middle of the night. Dad was sleeping in front of the television, in the big chair he likes. He was wearing his bathrobe, and it had kind of… fallen open.”

Natalie’s mouth made a wide, round O, and she slowly covered it with her hands.

“And I could see his… um…”

“His cock,” Natalie said.

Lily felt another blush creeping up her neck and cheeks. “Right. And he was hard. I could just see the edge of it under his bathrobe.”

“Oh my god,” Natalie said. “What did you do?”

“I got some water from the fridge and went back to bed.”

“Did you, you know… finish yourself off?”

Lily felt her face get hot. She looked down at her crossed legs.

“OH MY GOD, YOU DID,” Natalie said.

“Shut up! Tell the whole world, why don’t you?”

Natalie giggled helplessly through her hands. “Holy shit. All this time, I thought you were like this shy little wallflower, and you are completely filthy. That is amazing!”

“Yeah, okay,” Lily said. “I’m glad this is so funny to you.”

“It’s not funny.” Natalie forced a grin off her face. “Okay, well it is, but that’s also kind of hot, in a sick and twisted sort of way.”

“Please don’t make me regret telling you,” Lily said.

“I won’t. I’ll be nice, I promise.”

They sat in silence for a moment, Lily still feeling the strange inner thrill of confessing something utterly taboo to someone. Her heart was pounding against her chest. In truth, she’d thought about it more than just that one night — there had been many times over the past few months when forbidden thoughts had crossed her mind. It had taken forever for her to acknowledge them, much less explore them fully in her mind. But confessing to her best friend made it easier to cope with.

“So do you think he’d ever go for it?” Natalie asked out of the blue.

Lily’s mouth dropped open. “What?”

“Your dad. Do you think he might feel the same way?”

“Of course not! Are you out of your mind?”

Natalie bit her thumbnail thoughtfully. “Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure. He is not… like… that.” Lily’s voice lost conviction as she spoke. In truth, she had no idea.

“You might be surprised. I’ll bet a lot of guys think that way about their daughters and wish they could do something about it. Maybe he sees you in those little bikini bottoms and wishes he could pull—”

“Stop,” Lily said.

“Sorry.” Natalie licked her lips. “What if I could find out for you?”

Lily felt a surge of anger. “Natalie! You promised you wouldn’t make me regret telling you!”

Natalie backed off, throwing up her hands. “I won’t! I promise. I won’t say anything without your permission.”

“Thank you,” Lily said.

Natalie’s sly smile returned. “But what if I could find out for you?”


“By flirting with him,” Natalie said. “Maybe a little more than flirting. I’m old enough. And it’s not like I’m his daughter. And maybe if I get him wound up enough, I could ask him some questions…”

“You’re completely twisted,” Lily said.

“Yeah,” Natalie confessed. “But wouldn’t you be interested to find out?”

Lily’s mouth was already open to deliver a resounding no to the question, but then the thought crossed her mind. What if he did think of her that way? What if she wasn’t alone in these forbidden thoughts?

It was unthinkable, of course — but it was also thrilling, so taboo it made her heart race faster in her chest. And Natalie, the daring one, the girl who did whatever she wanted, who could do things Lily could never do…

“Yes,” Lily said at last. “I would.”

# # #

That night, they cleaned up the mess in the living room as best they could. Dad was still not home. Lily didn’t bother trying to hide the empty cider bottles — Dad would just find out anyway. Putting aside sudden, randy thoughts of him punishing her for her mischief (bending her over the kitchen table, one hand on the back of her neck, the other on her ass), she put the leftover pizza in the fridge for him and went to bed. Natalie was staying over, so she took the downstairs bedroom.

The next morning, she awoke to find Natalie in her bed, straddling her in nothing but a powder-blue nightgown. Lily jumped to wakefulness.

“What the fuck!” she blurted, her heart jumping. “Don’t just sneak in here!”

Natalie put a gentle, chilly hand over Lily’s mouth.

“Shush,” she whispered. “You’re never going to guess who’s downstairs, passed out in his comfy chair.”

“So?” Lily asked. “What do you güvenilir casino want me to do about it?”

Natalie brushed blonde hair back behind both ears. “You? Nothing. I’m going to go down there and suck his cock.”

“You are not!” Lily whispered fiercely, her eyes bulging.

“I one hundred percent am. C’mon, it’ll be fun. And you can watch from the stairs. He won’t see a thing, I promise.”

Lily looked Natalie up and down. Natalie’s underwear was so sheer, Lily could see the outlines of her nipples and the curves of her belly through it. “Did you wear that on purpose?”

“Don’t be stupid. Of course I did.”

“Are you out of your mind? What if he freaks out?”

“Freaks out at what? Getting a blowjob from a nineteen-year-old? Yeah, I’m sure he’ll put a stop to it right away.”

“He might,” Lily said, not believing it herself.

“He won’t. Come on, it’ll be fun.” Natalie bounced on the bed.

“You are completely insane,” Lily said. But the thought was gaining momentum in her mind. It was completely wrong for her to want to see her best friend sucking off her own dad — but at the same time, its very wrongness gave it an irresistible appeal.

Lily rolled her eyes, more to maintain her credibility than out of genuine feeling. “Fine,” she said.

Natalie grinned wolfishly and bounced off the bed.

# # #

Natalie, still in her underwear and full of energy, was already down the stairs before Lily could shrug on a bathrobe over her panties. Lily trailed in Natalie’s wake, trying to be quiet, her heart thumping against her ribs.

Natalie had been right about the vantage point over the living room. The stairs, situated behind and to the right of the couch and chairs, provided a decent view of the whole room, while making it easy to stay out of sight. Someone would have to turn all the way around to even see someone on the stairs. If Lily hugged the wall, she would be all but invisible.

Lily didn’t dare sit. She stood, her head barely peeking around the corner, as Natalie padded across the room. Robert was there, all right, sprawled in his leather chair, in an undershirt and boxers this time instead of a bathrobe. The TV was on — some sports program playing at low volume — and even from here, Lily could hear his light snoring.

Making no sound as she reached the first floor in her bare feet, Natalie crossed behind the couches and stood in front of the sleeping man. She looked up once, caught Lily’s eye, and grinned wickedly.

Then she went down on her knees.

Lily drew in her breath at the inevitability of what was about to happen. The straps of Natalie’s short baby-doll nightgown fell around her shoulders as she knelt, and instead of righting them, Natalie pulled down on the fabric, baring her pale, shapely breasts, pink nipples stiff in the morning air.

Robert slept on, unmoving. Gingerly, Natalie reached up and touched the crotch of his boxers. Even from here, Lily could see the bulge of her father’s cock. She realized she was trembling all over.

Natalie coaxed Robert’s erection out of the opening in the front of his boxers, and she saw it for the first time in the full daylight. Thick and long and slightly curved, with a broad head. Lily was transfixed. With a hot flush of shame, she realized she wanted to see it up close. She wanted to touch it. Maybe even have it inside her…

She pushed the thought away. It was too much.

Natalie didn’t waste any time. Tossing her hair to one side, she opened her mouth — Lily heard the soft intake of breath — and swallowed him down, taking him all the way in.

Lily whimpered under her breath, then clapped a hand over her mouth.

It didn’t take Robert long to wake up. A few long, slow strokes of Natalie’s mouth and tongue, and he stirred, the light snore cutting short as he jolted gently awake. Lily couldn’t see his expression, but she saw the surprise in the motion of his limbs, saw him tense. His hand went to Natalie’s neck, as if to pull her away — but he didn’t pull her away.

“Natalie,” he whispered. “Natalie, shit…”

Lily saw Natalie make eye contact with him, saw her withdraw, heard the soft pop as his cock emerged from her mouth. “You like that?” she asked in a whisper.

Upstairs, Lily felt a rush of desperate arousal, mixed with sudden jealousy.

“Lily,” her father’s soft voice came from below, and her blood froze. She shrank back heart jackhammering, then realized he was speaking to her friend.

“Don’t worry,” Natalie said, stroking his cock in her fist. “She’s sleeping.”

“We can’t — we shouldn’t do this.”

“You want me to stop?” she asked, and before he could answer, she rose up on her knees and took him deep in her mouth again, moving with a slow rhythm.

Lily heard her father gasp and groan, a sound she’d longed to hear in her secret heart. She realized she was aroused — wet, even — so aroused she felt a little dizzy.

Natalie grabbed her father’s hand and put it on her head, holding it there. He took the hint and twisted his fingers into her hair, making a fist. He took control of the rhythm, moving her head forward and back with his right hand. His left hand squeezed Natalie’s bare breast. She whimpered obligingly, pressing her hands against his thighs, her fingers outstretched.

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